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PM Lee chides Singaporeans for making ‘nasty’ posts about foreigners

Posted by temasektimes on August 27, 2012

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has lashed out at Singaporeans for making ‘nasty’ posts’ about foreigners as social tension continue to rise between the two groups of people.

The relentless influx of foreigners at the invitation of the government has led to rampant inflation, sky-rocketing property prices, stagnant wages and an obvious decline in the quality of life over the years, sparking rising anger among Singaporeans at foreigners who are deemed to snatch their rice-bowls from them.

Such sentiments are increasingly being expressed in cyberspace, prompting concerns from PM Lee who noted that such responses not only damage Singapore’s international reputation, but also speak poorly of its people.

“There will be social frictions from time to time. We should deal with these incidents maturely. It’s alright to express disapproval of what happened, it’s necessary even. It’s not alright to be a one-eyed dragon, or to condemn all non-Singaporeans or Singaporeans based on the actions of a few bad apples. Also it’s wrong to slam the shortcomings of others, but ignore our own transgressions,” PM Lee said during the National Day Rally last night.

He also called on Singaporeans to show ‘generosity’ to the newcomers:

“Singaporeans must show a generosity of spirit to one another, including new arrivals. New arrivals must also embrace our values, commit themselves to Singapore and integrate into our community. We will welcome you into our midst, into our family, but you must make the effort too.”

Foreigners now make up 40 percent of Singapore’s population. Of the remaining 60 percent who are ‘Singaporeans’, an increasing number are born overseas.

Government statistics make no mention of the number born in Singapore and abroad, preferring to lump all of them together with PRs as ‘locals’.


65 Responses to “PM Lee chides Singaporeans for making ‘nasty’ posts about foreigners”

  1. lima said

    Fully support PM Lee’s point

  2. Misspoke said

    We misspoke la, what nasty posts are you chiding sinkaporeans about??? Foreign trash like sun xu make nasty posts and called us dogs – that you called “misspoke” , then when sinkaporeans do the same you chide us??? We misspoke la, then we poke you deep deep where the sun dun shine then you know, pinky!

    • Bapok Sissy Loong said

      “We misspoke la, then we poke you deep deep where the sun dun shine then you know, pinky!”

      Lol !!! I don’t think he needs any input there lah. Ah Jinx is doing all right there.

  3. Jack said

    I am fine with the statement made by PM.
    However the question remains why are we adding so many new grown up PRs and Citizens which will become a bigger problem to our already ageing population in 2030?


    • Naivety said

      PAP needs many more new votes from the newly converted citizens therefore, they need to import massive & huge numbers of FTs to tip the scale in their favour come GE2016 & that is the only way to preserve their rule & regime for many million years to come!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Yes I love to see the foreigners voting for the ruling government. This is the way to sideline you so called idiot locals!

  4. Mei Xian said

    But these FTs came to our land ,took away our jobs and make nasty remarks ,why he never criticize them ,but chide us instead ? If they scold us from their country , we have nothing to say. Like the chinese saying goes, eat ours,use ours but still stab us . Best is our leaders think we are wrong to retaliate …

    • Wai Leong said

      People like you sound no different to those racist white people when chinese first migrated to places like the US, Australia and Europe. Look at it now. At least the PM can see the fault in that.

      • Mei Xian said

        You must be one of those trashes discarded by your country. When has our country became such a dumping ground ? Fruits of our forefathers’ slowly eroded by trashes like you. I am racist against who ? I stand united with all born – Singaporeans ,chinese ,malays,indians against the foreign trashes like YOU.

      • Duncan Your Daddy said

        Indeed a piece of thrash. You know ?

      • erotomania said

        Mei Xian, i’m with you.

    • Naivety said

      That is because PAP needs these FTs to vote for them come GE2016 when they are being converted to Singapore citizens by then as PAP knows that their support from the locals are already waning if not how to preserve their regime & rule over us native Singaporean peasants for many more million years to come still!

      This is no brainer which is why PAP needs to massively import FTs/Foreigners to Sinkapor at great numbers now before it is too late!!!

  5. Vic said

    Those FT are his guests, not ours. Naturally, he wants us to welcome them. But, why should we? These are not tourists These are not strangers that we meet anywhere in the world. They are economic migrants who infested our country. They are here to compete to take away our vested interests in this country. They are here to overwhelm our life style and our culture. And, they call us names.

    • A Chan said

      Well said, Vic.

    • compatriot said

      In realty this PM is playing kowtow to these FT’s a pestilence and a contentious issue that needs rectifying and eradication from further contamination which they carry to populate their malignant diseases within our shores

      He’s has already burnt his dirty hands by bringing in unwelcome emigatory humans to our motherland Singapore,inevitably has exploited and manipulated Singaporeans

      He’s very well knows in his heart that (if he has a heart) what the PAP government did was totally a misdemeanor to the absolute majority of PEOPLE and the STATE OF SINGAPORE

      I think this PM is a very selfish person and very much scared to chide off these foreign thrashes and for his protection,he have placed Singaporeans as a sacrificial lambs (SACRILEGE) for the fear of mental and physical harm that these FT may invoke revenge and turn to dust whatever their assets and investitures are abroad
      Evidently,these FT can take to the streets anytime at their backyards with fatalities

      This PM and his PAP cohorts is playing politics,but I strongly urged him not to play foul with the lives of Singaporeans anylonger

  6. spotlessleopard said

    To solve this problem…vote out the PAP in 2016.

    Mod’s note:

    Before that can happen, the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ must be completely eliminated first.

  7. Surprise said

    First of all, PAP started this problem by bring in too much FT in a very short period of time without giving a though about integration and infrasturcture. And now say we are not gracious. What the hell is he talking about? Is like the fertility rate, old man started with two is enough, now say we are not having enough babies. This is follow by WTF.

    How are Singaporean going to trust such PAP moron?

    • Walking Zombie said

      pap needs votes. they are f**king sure that the next 2016 will be a huge one. there are prediction that they will lose more than 55% of the seats in parliament.

      • Naivety said

        Inorder for PAP to lose 55% of the total votes, we must cast at least 80% of total votes for all opposition parties inorder to compensate for the freaking unfair & absurd GRC system…this is the only way to defeat it!

        We see that in GE2011, PAP only obtain 60.1% share of the total votes cast but they are able to obtain/retain 81 seats out of a total of 87 seats whereas Opposition parties only gets 6 seats despite having 39.9% share of the total votes…see how unfair this GRC system is & it is already at a disadvantage for Opposition to begin with!!!

        Mod’s note:

        You forgot that the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ obtain 16% of the total votes cast and so the PAP actually enjoyed support from 76% of Singaporeans.

  8. Stanley said

    PAP is pro-alien to the core. It prefers to bring in foreigners using taxpayer’s money instead of investing in Singaporeans. This betrayal is unforgiveable. Regime change in GE2016 is the only viable option for Singaporeans.

    Singapore is for singaporeans, not foreigners brought in by pro-alien PAP.

    Mod’s note:

    Get real, it is IMPOSSIBLE to change govt so long the PAP’s ‘B’ team, aka the ‘Wayang Party’ is not eliminated.

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’

    – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

  9. Lim said

    Instead of speaking up for your wife and children who are bullied and spat on by foreign bullies YOU are scolding your family for voicing out the injustice to them. What kind of father are you? When the enforcement seems to be selectively more accomodating towards their transgressions we are supposed to keep quiet too? Who let in and gave PR to all these crooks who embezzle money from their homeland or illegally rent flats to use as daily hotels and brothels? We are not allowed to express our unhappiness too? LHL you are way out of touch with the ground.

  10. Why government is not showing generosity to her own citiznes? said

    Why government is not showing generosity to her own citiznes?

    Yes, government want generosity to foreigners, but government is not “treating” generosity to own citizens, by imposing high fine, “canning” and strict and unreasonable punishment and fine to citiznes, eg. like high fine for illegal parking, canning etc.

  11. Yharyah said

    Suprise is correct.

    PAP has created this mess is at obviously at fault, now they are trying to pass the blame to S’poreans??


  12. dog of the dogs said

    Who created the mess in the first place ?

  13. mahbok tan THE SINKI. said

    All fellow sinkiporeans ….. let’s not make so much noise best possible……if not able to keep it to yourself….then go make more noises….its OK and Alright coz we are just human.
    The next thing to do is ACTION by voting for a change and show them that we meant business.

    • tyu said

      Voting against PAP is useless now.
      For every citizen who voted against them, they will import 3 new citizens to vote for them.
      How selfish they are to do anything under the sun to prolong their power.

      Mod’s note:

      And don’t forget that the PAP still has the ‘Wayang Party’ to count on for support. An opposition party which does not oppose is essentially USELESS.

    • nocando said

      i agree with you, we shouldn’t make more noise just yet. we should let FT go as far as they can get untill everyone on this island cracks.

    • Walking Zombie said

      I will I will even though my ah mah is 89 yos, I will make sureshe plant a tick at any opposition logos other than the lightning one.

  14. junnie said

    Who is the one responsible for the unregulated immigration policy in the first place?
    What about Singaporeans? Especially those who had to waste their time in National Slavery and for what purpose?
    No minimum fair wage, overpaid goverment caring more about the economy, big businesses and the rich, than its own citizen whom they should be serving.

  15. junnie said

    Reputation? My friends from Europe was shocked at how racist Singapore is, where even “race” needs to be included on our IC card.

  16. DustyP said

    The PM I am sure is aware of sentiments expressed online with regards to numbers of FT’s arriving on these shores. He cannot expect people not to voice their concerns in any Media they are able. It is a poor leader that refuses to admit he needs to reappraise his policies in view of the concerns expressed by the people who rightly or wrongly put him in the position of power. To ignore their opinions and try to put the blame on the voters is the kiss of death to his party. He will I am sure reflect on this when he no longer has the sort of majority his party enjoys at the moment, and has to become accountable for his actions. Something that will sit very uncomfortably on his shoulders; explaining and having to justify actions will be a new ball game for this party, they will not like having every decision challenged. It is a state of affairs brought on their own backs by their arrogance, their inability to listen or acknowledge anyone else’s opinion except their own.

  17. icefire said

    is always singaporean fault cause the locals is not as rich as the FT the pappies brought in …
    the FT can provide direct n indirect benefit to our farking rich minister

  18. KC said

    Oh…the PM is certainly aware of the sentiments and their behavoirs out there…the issue is that it is not directly related to them…when someone speaks from experience, they speak from experience. The leaders have always been treated with utmost respect whereever they go due to our success, not theirs bt the plight of Singaporeans. No all they ask is for us to shut up and treat them properly as though the blame is on Singaporeans. Well, the blame is certainly not on us…it’s on the leaders who import all these low level people who have no culture to start with. Do we have to accept anything they throw at us ? where is democracy…

  19. Naivety said

    Fellow Native Sinkaporeans, let’s stand united as one together & show these white monkeys the people’s power come GE2016 to vote out the wicked & evil Pro-Alien Party once & for all, no 2nd thoughts about it whatsoever & just simply do it okie (we need at least 80% votes for opposition inorder to defeat this unfair GRC system)?

  20. Ken Lee said

    we should make ‘nasty’ posts about him not the FT.

    • Walking Zombie said

      Nowadays he looks more like a traitor to me.

      • g yama said

        it’s in the bloodline, his oldman holds the distinction of serving the enemy when spore was invaded and occupied by the Japs.

        the father and son should jointly offer their services to help the Japs occupy all the South China Sea islands.

      • Goh Tong Seng said

        Again with the traitor theory? How did you come up with that?

  21. bb said

    All these problems you are talking about are not created by us the sg citizens. It is created by you so it is you who must put it right-not us. If you can not be a good PM it is better you resigned and let another person in Pappy who is better than you to become PM-just like Kelvin Rudd. It is better this way than your whole party be wiped at the next GE. The bottom 10% hated you . The top 10% likes you(because they are rich and low tax). The middle income 80% majority dun like you so where you stands. Why not call it quits.

  22. Goh Tong Seng said

    After New York Times made that report, we didn’t look good, on an international level.
    Other governments thought that ALL of us were xenophobic and, possibly, neo-fascist.
    We should be considered fortunate that the world reacted rationally, or we could be destroyed.

  23. nocando said

    adding almost 50%(maybe even more) of FT, name a country for me which allowed its govt to do that? it is our ‘generosity’ and friendliness that got us into such an appalling stage. PM Lee does not share our feeling on why we criticizing sun xu the dog, these day, the criticism is subsiding not as PM Lee mention as fiery. if it was still does, i guess it’s only justified. once again, he is just a pro alien PM.

  24. Alexander Wong said

    Firstly I’d like to say that I agree we all have issues with the increasing competition we feel in the workplace. Some of us feel this competition more keenly than others; As a medical graduate I also find that i’m in a pitched battle with UK/ US and australian grads, malaysians, Indians (from the subcontinent of India), Myanmese and Filipinas for specialisation posts and traineeships ( I still havent gotten mine…). None of us are spared. All of us to some degree feel threatened.

    But let’s all first recognise that not all of this increasing competition is due to the influx of foreign talent; some of it is simply because the battles that Singapore is having to fight are simply becoming more complex. We live in a region of the world that is increasingly more modernised, with Myanmar, China, Malaysia and Indonesia all rapidly becoming more modernised. We’re losing core industries to other countries like manufacturing and even shipping. We’ve lost Maersk and Evergreen to PTP, IT assembly lines to China, etc etc the list goes on.

    So competition is unavoidable, we simply cant get around it; Either we compete with them IN singapore or we compete with them OUTSIDE of singapore. But just because we cant see it doesnt mean it goes away, the battle has to be fought. Calling them names ( or driving them home) doesnt make it better, it just makes us look bad.

    Next, let’s face it, Singapore is a country of immigrants. In 1960s our population was only about 1.7 million or so. In the 1930s it was less than a million, 70 years later its more than 5 times that:

    How did our population grow so fast? We’re all imported lah. I dare the people in this forum to count back 3 generations and ask how many of us were singaporeans 3 generations ago. I think very few of us. So how? I’m a second generation singaporean married to a 3rd generation singaporean, My best buddy is a 3rd generation singaporean.(Our PM is a 5th generation Singaporean) Rarely do i find someone who can tell me his grandfather was born in Singapore. If you are, more power to you. So i understand that we’re all fed up of the huge numbers of PRCs. filipinas and Indians coming in, but hey, let’s not be racist, it wasnt so long ago that some of our forefathers came to Singapore trying to make a better future for themselves. Let’s not behave like a bunch of Ang Moh Rednecks saying “chink go home!”. We’re better than that. (yes I agree that all foreigners should be made to do NS. That is something I agree on. But if they’re willing to do NS, pay taxes and and contribute positively to our country, they should be allowed to stay- without racism, without discrimination- remember our pledge? “We the citizens of singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion…”

    Finally, I’d like to say that slamming the new arrivals doesnt make them more singaporean. That just isolates people. Integration is what makes people more singaporean. So yelling at the PRC on the bus really doesnt make things any better for any of us, it just makes us Singaporeans look stupid and ungracious ( which we ARE NOT!) Let’s not let the western nations make any more fun of us than they do already by picking on our supposed “human rights abuses”. The US would give anything to drive a wedge between the SEA and China/ India if it would take some of the pressure of them ( Especially in a US presidential election year)

    So yes, we all have problems with foreigners, but bashing our own prime minister doesnt make it better. ( I’m sure he knew he’d get flamed for saying what he said in the rally speech) BUT the man has the balls to say what needs to be said. Give the man some credit ( or a heineken)

    • Walking Zombie said

      Nahhh….cut the crap. Am not going to buy that. Again and again, his fingers are pointing at local born Singaporean. This is really a laughing stock that a country leader siding outsiders and puting blames on his own citizen who pays him million dollars salary. What the hack.

      • Alexander Wong said

        What crap? Give me a solid example and we’ll talk about it.Nobody can construct a coherent reply to the wonderful two liner that you just threw out.

      • alexander said

        Halo sissy alexander, u are a bloody crab that loves to suck up to miw. are u sure a jabroni loser

    • Naivety said

      Hey PAP Boot & Ass Licker, u must be their cronies who is well taken care of by these white monkeys!

      Only fools will vote for a government that do not support them, understand ka???

  25. seah said

    i vote for you i expect you to take care of us sporean,but you seem you dont,you take more care of,what you call FT,you bring in,for who benefit?so far as i known the result shown the BOSS is very happy to replace us sporean with them,one word .THEY ARE CHEAPER.we are having a hard time here with nowwhere to go.they anytime can pack up and go home.we are sporean loyalty to the country.AS far as i known majority refuse to take up spore citizenship,because they known two citizen got lots of benefits,the govt should put a expire date on PR,it not fair to sporean,any thing go wrong here they just pack up and GO HOME.Time is hard here,thing from housing ,to food and our wages had been stagnant for the past 15 years ..My family will not vote for this govt anymore,you are giving more and more incentive to had more babies at the same time telling us taxes is going up.please wait until ours hourly rate is 6 dollar at present is 4to5 dollar before putting as on more hardship.Open up more CASINO collect more tax from there PLEASE.for babies please dont ask anymore or else people for ask for the moon.they already ask for incentive like cheaper COE faster and cheaper HDB flat.,no maid levy etc.etc You want babies very easy,.Pay then 50k for every baby,WE will see young and old with Big stomach walking round ,at that time they will cry our hospital got insufficient bed.

  26. Walking Zombie said

    Again and again, his fingers are pointing at local born Singaporean. This is really a laughing stock that a country leader siding outsiders and puting blames on his own citizen who pays him million dollars salary. What the hack.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      You don’t pay the PM millions. So funck off!

      • jaram said

        and you are paying the PM millions ?
        it’s collective tax payers money dumbass.
        every sporean who pays tax has the right to criticise his poor performance or zero performance. if assholes like you stop licking his balls and ass, perhaps the useless PM might start to do something positive for once.

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