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Singaporeans impressed by PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech

Posted by temasektimes on August 27, 2012

Singaporeans are mostly impressed and moved by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s most inspiring National Day Rally speech last night.

Below are some comments posted by grateful Singaporeans on the Facebook page of PM Lee to express their appreciation for his leadership:

‎”Hope, Heart, Home” – PM Lee outlined what he things is the essence of what we need to focus on in his National Day Rally Speech. It will take a whole nation to engage, intensively and extensively in what we care most about creating in the next generation. I am thoroughly enjoying his speech, balanced with wit, humour and the usual sense of realism, but this time, I feel, an unsurpassed sense of optimism and a full faith in his nation’s ability to achieve it.” – Jacqueline Wong

“Watching this on CNA in Hong Kong. Have never missed this National Day Rally for the last umpteenth years. It’s good to visit other countries and see with our own eyes and you will appreciate what Singapore had achieved. No doubts there will areas that need improvements and better managements, let air our view in a civil approach and see how it can be solved. No place is perfect. Let’s make Singapore the best home we can.” – Kim Hoe Tee

“the single eye dragon theory is great…let’s appreciate the peace and harmony that Singapore is having now, see the positive side of the country, gives constructive comment to bring the country to the next level…be greatful we do not need to live in fear for insecurity, facing riots, bombs, war, daily. Singapore is beautiful…see with our 2 eyes! Luv u lots Singapore!” – Veron Lee


53 Responses to “Singaporeans impressed by PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech”

  1. Fed Up Singaporean said

    This just shows that 60.1% will continue to be the sheep and believe every lie that come out of Lee’s mouth.

    Getting handed the leadership role over from your father DOES NOT automatically made you a leader. Only your connies and 60.1% believe what you said because of your title.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Well dude, PM LHL is an exception. He is not riding on his dad’s fame. He is an exceptional leader in his own right. If you think you are better than him, come face to face and say it to him. Otherwise, shut your horizontal gap!

      • non local said

        Dear Dr Ken, let’s agree on this, if LKY is not LHL’s father, I dun think LHL will be the PM.

      • botakchin said

        if LHL has the guts to appear without his dogs around him, there will be plenty of people who will come face to face with him, and he can thank heaven just to have his ass shafted only. so don’t talk cock.

      • sexyboy said

        Lol dr ken u dun even have the guts to face me when u say u wanted to meet me at saba, im still there training, im still waiting, lol still ask others face to face, hypocrite

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Yes dude even LHL will not disagree. So who am I to say you are wrong?

      • SDP said

        Let CSJ one on one debate with LSL and can very well see.

      • PROF. GHANDI said

        There u go again. Going around and talk like a pro, hello mansukhani. Go back to your slumberland, will ya.

    • Alexander Wong said

      To Mr Fed Up singaporean.

      Please point out where you think the PM is lying here and now and cc a copy to the ST the new paper and yahoo news/msnbc. Even if traditional (admittedly biased) singapore media wont print it, If it makes sense I’m sure the Ang Moh news will. Imagine the attention grabbing headline:” Singaporean Prime Minister’s National Address full of lies!”. Go on, do it. Prove 60.1% of Singapore wrong.

      And please stop insulting your fellow singaporeans. If 60.1% of Singapore decided to vote PAP, that’s their business. It may be that they even have good reasons for doing so! *gasp* ( how unimaginable)

      • 40% said

        Very well he may had said it.But 6 months, 1 year later he will forget what he had said in the rally. The cycle will repeat.The 60% can go on and listen to him for all I care.

  2. SgGuy said

    All the listed people who responded and characters of imaginations….. dare to go down to the streets and ask the REAL people there for their views?

  3. Lim said

    The official media will portray Lee’s NDP rally speech like this – Headlines ” All gazed adoringly, wiping tears of joy and gratitude, So profoundly impressed were the peasants by the pearls of great wisdom dispensed by the Great Leader that their jaws and mouths drop wide open involuntarily.

  4. Macoy said

    Proves what PAP is really good at – the big con. It is all talk. Just look at its mistakes/failures.
    (1) low productivity of Singapore economy
    (2) low birth rate started by LKY’s “Stop at 2” policy
    (3) failing to plan to large number of foreigners brought in
    (4) exempting foreigners from CPF making them cheaper to hire
    (5) foreigners taking jobs away from Singaporeans
    (6) shortage of jobs for Singaporeans
    (7) shortage of MRT trains and public buses
    (8) shortage of places in local schools/varsities for Singaporeans
    (9) shortage of hospital beds, doctors and nursing homes
    (10) shortage of public housing
    (11) high inflation (Singapore now more expensive than Hong Kong)
    (12) high cost of education and health care
    (13) sharp rise in price public housing (price doubled in 5 years)
    (14) depressed local wages
    (15) overcrowded public transport due to large number of foreigners
    (16) depleted CPF accounts after paying for HDB flat
    (17) many CPF accounts below CPF Minimum Sum due
    (18) massive Government spending on foreigners using taxpayers’ money
    (19) billions of losses overseas by GIC and Temasek
    (20) frequent (50-year) “ponding”
    (21) poor air quality – below WHO Air Quality Guidelines
    (21) bailout of public transport operators (failed privatisation)
    (23) frequent breakdown of MRT trains (failed privatisation)
    (24) expensive electricity tariffs (failed privatisation)
    (25) failed to give Sinaporeans the Swiss Standard of Living

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      With climate change and global warming, the once in a 50-year event will become a once-a-week event.
      And why do you still want the impossible Swiss Standard?

  5. Mikey said

    LHL is so talented that I think it’s very hard for anyone else to be PM of Singapore.

    I seriously doubt that anyone else can be that thick-skinned and so full of shit at the same time.

  6. Rajan said

    PM’s NDR speech was insightful, relevant and his call to Singaporeans to be big-minded is timely in the view of the increasing discomfort felt by locals over their space being reduced by the hordes of new arrivals. However, as a local born and bred Indian, I felt letdown by the non-inclusion of Tamil in NDR speeches. Speeches were made in English, Chinese and Malay but Tamil, despite being among the four official languages, was left out. That we have a few Indian Ministers who are competent in Tamil did not weigh in. It cannot be an oversight as the NDR is an important event that charts out Government policies and attempts to reach out to the entire populace.
    I hope there would be an official explanation.

  7. Mimikins said

    Reminds me of North Korea…

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      BG LHL was not in any army uniform last night. What North Korea?

      • non local said

        Dear Dr Ken, Noth Korean leaders also do not wear army uniform during their national parade. Only do so when visiting the dmz zone. In fact hardly wear army uniform.

      • gen suharto said

        Do you see supreme leader Kim Jr going around in his military uniform ?
        At least Kim Jr does not need his old man around to hold his hands and does not walk with a gait.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Gen Suharto I thought you were extinct. Why you even commenting on current affairs? Your views on our PM are crap.

      • gen suharto said

        because the PM is Crap, simple as that.

        ask his old man who was carrying my balls, can’t even afford to die peacefully now because your useless PM is ruinning things for him.


        Yo guys, pls do not address this dog as Dr Ken. I dont think he is a doctor. He don’t seems like one to me. He is more like a blangeshi to me. Go back to your third world dirty and smelly country. Should call him JABRONI MANSUKHANI.

      • PROF. GHANDI said

        There u go again. Going around and talk like a pro, jabroni mansukhani. Go back to your slumberland, will ya.

  8. Vic said

    I did not find any interesting insight in his speech. As for his new measures, he could have come out with these years ago; before those relevant problems and the needs for counter-measures became acute ans compelling. This is particularly so for the new pro-fertility measures. Low fertility did not just happen suddenly or discovered last couple of years. It started happening after the infamous ‘stop at two’ policy in the late 60s. The trend towards shrinking and aging population came about some two decades ago. Our government first intuitive reaction was liberalising immigration resulting in today’s about one-third foreigners in our population. This latter policy will take our government another decade to realise it is a disaster.

  9. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    The beauty of our PM is in the way he communicates. Whether its the masses he is communicating with, or with an individual, his strong and smooth command of the English language will bowl everyone and anyone over.
    His National Day Rally speech last night was impressive, eloquent, humble, to the point and above all a very honest one. No other statesman in current Singapore comes close to him in this aspect and I have always maintained that his Cabinet Ministers will do well in following PM Lee’s cue when addressing issues or ideas with the public at large.

    I salute PM Lee for his positive leadership qualities and know our homeland, Singapore,is in safe hands so long as he is around. My sincere regards to PM Lee as I look forward to him and only him serving us as our undisputed leader of Singapore for many more years to come. Majullah Singapura!!!!!!!!!

    • non local said

      Dear Dr Ken, that is expected of a leader and like most leaders who surround themselves with yes man, they are oblivious with the changing times.

  10. government causing low birth rate and not citizens said

    Low birth rate is caused by govnerment not citizens

    Government is the one causing low birth rate and put the blame on his citizens!
    High living cost, high housing price, high education fee, high GST, etc…!

  11. MAO said

    换汤不换药. 要婴儿也不肯减少税收.
    给我你的薪金, 我保证多生几个给你看.

  12. Ron said

    The National Day addresses are getting boring. What is the difference between the President’s Budget address and the Prime Minister’s National Day speech? Both outlines the coming plans. And often there is not much visionary or new things to disclose.

    It used to be exciting to watch but now much of that is filled with stories that could have been reported in the newspapers earlier. The promise that Khaw is looking into housing needs for singles is decades late. Why was it not looked into by the previous Ministers? And many of these singles have served NS. Yet foreigners who have families have priorities to a roof over their heads. This policy was a crude attempt to force singles to marry. It does not recognize that many prefer to remain single.

    The format has become predictable…citing examples of achievements by Singaporeans and then adding in some announcements. What I want to hear are more negative comments from the street and how the Government plans to address them. The government will invests but no word about companies investing in Spore.

  13. Naivety said

    Wow, Pimply Pinky Lee is really a supreme master of Con Hee fr CHC & we all native Singaporeans are purely their sheeple for them manipulate & toy with…period!

    To think that it was widely reported by MSM that many grateful Sinkaporeans are greatly impressed by his National Day Rally speech & had posted favourable responses onto his facebook page…obviously, these all fielded positive responses & a delusion on his part & I’m very sure that all unfavourable responses would have been deleted by now!!!

  14. Adam said

    After PAP’s Dog and Pony Show last Sunday PAP bootlickers will surely be out in force kissing LHL’s ass.

  15. Lim said

    The shitty times had a story of one man earning $1800 but supporting 8 people – wife, 5 children, one still in stomach and himself. Of course they never say if relatives help to chip in to supplement this meagre income. So 1800 can born 6 children, each minister paid $180,000 a month should have 600 children and we see if they can be as joyful and affordable.

  16. DIY said

    The D.I.Y. person is back to show his piece of opinion.

    I treat the National Rally 2012 like some cross word puzzle to be solved. This time around the format does not come with a 10 cm x 10 cm size as appeared in the printed pages. The PM’s speech format is ‘ad infinitum’ or in English to mean ceaselessly. I am readily piecing together some thoughts of what had been transpired.

    For a start the presentation was eloquently meaningful and refreshing. The new format to place Junior Ministers at the podium was an experiment for an X-factor. I was wondering what it will be.

    On hindsight I was attracted at the caption “… not to look at the future but to look at the past.” If the sentence was designed “to look from the past”, then my conclusion would be a nostalgic speech, and the leader is indecisive. But the live coverage revealed encouraging statements and will to be innovative in every way. The end should justify the means.

    PM did an astounding resolution and managed to score a political husbandry for a living history. This is the correct motion to manage an inclusive society.

    As a gesture to our new generation, I suggest to our newlyweds try to memorise a lullaby song ‘Rock a bye baby’.

    Cheer Up.

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      If you read the lyrics of the lullaby in its entirety, You will realize that the song usually ends with the certain death of said baby.

      • DIY said

        Thanks Mr Goh for your good memory with lyrics and having a critical mind. The Netizens comments are all D.I.Y. in nature. In fact, I was inspired by the GE2011. Someone posted a jingle on You Tube with the Returning Officer Yam Ah Mee singing. This is really D.I.Y. at its best.

        As a civil servant, Yam have to put up a straight face, otherwise it will become a political gimmickry. At every announcement he had to repeat the legal pledge instinctively to the polling results. He is a neutral person during the GE. Watch him smiling with pride at the National Rally 2012.

        But I am not computer nerds with their acoustic accessories. I basically rely only on MS Words 7.0 program. When you have a computer at your disposal, search engine made it even easier. Then you put on a logical explanation. I forbade using four letter words and other vulgar derivatives. It is too autistic. I commented with sense and sensibility. My previous outlook brought about some success. One online reader by the name Jack ever replied, ” Hey, where did you get this definition from?”

        I did a search engine and visited a You Tube ‘Rock-a-bye Baby Lullaby Song for Babies and Toddlers’. Yes, one of the song’s lyric was inaudible. I read the postings and began to wonder why put the cradle on the tree top. The listener remembered the musical lyric as BASS WILL DROP, etc, etc. On second thought I heard it as the bough will drop. That was more compromising.

        In the world of music industry, the composer and the lyric writer have a special license to default the English language. They will twist and turn the world upside down.

        Continuing my reading with the numerous postings I conclude that the lullaby is meant to relax for the mother and her baby. The atmosphere is as if everything is taken care and get started to procreate a family.

        Happy Birthday Singapore.

  17. bodohsia.. said

    Dear Sg Citizens

    Are u really impress of wat he say or u kena press?

    • DIY said

      This is the one and only Report Card that the government can check its deficiencies on a yearly basis. Take note that the Opposition parties have not produce a single report card.

      Does that mean they have no programs at all? Or was it that they never submit their homework? After a GE, they procrastinate and wait until GE2016.

      That’s too much, the price must be right! Let’s watch the TV program again.

  18. P Koh said

    I agree that the speech was very well crafted, very entertaining and full of insight BUT at the end of the day it is the ACTION to make changes that really count. I believe there is HOPE and HEART to HEED the voices of the people.

    • DIY said

      Yes, the ACTION man from the ‘Action Party’ will bear the responsibility for the shortcomings. There is HOPE when you know how to be resilience.

      This love/hate relationship is common in our social upbringing.

      To mend the broken HEART there is always time to address the wound and take HEED to accept the disquiet in online discussions. A bouquet of flowers will be forthcoming.

      Its a noisier world out there in cyberspace.

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