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President Tony Tan urges Singaporeans to do more to help the less fortunate in society

Posted by temasektimes on August 29, 2012

Singaporeans should play an active role to help the less fortunate and disadvantaged in society, said President Tony Tan Keng Yam.

Speaking during a visit to a social enterprise, Eighteen Chefs, which hires ex-offenders and delinquents, Dr Tan said:

“There is an old Chinese saying ‘if you give a person a fish, he eats for one day. But if you teach him to fish, then he can live for many days because he can earn his own living’. I think the social enterprise, in that sense, is good.”

He added that the government will do its part in supporting those who help themselves, as well as fellow citizens.

Dr Tan’s statement came in the aftermath of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s inspiring National Day Rally speech during which he called on Singaporeans to write the next chapter of Singapore’s future together with his all-powerful omnipotent government.


56 Responses to “President Tony Tan urges Singaporeans to do more to help the less fortunate in society”

  1. TT can lead the way as Pres 2 give away his monstrous Pres pay every month as he doesn’t need it given his wealth. Actions speak louder than words anytime, as the saying goes. No need 2 talk this and that.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Yeah and the saying goes for you:-
      Don’t talk cock!

      • uncle joe said

        Now what is your problem with what “Leopards Unchanged” said. In your lingo, why did he/she “talk cock.” Since you see fit to put “Dr” to your chosen name, then you might as well try to fit the description. In other words, provide a well reasoned criticism befitting a learned individual.

        Uncle Joe

    • Mr T said

      Tony Tan was vehemently against building an MRT for Singaporeans. As a scion of family that owns OCBC, he grew up a rich kid accustomed to being chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce. He doesn’t give a shit to the less fortunate and disadvantaged. If not for the late Ong Teng Cheong, who fought hard to get the MRT project approved, we would have no MRT today. Fuck Tony Tan and his hypocrisy.

  2. teo cheap buy said

    Have Mr tt done anything for help them.Tcss

  3. dog of the dogs. said

    Why don’t he set good example by donating his multi millions $ salary ?

  4. Phony Tan, your obscene pay alone can help thousands…..why need to cho-cho us ?

  5. Naivety said

    President, Sir…It is extremely easy for you to say so only I quote, “President Tony Tan urges all Singaporeans to do more to help the less fortunate in society”.

    I also can say so if not more as talk is relatively cheap, easy & simple…why don’t you as HOS take the lead & start the ball rolling by firstly donating your hefty monthly salaries to charity to help the poor & I’m very sure majority of well off Sinkies will follow suit if you can do so!!!

  6. Richard said

    Tell all the he himself ,minister, MP, high ranking in gov sector to donate 50% of the pay to the needy this will solve all the problem very easy way.

  7. Sweety said

    No Logic leh…. TT=Temasek Times crtical of TT = Tony Tan?

  8. Words with no example of action….show is what the government can do for us.
    1.Bring down all cost is the most important subject to discuss ?

  9. Singapore Cock said

    SG Cock urges President Tony Tan to do more to help the less fortunate in society!

  10. Vic said

    They keep saying the obvious; but they don’t do it themselves. Policies continue to be lopsided pro-rich, pro-businesses and pro-foreigners. Populism is a dirty word. The working class, the lower income earners, the abject poor are left to fend for themselves, in a society where govt provides the minimal social welfare.

  11. ngpy said

    Its a pity he does not command the respects from majority his people as a President of A Country. Even up to this very moment he is still asking his PEOPLE TO CONTRIBUTE EXCEPT HIMSELF, what a shame with a person of his status.

  12. Singapuraboi said

    Why this talk of helping the former convicts when the regular people need help too. His speech should galvanise the people and urge Singaporeans to have more compassion for their fellow citizens. Many Singaporans need help and not just these former convicts. The govt keeps telling us that we need to let in FTs as there is a shortage of labour but ox head don’t match the legs of the horse. If there is a shortage of labour then u won’t hear any Singaporeans complaining that they can’t find work or have lost their jobs. Everyday u hear of graduates can’t find employment and forty something complaining they have been retrenched and can’t find work. If there is truly a shortage of labour, there would not be such complains and stories of how former engineers driving taxis and there would be enough to go around but truth is there is not enough work to justify such a loose immigration policy. Then they wonder why the people r bitter, angry at them. We r xenophobic because the govt don’t listen so people turn on the foreigners who they see r the cause of their problems. The govt is the cause of all these unhappiness and how dare they tell us to take care of our own when they should do something to take care is the people or in this case clean up their mess. Instead they remain belligerent and wash their hands off any responsibilities.

  13. x said

    “Old Chinese saying” it is not. All these PAP chao peranakan bananas don’t know shit about Chinese but import chinamen by the boat load — what an irony.

  14. +60 said

    Give him 1million, he want 10million, give him one term, he want 2 terms.
    so what the differents, you rich no need to go fishing, you poor fish and feed the rich. WTF

  15. NaBey said

    I visited geylang, i help the poor chicken by getting their service. Yet u keep raiding.
    I lent money to the needy and ask for interest lower than bank, yet u raid my business.
    I create job opportunity by employing runners and painters. But u arrest them!
    I see some student no money pay school fees, they wanted to sell 1 hour service but i scared u jailed me!
    Like that how to help?

  16. Ron said

    I did do my part for the less fortunate. I donated close to $1,000 over the years because the Old NKF wrote and told me that. Then I felt badly betrayed when Durai and Gang abused their positions, were found guilty etc. And then Renci (I contributed via the charity shows) had a scandal. And then other charity scandals included the latest CHC scandals.

    Tell me, why should I care for the less fortunate when money is used for wasteful purposes, to buy a horse (Renci), to fly Concorde to USA (Old NKF), to have gold taps (old NKF), etc.? If the Government is only prosecuting long after the abuses have started, why bother?

    Can the government give assurance that scandals will not occur? And that the Govt will pay to have close supervision over charities? If not, there will be future scandals. It is a matter of when, not maybe.

  17. ruckus said

    Singaporeans look to our supreme president to set an example. If you do not donate 1 dollar, and we donated 1 cent, wouldn’t we lose out? We are determined to only be equally or more stingy and tightwad than the next person. What about the FTs? Can you make them donate to the poor?

    Always ask yourself what others can do for the poor.

  18. Tan Yan Ren said

    WHO gives a shit about CHINESE saying…let me tell you the SINGAPOREAN SAYING…that Matters…..”DONT FORGET WHO PUTS YOU UP THERE …as a PRESIDENT or PM or Minister…ETC”and “IF YOU DONT TAKE CARE OF THE HAND WHO FEEDS YOU, YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN A DOG”..that is a Singaporean saying and so far this is NOT happening….SHow us by donating three quarters of your presidential salary to SIngaporean underprevilege OK!!SO far , WE must make them show us how much they donated to charity after obscenely being paid so much!!!!!Sick !sicK!!!!Sick!!!!!SO, if you a Singaporean, Quote the Singaporean show your loyalty as a Civil servant…remember you are ac Servant of the people!!!!!!!

  19. solaris8899 said

    we know all these phases, but do we know how to do it.
    leaders should set a good example for us to follow.

    • DIY said

      There is a fishing pond at Pasir Ris park. Fishing’ kakis’ are plentiful out there, even if don’t know about angling. There are so friendly they can provide you with D.I.Y. techniques. You can rent a rod from the pond operator and buy baits. The rest is your luck.

      But don’t worry, the operator would replenish 4 tonnes of live marine fish imported from Malaysia every Thursday. So the trick is enjoy your pastime fishing after Friday until Wednesday.

      So the moral of the story is if you want more, it shall be provided. You must prove your worthiness.

  20. chris said

    Mr President,

    I challenge you to show me how much you donate to charity on your multi million tax-free salary. Throw in the perks like housing, helpers salaty, meals, cars, and bodyguards salary into your salary, and arrive at a percentage figure. I am sure most of the ordinary man in the streets will put you to shame. Its not how much you donate but the percentage that matters. So Mr President, shame on you and your useless “DR” son, your useless son-in-law who happens to be the dean of law in Faculty of Law.

  21. enough said

    he got into the presidency with 30% votes

    he got no moral authority to tell us what to do

    he should first forsake his obscene salary and use it to help the underprivilged

    practice what you preached

    dont talk cock

  22. who you think you are? stupid president... no one chose you said

    shut up la… only 30% chose you… what say you have as a president? nothing…

  23. Dreamer said

    Uhnmm.. Mayb the gov shld do the job???

  24. corn said

    tony tan….those who voted u. u teach them to fish anot???

  25. P Koh said

    I have a new one which is not to teach a man how to fish and live a lifetime because the fishes in Singapore are fast depleting by overfishing by FTs. I have a better saying which is “Turn a man into a fish and throw him into the deep ocean and he will surely know what to do if he wants to survive”.

    • DIY said

      No, no please don’t be cruel. In the deep ocean, you are lost that way. The top predator on the food chain is the shark. You can’t survive amongst the schools of big fish. Please save your IQ and rely on your EQ.

      For your information, I have posed a question with an educator way back in 1993. I asked him what’s the difference between IQ and EQ? His answer was they are the same. Except that in EQ, the definition is the ability to solve problems before it happens.

      You get my point. Thanks.

      • P Koh said

        My friend DIY, IQ or EQ are now outdated, the latest is SQ in case you are not aware.. It is Social Quotient which is a merger of both IQ and EQ but with a dose of Social Quotient in it. I have written an article on this which I shared with my close friends. It adds mileage to what you have explained which I accept whole-heartedly. You should Google on the speech which Mr. Jeff Bezos the billionaire CEO of gave to the graduating seniors of Class 2010 of Princeton University written by Bill Taylor entitled “It’s More Important to be Kind than Clever”. You can get this from Harvard Business Review.

      • tony said

        @ DIY,
        so how do you rate LKY, PM Lee and Ho Ching in terms of IQ and EQ using 10/10 as perfect score ? perhaps for Tony Tan as well ?

      • DIY said

        @ P Koh
        With due respect to those people you mentioned, I logically group and rate them at MQ (Managing Quotient) level.

        For instance recently there was a recent incident in Batam. It was reported that a man discovered his wife was playing second fiddle and out of rage burnt the shoes he had bought as a gift. The small fire engulfed into an inferno. Many families are victims of the blaze. So this man has an IQ but no EQ. If he has a SQ he would not carry on his rash act. At the same time, on the bigger picture is that the shanty houses are devoid of MQ.

        Thus with your presumption that any human being can survive on his own will power is very debatable.

        For example, picture a man marooned on an island with only one coconut tree left to fend. There are sharks encircling the platform, gusty winds and impending cyclone is coming, then he is in a crisis. I learnt about lateral thinking from Professor Eduard De Bono lectures and seminar. For a crisis the scenario is that you have to face multiple choices.

        Thus, the difference between a dilemma and crisis are clear cut.

        For an SQ personality his modus operandi is a dilemma. There are only two choices. The situation becomes ‘To be or not to be’ from Hamlet play. For CEO he took risks and become a billionaire.

        I have read a book at NLB titled “Straight and Crooked Thinking by Robert Hen Thouless. He described how in some strange cases it is illogical to comprehend. In your case the imagination runs wild to turn human into fish. This is what constitutes a false analogy.

        The better course I attended was “People Oriented Man Management”. My company sent me to attend the seven day course at Sentora Resort. There are lectures and role plays on perceived scenarios. For example, there is a nuclear war. Nine people and a dog escaped into a cave and survived the holocaust. The survivors’ mission is to procreate the earth. The lean population is made up of a scientist, engineer, wrestler, cook, teacher, a beautiful woman, grandmother, a handicapped youngster, a musician and a dog. There are strict conditions to adapt, negotiate your argument and choose a partner. This game play is more convincing at turning every Singaporean into a fish.

        So the moral of this discussion is ‘Do you believe in what you read’ or ‘Do you seem to know that you don’t know. That is the question.

      • P Koh said

        Being simplistic may be the rule of the day but “turning a man into a fish” is akin to putting the “man to the test” and it is obviously better than teaching him how to fish.

      • DIY said

        @ P Koh
        To me the statement “turning a man into a fish” is an overkill. Teaching a man how to fish is of a kinder staff. Very subtle and wise, well suited to the saying of the ancient Chinese.

        Well it’s up to you to defend you false analogy.

      • P Koh said

        @ DIY
        One must not forget that there are always people who are not teachable. No defence needed and also no overkilling intended as “experience” is a key to survival which is being advocated here.

      • DIY said

        @ P Koh
        I have just returned on a 10-days rural home-stay at a neighbouring country. Reading back to your reply on 5 Sep 2012, I found your statement very quizzical. From live experience people are taught and learn to differentiate things that are common in nature.

        For example; a dog has a head, four legs and a tail, true. Likewise a cat has a head, four legs and a tail, true. Then if we conclude that all dogs are cats, not true. It is a false analogy.

        Your explanation that they are always people who are not teachable means they never experience the real world.

        If over-killing is intended as “experience” as a survival tools is just a hypothesis, then it is a false analogy.

        Please return back to nature.

  26. Kent lim said

    Please do more charity by donating all you salary to the poor, every single cent after all u are so bloody rich !

    • Adam Tan said

      Oh you should ask him to earn back the 60 billion dollars lost by GIC few years ago….I think till his great (x18 generations) also cannot earn back those money…..

  27. NaBey said

    There is oso a chinese hokkien saying “don’t teach ur father how to F**K”

  28. hachoo said

    I wonder where were he when PRC called our local Indian to stop cooking curry and PRC scholar & Pinoy Talent lamented local SIngapore for being dog and whatever??

    First , TT need to lead by example. Then ask his government personnel to take the same lead and the elite to do the same.

    Often , we read how the Minister & MP attend fund raising events asking other people to donate to charity. Also, often, we read the elite attend events but totally lack significant donations themselves. THey are there to be seen and to show off their dressing-ups with luxury accessories and talking about what luxury car to buy next !!! If only they care to buy one car less and donate the money to the needy..

    IN contrary, its the average locals that has the heart to donate willingly and passionately. LIkewise it’s the average locals displaying the compassion and patience towards the society. The elite just display their arrogances and ignorances losely. SO I think, the elite and government personnel should look at themselves in the mirror and should stop asking the man in the street for more . We (the man in the street) have given enough and its time for these upper class members to show their sincerity and leady by example if they want to win the respect and support of the average citizens.

  29. Ben said

    Sing song…30% supporter man ,btw heard of vote 30%can be the country lead man..I think most of them in Singaporean (not for the damn rich) struggler for living for their own family …..why don’t you show us very good example , donate your 30% salary ( I think u earn that much , it’s peanut for you …the Chinese also says “get from the society contribute to the society”

  30. James Tan said

    Stop causing TT.
    He ordi help poor and needy Pastor Sun Ho from City Harvest Church.
    Buy all her CD
    Now he going to help Pastor Kong Hee oso. Keep Kong out of jail so can help more needy.

  31. Fed Up Singaporean said

    I’m still waiting for the president to donate his salary to local charities, LEADING BY EXAMPLE… oh wait! He’s not Tan Jee Say! lol

  32. denzuko1 said

    Before he go on further, how much of his salary is given to charity? Stop talking and start taking action instead! You want people to do something, set example yourself, Tony!

  33. Henry said

    The “less fortunate” Singaporeans are victims of the PAP’s policies. The PAP should help them, not Singaporeans. The PAP has access to all the resources needed to help their victims. Singaporeans should not give the PAP a “free ride”.

  34. President of Nasi Brani said


  35. President of Nasi Brani said

    Rob from the poor and give to the rich!!!!!

  36. Thanks, Uncle Joe, for shutting up ‘Dr’ Ken M’s on his vulgar post.
    As Pres, TT shd be proactive in his actions and not just in words to advance the causes he patronises. He shd lead by example and not merely ask commoners to put their best foot forward and open their wallets/purses to boot.
    On his ‘fish’ analogy taken from Taoist founder, Lao Tze, I wld add that u not only hv 2 teach a needy person 2 fish, u also hv 2 help give him his basic necessities 4 him to subsist for some length of time 2 learn the ropes of fishing.
    Whilst I do not earn anywhere near his monstrous Pres pay that many netizens wld say is robbed from us commoners, a proposal Pres TT cld hv made cld be the setting up of some help body for the newly unemployed/retrenched, with govtal assistance on skills upgrading and, say, 1/3rd payout based on his last drawn pay 4 6 mths or until such time he is reemployed, whichever is earlier, to alleviate his familial hardship. And Pres TT cld pledge some portion of his humongous pay to earn due respect as a concerned and caring Pres of the ppl.. But just asking the ppl 2 give whilst he stays penny-pinching despite his personal wealth and obscene Pres pay? Is this a genuine call from the heart that Pres TT is making 2 the ppl or another routine PAPie wayang-kulit show?

  37. bodohsia.. said

    Hi Mr President,can u help me offset my loan amounting nearly 30k?if ok then i will help those less fortunate bcos i unfortunate to help those less fortunate

  38. P Koh said

    Although it is pointless crying over spilled milk, I still feel very sad that so much of the people’s money was lost by the mishandling of the funds by GIC and Temasek Holdings. Those funds could do so much for the needy poor in Singapore
    and no one seems to be accountable for those huge losses. Sad… very sad indeed…ug… ug…. ug

  39. Adam Tan said

    Please give us back the 60 billion dollars lost by GIC!!! That was our money from the Reserves…..

    • Naivety said

      Well said…Adam
      How come u also know about this losses by GIC as well as the exact amount of 60 billion dollars?!

      It seems that a lot of daft Singaporeans seem to be oblivious & unaware of such losses of CPF Monies still especially the 60.1% daft & naive Singaporeans during GE2011!

  40. Matrix said

    Already a lot of ppl is donating $$, but they are donating to the big casinos that your team had approved gambling in Singapore. If you really sincere, please do give a call to RWS and MBS to donate all the winnings to the unfortunate.

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