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VIDEO: PRC SMRT bus driver hurls vulgarities at motorcyclist

Posted by temasektimes on August 27, 2012

A PRC SMRT bus driver was heard hurling vulgarities at a motorcyclist.

The entire process was filmed by a commuter:

“When I was joyriding TIB958U on Service 67 and filming the ride, this happened. I am not sure who’s fault at first but it is a really bad manner especially when a children is onboard. (Luckily there is no children onboard at that time).”


45 Responses to “VIDEO: PRC SMRT bus driver hurls vulgarities at motorcyclist”

  1. The Gardener said

    LeeHL favourite FT. Hahahaaahaaaa

  2. Local said

    SMRT needs to account to this incidence.

    Regardless of who was in the wrong, a SMRT bus captain should not have confessed his fetish towards mothers loudly in a public bus. People paid for his service and should not tolerate such disgusting behavior. He was representing SMRT when this happened. Unless SMRT is agreeing with this behavior, a response is needed.

    It would be best if the bus captain is allowed to go back home and accompany his own mother.

    • Free Trolley said

      What would you do in his shoes?
      What would suggest SMRT do? Hire only degree holders to drive our bus?

      • ktmposer said

        Stop using ur ass to think. We dont need a degree holder to drive public buses. We need patient people who have self restraint in difficult times like this, not uncouth barbarians

      • Free Trolley said

        The video shows that the motorist instigated the incident. Should the motorist had any self-restraint, like what you had wanted for the bus driver ,all he had to do was to report this to SMRT.

      • Local said

        To free trolley,

        1. i’m not sure about the situation as i cannot hear the whole conversation and i don’t know what happened before the shouting started, so i cannot say for sure what i would have done. But i am quite sure i would not have shouted vulgarities in the course of duty if i am driving a public bus.

        2. i have already stated that “It would be best if the bus captain is allowed to go back home and accompany his own mother.” Not encrypted statement so i’m not quite sure why you do not understand.

        3. i did not mention this so i’m not sure how you can derive this conclusion based on my comment. i don’t think only degree holders have common sense. i thought it was quite common for normal people to have common sense. From your reply, probably not where you come from.

        although i took the time to reply to your comment, i don’t, for a moment hope that you would understand my reasoning judging from what you said in your reply.

        hopefully you can get better in time. Please get your head checked by a specialist.

      • 60+ Singaporean said

        Free trolley, when did u see the motorist started all this. If the prc driver didnt open his fucking bus door. Wud all this happened. Use yr pea brain to think. Arsehole. The bus driver is giving lee siannnng loooooong a free madarin lesson

      • Free Trolley said

        This is the kind of xenophobic attitude in Singapore.

  3. Jack said

    Let’s not spread this video on the net else our beloved PM Lee thinks we are bias towards Foreign Talents (obviously he is talented in scolding)

    I do expect ST Forum to publish this incident

    • i say what i think only said

      u can publish but u need to get a video that show another PRC driver stopping the bus, go down and hold an old lady cross the road when nobody else do anything. Must be balanced and non-bias ok?

  4. hihihi said

    One eyed long said you better tolerate.

  5. tony said

    i doi not mind those FT trash coming to singapore to work but if they can’t behave themselves and bringing their ‘trash’ attitude to singapore, what is the point if integrating with them, PM Lee ?? it takes 2 hands to clap and both parties are willing to integrate. but from the likes of this situation , it is very hard.

  6. Kster said

    We must accept FTs into our country & don’t need to pin point their fault online. Well Done FT Bus driver, you help to ensure/ remind one more driver/rider on SG road to be safe or be sorry when the bus knock you down & F your mother. We must show out upmost respect to FTs, no matter they are in the right or in the wrong. Long Live FTs, Love Live PAP, Long Live LHL !

  7. Kampung Sotong said

    Ah Tiongs displaying their classiness as usual.

  8. Daft Peasant said

    WOO HOO~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This foreign driver is indeed a talent!!!

    A Talent in cursing !!!!!!

    HA HA HA HA HA………………

  9. king of the world said

    Fantastic !!! Bring excitement to boring Singapore….we need more bus drivers like this guy….

    • nocando said

      should happily accept that. better still, praise them for this behavior. or else, we will be labelled as narrow-mined. why bother to criticise? no criticism no improvement. do we want them to improve?

  10. Kelvin Kwek said

    Submit him to the company for disciplinary action!

  11. I will own you with a land rover said

    wah wahh threaten to run over the motorcyclist somemore. PRC think he very powerful just because he is driving a “public” transport of mass destruction right?

  12. tarukun said

    PM will only say be graceful and accept them.
    Only if the FT bus captain uses the Blah blah ur mom on PM himself. Coz it doesnt hurt and bite him at all.

  13. hothot said

    Music to the elites’ ears.

  14. Kor said

    I wonder if this would have even be reported had the driver been a Singaporean instead!? Guess not.

  15. ktmposer said

    Not e 1st time. A friend of mine encountered this too. Well done SMRT

  16. ANDRE said

    Nice what.. It ‘s a nice video.. He ‘s a good entertainer!

  17. Naivety said

    Report the PRC SMRT Bus Driver to SPF for criminal intimidation…lol

  18. Ken Lee said

    Singapore driving test center fault, didn’t teach something call blind sport!
    if i am not wrong the stupid motorcycle is in the blind sport of the bus. when he f the bus driver, the bus driver also don’t know what happen. people f him he f people back, no wrong. his fault is, he forgot he is a bus driver of SMRT!

    • Dr XYZ said

      Old habits die hard.
      When I was in China and took a cab for transportation, we had the experience which our cab driver also F all the way and raced another cab which cuts into his lane abruptly. All the time speeding at close to 100km/h with passengers (me and friend) holding on to our dear lives inside the vehicle.

  19. urbankni9t said

    PinkLEE shud have played this last nite. 臭你妈! 臭你妈! How apt !

  20. Milo said

    btw y is this coummuter so bo liao go record video on the road? lol

  21. Joe said

    I have encountered rude local and Malaysia bus drivers but they have never openly used vulgarities. We do not know who was in the wrong but such behavior is really unacceptable. Perhaps this would not have been reported if it was a local driver. As it is a FT it begs the question of the quality of FT we are bringing into the nation. Are the FT helping us to be more competitive as a nation and thereby raising the standards of living enjoyed by locals? Or the FTs are diluting our culture and standards (as shown by this driver’s behavior) and at the same time increasing the cost of living for the locals?

    I think this is an important question that as a nation we need to consider… of diminishing marginal returns may already have set in.

    Ultimately I hope the driver will be counseled with regards to this episode but I do hope he does not lose his job. Many of them are really just striving to make ends meet too.

  22. I may do the same ... said

    Hey, I’m Singaporean. Now we don’t know who’s right or wrong. But if I’m in the bus driver’s shoes, I may well behave the same way. Some motorcyclists and most cyclists are pests buzzing around the roads. And when they get knocked down … motorists are blamed. They need to be told off!

  23. wayang said

    This video should be uploaded to LHL’s facebook so that he can see for himself why we find it difficult to accept them.

  24. Goh Tong Seng said

    How the fuck is this person “joyriding“ in the bus?

  25. Alexander Wong said

    Someone needs to report this to SMRT. (although if i’m not wrong at 0:30 it’s the motorcyclist who starts swearing CCB first :P)

  26. Genghis khan said

    So many keyboard warriors!f off!

  27. Iai said

    At least this prc integrates to our local culture by using the hokkien expletives Lolx

  28. joo said

    ur telling me farking true-bule (whatever fark that means) sporrans nvr curse while driving?

  29. Dr XYZ said

    My dear fellow citizens, all of you are biased and one-eyed.
    The bus driver, though uncouth in his wordings, was just being helpful and considerate and in a way patriotic too.
    By having “intimate physical interaction” with whoever’s mother, he was just trying to boost up the fertility rate which our dear gahmen would like to see.
    Let’s all open our arms wide and also other lower body parts too, in order to welcome more of such people into our country. Another 1 million or 2 million of such people would be beneficial to our tiny island.

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