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VIDEO: PRC woman threatens to beat up neighbor and gouge out his eyes

Posted by temasektimes on August 25, 2012

A middle-age PRC woman was seen threatening to beat up his neighbor inside a lift at a condominium:

The man finally called the security to stop the woman.


88 Responses to “VIDEO: PRC woman threatens to beat up neighbor and gouge out his eyes”

  1. steve said


  2. Mark Roche said

    What’s the big deal … It’s not
    Surprising because its the way these people are, I think violence is quite normal with them.
    Wait till they start rioting and protesting –
    That will really be fun to watch.

  3. Andrew said

    Understand that this is YOUR country.

    Each one of you reading has a part to play in improving our society, and making it a better place for us and our children to work and play in.

    Understand that when the government brings all these foreigner trash in, they are getting votes for themselves. Waiting till 2016 will be pointless!

    It is up to us fix the situation ourselves, so that we will still have a place to call home, in 30 – 50 years time.

    I beg of you dearest Singaporeans. Do not come online to rant, to moan about these things.

    Be Violent and Hostile whenever these things irk you. Be Verbally and if possible, Physically abusive to the PRCs and Pinoys who have and are on the verge of turning our once beautiful garden city into the stinking cesspool of corruption and filth they crawled out from.

    Do what you can, No matter how small, To get your country back.

    They are laughing behind your back, at how easy it was to screw over our country, to get a PR or Citizenship and fuck off to some western country, carrying our brand and tarnishing the name of Singaporeans everywhere.

    What are you going to do about it?

  4. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Is it wrong for a man to defend himself when faced with this situation? Quite frankly, what I see here is a softie of a man who does nothing to defend himself. Why? What’s wrong in returning 2 tight slaps on this PRC bitches face? Who the hell says you need to wait for the police to sort out such physical violence from a PRC vamp specimen? I have a bad feeling this softie gentleman is a Singaporean as it’s clear like any other Singaporean, he is waiting to do things law by law. Sometimes waiting for the police to intervene, takes time and as a result be detrimental as this softie gentleman would have had his balls chewed by this PRC vamp in the process. I pray you are not a Singaporean Sir! Amen.

    • Faris said

      So slap her la Dr Ken. Why wait ? Go ahead. And what wrong with doing things by law. There are reasons why laws are made. How i hope you were to collide into someone in the MRT and before you know it , that fellow would have given you a tight slap on your face.

  5. Wtf said

    Send her back via. Police report

  6. CWS said

    She told the man that she will wait for him at her house…. seems like she is interested with the big-eye man, thats why his wife kena beaten

  7. enough said

    if singapore man cannot defend himself, how to defend the stupid country

    give her a fucking kick in her arse

  8. ASA said

    This man is dammed bloody useless.

    give his fraker lady a blue eye and kicks her between the leg… fraking uesless.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Yes ASA I am in total agreement with you. Well said!

    • waswer said

      I support the man’s move.
      You think the man don’t want to socket punch the bitch meh.
      The fact is the law is skew towards the foreigners. He knows that, I know that. Why I want to get myself into jail?

      If you are so garang, you go ahead and punch them when you are antagonized by them next time.

      • Antiracist said

        Agreed, I actually admire him for keeping his cool. He’s playing it smart cos women’s charter is very strong in SG.If it were me she would be in ICU already.

      • Naivety said

        How to punch PRC not when there are currently more than 1 Million PRCs living in Singapore which is more than 20% of the entire population in Singapore?

        The total number of pinoys in Sinkapore is only about 568,000 but in PRCs, we have more than a million of them currently incase u’re not aware yet which has a critical mass, economies of scale & scope effect unless you want to be beaten by them (PRCs) in ur own country backyard lah!

      • FTs who dun like PAP said

        well said!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        No No I will listen to you, not retaliate and let her bite my dick off and then slap her. Happy?
        Please lah, go get a job with the Woman’s Charter and protect these PRC women who thInk Singapore men is easy meat. Hope your gf or wife not inflicting u with same treatment?

      • Cute said

        I look down to those guy that hit woman.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Oh I love women. Not pontianaks!!!!

  9. Mich said

    This mad woman is really crazy! She is a bully !
    She should be sent to IMH!

  10. Singaporean said

    Fucking crazy PRC. Send her back to China please. I feel like there is no hope for my country anymore.

  11. GodBlessSG said

    This SG man is weak…
    Give give her a few slaps, at most fine only. Can stay condo, no $ to pay fine?

  12. Iai said

    Her PR should be revoked under the new ICA Act if any PRs break the law. We are watching the episode to be unfold or no action?

  13. crazyman said

    PRC again! I have 1in my block too! she and her singaporean husband torture me for 2 year until I go sub court and make magistrate complain against her act, she then stop her nonsence! All these typical PRC, don’t waste your time argue nor even look at them. We singapore do have law ok, go and make magistrate complain on her act! Let our law to teach her how to behave like human and let her know this is singapore, we don’t entertian “poo bor”!

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      How is this PRC torture you?

    • xinling said


      • Aki Ross said


      • correction said

        “no balls”, not “no boss”.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Hahahaha I am Indian born In Singapore. Your written English like fuck lah Chinaman from China. U want to say balls but you write boss. How you going to be the future in Singapore u bastard!

      • Fake Story said


      • Cute said

        Hi PM Lee, the FT ask Singaporean go eat SHIT. What you think?

      • SS said

        You stupid moron and 没家教的.since you don’t like us here, then f off and don’t stay here and complaint abt us Singaporean. DR Ken, i like your comments. sharp enough. hahaha.. get this ballless bastard out of Singapore. 滚回你老家,别在这里用肺说废话. 你别留在这浪费新加坡米粮.回去干你们的田去.

  14. From her accent, she should be from Fujian province if not from Taiwan. Most likely from Fujian province. If what the man said is true, then she should be reprimand for harassing his wife and now him with intent. Not sure what causes it but nonetheless, she created a scene that amount to public disorder. I wonder how the police is going to handle this matter. Surely she will not stop until she gets what she wanted.

  15. TR, how do you know she is a PRC woman? She sounds more like a Taiwanese to me. TR shouldn’t jump to any conclusion without getting the facts right. That’s rather misleading.

  16. Ren said

    Crazy bitch!!! Lock her up forever!!!

  17. John said

    Eye digger foreign talent, lol!

  18. Wolfglare said

    Fucking PRC bitch what is the police going to do abt it….our police and the PAP government are all useless idiot they will continue to let these FT trash bully us…we Singaporean hv to stand up against all these FT trash

  19. Singapuraboi said

    Is there no checks and scrutiny? We r even letting in the insane foreigners into the country. We seem to even import the PRC beggars into our country. Some of them r even selling tissues and collecting drink cans? Shouldn’t they be bring investment dollars to our country? Why r they depriving our elderly poor from a livelihood. This is absolutely unacceptable.

  20. be a hero said

    this man is a disgrace to singaporean men……cant defend himself against a female…

  21. 飞鸟世界 said

    All PRC are one kind. They are loud and they don’t give a damn how to behave in public area. They are the most disgusting creatures on earth.

  22. InGodWeTrust,AllOthersPayCash said

    Silly man, silly country.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Silly man agreed! Silly country? Disagree! Silly is the man who gets beaten by a PRC woman in Singapore in broad daylight and know not how to react like a man should.

  23. Adrian said

    Lucky for her Singapore got Woman’s Charter, otherwise sure kenna whack.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Woman’s charter should be redefined to serve and listen to only women who are ladylike and not like this PRC specimen who looks like a woman and behaving manlike. I pity anyone who has already married her or any guy who intents to marry her. Can’t imagine how she behaves on bed when having a fuck or should I say she has been fuck deprived for ages?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      I think even the Woman’s Charter will feel embarrassed when seeing this bitches actions on the video cllip.

  24. Fierydragon28 said

    Most PRC s are crazy

  25. Naivety said

    Wow, real Foreign Talents on display right here!!
    Not sure why our pimply PM, LHL & his cohorts of white monkeys could be so desperate to even import such talents into Singapore’s shore inorder to buy votes for their own party…seems like besides importing street walkers, FLs, prostitutes & now even crazy women & mentally retarded persons also boleh jadi ka???

  26. Safe Haven said

    Just put it this way – as long as you have money, you are always welcome here with our open arms.

  27. Karing said

    That uncle is not weak, he is gentleman enough not to beat her cos she is protect under woman charter. This woman should go imh

  28. xinling said

    all of you do not EVEN KNOW what is going on and YET you all comments so ferociously and one sided…did you know about the case of this happening? is all about arguments between 2 neighbors and is the man and the wife that started it all…by putting shoes outside the corridor of the private estate which is against the ruling of the MC

    • Fake Story said

      That does not mean she has the right to act like this. Com’on, that’s a tiny petty matter. Such behaviors are trademark of most PRC. And obviously, u r one of them. Period.

    • Angry said

      so, you are one of them, and ask singaporean to go eat shit? look how good u r man. even though the man and his wife did wrong, does not allow that woman to misbehave here. you are in Singapore and please bear in mind we have the law here. if you are so unhappy here, then get out of here. we don’t welcome this kind ppl. BTW, if you are young, please learn and know how to respect. why do you have to tell singaporean to eat shit. you should tell those ppl who allow you live here to eat shit.

  29. Helena said

    That’s Taiwanese!

  30. hothot said

    Good reason not to fight back. If he cause any “damage” to our foreign talent he could be arrested and put away for a very long time. Whether he is in the right or wrong. In the MRT today and relied we are the minority, so we may have to take it.

  31. She is Taiwanese said

    Sorry to disappoint u guys, but she is Taiwanese and every one living in the condo knows that. BTW her accent is unmistakably Taiwanese too.
    “你妈的B” – anyone who surfs Chinese webpages uses it, including Ang Mohs.

  32. Dr Kanineh said

    Again Dont just jump and shout PRC all the time when this kinda ugly scene posted online. Chinese got a saying, “Got moustache means all your daddy huh?”

    Again, she is from Taiwan. Ignorant bushers can’t even understand Taiwanese accent. Shame.

  33. Sherlin said

    I would say… lets all not dirty our hands! Its the law that should step in and set things right!
    Even though the Womens Charter does help the majority women in Singapore but it is not a elixir to woman and subject to abuse.

  34. Whisper said

    Le me think she from hwa chong junior college one, can tell from her house shirt.

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