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Shanmugam attacks minority of ‘xenophobic’ Singaporeans for spewing vitriol online

Posted by temasektimes on August 29, 2012

Law Minister Shanmugam has lashed out at a small minority of ‘negative’ Singaporeans for ranting against foreigners online.

Social tension between native Singaporeans and foreigners has risen over the years with too many foreigners being admitted into Singapore within too short a period of time, making it almost impossible to integrate them.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has implored Singaporeans to recognize the contributions of foreigners and embrace them with an open heart in his National Day Rally speech, a point which was driven across again by Mr Shanmugam.

In a Facebook posting yesterday, Mr Shanmugam wrote:

“….the need for us to recognise that some things being said, against foreigners, online, anonymously, are repulsive and xenophobic ,and does not really represent the best spirit of Spore.”

He added that the small minority should not be allowed to set the ‘tone’ for debate:

“The majority of Sporeans are tolerant, decent and open hearted. The small minority ,which is highly negative, and hiding behind anonymity, and spewing vitriol, should not be allowed to set the tone for the debate.”

With the chorus of public disapproval against the government’s immigration policies rising, the state media has been labeling and smearing its critics as ‘xenophobic’ in a desperate attempt to snuff out the dissenting voices before they gain momentum.



22 Responses to “Shanmugam attacks minority of ‘xenophobic’ Singaporeans for spewing vitriol online”

  1. Surprise said

    It is not we would like to be anonymous, it is the system do not allow criticism. If one complian or feedback, you will face the music for the rest of your life. This is an experience we have for the last fifty years. And it is alive and kicking till today. Look at how our ministers respond to questions post during parliament.

    So, in conclusion, don’t blame Singaporean, blame the ones that have been punishing people’s that have go against the PAP.

    • best spirit said

      “The majority of Sporeans are tolerant, decent and open hearted. The small minority ,which is highly negative, and hiding behind anonymity, and spewing vitriol, should not be allowed to set the tone for the debate.”

      That’s the whole trouble. These PAP scumbags imagine that it is a small minority that is dissatisfied when it is really the consensus of the vast majority.

      Listen up Shanmugam you piece of shit, the majority of Sporeans want you to go fuck yourself, the yes men you surround yourself with are the minority.

      • Merlion said

        Right on Best Spirit, I agree it’s the vast majority. My colleagues and family members dislike the Ruling Party and condemn the pap when the name of pap is brought up. Wake up pap!!

    • sad state said

      No shit, you admit that you are the anonymous “repulsive and xenophobic” person?

      True. The “system” will make you “face the music” for your own ugly words.

  2. Merlion said

    Agree to Surprise. The online platform allow us to voice our true feeling. The fact that Shanmugam criticize this people or us means that he is still living in his world or pap world. He do not know the real feeling of common Singaporean which make up the majority of the population. Shame on you Shanmugam!!

  3. lanpa said

    He is talking about all YOU PEOPLE WHO ONLY KNOWS TO COMPLAIN AND DO NOTHING. Go and demostrate or pour petrol on your body, but you will never do that because SINGAPOREAN IS KIASU and KIASI! Only know to hide behind stuff like this to complain! Ha!

  4. Goondu said

    I am very surprised that the PM and all his ministers are attacking “a small minority” of ‘negative’ Singaporean. Why are they spending so much time with this ‘minority’? Don’t they have anything better to do. After collecting million dollar salary they deal with the minority? If it were truly minority, ignore it and it will go away. To spend so much time at it, is sign that this is not a minority of Singaporean.

  5. Fake Story said

    When the leader of the pack barked, the rest of the pack start to bark.

    • Eddie Manzano said

      True but this guy seems to ‘attack’ Singaporeans more than the others. Why is that? Can’t help feeling that he delights in insulting us and making threats against us although we are the ones who elected him into parliament.

      Is this a classic case of biting the hand that feeds you? If it is, then it is the worst example of ingratitude that I have ever seen.

  6. Tan Yan Ren said

    why dont you have a live debate on television K shanmugam?I will take you on on many issues , you choose….you are supposedly a good lawyer, but now let the whole Singapore decide , not only the COURT ,.This way you can show what you have as a Minister…please take up the challenge since you keep talking and the straits times publish , but when Singaporeans complains, many leaders call it NOISE!!!

  7. jujitsu said

    Am speaking strictly from my point of view. I think some quarters within the Ministry are making unnecessary arrogant statements. I think they failed to understand and look from ground zero but they rather chose to look at everyone from underneath their noses.

    Honestly, and I am very confident to say that I don’t think any part of our society is totally against the “Foreigners”. We are by nature, we have been known and still is known, are the most accommodative and friendliest Nationals around the Globe. Always willing to extend out a helping hand to all mankind, not only our own Citizens, foreigners alike.

    I think Singaporeans in general, with no segmented exceptions, will always welcome anyone with open arms. The multi racial integration, with distinction throughout the decade, has resulted in the different cultures/races learned to adapt well to each other cultures with much respect. Likewise the foreigners should learn to do so too.

    The foreigners (small segment) just failed to respect and learn to adapt to the local culture here. There are what we call tolerance level in every level of the society. Once it is tested to it’s limit, then the obvious is naturally going to happen. Say for an example, to the relevant Ministry, would you go and embrace (Physically/Socially) a foreigner who spits everywhere he/she goes; answering calls of nature anywhere in your home/country; insults someone by verbally and physically abusing your family/nationals? If the answer is “YES”, then I’d suggest you manifest and lead by examples for the rest of the Singaporeans to follow suit and you are entitled to speak to Singaporeans from the bottom of your nose.

    • Tan Yan Ren said

      I saw the problem many years back when i wrote to the PM suggesting that the cabinet be sent to be trained to be a good politician…they ,without proper training about public speaking, body language , the way to say things etc, can destroy the people’s confidence and anger the people…iIT IS VITAL that they are trained…;look at these untrained leaders, they are making a fool of themselves and angering the people…well i guess they are too smart to accept the humility to be trained…lets see …….

  8. Exaggerated said

    Xenophobic? I do not know about other countries but check how the Filipinos, PRC Chinese and India Indians (not all but majority of them) are being treated in Japan, Australia, UAE, and United States. Why are other nationalities being treated nicer than them? They must be something in them or the way they behave that causes such treatment towards them. Otherwise, it could either be you and your team are wrong or them majority of the world are xenophobic.

    When only you behave in a certain, you might be wrong. But when the majority of the world behave the same, it says something, unless you are in the state of denial.

    • sad state said

      African slaves were slaves all over the world until they became treated as regular human beings. Jews were one hated group of immigrants wherever they were. Your relative-based “moral” is no moral at all.

  9. nocando said

    now he was just trying to fan the fame between local and FT even bigger.
    Xenophobic? the whole gov are insensitively chanting foreign talent foreign talent day in day out. admit the fact that this is caused by govt. we want an apology for create conflict between us and FT

  10. Hairy Lee said

    Seriously pls go see the number of pple at ur rally sites and those at the opposition camps,ESP WP’s and u noe who da fark is the minority. True blue politically aware Singaporeans are those that attend rallies and show support on THEIR OWN FREE WILL! Not those uncles and aunties bought over by ur nasi lemak or chicken LICE!! Not those daft ones who voted for u simply becos they are politically illeterate too!! Give u at most two more elections and we make sure u and ur cronies get voted out of office!!

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