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Singaporean employer: Why I prefer to hire foreigners over Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on August 29, 2012

I’ve hired many Singaporeans, and also Filipinos and other nationalities for office environment work (they are all on E Pass so they are fairly educated and skilled people). And honestly, those Singaporeans I hired are the worst lot. I would say give me a Filipino, Thai or any other nationality first and Singaporeans the last.

The foreigners I hired are very committed, hard working, and most importantly they get the job done with least complains.
Singaporeans are just way over-rated. Not worth the money, and certainly not worth the time to scold them. I don’t even bother anymore.

For the same SGD 3000 (these foreigners are on E Pass), I get people who are hungry, and importantly they come with already a few years of relevant working experience. Singaporeans? SGD 3000 at most give you some fresh graduates who don’t know what they are doing, and will leave you after a few months. To employers, I say just go and hire a bunch of E Pass holders, trust me, you will get better ROI.

And frankly, I am getting disillusioned with this country. I don’t even bother to offer “feedbacks” anymore. No point, and you all also don’t waste time.

Don’t have to give up Singapore citizenship as this place is still good to take for a ride. Just go overseas for few years to develop your career and / or business, there’s so much opportunities out there. And no point complaining and complaining, it is not going to change things.

2016 ? 2021 elections? pls lah, don’t waste time. Just go do your own things.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


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  1. siao said

    first you complain singaporean fresh grad you don’t like, cos no experience. then you ask Sgeans to go out and get experience. so that they can come back and be hired by people like you for a fresh grad salary?

    you must think why they leave after a few months.

    • Free Trolley said

      Agree, why would anyone return after developing their careers overseas. Besides, the pay is definitely than what most companies can afford here.

    • Ken Lee said

      that why foreigner say Singaporean all cheap labor.

    • Some hard facts about local workers. said

      Why don’t you enlighten all of us here? Why they leave after a few months? Please lah…when you haven’t even contribute to the company, do you think you are in the position to demand so much! I won’t even consider employing you in the first place! If you think you are so damn competent therefore demanded high pay, then I’d say…look in the mirror…do you deserve it? Are you creating higher/better value for your employer in return for your high pay? Otherwise…FUCK OFF…you are not worth the high pay!

      • sexyboy said

        Well said……singaporeans just like to think too highly of themselves, but they are nothing, useless people

      • Forever21 said

        You FTs are here becoz of our govt policies.So pls don’t talk cock ! If we had a choice,most of you bums will be shipped back to your kampongs !

      • sexyboy said

        Yup but the thing is, u idiots dun have a choice, so suck it baby 🙂

    • compatriot said

      This is just plain ‘bullshit’ and a fictitious storey line.that does not incline me to think that this posted article is worthy but a pseudo scam from a scumbag

      I should like to believe that the government is taking a lamentable phycological approach to demonize Singaporeans with guilt to cover its mistakes of wrong doings

      The demise of the NDR speech of late has turned and enfolds with a phycological warfare between the ruling government and netizens

      I believe Singaporeans can well adapt

  2. Singapore Cock said

    Posted by a faggot

  3. Singapuraboi said

    U r pathetic n patriotic! What a thing to say about ur own countrymen. If Singaporeans, what dies that say about u as a Singaporean too. I believe ur attitude sucks too but just that u r lucky to have a boss that tolerated ur shortcomings. Why can’t u tolerate the shortcomings of others. Pls take a moment to do some reflecting. By writing this little essay shows that u r extremely belligerent and intolerable and very disagreeable. I have worked in a company before and can tell u that I r just sore that the locals don’t suck up to u. The FTs always PR and network with bosses but in actual fact do very little work. It may seems that locals don’t work as hard and take more breaks but I assure u that locals put more effort and focus in their work and that is why they take more breaks. My ex company had an office in Bangkok and Hongkong. And the officesfrom these two cities always push work to the Singapore office. If u need help, the Thais would take forever to get things although they r creative. The hong Kongers can deliver work in minutes and yes, what we take a day to achieve, they can do in 15 min but the quality sucks. The work that the Singapore office comes up with is always of a better quality and in decent timing. Yet my Ang moh boss lives the Thais and the Hong Kongers cos “they know how to treat kwai Los” meaning they know how to kiss ass and nibble dingleberries. Singaporeans r too work focused that we have not time for socializing and pussy footing. If I want honest answers I ask a Singaporean. They may be too painfully honest but at least I know they usually don’t stab me in the back. We had an FT designer and when u ask his opinion he would always says nice things for u to hear but we all know that if the boss does not like it, he would change his time and go into the bosses office and said he already advices us and we didn’t listen. As a result my boss thinks he is very good. He got promoted n he was not able to produce but he blamed us for not sincerely assisting him and told the boss who supported his decision to fire some of the locals and of course he got rid the more vocal staff. He hired his own kind and it became a bloody Mardi Gras in the office everyday. But my boss seems to put up with him more than the locals. Business dwindled under his leadership, finally my boss realized that he and his cronies are not cutting it. The locals are the ones always working lat and he and his cronies are off drinking and partying. He used to work long hours but actually he was moonlighting as I caught him several times. The locals would never moonlight. My boss tried rehiring the old staff who refused to come back.
    I wish the writer all the best with FTs cos u would soon be politicked out of a job cos that is what work shirkers do.

    • Not a PRC, Not Pinoy, Not Ang Moh .... Not SGporean either, just a humble PR. said

      @Singapuraboi … which novel did you copied this story from? It’s quite imaginative. So, you think this story from whatever novel you read will reduce WHYBOTHER to guilt? And that he will repent and going back to hiring SGporeans?

      Like his name suggests, why bother? (talking to a cow)

  4. Achia21 said

    Have u tried hiring the retrenched PMETs over 45 years old? Or are they too experienced for your liking?

  5. dog of the dogs. said

    Expected. After NDR, we should see more such articles attacking Singaporeans at all costs. Being a singaporean is not easy here. No wonder many want to migrate.

    • xinling said

      migrate?! my foot, you are not even qualified to go to Johor or even some say, Batam, yes, Dog of the Dogs and that is for you all … Singaporeans, born loosers and complaining only la…at least there is one who OPENLY ADMIT all the loosers blogging here SINGAPOREANS complainings only lor…like he said,”don’t bother…go do your own things la”…and that is mean, you go eat shit!

      • sexyboy said

        Very well said…..they need to ban singaporeans from procreating, if not got more unproductive dogs roaming around this beautiful island called singapore, this fellows need to be sterilise….

      • Not a PRC, Not Pinoy, Not Ang Moh .... Not SGporean either, just a humble PR. said

        Hey Sexy Boy… I am not sure if you are a sexy boy or a ladyboy. But heck, your mouth must be sort of big and smelly like your backside. Try some mint. Use sprays because gums are not allowed here, in case you do not know.

        Why do you said SGporean are nothing? Why do you provoked?

  6. This story will generate a firestorm……

  7. Treat Singaporeans as your child! said

    Treat Singaporeans as your child!

    If it is your child working for the job, what will you do? I believe you will give them time to learn and offering your heart to your child. Treat Singaporeans as your child, that you will solve the problem!

    • sexyboy said

      Pay them 3k and still want to be treated as a child, i better off recruiting in a kindergarten, adults still want to be treated as kids, the only way to solve the problem is not to employ singaporeans if not they will wet their pants when the going get tough lol

      • Passer-by said

        Sexyboy. SHUT UP!!! The fact that you are in Singapore is because of Singaporeans building Singapore. Yes, the FT played their parts and still are. And yes majority of our ancestors were once upon a time a foreigners. But they (our forefathers) remained here to continue building their home. THEY CALLED THIS COUNTRY THEIR HOME! AND THEY BUILT A BETTER SINGAPORE FOR A BETTER FUTURE! THEY DID THAT FOR US! STOP INSULTING! WHY THE F*** ARENT YOU OUT OF SINGAPORE IF YOU FIND US SUCH USELESS BUNCH OF PEOPLE! GET OUT! MAYBE IF YOU GO ACROSS YOU COULD JOLLY FIND BETTER EMPLOYEES (or not) WHO CAN SERVED YOU AT A CHEAPER RATE and with better work ethic! WAIT. I totally forgotten that its OUR SINGAPOREAN GOVERNMENT WHO INVITED THE FT (the people you boast about) TO WORK HERE AT A CHEAPER RATE! OH YES! OUR GOVERNMENT ARE MADE UP OF SINGAPOREAN! THE USELESS BUNCH OF PEOPLE YOU CLAIMED TO BE!

        For this situation, I personally blamed the government on how they nurture our thinking. They were the one who initially said that with higher qualification we will get better job with better pay. Naturally, we listened to them. Don’t go blaming all Singaporeans. Generalising everyone just show how narrow minded you are. Look at the mirror and ask yourself whether you actually help these grads get use to their job scope. It will take months for gawd sake. They are not some super heroes who can grasp it within a few weeks of work. PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE THROWING INSULT HERE!

      • Chloe said

        Don’t be a keyboard warrior and spew all the insults about Singaporeans here. There are many capable, confident and independent graduates in Singapore. It’s whether they are given the opportunity or not.

      • sexyboy said

        Y u singaporeans always think fts or fw are cheaper, in fact fts and fws are equally or more expensive, sg bosses have to pay levies to the sg gov which is not cheap, so since we now know we are equally priced at least, thats come down to capabilities, and we know who got more talents if not u guys wont come here and complain losing jobs to foreigners, yes i find u guys useless but that doesnt mean i have to leave my job because of some unrelated pests, u are being narrow minded here, if u not happy with ur gov or fts, just leave sg,simple, y make urself difficult, sg will still survive without parasites like u…..and blame urself for listenin to ur gov too much,dun blame fts, blame urself for being stupid…omg i tot sg schools have attachements to companies,i mean they surely gain some experience while in attachments,and they still want more attachments while they realy come out to work, u guys nid nannies wherever u go, babies lol

    • WalahWalah said

      Hi Sexyboy, these Singaporeans won’t understand. No point explaining the shit to them. If they understand the issues at hand, and competent to resolve it, they won’t come here to bash FT. Instead of spending the energy to improve themselves and compete with us for the job, they choose to come here and walah walah talk shit. Sigh.

  8. Mistress is better than wife! said

    Mistress is better than wife!

    Moon outside our country is more rounded.
    Mistress is better than wife!

    • mahbok tan said

      Mistress for honeymooners….Wife till death do us part….???

      The choice is clear….!!!

      Tell LKY and FamiLee why stop all the apek ci ko pek from going to batam , even after being dump and clear all the money from these apek CKP POSB acct. Its because all of them have a choice between mistress and a wife…!!!

      Back to the present situation , our GOVT of the DAY are having mistress instead of wife… wife suffer , but later who will suffer most…..wat du U tink….!!!????

      To the minister….KNNBCCB…( Means Good Luck to U all ) wakakakaka

  9. Treat your Singaporean staff as your Child said

    Treat your Singaporean staff as your Child, you will solve the problem.

    • grammar nazi killer. said

      Unless these Singaporeans are his actual children, why the heck would he treat them as his children? What kind of logic is this shit? This is a working environment, not your grandma’s house. If you wanna be treated as a child before you can be motivated enough to do good work, go home to your mommas. As far as I’m concerned, if he pays them fairly, Singaporeans should be able to produce work that’s on par with anyone else. ‘Treat Singaporeans as your own child’…what a joke.

  10. Abdul said

    I do not disagree with your point, but not all are what you have mentioned.There are hardworking and smart singaporean. For a FT they are here with no commitment, work,work,work. We have many things to settle, a stressful life. Lastly if you comment be prepared to face the music. thanks

    • mentosboi said

      Totally agree with what Abdul had said.

      We still do have Singaporeans worth hiring. I mean on what basis you want to compare us with the FT?

      If you are saying they are more educated than us then I think you are absolutely wrong. The quality of our education is among the top few around the world and it will be norm for us singaporeans to expect a higher pay. not forgetting that our standard of living is sooo higgghhh compared to other countries.

      and that is one of the reasons why we should consider our votes carefully in come 2016.

      • Not a PRC, Not Pinoy, Not Ang Moh .... Not SGporean either, just a humble PR. said

        This is another problem with SGporeans….

        Often you heard them said, “We have the best education in the world, best **** in the world, best #### in the world”….

        @Mentosboi . . .so, if your education is among the top in this world, why bother sending your children to study in oversea university?

  11. SINYoobi said

    @WHYBOTHER – Count yourself lucky for hiring the right FTs. Have you heard of many underperformed and overpaid FTs messing up organisations???

  12. Lim said

    There was a time govt was very strict with foreign work passes – obediently must employ Singaporeans. But with the influx of the opium of cheap foreign labour to survive the high rentals demanded by Capitalland, Mapletree, HDB, etc – we Sporean workers are displaced and now are the victims of such despicable talk by employers. Foreigners no need to pay CPF for them, no waste time yearly reservists, etc – place the blame squarely on the government.

  13. sweetbean said

    I think you are very confused – you start one way and end another….no link leh.

  14. Poon said

    First of all, I am not very sure whether this Singaporean employer is really a “Singaporean”. If he is, then I I think we have wasted all our NS efforts and obligations in trying to protect a despicable moron like him!

    Secondly, it is quite obvious that this dude is a slave-driver, and when Singaporeans cannot provide him such slave driving working ethics, he turned to cheap foreign labors…but he will remain an indisputable slave-driver!

  15. Walter said

    Another cheapskate employer created/encouraged by PAP. The PAP’s pro-alien policy allowed employers to opt for the “soft” (i.e., cheap). Cheapskate employers, of course, get the worse employees. foreginers are willing to take the job because they are desperate. Moreover, cheapskate employers do not provide proper training. PAP pandering to such employers is one of the reason productivity has remained low in Singapore.

    The bucks stops with PAP. Blame them for this problem and vote against PAP in GE2016. Regmie change is the only sensible way forward for Singaporeans.

  16. Crazy Horse said

    Seems like he himself is the root of the problem….
    So far those singaporean i work with are much better than the FT.

  17. Vic said

    Please give the fresh graduate some orientation and training before expecting them to perform. For the sake of this country, giive the opportunities to our people. See them as your brothers, sisters and children, and you will tend to forgive their lapses.

  18. Observer said

    I used to frequent this coffee shop at serangoon north, the kopi so who is a Singaporean always act blur and slack at one corner. Later she was replaced by a china mei mei, who always come forward to ask what we would like to drink the moment she saw ask sit down. The China Tiger beer girl would help us take drinks order even she is not obliged to do so. Last time my friend’s school got Singaporean/ Malaysian TA, when u need help they take half a day to respond to you and always with a black face. Now his school got pinoy TA, you call she immediately appear, you got techincal problem she immediately help you solve. Somemore, the Singaporean TA from ITE, everything also don’t how to solve, Pinoy TA got Degree in IT, no matter how complex the problem is, she knows how to solve. Sometimes, Singaporeans really ask for it mah.

    • wayang said

      Don’t forget these older aunties must have been at the job for a longer time than those foreign mei meis. Being younger and new, you will definitely be more enthusiastic. So you cannot compare work behaviors of these 2 types of people. The question here is if these work can ultimately still be done by a Singaporean albeit older and perhaps more tardy, this job should still be given to our own to help her keep her ‘rice bowl’. Always look to help our own first unlike our uncaring govt. Of course, we can then advise her to buck up.

      • qt said

        Why cannot compare? If you are a hiring boss, all u want to compare is who can do the job better. Country doesn’t matter, does it? If Singaporeans are better then let them prove their worth lo.

        But of course if both FT and Singaporean are equally capable, Singaporeans should get the job.

        But I see no point in hiring a less capable person to do a job, regardless she/he is singaporean or FT.

        To help others, you have to help yourself 1st.

      • sexyboy said

        Nobody owe singaporeans a living, if singaporeans cant even survive in singapore where the gov has been helping those singaporean parasites alot, i dun think this idiots can survive anywhere else in the world

      • Forever21 said

        Hey Sexyboydog !

        Talking big again ? We locals have to teach you the ropes. Many of you FTS are fucking blurr shit and over-rated.

      • sexyboy said

        Tell that to ur pm who say we are foreign talents in the 1st place, tell him we are over rated in his face? Y, dun dare isit? Lol u singaporeans are lazy, blame everything but themselves, coward, say something but dun dare to admit, always complaining, want less work with high pay, arrogant stuck up face that deserve to get whack, got whack aredy, wet ur pants and cry n call police, bunch of pussies, actually stupid but pretend to be smart, and many many more……thats y sg employers put sgearns last choice in their recruitment

      • Anonymous said

        That’s right sexyboy.. if they are too competitive enough, why don’t they leave their comfort zones and challenge themselves by seeking employment in other in other countries just like FT’s do.

  19. steve said

    quotas should be implemented for E-passes. Employers are abusing the system


    The one who wrote this article is a FT
    Don’t be fooled lol

  21. Singaporean who serve army, pink IC said

    this is totally rubbish..hopefully one day his children wil be jobless and opportunity are given to the “highly rated FT” that u mention.

    Singapore ecomony used to be less FT and yet prosperous for donkey years…..

    we know that GE2016 or even GE2021 we cant change the goverment , we at least shown our displeased and do a part for our nation.

    Whybother RIC perhaps one day your business burst ( i hope not) , you can’t even get a cleaner job bcos all employer listen to u and get a “FT” instead.


  22. Barathan N said

    I would reply to “WHYBOTHER” by saying that “not all” Singaporeans are hopeless. There are some who are incorrigible and than there are some who are hard working. This is brought about by their upbringing.

    On the other hand, there is the over demanding boss. Just like a typical Singaporean shopper, pay a dollar but insist on a product or service worth hundred hundreds.

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say that all foreigners can work. They are hear for the money and to earn that money and convert back to their currency is beneficial to them. Hence they are willing. I’ve come across foreigners in the service industries who are real stupid and do not know their work well enough.

    WHYBOTHER is first a towkay whose prime incentive is to save money where ever he can and make a hefty bundle for himself. So don’t lie when you say that foreigners are better workers.


  24. Proud to be a Singaporean said

    PS: It’s ‘feedback’ not ‘feedbacks’ and ‘complaints’ not ‘complains’. If you want to bitch about Singaporeans, at least get your grammar right.

    • grammar nazi killer. said

      So your basic English is alright, BIG WHOOP. When people can’t argue based on content, they correct the grammar. Like you.

      By the way, it’s ‘Proud to be a Singaporean’, not ‘Proud To Be A Singaporean’. You don’t capitalize prepositions. Now, fuck off.

  25. KC said

    This is the attitude of employers that the government of Singapore encouraged. If the government has protected the Singaporeans insisting on giving decent training, and not just filled by foreigner who want this job becasue they cannot get better ones back home, then it is the fault of the employers why the Singaporean employee are like that. The issue here is a fair go, i.e. a fair pay for fair work. If the government would not and will not protect Singaporeans to ensure that they have a fair chance, how then can Singaporeans raise to the standards. The reason that this particularly individual prefers and state that he can find with the same money foreign more experience workers clearly tells me that the government has failed to protect the Singaproeans and lower the Singaporeans standard of living to that of a Filipino, or aThai as he so willingly employ and encourage others to….what a sad person that since he cannot and have no desire to change, he even encourages people to just let it be. This is no different from the weathy land owners of the old China… are just interested in yourself. You are darn selfish!!!!!!

  26. Ivory tower said

    This guy doesn’t bother with feedbacks, hes the same lot with the ivory tower milisters. Why is Temasek times still posting his crap up here?

    An employer’s view is vastly different from an employee. I’ve worked with tons of FT as an employee and i’ll say although Singaporeans complain alot more and job hop, they mostly don’t have a choice and being practical.

    FTs on the other hand, kiss employer’s backside all the time. Which is why you’re so elated with them with all the love marks on your butt.
    They’re only hardworking face front to supervisors, however they’re utterly lazy and a scheming bunch.

  27. Chris said

    From your tone and remarks, I can understand why you have had no success with Singaporean hires.

    • Don'tTalkShit said

      well, he found success with FTs. He still get the job done, business still goes on. Sun still rises everyday. Whether or not there was success with Singaporean hires is irrelevant, immaterial.

      • Not a PRC, Not Pinoy, Not Ang Moh .... Not SGporean either, just a humble PR. said

        @Don’tTalkShit said

        What you said is true, somehow. Albeit hurting to many here.

  28. Tan Yan Ren said

    ASK this guy to publish his FULL name like i did if he has the testicles to stand under scrutiny , otherwise he is a little PUSSY hiding in his mother’s panty sucking c.IN other words you got no balls at all if you DARE not take up my offer to publish your full name to go with your articles….

    • Julie Ong said

      Mr Tan Yen Ren, ( hope I’ve guessed your gender right), I applaud you for your courage. Singaporeans have been cowed for too long and some, perhaps many are still fearful when speaking their minds. Sure, we’ll say the wrong things from time to time…..but we’ll hone our speaking abilities with practice by talking/discussing/debating over matters, both big and small. Basically, what I hope is that more and more people will pluck up their courage to speak and express their views. That way we can see things from other angles or perspectives which will ultimately lead to a more
      informed/educated mind. Confusing sometimes, but we’ll get better at judging what is right and good and what is ‘crap’.

      I’d urge you to contest the General Election of 2016. I believe that you’ll be
      prepared and work out your strategies accordingly. You’ll have my vote.

      This article may have some merits in that some Singaporeans may be unrealistic and have too high expectations. However, in my opinion, it is too sweeping in it’s generalisation that Singaporeans are not as good as the
      foreign workers. In view of the large labour pool now available it is regrettable that we have to ‘compete’ thus leading to possible/likely reduced
      pay and conditions. Not the foreigners’ fault to be fair. It’s the PAP government’s doing.

      I hope I will live to see the Singapore where the citizens are truly proud Singaporeans and the overwhelming majority can say that they are Comfortable and Happy.

      As it stands I cannot be convinced that it is possible with this government which is self-serving and all knowing.

      • Not a PRC, Not Pinoy, Not Ang Moh .... Not SGporean either, just a humble PR. said

        @Julie Ong …

        Well said, well said indeed. You sounds familiar.

        I am on nobody’s side. But i agree with Ms.Ong over her point of views and i would like to add on:

        SG does not need massive influx of foreign workers. Neither can they remove all the FT/FW entirely, overnight. SG needs a balanced act!

        SG has been enjoying, i may say prosperous years since a long time, outdoing all their counterparts in this region of south east Asia in economy and modernisation. Their kids went to good schools and many received their tertiary education in overseas.They all have shelters and there are abudance of food, luxury, wellness and around them, a peaceful living environment.

        But their current generation are in a big contrast, pale by comparisons. By large, they are pampered by good living & wealth. Look at their kids … fast food luncheons and elctronics handheld gadgets are just some common sights to prove my point. Many parents admited they sort of ‘spoiled” their children. Do not deny this!

        When the nation of a relatively tiny 3 million people in year 2000 (out of which 600,000 are schooling children) becomes overly contented, it is natural their competitive instinct would reduced when they reached the working world. If one thinks they have achieved everything, what is l there left to fight for? The kids have grown up and are working adult now. This is the young working society we know today.

        Although there are thousands of grads every year, excludes those who ventured overseas be it for study or job and less the boys who went serving their country right after their polytechnics years, there are only a handful left, probably a few hundreds left. Do you think this is sufficient to fill the jobs requirements in SG? Do you still think SG can self-sufficed in manpower with just few hundreds? Do not lie to yourself.

        Look at the larger context, even if SG gov does not bring in the FW/FT today … SG will be, one day, left behind by their counterparts from neighbouring Asian countries, in terms of economic, business viability and hiring prospects. Most of the movers and shakers of SG economy will be “forced” to move out from SG due to cheaper cost, and larger pool of talents for hirings. It is more sustainable in any way compare to SG. Remember, it is because of the manpower and gov policies the investors are here for. SG does not have any natural resources to offer.

        It is a global world today and tomorrow. What SG gov did was just bringing the real life situation of “tomorrow’s world” a little closer to home. The outside world will one day edged over SG soon or later. There is no border when it comes to economy impact. Business and jobs prospects will just rain cats and dogs across the straits. If the day comes, will you rather just stay at home and watch from your window? will you survive the global impact?

        It is not about how smart is your brain or how highly educated you are today or how much wealth one acumulates today.
        It is about preparation for a better tomorrow. How willing are you to swallow the bitter pills today?

  29. nitro said

    Frankly speaking, he is right on about employing Singaporean especially the younger one. They will resign after working for a few months or once they receive their bonus. You can’t even reprimand them and if you did, they will resign straight away or picking up fights. I even had an employee said that his mother asked him to resign because sometime the job require moving heavy parts. In the other hand, 1 foreigner already can perform 2 to 3 person work. However, foreigner are also the same, during their contract period of employment these foreigner are very hardworking but they will lax once they are familar with the working condition in Singapore. Now adays so difficult to find good employee. sigh…..

  30. Ashwin said

    True story

    • wayang said

      But I don’t believe. I have known just too many good Singaporean workers. We are the only ones who really work. The nehs only talk, knows nothing, push work to others and claim credit. That is what they are good at. The tiongs work better but are uncouth. The pinoys are lazy, thinks their american accent is great, sucks up to ang mohs and we don’t like their type. They better just stay as maids in our country. Ang mohs are rowdy and high handed. These substandard people actually brings down our productivity level. We were happy before too many of these people arrive. We only need people in the construction industry – buildings, roads and other hard labour jobs on contract basis. Others like PMET jobs, service industry etc should be reserved for Singaporeans.

      • NG said

        Well said!

      • Zam said

        Do you know the truth Wayang?

        Nobody in this World likes Singaporeans. Go and ask all the foreigners out there. They hate you guys for your attitude.

      • Anonymous said

        yeah.. maids.. because without Filipino maids you cant even fix and make yourselves presentable, right? you should be thankful that Filipinos allowed themselves to get dirty and do the heavy tasks in your homes for you to have an easier and convenient lives.

        Substandard? why? What are your basis for calling them substandard beings?

  31. geraldine said

    With such employers, graduates will never get the experience that employer wants. Go overseas to gain experience? What a joke.. Overseas job need as much experience too. We graduates, put in the hard work to get the cert that employers want at the expense of getting experience. So a reasonable starting pay of 2.5k-3k starting pay is to justify for the high cost of living and compensate for the opportunity cost of education. Yes in the beginning, we might not know what we are doing but with essential training and growth with the company, we give quality work and eventually stay if the company give us space to grow and give a sense of belonging. Yes. You may say that money talks. It goes the same to E-pass employees. If other employers offer a higher pay to them, eventually they will leave too. Its a cycle. Graduates need job to stay relevant but if we are left hanging for too long, then unemployment problems become a burden to the society and where does that bring ”Singapore a good place to take for a ride”. Don’t stereotype Singaporeans graduates as much as others who stereotype foreign talents. As much as there are Singaporean graduates who complains, there are as much graduates that I know who are willing to accept a lower starting pay (of 2k-2.4k) in exchange for opportunity to gain the experience but if you employers are willing to give us a chance to grow in the company (together with pay growth), staying is not a problem.

  32. Naivety said

    What a troll…pappies cronies under the guise of a Singapore Employer here to TCSS only!

  33. Ben said

    u are singaporean and u think: pls lah, don’t waste time. Just go do your own things. if u can think this way, y cant yr fellow singaporeans think this way? while i do admit that singaporeans complain too much, most of them are still willing to learn to do their job well. u dun even guide them, u rather get foreigners to do the job and u say they leave yr company? let me tell u that i’ll also leave the company if they dun even bother to guide us to upgrade and foster a cohesive working environment. u turn yr back on your fellow countrymen, what have u done for singapore? the least u can do is to guide your fellow countrymen and nurture a positive working attitude in them.

  34. LOLKEKE said

    lol pls lah…i know u dun care abt sg and worry abt the bottom line, no worries sooner or later we will take back our country and ensure next time u wanna hire E pass holder it will be more difficult and more expensive to make local singaporeans competitive. next time yer 3k E pass holder will become 6k E pass holder compare to sinkies with comparable pay on a fair playing field.

  35. Some hard facts about local workers. said

    A few years ago, a relative of mine who is a Chinese Physician practicing somewhere along Thomson Road hired local staffs to work as herbal dispenser but had a hard time letting them remember the location of various herbs. They also took their own sweet time dispensing the herbs and along the way, made numerous mistake (which is dangerous). Very often, their patients would have to wait for 3 or more days before their herbs are ready for collection. At their wit’s end, they have to turn to employing China national to work as herbal dispenser! I learned from my relative that from then onwards, most of the patients would have gotten their herbs by the end of second day, which is a big improvement from the time while local stuffs are still working.

    So, what kind of conclusion can we draw about local employees? At least from my relative’s perspective, I can draw conclusion that locals can’t take on enormous work pressure and are not very responsible people. Also, with a not so high pay, they are not easily motivated too! So sad…but that’s some hard fact about some locals. They want high pay and good welfare, but can’t and/or dare not take-on enormous pressure and responsibility!

  36. nitro said

    Do you think we can stop these young Singaporean from leaving for a greener pasture?? They prefer to sit in the office, enjoying the air con, googling at facebook and best of all swiping their iphone in the course of their job. Nurture takes time but they rather resign instead of learning to do their job well and getting the experience. Sigh….
    By the way, foreigner also the same once they had worked in Singapore for almost 1 year, thereafter you’ll see their dame true colour. sigh…..

  37. dannik said

    sadly, majority of manager-level workers in Singapore adopt this kind of attitude. it might be too much to ask you to inspire your subordinates, but you clearly failed to be a leader – choosing the easy way out by hiring-and-firing, and complaining when things do not go your way. aren’t you a manager yourself? shouldnt you fault yourself for making bad hiring decisions? shame on you for only knowing how to complain, and complain, and complain.

  38. Playfair said

    A lot of PAP clowns here got some grandmother story to take bad about Singaporeans.This is our country and we have the right to say what we want against the goverment if policies are not correct. This is not the age where we can be threaten by these politicians and their supporters.

  39. Richard said

    Why employer like foreign worker this because is cheap.Report pay $2.5K to $3.5K but F/FW only collect less then the amount use to collect.So they make tons of money

  40. Whybrother!!!!!

    SGD 3000 for FTs can buy them a house with a small garden within two to three years in their respectful countries.
    Philippinos got no job back home. Most of them work abroad. It’s the only deal they got.
    Future looks very bright. It is live changing.
    Hence, the hard work.

    And to why Singaporeans are not as good, They can’t see a house with a garden.
    They see a HDB that they can’t give to their children. Why? On Least.
    Overtime and Exploitation from the employers is the name of the game at the end of the day.

    Please, please ask yourself why is it like that?
    Why do they run? No job prospect.

    My tag line for you is….

    Singapore, A First World Nation with Third World Labor laws.

    • Roger said

      My advice is you earn the same SGD 3000 salary then move to Philippines, then you can also have the same house with a small garden within just 2 to 3 years of work, just like the FTs. There’s really no need to get stuck in Singapore, you are not a tree or sign post. You move to where ever that gives you the best deal. People from all over the world are moving around to enjoy the best deal where it comes up, they don’t just sit around to complain and wait for next election for changes which never come. BUT if you still choose to stay here because “I’m a Singaporean and this is my country”, then don’t complain. A HDB is not that bad either, I stay in one myself and I love it too. I don’t need a house with a small garden.

      • Zam said

        You are a FT bastard

      • Dude,
        who are you to tell me how to live my life? This is not about me.
        It’s about the way the economics are design here.
        Stick to the point.

        If you still live in a HDB and take the side of management,
        well, I guess you are the so called “Ball Carrier” of management and loving it.
        If not, you are in agreement with whatever the government has designed so far.

        This government has done well for it’s people and country.
        There is no denying that. But like everything in this existence,
        It is not perfect. There will be flaws over time and we as Singaporeans need to help redirect it as and when possible.

        I don’t know if you are in denial or what. If you look beyond yourself
        and ask yourself, why is this happening, rather than look at it at it’s present tense.
        There is a cause and effect at play here. No one wants to be bad or negative.
        But there is something seriously wrong with our economy.
        Let me tell you why……

        Look at our economy. Is it doing well? Yes!!!!
        Do we have a good and strong GDP? Yes!!!!
        Are we going to have the largest GDP in the near future? Yes!!!!
        Do we have the most millionaires in the world? Yes!!!!
        Do we have the widest disparity gap in the world? Yes!!!!
        Do the rich, corporate and FTs pay one of the lowest taxes in the world? Yes!!!!
        Why you may ask? Who is compensating for it?
        The answer is, everyone. Indirectly. How? GST!!!!

        And than, you look at the majority of Singaporean and ask, are we happy? No!!!!!
        What is wrong with this picture? Why are our citizens not happy?
        Why are we not producing babies? Why are we not happy with our present work arrangement?
        My answer is, my tag-line on my first comment….
        Singapore, A First World Nation with Third World Labor Laws.

        On focusing only the rich and Investors at all cause to build the economy,
        this government has left everyone else behind.

        You know Roger, LKY did focus on the country at large.
        He did good for everyone. I don’t care if you agree with me or what.
        The economy did fall during his time in the mid-80’s.
        Instead of tweaking it to compensate, the next PM, Goh CT adopted another style of economics.
        “Reaganomics” was Goh CT answer to the crisis. I don’t want to go into Reaganomics. Please go Google it.

        The problems that we are facing right now is cause by this system,
        where you make the rich richer at all cause, privatize the basic needs of it’s citizen.
        Suppress the Unions.
        This is a good system if you are developing a nation. Provided you have a good government like in S’pore.
        But once you are developed, this system will only turns to Greed.
        Look at the US, Europe (except the Nordic region), It is so clear.

        Wake up my friend. Remember, if your children don’t do well.
        The road is very bleak ahead. Unless if you are Rich. 🙂


  41. Mills said

    It’s like football, you have all the home ground advantage and if you still lose the match at your own turf, then blame yourself and not somebody else. I always laugh when I read about how Singaporeans go on and on about losing out to FTs etc. Come on, in your own home country where you enjoy all the home ground advantage, if you cannot even beat the FT for the job, then go reflect yourself. Don’t just blame others for your own incompetence.

    I see from this article that this chap pays $3000 for a staff. So it’s not like he pays cheap for the labour. Why then did he still think it’s more “profitable” to hire a FT and not a local. It’s simple, the locals cannot match up in terms of work performance. He did not for once mention about costs being the reason to employ FT. As a businessman, he puts his money on what returns the highest roi.

    I read recently from Straits Times a survey that revealed Singaporeans to be the least committed to their job with as high as 42% indicated they may leave their job within less than 2 years compared to their peers in other countries. There was also a separate report that a local employer here also said he prefered to hire FTs not because they are cheaper (in fact, they cost same or more than local since they were on S Pass / E Pass), but he found them also to be more committed to work. Straits Times has run such stories many times over, and it’s the same song by the employers.

    All these talk that “oh but the FTs are here to just work, whereas we have families and other issues to stress over” is just plain excuses again. There you go, this is another trait of Singaporeans. Excuses, excuses, and blames. Yawn….

    Look, employers have no interest in “protecting” jobs for Singaporeans. That’s not their job. It’s the government’s job. Employers are business people who invest their money in what gives the highest returns. Whether Singaporeans or FTs, who gets the job done best and at best rate, will be given the job. It’s that simple.

    And stop blaming your government. Even if your government opens the flood gate and allow indiscriminately FTs to come in, if you are good in what you do, offer value, committed to your work, you WILL STILL get the job over the FTs.

  42. NaBey said

    Honestly, put yourself in the shoe of the biz owner.
    1. Project tender by GICs, bid is 99% awarded to lowest price. 1% is bribery.
    2. If u want to stay clean and win the bid, ur cost must be the lowest.
    3. Cost of materials, human resource must drop.
    4. Employ cheap labor, FT who has less complain, demand and work harder.
    So how? Who to blame? U decide!

    • NaBey said

      Other than GICs, other big MNCs project tenders are usually awarded to lowest bid. Otherwise, the employees will have tons of justification paper work to submit. Who wants extra job for himself? if he wasn’t bribed to do that, then obvious choice is to award to lowest bid!
      There is basically no effort from Govt to stop influx of cheap labor and FT. Businesses employ most of these people to cut cost. On the other hand, in trying to emulate switzerland banking success, govt attracts alot of foreign investment. The rich came in with lots of money that is nearly tax free. They came in, inflate our property and commodity prices while local S’porean salary remains stagnant due to company now has nearly unlimited HR to choose from. Thus creating a larger income gap!
      So, who is to blame?

  43. Something Positive said

    Pimp also want to write on Internet. Advanced Sia.

  44. O RLY?! said

    u mean u pay SGD$3000 for fresh grad? wah! i can get $2k i dunno how happy already…

    • Independent said

      Fresh grads refer to degree holders. 2k for a degree holder? U r selling urself short.

      • O RLY?! said

        i know, im a fresh grad n i cant even get a $2k job. thats y im so shocked to see that this employer willing to pay $3K for fresh grad.

        Mod’s note:

        What is your major?

      • O RLY?! said

        economics and finance, but from RMIT not local uni.


    Simple solution: scare off and ban for at least 20 years ALL foreigners. As in ALL. No exception, including tourists. Train your so-called “local talents”. Don’t allow ANY foreigners into Singapore. Force foreign embassies, consulates, and high commissions to close. Let’s see what happens… THAT’S THE SOLUTION. Use your so-called “Singapore miracle” now!

    • Anonymous said

      You forgot to mention and include foreign investors.

    • Not a PRC, Not Pinoy, Not Ang Moh .... Not SGporean either, just a humble PR. said


      Stop all flights coming into SG. Unless the entire flights consists only SGporeans 100%. That includes the pilots and the cabin crews & passengers. Stop all ships and their crews too. They can dock here but their crew must not touch SG ground a bit. Better still, build a platform in the SG water 1 km off the shore so that all the ships can leave the cargo there and thus would not have to step into SG. Lastly, all the trucks coming from M’sia must unload their cargo at the checkpoint and leave. SGporean businesses must collect their goods from the checkpoints as FOREIGNER are not allowed to step into SG land.

      If you have the brain of a similar size to a shrimp’s, you probably would think this will work. Or you are just a SG ultranists. No different from a extremist.

    • Outlawing tourism is an act against human freedom.
      Ending all diplomatic relations will not only be an economic disaster, it will also turn the world against us.
      We stand no chance against that.

      • And the UN may revoke our membership if we resort to cutting off all diplomatic ties.
        This means our existence as a sovereign nation will not be guaranteed.
        And neighboring Malaysia will be more than willing to reclaim their so-called ’lost lands’.

  46. corn said

    what is name of your company, u moron?

  47. ken said

    $3k /mth can buy land and house in roaches land, i mean pinoy land. the same amount can’t get u that luxury for a Singaporean… of coz the roaches will be happy with that pay. its time Singaporeans to stand up and have an uprising and kills all the roaches, flies and locusts in our country..almost forgot…kill the white rat with high nose too…time to reclaim or birth rights, kick the warp pap rule.


      got balls Mr. Ant? You really have your own world! Crazy worm!

    • Anonymous said

      well mr. ant if the time will come that you will be overpopulated here, I hope your children will not beg for settlement in roaches’ land. And I hope that nature will never test your anthill.

  48. What a bother! said

    From the way he/she/it writes, you can see that:
    – he/she/it is not a high-powered employer
    – may be a fake
    – maybe running a maid agency, employment agency, money-lender etc
    – good/capable Singaporeans will not work for him/her/it. Only the e-pass FTrash who are desperately desperate will put up with him. And he has no choice but to accept them too- they are the only ones who will scratch his back

  49. Martin Xaview said

    I totally agree…Singaporean are too pampered and have mentality of typical employee…”why must I work so hard for my boss when he/she only pay me peanuts”! And they simply disregard the fact that their employer are facing enormous pressure from intense competition. Even if their employer were to provide better welfare, they perceive it as a must!

  50. Fu_pap said

    Why bother to write your comments here? Why bother to set up your business in Singapore? Since you like Pinoys so much, just go and set up your business in pinoy land and enjoy all the hardworking and committed pinoys in pinoy land. Just keep a body guard whenevr you go in pinoy land so that you can come back alive and complain about the pinoy fuck up place in few years’ time.

    • Anonymous said

      yeah.. that’s right. invest your money in the Philippines. with 1.5m SGD here you can only buy a house and a car while in the Philippines you could probably own a resort and enjoy a luxurious life. with 450k SGD you could only own a simple flat here while in the Philippines you can buy a mansion. That’s why you should opt in investing your money in the Philippines.

    • Anonymous said

      And by the way, Philippines is not a “fucked up place”. I think you should try to reconsider before stating that phrase.Try to visit Boracay and Palawan if you have spare time.That could help you reconstruct your statement.

  51. nocando said

    “Singaporeans are just way over-rated. Not worth the money,”
    same goes to our PM, ministers, mayors, senior officers.

  52. Companies hire foreigners because they are cheap and also dont have to pay CPF and other benefits. The salary offered to the foreigners may seem “reasonable” but it includes lodging allowance, food and some transport allowance. When I applied for a job and asked for $3.500 which is my expected salary, I was told that the company would pay only $1,800.00 as that was what the company pays to hire a foreigner for the same position. In the end, I was not not offered the job either as the company had to pay CPF contributions which they saved as well.

  53. leah said

    The Singaporean Labour Rights

    !. Singaporeans are the indigenous.
    2.Singaporeans served the country being slaves to the government in the National service not to mention several had died while serving the National Service.
    3.All the money that had been earned by Singaporeans are not being exported to other countries. Not like the foreign workers.They make money in Singapore and send back to their countries.
    4.For many years Singaporeans had voted for the government today and not the foreign workers or permanent residents.
    5.Singaporeans had built up its own country since the separation from Malaysia over 40 years ago.
    6.Singaporeans had been the most obedient and tolerant citizens compared to other citizens in the world.
    7.Singaporeans had never demonstrated on the streets in thousands toppling the government like what the Filipinos, Thais , Chinese and other citizens did to their governments.
    8.Singaporeans are world’s most disciplined citizens.
    9;Singaporeans are world’s most efficient,fast and hardworkers.
    10. Singaporeans are world’s most honest workers
    11. Singaporeans are not hipocrites
    12. Singaporeans work honestly and not work hard only when the boss is around.
    13.Singaporeans speak with original accent not immitating the Americans or others.

    Therefore Singapore citizens got the right to be more superior than the foreign workers and foreigners who have been granted permanent residency easily. All Singaporeans must hold higher positions in all jobs and must be made compulsory by law. All Singaporeans must be well trained first and emplolyed first. This must also be made compulsory by the labour law in order to become first world country but not with third world country labour law.Singaporeans got the right to be served first and fairly treated and not to be treated like refugees.Best wishes to all Singaporeans and may the labour law protect the rights of the Singapore indigenous.God Bless you all Singaporeans.Please click like if you agree.

    • Not a PRC, Not Pinoy, Not Ang Moh .... Not SGporean either, just a humble PR. said

      @Leah . . .

      You are living in illusions, are you?

      You said : 8.Singaporeans are world’s most disciplined citizens.

      Me said: I do not know where SG stands but I would think it’s Japan.

      You said: Singaporeans are world’s most efficient,fast and hardworkers

      Me said: Only those above 40 years old are. But they are not world no.1, mind you.

      You said: Singaporeans are world’s most honest workers

      Me said : What about Swiss?

      Rest of your facts are just good for laughing stocks especially this one :

      “All Singaporeans must hold higher positions in all jobs and must be made compulsory by law”

      Me said : Please, do not embarassed SG further.

      • Naivety said

        FO please…Foreign Thief & Foreign Trash like you!
        Kindly go FO back to ur own country or go & die, u bastardly false & fake talent!

      • Not A PRC, Not Pinoy, Not Ang Moh .... Not SGporean Either, Just A Humble PR. said

        @Naivety …

        Don’t like what you are hearing? No problem. Because, even if you are not mad, you probably not much of a contributor to SG anyway. I mean, look at your language, it tells all. Mentality of a loser. Worst, the one who loses even before a battle could begins. If you are serious about defending your patriotism, give us your sound arguments.

    • grammar nazi killer. said

      @Not A PRC, well said. People who resort to attacking the person instead of the argument usually have nothing to contribute to the argument in the first place. Like Naivety.

      And as for Leah, all your so called ‘facts’ about Singaporeans being the world’s most honest, hardworking, blah blah blah is worthless without proof.
      ‘Singaporeans speak with original accent not immitating the Americans or others’? Too bad your accent sucks.

  54. For real?? said

    What does Complain means voicing out our displeasure, pain etc?…….and what you are doing now is complaining just like what you told everyone not to do are you a freaking moron?? ……well you pay 3k for ppl to work for you, i dun think i will work for u even if u pay me 10k, you will make one hell of a screw up employer

  55. stevenadosan said

    As an employer, you are comparing singaporean with FTs…ok..fine…What the hell when your talk wbout election 2016,2021….no sense at all!

  56. bodohsia.. said

    hei..i know u..u are the boss which run a company at red lights areas wonder la u employ and prefer FT..actually their pay 30 dollars short time..not 3k….ok..ok sorry I dun tell pple ok..sshhh

  57. dieu est bon said

    its quite sad to read all those striking comments against each other. Almost everyone finds someone to blame, be it the gov’t, the foreigners, or the locals! I believe we are responsible with our own actions. NOT all locals are the same. Some may have encountered locals who like to complain, or maybe lazy or stubborn or anything foul you can describe whether its a boss or an employee. But it doesn’t exempt foreigners to be that bad as well. As for locals, I strongly believe they’d still need foreign labours coz they are not willing to do some of the jobs especially those that are blue collared. As for foreigners, we chose to be away from home since there’s better opportunity abroad. We work hard and save much to support our families and our future as well. We don’t mind to do any job our bosses require us to do bcoz our job meant for our living. I just don’t understand why other people can’t appreciate how lucky they are for having a wonderful and very progressive country like Singapore. This country is built and progressed bcoz both locals and foreigners worked their way out to its success. We all want greener pastures, If only my country is as safe as this place, with booming economy and can get a well paid job, I would not move out to work for other people and be away from my family.

    Why bother so much with this? We can’t ask others to change, you must set as the example of the change that you want! Anyway, life is too short and YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE so make it worth!

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