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PAP Kindergarten teacher charged for abusing child

Posted by temasektimes on August 29, 2012

A kindergarten teacher from a center run by the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) has been charged with ill-treating a five-year-old child under her care.

The 25 year old woman reportedly forced the girl to remove her clothes and stand naked in front of her classmates. She also pushed the child twice which caused the child’s forehead to hit a wooden shelf and another sent her falling onto a basket of toys.

The woman also allegedly swung the girl against a white board, causing her to hurt her head.

It is not revealed if the teacher is a Singaporean or a foreigner.



26 Responses to “PAP Kindergarten teacher charged for abusing child”

  1. shi said

    Must be a Singaporean… Or maybe that teacher may be X..X..
    Just joking

  2. Sinkaypoh said

    Oh maybe she thinks she is entitled to invoke the ISA…. or she is an overzealous Nazi trying to carry balls with papayas (hoping to get Minister post like Grace F-U)

  3. James said

    the name of that teacher should be named and she should not work as a teacher anymore….protecting the child name? my foot… this is not a sex case why protect the child in wat way?

  4. NaBey said

    Hello PAP! U see! Like that who want to give birth more babies?

  5. Ron said

    If I am the parents, I will engage Lawyer Ravi and sue the PAP (as owner of the kindergarten) for damages. It may cause a long term phobia in the young child. And what kind of monsters does the PAP hire to take care of the pre-school kids? Does the teachers ever undergo any psychological evaluation to make sure they are suitable to be teachers?

    This is not an anti-PAP move but rather to reinforce the Principal of Accountability.

  6. Rani Naidu said

    What were the other teachers doing? This is really too much. It doesnt matter if she is local or foreigner. She is inhuman. Real beast!

  7. Mas said

    It is rather sad that the government trains young graduates to be teachers but they failed to realize that some did it just for the job security. No real compassion for children and definitely no patience! I’ve bn in the EC industry for 12 years and it is sad that some very dedicated teachers had to leave because they cannot pursue a higher qualification. It is true that some of the young teachers really need more coaching in handling children especially the difficult-to-warm children. I’m happy that this teacher is caught. Even without revealing the name, this teacher would be blacklisted in the teaching industry in Singapore. There is an existing system ensuring that.

    • Auntie said

      It’ not a matter of needing more coaching in handling children, this woman IS WICKED!!! Pushing and causing her to fall. She is very very unkind, a big shameless bully!

  8. Sinkaypoh said

    As her punishment, I have to exorcise the evil spirits in her… please send her over to my room at Marina Bay Sands.

  9. P Koh said

    This treatment of a child at that tender age will leave a scar on her memory. I was once asked to stand on the chair by a teacher in Seconday 4 just for being a few seonds slow in standing up to wish him “good morning” and that made me hated the Chemistry lesson that he taught that I totally ignored that subject and as a result scored badly in the final examinations. That teacher must be removed unreservedly.

  10. bb said

    Likely she is a foreigner as the gov does not wamt to disclose her identity.

  11. Leslie said

    Why is the teacher not named?

  12. TP said

    I noticed that the media is very careful not to specify if the teacher was a local or otherwise.
    This is by no means stating that she is a foreigner and I do not hope for any anti-foreigner attacks.
    However I am quite suspicious it is likely that this pre-school teacher may be a foreign teacher because of the manner in which our media is reporting it.

    Anyway no more hate please!

    And DEFINITELY no Child Abuse!!
    All children MUST be protected and loved and that goes for anywhere in the world.
    Only cowards and bullies and abuses children since these children are unable to fight back.

  13. Danny said

    Not surprised. If PAP can abuse Singaporeans PAP Kindergarden abusing child is just a subset of the former. PAP’s arrogance make them abusive. Want the arrogance and abuse to stop? Then vote against PAP in GE2016. This is the only way to fix the problem.

  14. hahaha said

    sentence her to geylang..let bhangla abuse her

  15. What does anyone expect? Children are inferior.

  16. Ongoing said

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    entirely right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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