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DPM Tharman to new citizens: Form ‘meaningful’ relationships with Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on August 25, 2012

With the social divide between native Singaporeans and immigrants becoming wider, PAP leaders have been urging both sides to ‘integrate’ with one another to maintain the peace in tiny Singapore, the latest being Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Speaking at the National Citizenship Ceremony held at the Supreme Court Auditorium today where he presented certificates to 128 new citizens, DPM Tharman said that the basis for the country’s success is Singaporeans who live and work as one united people to forge a better future for all.

DPM Tharman reminded the audience Singapore’s ability to keep improving as a nation and its ability to overcome problems will continue to depend on the same national virtues that have brought the country to this point.

“These include striving to improve in whatever Sinagporeans do, making the effort to work together and with each other regardless of the diverse origins, and welcoming committed people like new citiziens to contribute to the nation,” he added.

He also urged the new citizens to form meaningful relationships with Singaporeans and join them in strengthening the social harmony.

Singapore is now experiencing problems integrating the immigrants into society as too many of them have been admitted within too short a period of time without any prior planning or research.


16 Responses to “DPM Tharman to new citizens: Form ‘meaningful’ relationships with Singaporeans”

  1. A G Young said

    The video clipping speaks for itself! No comment!

  2. Ben said


  3. Rajan said

    How many of these new citizens are prepared to do NS?

  4. P Koh said

    The cultures are so diverse, the hiccups caused by the replacement of jobs available to locals but taken over due to the survival instinct of newcomers and social misfits through different ideologies have added up to the frustrations of locals and therefore it is easier said than done for integration. It will take at least the next 10 years or so for acceptance of new citizens to sink into the
    Singapore way of life.

  5. Laughing Citizen said

    As opposed to a meaningless relationship? The DPM is an idiot.

  6. Bustop said

    Only talk cock.

  7. NaBey said

    I completely agree! I try to form meaningful relationship with my new immigrant colleague by inviting her to my foam party, but she rejected.
    Mr taman sir, I think u should educate these immigrant to be open, dun anyhow reject me.

  8. dog of the dogs said

    Real hardup.

  9. Kimosabe said

    There are here to vote for him right? Only native Singaporeans’ children have to do NS.

  10. Damn All said

    Stop the shit n stop bringing in these trash. Stop living in your dreams.
    American companies are making big bucks cause they want every other countries to buy their license technologies. From books, music to technical items.

    Now even Apple wants to kick off competition from Samsung. Look at what happen in the early 80. American uses Law to kill off competitions from Japanese company, NEC. NEC first came up with 16 bit microprocessor. Yet the justice department uses anti dumpling laws to disallow Japanese companies to sell their microprocessor products in America. Now, they are using the same tricks on Samsung, the Asian gem. If we continue to allow these American companies from this technique while Asian has to bear with High Cost of Living to move the society forward. We will all be doomed. All asian will be like Japanese now.

    We need to remove the regime. If not, by allowing American to infiltrate our political system, our future be doomed.

    Please for god sake, look at what happen to Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Egypt, Afghanistan now. All mess up by the Americans.

    • P Koh said

      When the world is in turmoil, the American stands tall with their military might and will continue to dictate despite falling into trillions in deficit and yet printing hundreds of millions of US currency daily to flood the world econmy.

  11. Naivety said

    How many races are there now in Sinkapore besides the 4 main races consisting of Sin Chinese, Sin Malay, Sin Indians & Eurasian?

    Is it more than 10 different types of races now after the relentless influx of more than 2.5 Millions of FTs/FWs to buy votes for the PAP party???

  12. L said

    There are many ways/views which can be constructive but when none of them materialized. What’s the point?
    With so much money dumped into the MPs cum ministers salary, I wonder why the question/problem is always thrown back to the people. Don’t tell me they got passion in their job cause they equate a person success/value in term of dollar and cent. With this logic/philosophy, please justify your pay by solving the current pressing issues.
    Personal point of view: we are losing our national identity after so many years of racial and religion integration which lead us to one united people. But now they brought in an army of FTs and say we have to integrate. Are we inferior/second to them that we must accustom to them when they who seek a better environment should show/blend into us in the first place?

  13. rongY said

    the pap government never have the guts to admit their mistakes, they constantly try ways and means to get out of their boo boo, as a result they get into deeper problems. if they really want to take action, just remove all the foreign trash especially those come in with bogus qualifications, repossess all the hdb flats from the PR and new citizens who do not live in them, it is so easy for them to create a fake overseas posting, yet they go back to their own country and live a life of luxury with the sublet rental income. PR can only sell back the hdb flat to hdb at the original cost. For health care, all of us normal citizens do not need all the fancyful up market fittings in the poly clinic and hospitals. we need cheap affordable health care. We do not need to spend multi millions developing the artist and the arts, if the artist are good they can make it on their own. To the ministers, just go to china and indonesia incarnito and get down to the ground to learn for yourself how they can make the systems works without all the expensive trims. Sitting on your expensive office chairs will not help you because all your officials can only feed you reports which you like to hear..

  14. Much more than integration of FTs, govt shd reverse immigration policies to stop or minimise further FT inflow. Tharman and the rest of the PAPie ministers are doing their utmost to divert ppl’s attention from this crucial issue to talk cock about this and that.

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