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DPM Tharman wants Singaporeans to show more ‘understanding’ towards foreigners

Posted by temasektimes on August 28, 2012

With social tension fast rising between native Singaporeans and foreigners, PAP leaders have been exhorting Singaporeans to show more ‘understanding’ and ‘tolerance’ towards them and to embrace them with an open heart.

Following Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech calling on Singaporeans to form meaningful relationships with the newcomers, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam now implored Singaporeans to stop their vitriol towards foreigners.

In a posting on his Facebook, DPM Tharman acknowledged that “Singaporeans have reason to be concerned about the flood of foreigners in the last decade” which has changed the nation’s demographics to beyond recognition.

However, DPM Tharman warned that Singaporeans should watch their behavior towards foreigners online:

“Most Singaporeans are basically fair-minded, gracious people, but the vitriol towards foreigners in online discussions is quite out of our Singaporean character,” he observed.

DPM Tharman also urged Singaporeans to remain as people who show understanding and empathy towards fellow citizens of all races as well as towards foreigners working here.

“Bad behaviour by a small number of foreigners does not justify spiteful comments about foreigners in general, or all foreigners of a particular race,” he added.


14 Responses to “DPM Tharman wants Singaporeans to show more ‘understanding’ towards foreigners”

  1. The Gardener said

    Botak. Suggest you stop demanding your wants from us when what we requested is only a secured job & home cannot be fulfilled.

  2. SgGuy said

    Citizen showing displeasures is natural when they are squeezed into spaces smaller n smaller. You can see similar traits in HongKong n other Asian cities. So, once the garment can make the squeezing stop n let us have more space, I’m sure our behavior will improve. Sounds good? NOW, GET TO WORK n stop wayanging on FB!!

  3. spotlessleopard said

    This useless Minister must first ensure He speaks up for Sigaporeans in all areas….then He can rest assured Singaporeas will be the most graceful People in the World…so Minister stop talking nonsense and do your part.

  4. stevenadosan said

    Botak, 40% of foreigners squeeze into our VERY SMALL ISLAND LEH! Don’t ell us what to do! We were not born yesterday!

  5. lyv2dy said

    The constant ad nauseum calls by government leaders to embrace the destructively large migratory flock of foreigners to this little dot without even an acknowledgement of the ROOT CAUSE of the vitriol much less CONCRETE STEPS to urgently REDRESS the situation, leaves many in perplexity and some in anger/hatred towards the govt and its anti-Singaporeans policies. Its likened to an exhortation for more people to go out and engage in more intensive unprotected sex with partners in Geylang and Desker Road knowing full well there is an acute breakout of HIV and other STD.

  6. solaris8899 said

    another version of sweet talk..
    why we resolve the problems you created?

  7. Zam said

    We will vote you out in the GE2016 for shifting the whole philippines to Singapore.

    Mod’s note:

    Do you seriously think the PAP can be voted out with the ‘Wayang Party’ in cahoots with it?

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition with it to keep it in power.’

    – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

  8. icefire said

    alot of singapore alr doing tat in geylang … they understand deep inside out … sg men still help them financially by giving them money after the session …
    if u wan a more interactive session maybe as a minister u can book a large open area and invited all FT open their leg to have a open talk there … most uncle aft taking ther cpf sure welcome the idea and definitely vote pappies again in te next GE

  9. hihihi said

    Never speak up for Singaporeans when they were belittled and badly treated by the ftrash.

  10. Daft Peasant said

    seow eh……listen to this song and enjoy it…..

  11. show understanding to Singaporeans said

    Please show understanding to Singaporeans by:

    – lower the housing price
    – lower the “fine” amount, an illegal parking cost “$100”
    – lower the GST price
    – lower the cost of living

    All and more important:
    lower your minister, MP salary!

  12. bodohsia.. said

    Hi DPM Tharman,
    I try my very best to understand the foreigner but the problem they never understand me want..until my hair up to date,keep on falling until almost BOTAK..hw ahhh

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