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Shanmugam: ‘Prejudicial’ views are not acceptable in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on August 25, 2012

Prejudicial views about any racial group are not accepted in Singapore, declared Law Minister K Shanmugam on his Facebook.

In his latest posting on his Facebook, Mr Shanmugam explained that he shared the complaint made by his resident about Indian neighbors to make a point that racist sentiments still exist in Singapore and the way they sometimes get expressed.

On August 21, Mr Shanmugam had written about a resident who was upset about his Indian neighbors,  describing the complaints as being quite disturbing as it appears the man sees his neighbour’s race as being the problem.

His posting prompted many comments from Singaporeans expressing support for multi-racialism which gladdens Mr Shanmugam:

“The resulting (overwhelming) support for multi racialism, and against prejudice, has in my view been helpful – it reiterates our common value that such prejudicial views are not acceptable. That helps strengthen norms, values, and makes us an even stronger multi racial society ,” Mr Shanmugam wrote.

Mr Shanmugam added that this will make those who want to say such things again in the future feel a ‘little bit more constrained’:

“These sentiments are not restricted to any one racial group nor are they exclusively directed at only at any one racial group. But I also belive that an increasing majority of our society believe in racial harmony and will object to prejudice,” he quipped.


12 Responses to “Shanmugam: ‘Prejudicial’ views are not acceptable in Singapore”

  1. KT said

    The fact that foreign entities has landed on our shores and made the four main races – natives Singaporeans united as strong.
    That was because we all have that one common enemies.

  2. James shanmugun Liar said

    I agree with you, sham. Please tell that to lee con you, will you? If you have the testicles to do so!

  3. Invictus said

    Mr Shanmugam, how about the prejudicial view towards Malays in the Armed Forces or areas deemed ‘sensitive’. Shouldn’t this too be unacceptable in Singapore, especially against a minority group of SINGAPOREANS ?

  4. Naivety said

    This minister seems that he is too free & got nothing better to do…always TCSS only!

  5. P Koh said

    By and large we have to accept that true blue Singaporeans have lived harmoniously for 4 to 5 decades and have accepted the ways of life of the different races. The children of locals mix well in school and many become very close friends through their school days and into adulthood and therefore truly they all regard themselves as Singaporeans. But the inflex of new citizens is entirely a different issue altogether because many of whom have never seen, let alone stay alongside the other races since they come from singular communities of similar race. It will therefore take some time for the new Singaporean identity to develope and shape up and the government must be concious of this new integration process which hopefully can assimilate well if new entrants are made to see that we are a unique society and that they must learn to live and assimilate into our society and not the other way around.

  6. Singapuraboi said

    Ethnocentricism exists everywhere. Despite our push for racial harmony, some for of racism exists. To eradicate. The govt should stop promoting the four different races and encourage true integration thru intermarriage. Good example the Peranakans, a nice mélange of Chinese, Malay with a jigger of Indian. How can u expect integration when u allow emplent application forms to ask for race, names to be written in Chinese, religion, age and request to speak Chinese. All these at tools for discrimination. Don’t ask and expect the people to integrate when the govt is the one perpetuating the racial discord in the first place. Countries like the US r not allowed to discriminate the ways mentioned above. So how do u expect the locals to accept foreigners when there is a chasm among the four main races on Singapore.

  7. Auditor General said

    Oh really Mr Shanmugam, how come I don’t see any Malays in the Singapore Navy ah?

    • stevenadosan said

      Susah lah… more trusted than malay…when is our gahment going to change?born and bred here still cannot be trusted? Those pr taking sinkapor as stepping stone can be trusted?Halimah and Yacob Ibrahim should say something!

  8. compatriot said

    Mr Shanmugam I believe in fair play where good sense prevail
    So you think the imported influx of emigatory foreigners of indian origin and others to Singapore,wont be be of predjudicial views if ever,are not acceptable

    These imported influx of emigatory foreigners has brought their baggage of nuisance values in with them and when Singaporeans inevitably react to their baggage of niusance values you said are not acceptable and will be conceived as prejudicial.

    I say you are sadly quite mistaken.and ill conceived.Singaporeans have the right to defend and protect their honour and integrity where our forefathers has shed and spilt their blood for us to be where we are here today

    Allow me to share,on one occasion I boarded an East West train from Pasir Ris to Jurong then after two stations a man of an indian origin boarded and sat at the empty seat next from where I was sitting.He has a bad foul body odour that was highly intolerable which made me felt nauseous and as I want to attained of my right to healthy breathing air space and not to be physically dsiable I had to educate him that he has poison my air space and since I was sitting there first he just had to go and sit somewhere else which he conformed

    You know when you have the gifts of your rights to breathing proper and healthty living air space,and instead you gets threats of poison air,one can get disorientated and can do anything untoward to protect his well being

    Was I being bias or prejudicial

  9. 3-6 months probation said

    Please come out law for them to take up citizenship within 3-6 months, like company probation period, so they will be loyal to Singapore! or else, just give them short term employment pass!

    We are human beings, and do not think that we are sage! Most countries did not welcome foreigners/immigrants.

    You need to be neutral as law minister, and do not come out law that only suit “sage” as it will not work.

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