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Most Singaporeans think they are not paid ‘fairly’

Posted by temasektimes on August 25, 2012

Most Singaporeans feel they are not paid fairly and as well as their peers in other companies, reveals a survey ‘Global Workforce Study’ conducted by employee-benefits consultancy Towers Watson.

Of 1,000 employees surveyed, only 32 percent believed they were paid fairly compared to people in other companies who hold similar jobs which is lower than the global average of 46 per cent.

The study also revealed that Singapore workers are less loyal to their employers with 34 percent wanting to leave their current employers within the next two years which is higher than the global average of 28%

Another finding was that Singapore employees believe they face poor career advancement opportunities in their own organisations.


24 Responses to “Most Singaporeans think they are not paid ‘fairly’”

  1. Hmmmmmmm! said

    These certainly calls for attention from the government as it has deep social, political and competitiveness implications, and it concerns our future here on this little dot!!!

  2. xinxin said

    With the influx of Foreign Trash and Poor Management, long gone are the days of Career Advancement, Career Prospect, Career Motivation, Decent Pay Increment, etc.

  3. ngpy said

    Obviously yes, I believe that the lower rank workers are under paid, which is the 60 percentage of the worker forces. Workers especially in the service line are like Security officiers, Cleaners, Technicians, Waiters and Waitress, Construction Workers, Dishes Collecters and Washers and Factories Operators. Even the lower end office Clerks and counter staff are lowly paid. Some services will have to slogged for 12 hours and a miserable 1,200/= to 1,500/= and have to take all nonsences from their superiors which they have to endure.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      That’s why the foreign workers are more practical.

      • Pussy Rules said

        So if the foreign workers more practical, the lower income group whose outta job because of the replacement going to do what? Fuck your ass for money is it?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Hey Pussy Rules
        It’s highly suggestive from your name that you are the one with the pussy. I should be the one drilling you and not the other way round. You don’t have a dick remember? Pussy Rules want to try my lethal weapon?

      • Pussy Rules said

        Come lets try, I’ll make sure I shove a big wood up your Ass and your mother too if she’s available together.

  4. i guess i think said

    Not paid fairly considered not bad already, what about underpaid and overworked?

  5. mahbok tan THE SINKI said

    Its the cost of living that makes us think that we are not being paid fairly. Agree…?

  6. Sanguinity said

    About the only finding i can agree with is the last finding that they are poor career advancement oppurtunities in their companies. As for the rest, believing and feeling does not make it a fact. The grass is always greener on the other side….

  7. NaBey said

    32% think they are paid fairly:
    10% from GLC, they get paid sex, gold plated foldable bike, human skin leather chair, of course they feel paid fairly.
    10% from religious group, get paid to record own MTV, travelling, of course fair lah.
    10% from banks, selling derivatives without risk. Of course fair lah.
    2% white uniform group people, can buy Kate spade and resell it, salary so high for them to walk around shake hand, no pressure, no competition, of course fair lah!

  8. Hmmmmmmm! said


  9. My tag line for these matter is……

    Singapore, a First World Nation with Third World Labor Laws.

  10. maipenrai said

    To pay a worker fairly is not an easy task leh. Some do so very little work, like just play play golf lah, dine dine with customers lah, go out yatching lah, and they got paid millions. Like the CEOs, bankers, property tycoons lor. Some work the whole day without stop, mud mud (clean clean) this table lah that table lah and this table is dirty again woh, guard guard here and there, no people around also must guard and cannot sleep and they got paid peanuts. So pay too much not fair, pay too little also not fair. Pay fairly very difficult to do wan.

  11. Danny said

    It is most likely true that Singaporeans are not paid fairly and it is done deliberately by employers. Why? Becasue they want the Singaporeans to quit because it is cheaper to hire foreigners because employers do not have to pay the 17% employer’s contribution to CPF. PAP exempting foreign workers from CPF screwed Singaporerans big-time. It gave foreigners a significant advantage over Singaporeans in the job market. PAP’s pro-alien policies gives a working visa to any foreigner who an find a job here – which is easy becasue they are cheaper than Singaporeans. Singaporeans who still have jobs also saw wages depressed.

  12. Hmmmmmmm! said


  13. Some hard facts about local workers. said

    A few years ago, a relative of mine who is a Chinese Physician practicing somewhere along Thomson Road hired local staffs to work as herbal dispenser but had a hard time letting them remember the location of various herbs. They also took their own sweet time dispensing the herbs and along the way, made numerous mistake (which is dangerous). Very often, their patients would have to wait for 3 or more days before their herbs are ready for collection. At their wit’s end, they have to turn to employing China national to work as herbal dispenser! I learned from my relative that from then onwards, most of the patients would have gotten their herbs by the end of second day, which is a big improvement from the time while local stuffs are still working.

    So, what kind of conclusion can we draw about local employees? At least from my relative’s perspective, I can draw conclusion that locals can’t take on enormous work pressure and are not very responsible people. Also, with a not so high pay, they are not easily motivated too! So sad…but that’s some hard fact about some locals. They want high pay and good welfare, but can’t and/or dare not take-on enormous pressure and responsibility!

    • Why are you only comparing from a “Chinese Physician” point of view? This is a no brainer.

      It’s like asking a chinese from China to work in a Malay Jammu shop or an Indian Ayuvada shop.
      You think this PRC can do the job better?

      My friend there is no comparison.

      Now about working harder…
      The money that these PRC makes here along with the condition of work is far better than it is in China.
      If China is better, what are the PRCs or any other FTs doing here?
      To help our economy or for their own benefits?
      So….. NO COMPARISON!!!!!

      Finally, what’s there for the employer at the end of the day?
      Cheap Labor and Labor exploitation.
      So as to have more money in the employers pocket.
      So, at the end of the day, it’s a win win for both the employer and the FTs in S’pore.
      From an employers point of view, It’s a no brainer isn’t it…… Profits & Greed prevails.

      • I left out one thing out and that is…. For your info…..

        Singaporeans are the most hard working people in the “Developed World”.
        Because in a developed world there should be labor laws that are “First World”.

        We are the only first world nation that has an “Overtime Culture” and….
        No “Minimum wage” for it’s citizens.

        Hence, employers here can get away with anything.
        In S’pore, the investors and employers only concern is Bottom-Line and Profits.
        What is lacking is…… Social Responsibility.

        Singapore, A First World Nation with Third World Labor Laws.

      • Bla Bla Bla!!! said

        From your argument, one can possibly presume that you are an employee!? What do you suggest the government (MOM) do about it then? If you are an employer, would you want your potential employee to demand big pay and big welfare package but gives back less then obligated ? Do you think its only fair that you can be given a pay raise only when the management think you are worthy of it OR if the company is doing very well for that financial year OR…if you being the employee, fulfill certain criteria in the employment agreement? Don’t you think its only fair for the employees to show competent and willingness to take up responsibility before a promotion is even considered?

        Talking about EXPLOITATION…as a business owner, we are the one who started the business. We are the one to invest in the business…its a big gamble for us but we bite the bullet! We put together our resources and do whatever we could to make the business a success! We are the risk taker! If the business fail, we suffer and so does our employees! IF you are so arrogant to think that by giving back more then obligated means you are exploited, then you are always free to go and set up your business! No one is stopping you! Isn’t it? If you happen to set up your own business, you’ll probably exploit your employee too!

      • Martin Xavier said

        Being an employer in Singapore, I can only say that we face enormous pressure to succeed! We need competent people to help us build the business. However, locals that I employed seem to think too highly of themselves…they expect too much from the company way before they even proves to me that they are competent and are willing to take up responsibility! So…how to employ locals? YOU TELL ME!!!

      • Thank you for replying Guys.

        First to Bla-3,
        To answer the first question. I am self-employed (retired).
        I have worked abroad most of my life. I worked in mostly developed counties.
        Also, thank you for admitting that you “Exploit” workers. I don’t exploit.
        I believe in “Fair Wages” for a “Fair amount of work rendered.
        Hence, I will not do any business here even if I want to.

        Now, to the both of you.

        It is not your fault at all. I totally agree with you on “How to survive in this predicament”.
        We need to look at it from an “Outside-In” prospective.
        Our economy is base on a “Reaganomics” system. If you are not familiar with this system, please Goole it.
        I highly recommend it.

        Our economic environment is designed for the Big Boys in business. Not for SME.
        In what ever business you are doing as an SME, the Big Boys has a part in it.
        The major factor is cost.

        Hey guys, you are born “INTO” this system. There’s no way out unless the government changes it.
        That my friend is very difficult to do. There are no quick fixes. This system of economy was adapted by the than PM
        Goh CT when he took office in the mid 80’s. To undo this system now, our economy will fall.

        The business environment here is base on “Bottom-Line & Profit” at all cause.
        Again, it is no fault of yours. There isn’t any other way.

        Let me give you one example of how exploitation is practice here in S’pore and the developed world.
        “Restructuring” is suppose to cut out excess baggages optimize structural flow for the company right?
        What is actually going on is….Let’s me give you an example…

        You have three engineers. You cut two and give the responsibility to the one engineer left.
        You might give him a promotion in name or if you have a kinder heart, give him a nominal raise.
        Let’s be a bit more generous and give him a 20% raise.
        From a management point of view is….. You save the company about 60% of the salary from that dept.
        What do you call this, Productivity Improvement or bottom-feeding from your own employees?
        This is not making the company more lean. Basically, there was no innovation at play here at all in productivity.
        The bottom-line is…. Profit & Greed. This has already manifested in every nook and cranny in society.
        Hence, the abnormal has become the norm.

        So, my friends, You on your own can’t do anything much. It has to be done collectively by all.
        But blaming the local worker is not right. Blaming you is also not right. We are stuck in a rut together.
        You think you can get good workers at a bargain, think again. Everyone wants to make it in life for a price.
        Ask yourself, where is your bench-mark at? Is it realistic?
        How much is enough?
        For you employers it is “Profit” at all cause.
        To the normal folks on the streets, it’s a matter of “Survival”.

        Finally, what is lacking in the business world is “Social Responsibility”.
        For now it is still a bad word.

        Peace my friends

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