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Singapore PR from China arrested for embezzling $18 million dollars of public funds

Posted by temasektimes on August 26, 2012

A Singapore PR from China Chen Huabo was arrested in Singapore for embezzling $18 million dollars of public funds during his stint as a financial officer from 2006 to 2011 in Panyang county, Jiangxi province in China.

The 50 year old Chen left China for Canada with his family in 2011 from which he came to Singapore to start an investment firm. He was granted Singapore PR in less than a year.

His assets in Singapore have since been frozen. The case will be heard again in September this year.


26 Responses to “Singapore PR from China arrested for embezzling $18 million dollars of public funds”

  1. teo cheap buy said


  2. ngpy said

    Why worry he’s got money, Singapore Laws have multiple laws, laws for the rich and wealthty, laws for elites and kaki nangs, laws for rich and poor foreigners, laws for balls carrying and non carrying foreigners, laws for the poor Singaporean who are not able to defend themselves and can just to be malign. So just see which set of laws fit his category as to get AWAY WITH IT.

  3. tsk tsk tsk said

    LOL with regards to the 3 cardinal rules of money laundering (Placement, Laying, Integration) the tiong’s intention probably was to come to s’pore and integrate his money through his “investment firm”.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Brilliant move by him to integrate himself and more importantly his laundered money here. I think this guy is a champion. At least he knows what action is all about. Can’t say much about our own here. Only talk cock champion!

      • wayang said

        That’s why it is our mistake to take in such people, granting them PRC status so quickly. These are crooks who come here either to evade taxes, money launder or some other illegal activities. What ‘hard driving’ people LKY look up to are nothing but greedy, selfish ‘scums’ of society — 世会败类

      • wayang said

        Sorry, I used the wrong Chinese character. Should be 社会败类

  4. Ren said

    More to be uncovered…Stay tuned…Those who know they gonna be next…Better run…

  5. Gina said

    Again this demonstrates the need to tighten up immigration procedures…it’s too easy and quick to be able to get Permanent Resident status as long as one has sufficient funds to invest in Singapore.
    But the wealth of many such individuals could be via ill-gotten gains, like money laundering, corruption as in this case, or even worse, via groups that are like the Mafia or the triads in Hong Kong and Macau, who have infiltrated into Canada.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Yet so many Singaporean say Canada is so much better than Singapore to commit their future to. On the same token, why not allow all this laundered money to come into Singapore? Why should it bother u so much?

  6. Ah Loot said

    Some of them are in Canada. The other guy who fought extradiction for 12 years was deported and jailed when he returned home.

  7. Naivety said

    Incredible, foreign thugs, thieves, bandits, criminals or persons on the run from another country could also obtain PR status easily in Sinkapore!!!

  8. icefire said

    wat is ICA doing ? issue PR to these cheater n law breaker so the SPF can have things to do ?
    every cats n dogs can become our PR then why bother to hve ICA … waste of taxer payer money to maintain these pple !!! just sell our PR and citizenship at SISTIC will do …

  9. ANX said

    While most migrants came to this country for almost half their lives, slobbering for the nation, can’t even get PR… And this Fraud Talent can get it less then a year… Kudos….

  10. Original SG said

    Singapore heart up for foreigners and their investments. And soon here become a money laundering paradise. These PR already stirred up issues and break the harmony of Singapore society. Every cats n dogs or tom, dick or harry, as long got money, our government will ‘smile’ receiving and welcome them. These PR are stepping on to our toe and government still ask we to endure?

  11. Z said

    18万 = 18 X 10,000 = 18,000 not 18,000,000

  12. most wanted country said

    most wanted country

    How come government did not check on his souces of investment?
    That is why we are the most “wanted” country that foreigners come and invest?

  13. Sinkaypoh said

    Maybe they will fine him $1k like WW & then invite him to head NKF?

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