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Pinoy ‘FT’ wants to keep Singapore PR as a ‘backup’ for him to go to USA

Posted by temasektimes on August 26, 2012

Are foreigners taking up Singapore PR and citizenship to use them as a springboard for greener pastures elsewhere?

This seems to be the case at least for a pinoy ‘FT’ who posted on a local pinoy forum asking how he can revoke his Singapore PR and withdraw his CPF if he is able to find a job in the United States:

The pinoy ‘FT’ holds an Employment Pass in Singapore and is currently looking for a job in the United States. He is keeping his Singapore PR as a backup in case he fails to find a job there.

Despite the government’s open-door policy to immigrants, it seem that few of them are serious to settle down in Singapore for good with many using Singapore as a platform to migrate elsewhere.

Recent statistics revealed that out of 1,200 Singaporeans who gave up their citizenship each year, 300 are new citizens.


55 Responses to “Pinoy ‘FT’ wants to keep Singapore PR as a ‘backup’ for him to go to USA”

  1. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    I guess the blame has to go the people of Singapore for not making our foreign friends feel they are at home. Period.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      I guess the blame has to go to the people of Singapore for not making our foreign friends feel they are at home. Period.

    • chia said

      let your family make them feel welcome, big mouth.

    • Hokkien Mee said

      ha? Ah? Eh? ler kong simi lanjiao!!?

    • Hang Tuah said

      Alo Dr Asshole….why should Singaporean wanna make these fuckin’ foreigners, FTs, Pinoys, PRCs…feels they are at home? Their own home(the country where they came from) are like pig sty…a third world country…thats why they abandoned their country and came to Singapore. What sort of people are they, who abandoning their own country for the sake of themselves? If they think their country are so good, dont come here…just stay in their own respective country…..

    • sweetbean said

      I think if you put a full stop at the end of your sentence it means Period so I don’t understand why you need to say period period – unless it’s your time of the month Dr. Ken.

    • Sashaqueenie said

      Utter rubbish! They never had any intentions of staying here in Singapore. To them, our tiny island is nothing compared to vast land and opportunities of the US. We were never their go-to final destination. We are always their stepping stone.

  2. Buay tahan said

    Not only EP holders but WP holders such as the maids as well, who made full use of us for one year or so then jump ship to Taiwan/HK where they could cite experience working in singapore, n hence get higher pay there, despite poor working performance here. countless of such examples from many Pinoy helpers. We felt made use of, felt so stupid to be played out by such maids, despite us treating them like own family. Singaporeans welcome them with open arms n in return got such treatment fm them. Govt of Singapore, don’t u think something needs to be done, instead of us always kowtowing to these foreigners, talent or not?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Looks like your maid was not treated like human by you and your family members. You only giving half the story as Singaporeans usually do.

      • Buay tahan said

        Hello u don’t understand English is it? Or blind n heartless like them??? If u so welcome the Pinoy helpers n FT, so big heart, let them live with u lah, n keep all of u off the streets of Singapore. U r more than welcome to do that! Don’t bull here!!!

  3. KEn said

    mooncake festival coming…we must revive the legend behind the mooncake … put messages in the mooncake and stage an uprising and kills all Foreigners on our soil to reclaim our birth rights.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      You are right! Mooncake festival comming… you must revive the legend behind the mooncake…..put message in the mooncake and shuff the mooncake up your arse!!!!!!

  4. NaBey said

    These people damn lucky ! At least they can withdraw their CPF.

  5. teo cheap buy said

    Pinoy &,.donkeys both can Talk

  6. Singapuraboi said

    Nobody wants our citizenship. We r unfortunately not as attractive as we think we r. The country’s cost of living is so high it is hard to have a lifestyle. One is nothing but a workhorse a d we can’t even think about retiring. Space is scarce while other countries have space to growth and expand. Our rooms are nothing more than pigeon holes. The PRs have a choice to stay or go and many would choose to go. Already many locals r seeking a better existence abroad, what more the foreigners. Buying a condo overseas is just Ine third what it would cost here and they can buy a few to invest in and have a retirement income. Cost of living is lower and they can retire relatively well. Here we can only be proud to own a HDB.

  7. lantis said

    I am a filipino also, maybe this person not anymore happy thats why he want to go out singapore already.
    i stay in singapore for two years. i have read so many bad things about my nation and about the attitude of filipino in singapore. everything is true.

    so of this filipino want to go out of singapore, singaporean who hate filipino should be happy after all this is all what you want.

    if filipino come in singapore you dont want
    if filipino go out singapore you still have something to say.

    better kill all the filipino in your land

    thank you singapore! thank you singaporeans!
    we owe a lot from you and your nation

    • Hokkien Mee said

      ah? Eh? Ler Kong Simi LanJiao

    • sexyboy said

      Lantis, u and ur countrymen dun owe singapore or singaporeans anything, u guys did a good job in making sg a vibrant society with a booming economy…its just that singaporeans are small minded people who are constantly jealous of other people’s success , its not ur fault, blame it on their laziness, lack of ambition and talent

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Lantis, I am born in Singapore and I must tell you Filipino are very nice people. Please do not look down on your countryman. Compared to Singaporeans who only complain, make noise, cannot loose, only take advantage, selfish, kiasu, kiasi and proud, Filipino people have heart and human feelings and humble. I welcome you with big heart to Singapore. You have all my respect for you. Cheers and be happy. Don’t worry about the locals. They only talk cock!!!!!

    • sgge2016 said

      STFU u cockroach…stop patronizing us!

    • Hang Tuah said

      Hey Pinoy! Go home!! You are not wanted here. Go back to your corrupted Gov and filthy country….

    • sweetbean said

      don’t worry about any of that Lantis – just get some English lessons.

  8. Poon said

    Temasek Times, please sent the forum statements this pinoy trash made and sent it to MOM and Immigration Dept…they’ll know when to revoke the PR of this piece of 3rd world shit!

  9. 3razzz3r said

    That’s good news. Many Singaporeans will be happy about his decision to seek greener pasture elsewhere.

  10. Noypi said

    The post is dated 6 years ago kalerQUI!

  11. Mel said

    well, this has been happening for a looonnggg time, since i was in sec one, which is over 10 years ago. anyone do anything? nada!

  12. Singaporean1 said

    It’s good that there is a decrease in number of pinoys in Singapore. After all there are many Chinese here and with increasing Chinese new immigrants from China, and now there is conflict b/w China and pinoys over the island, it is good, else there might be a new racial riots b/w the Chinese and pinoys. Our government must really reduce the number of pinoys. We must be aware of world current affairs. Even Singaporean Chinese don’t like the rude pinoys.

  13. watdouthink? said

    the post was written 4 years ago around this period. i guess that pinoy would have already left singapore and collected his cpf by now.

  14. Genghis khan said

    Pinoy!i want to hire ur people to…Wash my feet,clean my toes and carry my balls!.

  15. Posh said

    We are screwed big this time again. The Lees think they are emperors. We have to slave while they shake legs and blame you for being a problem to them. United ? A bunch of hypocrites telling you that they are with you in time of trouble.

  16. Naivety said

    Yep, good riddance & please F/O from Sinkapore ASAP…pinoy trash!

  17. Bai Hu said

    Correct me if i m wrong. Since he is a PR, how come he is still on Employment Pass? All along, i thought Employment Pass are for those who did not have a PR.

  18. shiroiluke said

    It is all the same, no matter is Filipino, PRC or even local.
    Every single individual wanna pursue a better lifestyle and well-being in the future, so they have plans to do what they can do.

    Come on, don’t tell me no local Singaporeans wanna migrate out to somewhere better, lower cost of living and better lifestyle?

    And don’t tell me, no local Singaporeans don’t make use of every opportunities to pursue whatever they want in life.


  19. i say what i think only said

    how to blame him? this is national policy mah.

    just think… when u got sexual urge, u rush to geylang to find someone who give u time to ease off. After that, u move on to find someone better to be your lifetime partner, not the hole from geylang, no matter how good the service or how much they make u feel welcomed, for they are a hole through and through only.

    Same analogy applies here. Legs open too big for customers liao till people see no value. Which one u think more precious? Whore or virgin? Blur Singapore IC or Green US card? u decide yourself la.

    Sinkies are like pimps u know? We have to make every single customer feel welcomed into the whorehouse and provide good service, endure their every shit they give us coz they are customers who are spending.

    the only difference? The money do not come to us… some customers realised pimps are decent jobs hence they replaced us as pimps at a lower cost. Ironic hor…

    PS: no sexual content or aim to offend either genders but I find this example too apt to skip. Apologies to anyone who is offended

  20. Stanley said

    Pinoys don’t really like Singapore and will not stay here for long. Why? Because Pinoys believe in (real) democracy, not a fake one like Singapore. Pinoys do not want to raise their children in a police state like Singapore. That is the reason they want to live in US – good pay and have basic freedoms (free speech, freedom to assemble, free press).

  21. Alexander Wong said

    Yes, but when you treat people like trash, expect them to leave. As we used to say in the army ” you pay us all bananas, you get monkeys running the whole place lah…”

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