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PM Lee reminds Singaporeans: Singapore is better off than many others

Posted by temasektimes on August 27, 2012

In his National Day Rally speech in Mandarin on Sunday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singapore will need to seize opportunities and reinvent itself to progress in the next 20 years.

“Singapore’s situation is similar to other East Asian economies — like Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea — whose era of rapid growth is over. Singapore, like the others, is in search of new strategies and formulas,” he said.

PM Lee made use of the opportunity to remind Singaporeans who have a propensity to complain that Singapore is ‘better off’ than many others without using any examples.

He also encouraged everyone to stay positive, lead active lives and be self-reliant.

“While it will be easier for younger Singaporeans to adapt, it is also possible for older people to keep up, though help must continue to be provided,” he quipped.




31 Responses to “PM Lee reminds Singaporeans: Singapore is better off than many others”

  1. SgGuy said

    Yes, Singapore is better off than many other. Now, talk SINGAPOREANS n let’s see if we are truly better off than others! We are the new working poor!

    • Me said

      Singaporean leadership renumeration is better off than many others ……that is the TRUTH! Until now, besides seeing better (infact best) paid,leaders, we have yet to feel we are better off, or our country is better off. LHL, you feel better off, because you are indeed BETTER OFF than your counterparts … So don’t rub it in !!! disgusting !

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      When you say “working” poor it means u are working, you have a job. Many around the world can’t find a job. So what the hack you complaining about?

      • cannot demostrate said

        We are not allow to demonstrate (unless permission granted), so we complain to release our emotion. Now even China allow demonstration!

    • Prof. Ghandi said

      beware guys. lhl’s useless lack is watching. Am I right…doggy manukhani ?

  2. lyv2dy said

    ADAPT to what….a sea of third country Foreigners with low wage expectations and no NS liability ? Is this the future this PM has ordained for our children? MIW now totally bankrupt of ideas and positive direction for Singaporeans. Complete change of Govt is urgently needed for our people’s salvation.

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      What is wrong with low wage expectations?
      I have a Higher NITEC in Accounting, so I don’t expect anything more than S$1300/month.
      As a matter of fact, people should not have any expectations.

      • deserve high pay said

        our country is “aiming” for high pay, as you can see that our MP , minister is getting the verh high as compare to the world standard.

        Nothing wrong with low pay, and nothing wrong with high pay. However, as a general rule, high pay for high quality and high caliber people. If our country is better than many others, then we are “high quality/high caliber country”, so our citizens should deserve high pay.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      So you going to be the new PM for this new government that you are suggesting which will salvage Singaporeans?

    • Prof. Ghandi said

      I will take over as PM. I will kick mansukhani back to his slumber land.

  3. spotlessleopard said

    The difference that PM Lee avoided telling Singaporeans is that Singaproe CONTINUE TO SUPPORT SUNSET INDUSTRIES …by IMPORTING 2million LOW SKILLED CHEAP LABOUR ….great deluge of 2 million cheap, unskilled foreigners has actually strained public services like Health Care, Public Transportation, Housing, Medical Services, parks, Schools even security …..and often lower end PMET jobs also being taken away by these cheap foreigners many of whom come in with FAKE qualifications.

    PAP failed miserably….instead of exporting LOW End and Sunset Industries they decided for their own selfish interest to IMPORT low end labour …unlike Taiwan and Korea which actually exported their Low End and Sunset Industries to other countries.

    They also bring along diseases…like new strains of tuberculosis, new mosquito born diseases like the chikunygaya virus fever which endangers local population because they are more vulnerable to these diseases.

    They also bring along cultural tensions which has caused several cases of if disquiet.

    Taiwan and Korea did not overwhelm their respective local population, or country’s facilities and infrastructure and yet they did so much better …

    Singapore political leaders owe the people of Singapore an apology and should retire from politics…because they marginalised Singapore Population just to have short term increase in GDP.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Spotless Leopard.

      More of the same, isn’t it? I still can’t work it out. Mr Lee Hsien Loong and his team talk a lot and they get paid richly. We, the peasants slave away and come pay day receive lower pay! Not only that the Senior Lee even rub salt into our wounds after importing vast numbers of foreigners by saying that they (the foreigners) are more hard driven. So, what do you think? No second guessing really – I’m hopping mad! The government is not out of touch, they have never been in touch! Arrogant bunch of pests.

      We must not accept ‘sweet talk’ anymore. Like the Ang Mors like to say: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So far the pudding we’re getting is offals or awful. ‘Singaporeans having a propensity for complaining’ is an arrogant retort for ‘I don’t care’. Reason: if the baby isn’t hungry he/she would not cry. Singaporeans are complaining because your silly policies is damaging and hurting us! You’ve not got it yet after this long length of time
      so I’m not sure about your grand plans or vision for the future.

      To cut the story short Mr Prime Minister please get down to speak to the struggling peasants and with your call to good heartedness from Singaporeans set an example by first lifting a ‘few straws off their backs’!

      But, of course ….. that will cost more than the million or so that you’re getting now, isn’t it?

    • Walking Zombie said

      Simple. even this lhl screwed up Singapore, he still get paid million of dollars whereas WE will be in real screwed by all his flawed policies.

  4. Lim said

    `New strategies and formulas?’ – same monopolistic blood-sucking quasi-govt companies dominating economy and profiteering from captive consumers. same mould over-paid CEOs, same intolerance for criticisms, same pro-foreigners at expense of citizens policies, same threats to replace us if we don’t obey procreation decrees. so what is new?
    `remind Singaporeans who have a propensity to complain that Singapore is `better off’ than many others”? Isn’t this the same as telling Sporeans to keep quiet about things not right here cos we are supposedly better than many other countries – (?North Korea comes to mind)

  5. icefire said

    singapore is much more better than our asian country in term of
    1 – our minister salary ?
    2 – our packed and faulty public transport?
    3 – our expensive medical bill ?
    4 – our number of FT that snatch the local jobs ?
    5 – our media which dont publish iformation tat is disadvantage to the ruling party ?
    6 – our civil servant where they have expensive seats in office ?
    7 – have sex for exchange to close deal ?
    8 – have laws to protect the rich ?
    9 – have minister that protect FT at the expense of the local ?

  6. Nico said

    Dear PM, I thought you said your people are the best that’s why they deserved the best pay? Then I expect the best, not just better than some.

  7. Surprise said

    He does fill up the rest, Singapore is better than other third world country. That I already know, what else is new. What I meant was Is Singapore better than the first world country or equivalent? the answer is obvious. Need not me to answer.

    A third world high salary in a first world country and we are living in a first world inflation.

    Sad for Singaporean, angry with PAP…

  8. Stanley said

    LHL is talking cock. How can Singaporeans be better off when they are treated by PAP/Government as 2nd class citizens in their own country.

    LHL is trying to con singaporeans again by saying they can be worse off than others. This is a PAP crap. The real issue is that Singaporeans should be better off considering the massive reserves held by Government. This is not the case due to PAP’s incompetence and pro-alien policies.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      The way you talk, as if the massive reserves held by our government, has been borne only and exclusively by you through your sole income tax declaration for the past ten years.

  9. This is one PM who talks to himself, of himself, about himself, and we hv to take his speech in this context. Yes, he’s indeed much better off that his counterparts anywhere in the world. A small red dot PM and his cronies are paid many times over their counterparts even in 1st world countries, sure they’re better off as Singaporeans. And with half-baked FTs flooding sinkieland, these newly minted sinkies are better off certainly than when they were in their own countries!! Much better off certainly, except the rest of us sinkies…don’t know what 2 say…

  10. Mr Shame Ful said

    No one owes us a living… We have to work for it… This basic truth, everyone knows.

    In Singapore, things are getting so expensive. Of course it does not affect our Dear PM cos he is well paid…

    Sad to say our PM does not what he is saying.. he is using a few samples whom in my opinion, maybe, are pro pap. Yes there are Orgns that can provide helpline.. My own experience.. I need financial help.. So was recommended by my MP to CDC…

    Unfortunately for that few mths of help to tie over, CDC want to bound up my hands & legs…. I hv shown them records of SP Bills unpaid, lawyer’s letters chasing for debts, & many other bills… they want to register into the “SYSTEM” my children full particulars, which they said will follow them the rest of their life.

    It already shameful to ask for help, they make u feel like beggars… I told them that I don’t want my children to know as all of them are still students & I hv to maintain a father dignity & not to cos them to worry so that they can concentrate on their studies. Also the records of their father begging for financial help will also be a sore thumb in their own records.

    In future,, who ever have authority to access the “SYSTEM” will see the begging record appear in their record too.

    Of course to shield my children against future embarrassment, I decide not to beg for help. I rather stand along Orchard Road with my face covered….

  11. Naivety said

    Most certainly & off course Singapore is much better than others interms of high PM’s salary, high ministerial pay (infact the highest in the whole world), MPs, Political Office bearers, Civil Servants and all their cronies while average native Singaporeans are struggling to make ends meet…the working poor of society in Sinkapor!

  12. Vic said

    Three things about Singapore that our PM bragged about in his speech: (a) near full employment rate (a) affordable housing aplenty (b) education opportunity for all. But he conveniently left out the hard truths.
    Firstly, even though our unemployment rate is low, said to be 2%. But, a great majority of unemployed people in that 2% are native Singaporeans. Furthermore, there is no estimate on the extent of under-employment in our country, such as many PMETs lost their jobs in mid career and were forced to downgrade to low-skilled jobs, just to make a living.
    Next, about affordable housing aplenty: Nearly all our young people of this generation are burdened by life long debts when they sign on to buy an apartment, even for govt subsidised HDB apartments; thanks to Mah Boh Tan.
    Lastly, about tertiary education: The fees are far from affordable to average income families and the places are also limited. And yet, every year our govt spends hundred of million dollars giving out 2,000 scholarships to foreign students, each costing us taxpayers over $100K, and among these foreign scholars is that notorious Sun Xu. It is estimated some 20% of our tertiary education places are reserved for these foreign scholars; hence depriving some of our own youngsters of the opportunities.

    • Naivety said

      Well said…Vic
      You’ve my fullest support & Singapore has the lowest unemployment rate in the whole world of about 2% currently as claimed…more like the rate was being obfuscated to deviate from the true figure!

  13. Dreamer said

    Indeep crap.. Why not he compare his million dollars salary to the third world that he compare us with..!

  14. True Blue Sinkie said

    Singapore is not better than others countries. it is the Singapore Ministers who are better than those in other countries with their million-dollar salaries.

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