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Tan Chuan-Jin admonishes Singaporeans: Choose how to behave, (okay?)

Posted by temasektimes on August 29, 2012

With public unhappiness rising against the government’s immigration policies, PAP leaders have step forward one after another to condemn what they perceive to be ‘xenophobic’ rants from a ‘minority’ of Singaporeans.

Coming after the heels of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman and Law Minister Shanmugam, Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan Jin weighs in on the issue as well.

Speaking at a forum to 200 young Singaporeans on Tuesday night, Mr Tan said the decision is up to Singaporeans to make, not the Government, on the kind of society they want, and the way they behave towards foreigners.

He reminded the audience that they have a choice:

“All of you here have choices to make. Do you want to be consumed by hate, anger, unhappiness? Or do you want to say, let’s do something positive,” he said.

Mr Tan had earlier made the same point on his Facebook page:

“It is about who we want to be. We are a kind, compassionate and generous people. Whatever the circumstance, we have our right as individuals to choose how we speak, how we act. How we live.”

Due to the government’s ultra-liberal immigration policies, foreigners now make up 40 percent of Singapore’s population, changing the small island state’s demographics to beyond recognition.

Of the remaining 60 percent who are ‘citizens’, an increasing number are born overseas. Official statistics conveniently lump citizens and PRs together as ‘residents’ and no figures are available on the percentage of citizens born in Singapore.



66 Responses to “Tan Chuan-Jin admonishes Singaporeans: Choose how to behave, (okay?)”

  1. Poon said

    I think he forgot one very important thing…we can decide how we vote as well…:)

    • compatriot said

      This man is plainly playing with cheap phycology asking questions targeting at youths
      throwing his tantrum like a child who has dropped his ice cream given by his mother


    I am trying hard to figure out where on earth can u find a country that take in soooo… many foreigners just to make up for the decline population or whatever reasons or explaination they can come out with. This is crazy.

    • Naivety said

      The Pro-Alien Party clearly is into vote buying strategy as they know that their support from local Singaporeans are waning!
      If 3000 FTs are given Sinkapor citizenship weekly, come GE2016, there will be at least another 624,000 of new (FTs) citizens who will be voting for Pappies & very soon foreigners new (FTs) citizens will make up more than 60 percent of Sinkapor’s total population!

      There is a mad lap dog which goes by the name of Dr Ken Mansukhani running around relentless to rebuke & dispel all my comments on this issue as they are afraid that their low down dirty ploy to prolong & preserve their power & rule for eternity had already been exposed!!!

      Come GE2016, we, COS must stand united together to vote out this wicked & evil Pro-Alien Party Once & For All, No 2nd Thoughts Whatsoever & No 2-Ways About It…Just DO IT!

      Mod’s note:

      Don’t be naive. The ‘Wayang Party’ has already promised to save the skin of the PAP in the event of a freak election:

      ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’ – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

  3. Leecher said

    Don’t be a great pretender. Singaporeans have asked the PAP government to take more stringent action against errant employers who have cheated foreigners and you and your ministry and your entire government have done almost nothing to help foreign workers!

  4. P Koh said

    It is easy to say that the choice is for Singapore Citizens to make but it must be recognised that it is not just a personal choice that can be decided upon easily but the environment and circumstances are contributing factors. It takes three to clap not just two. The true Blue Singaporeans, the government but also new entrants to our society must work in unison to make this a happy and friendly country. The new citizens must be educated that for them to be accepted into our long established culture over 50 years they must also play their part to accept and be part of the changing process. Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin is not talking sense and shows his immaturity in handling matters. It is the government which opened the flood gates for foreigners and creating these new social upheavels and now he is saying that the decision is for the Singaporeans and not the government to make on the kind of society that we want. This is our country where we are born and raised and yet we have to make choice to suit new comers and not the other way around. It is akin to opening our front door to welcome guests to our homes and then we have to change our living styles to make these guests happy even when they come to disrupt our cultural heritage. Please give this matter more serious thoughts before making such unwarranted comments. Singaporeans are very adaptable people and can change with the changing tide but it must be a concerted effort in which the Government cannot just wash its hands off.

  5. tyu said

    “All of you here have choices to make. Do you want to be consumed by hate, anger, unhappiness? Or do you want to say, let’s do something positive,” he said.

    It is you and the rest of the MIW who made the choice and lead us to where we are today.
    How can we do anything positive with all the negative consequences in your policies?

    • Paper General said

      We should listen to this paper general – be consumed by hate, anger and unhappiness AGAINST THE PAP ONLY. The foreign trash are here purely because of the PAP’s lax immigration policies, Period!

  6. Singapuraboi said

    I wonder what the govt is going to do if the people chose to be belligerent and be xenophobic. After all he did say the people have a choice. The people have given their views since they have been calling for it and the govt has chosen to ignore. Guess we have to make a choice, good or bad guess we have to live with whatever consequence arise.

    • mahbok tan THE SINKI. said

      YES …. we have our choice come 2016 … but before that lets make sure that all our friends relatives and neighbours are well prepared as well. We have to ensure that they too are at the same wavelength as us…not with them…!!!!

      vote for a change….!!!

  7. Singapuraboi said

    To further add that I disagree that Singaporeans r xenophobic. I feel I have to speak up for the people. As an agent of 3 years, I have see the drastic changes in attitudes towards the PRCs. When I first started doing rentals all my landlords were delighted to rent to PrC, who they saw as culturally similar. Then I these 3 short years, things changed and now these very landlords are banning PRCs. Why? U have to ask the PRCs what they did to make people change their minds about them and stop bling the Singaporeans. One of my landlords tell me that is is more of a cultural and religious discomfort that they don’t rent to other races. The Chinese place their altars in the living room while some religions place their altars in one of the bedrooms which they convert into a prayer room. The landlord is uncomfortable cos he feels that the bedroom is a private place where people change clothes and carry out procreation activities, and so may be disrespectful to the dirty that may still reside on the room. Of course other cultural factors like cuisine is another factor. While acrylic counter tops may boast of being scratch resistant, stain resistant and heat resistant, it is still developed by the Americans who don’t use as much spices in their cooking. Turmeric, saffron etc stain the counter tips and they leave indelible marks. Thus many landlords don’t want to rent to certain races. Condo developers are fond of giving buyers arctic surfaces for counter and thus many condo landlord’s practice race embargoes.
    What has ignited the people’s ire is the govt is always talking about how good foreigners r and implying tht the locals r useless and bad. This has led to employers favouring foreign talents over locals. Besides employers don’t have to pay their CPF making foreigners a sensible choice. All that talk about how much we need the foreigners and how good they r have resulted in foreigners believing that thy r out saviours and thus adopting that arrogant attitude towards the locals. The govt has not manged the immigration policy well so don’t blame ur people for becoming xenophobic. Foreigners r let in without culturally adjusting them to our lifestyle and attitudes here. The govt has taken a very simplistic approach to immigration and probably thot that the PRCs would be easily integrated as the majority is Singaporeans r Chinese. The govt has forgotten that the PRCs experienced communism that changed them and their mindset is very different from the other Chinese in the world who still held to old traditional Chinese beliefs. Thus the chasm.

    • Mark said

      Clap, clap, clap. Well said. Why would a normal Singaporean be unhappy with foreigners as if we suddenly become like that. I hope the rest of MIWs don’t blindly follow the leader, think before you speak, and speak out for the people who voted you in and pay your million dollars salary.

  8. Singapuraboi said

    Sorry I meant deity not dirty. Sigh iPhone is very kay kiang. But can’t blame the Americans who invented the phone as they think they own the world. So they work in the spell check that only recognises American culture and other typical americanisms. Don’t try Siri unless u can speak with an American accent.

  9. Naivety said

    This paper general here is actually the chief perpetrator of this Open Immigration Policy which saw a massive over influx of more than 2 Millions of FTs/FWs to Sinkapor’s shore todate to compete & snatch the ricebowls of native Sinkaporeans & yet he has the cheeks to tell us how to behave online?

    Dear Fellow COS,
    Let’s joined our hands together & ensure that he must & will be voted out come GE2016, okie?

    • gen suharto said

      TCJ deserves to be classified a paper general. Truly “boh liao” when he got into parliament riding on Goh CT’s coattail. And so far has he shown he can think out of the box other than parroting what his superiors have been saying ?

  10. Warren Nguyen said

    Looking at the way they have treated opposition party members and critics over the many years, Singaporeans can’t be blamed for thinking they are hypocrites when they speak about being kind and compassionate.

    • Julie Ong said

      Mr Warren Nguyen, thanks for your comment.

      I agree with you fully.

      Put simply and briefly: we just cannot trust the PAP government anymore!

    • Naivety said

      Well said…Warren Nguyen

      At least we have a fair & honest comment from a true FT instead of the other dog one which goes by the fake name of erh
      Dr. Ken “MasukBriyani”!

  11. xik fuck said

    so they want us to bend down and spread our cheeks to receive deeper ramming. nice….. sounds like a PAP plan

    • Eddie Manzano said

      Yes, that sounds just about right. Obviously, they are a big disapppointment.

      Instead of solving the problems they created with their failed policies, the people we elected to represent us in parliament are now orchestrating a ‘Singaporean bashing’ campaign.

      Notice how they never say anything bad about the foreigners (can anyone think of something bad they said about FTs) but are quick to insult and castigate citizens.

      Thank you 60% for being so daft and subservient.

  12. dog of the dogs. said

    He should ask himself this same question.

  13. issingaporemyhome said

    What do they know? They are so detached from reality and don’t know what people on the ground are going through. They do not have to worry about losing their jobs, everything is provided for (by us!). Why would we react this way if we were not threatened and if things were fine? Why are we voting these people in (and paying them) to do this to us? 😦

  14. fpc said

    wonder why this guy didn’t tell off the lawsociety chap to behave himself.

  15. aiuhdiu said

    Said it again in 2016 at ur rally !

  16. Lim said

    Yes. I will do the positive thing and choose how I want to live – and it will not be like this present circumstances created by them. The MIW talks as if they are completely blameless for the plight we are in and it is all our fault only.

  17. Victor said

    It is because we choose to be happy and for our future generations, as well as to get rid of this insecurity in our jobs or employment, and to prevent more Singaporeans from being marginalised, we choose regime change in 2016.

    These are above all the other overcrowding, high cost of living, medical care and constantly being labelled xenophobic.

  18. BlindedbyThunder said

    Wah Piang leh! SO not happy with NYT & other foreign papers commenting about their pro-foreigner policy gone wrong that they are now on an overkill & overdrive. Typically MIW wayang charade & propaganda. Think for a minute lah, millionaire dollars gahment officers why foreign papers comment. Yup, you’ve guessed it becos its gone Wrong lah! As simple as that. MIW in a grave state of denial. Very very bad.

    • Lim said

      wonder why they don’t go on overkill about foreign papers saying we are money laundering centre or human trafficking. But only on xenophobia thanks to pro-aline policies. bring in foreign predators then ask us to integrate with them and when deprived of food by them or eaten up completely by them – not to be xenophobic.

  19. SicknPoorian said

    “Do something positive” ? Like let ourselves be screwed by these fake FT ? What great leaders they are !

  20. KC said

    EVeryone of the cabinet is weighing in on the same thing because they are told to do so. The key is this : if the government has not opted to bring in so many foreigner and do something to protect us Singaporeans, why would this negative sentiment risen. Now that they have made the mistake, they are shifting the blame on the locals for not being friendly, or being accomodative, etc. You can still solve the problem now with less imprt of foreigners and not wait till 2016, but which time you will regret what you have done. Singaporeans first, protect our jobs !!!

  21. Paper General said

    Of course he has nothing bad to say about foreigners. Think about it. The heavy influx of foreigners directly or indirectly increased his pay cheque, whereas we have to deal with the problems on the ground e.g. transport overload, social frictions, job competition etc. He doesn’t have a clue about the problems we face because he’s comfortable holed up in his office, probably filled with all Singaporeans who revere him like a god not because of his competence but because of his status and rank. Talk is cheap, considering that he doesn’t need to face foreigners on a daily basis.

  22. mahbok tan THE SINKI. said

    Dear fellow SGporean ,

    Looks like all across the society of Sgpore , we are feeling the pain and why is it the GOVT of the DAY , MIW , do not feel it….!!!

    Lets grumble and rumble them out come GE2016…pls no NATO or we will still have the same GOVT come 2016.

  23. cc chia said

    Hey, young punk TCJ! You do not tell your dad, your elders or your boss how to behave, understand?
    It is up to us to speak, give our feedback to you or to the PAP govt any way we see fit. If the PAP has failed to deliver their promises, or does not cater to Singaporeans better than to the foreigners that it has brought into our country by the millions, and we are angry, then we decide how and what to say.

    It is not up to civil servants like you to tell us what to do, but it is we, who should be telling you instead, what needs to be done for us. If you do not want us to be pissed off it is simple, please deliver the goods and take care of all the citizens (some of whom may have voted for the PAP) better than yourselves or your foreigner pets.

    We shall remember to vote wisely at the next GE in 2016 in order to remove the incompetent and useless civil servants and politicians such as yourself who do not perform. Therefore please bear this in mind.

  24. seah said

    they came in to replace me ,and to depress my wages ,what you want me to do?at the present daily wages still 4 to 5 dollar per hour,because of t

  25. Something Positive said

    Yes, let do something positive. Let’s identify the lousy quality FT and send them back on Tiger Air.

  26. watcher's point of view said

    Its interesting to read the stuff our leaders say. They don’t really make sense. They have to wake up and realise that the very resource they built, is desiring for the chance to be heard and to contribute. You have to change the whole outlook. If producing the best GDP in the world is the country’s top priority, you will never have a balance living in the country like that. Foreigners come here to work and earn the money. Once they are done, they will say FO sg and retire in their more relaxing country side. Sad lah

  27. ying said

    Obviously he is another Minister who doesnt know what a Minister’s role is. He is to fight for Singapore to make it a better place for both Singaporeans and Foreigners. Dear all, to those who can vote wisely, pls pls 2016 is near and do not succumb to fear when the day comes. But do we have a choice? The choices were made by them in the first place and now that they cant solve the problem, all they do is tell us…go and tidy up. Since they got elected, what have they done for Singapore that really stands out?

  28. Paper General said

    If you are such a kind, compassionate and generous people, as you had claimed, then walk the talk – prove it by graciously accepting Dr Chee Soon Juan’s offer of $30,000 as full and final settlement to the bankruptcy suit, which you ungracious and scheming pappies had viciously laid upon him in the first place. Be kind, be compassionate and be generous – lead and show by example. Or are you just another paper general???

  29. Never Give Up said

    Dear Singaporean’s…

    Seriously one thing that i cannot understand is you guys make a lot of noise for all sorts of reason. many years back.. i spoke to a fair bit of MD’s and CEO etc.. they always felt that singaporeans are too well pampered by the government. everything that is not right they will complain and this and that. during that time i stood firm and defend on that comments, however now.. i rather keep my mouth shut, when someone make the same comments, and deep inside me i agreed!!

    so what does the government import tons of FT to replace you in the workforce, so what they are now paying you little? You blame yourself. First you have hands, legs and brains… you cannot think how to keep yourself afloat!? you need the government to help you with that? Hey i am not a U grad! my grammar sucks! i do not have ‘O’ Level too, but i am earning an income even higher than some of you!!! when you have degree, diploma etc…

    I started my job as a sales with a basic salary of 1,000 per month, and i worked my way up to where i am today. I am now working in overseas and drawing a salary which is almost the same as some Management level.

    Vote the PAP out in 2016? seriously you think that is going to happen? I am telling you this, i voted for the opposition parties but i do not want them to run the country, i just want them to wake up a little as they are sitting too comfortable in their seats! HDB prices getting too high, i agreed and their policies need to change a little, but there are ways to bring down the prices without cursing the FT etc. I will not say all FT are good, some of them i met really pissed me off. However it is not all of them!!!

    Right now i am staying overseas for some time, if you allow me to choose i will not give up the citizenship of singapore and i will also not be back to singapore, as i have settled down here.

    my advice is instead complaining here and there… find your own paths and solutions to solved your problems. Find other jobs like sales etc. that gives you more money that your basic salary! if you are a talent then go overseas! there are a lot of companies overseas always open to FT too!

    Please don’t tell me that it is not true! if it is not true, then may i ask how come there are so many ang mo’s in all parts of asia working??? so stop complaining and find your way out! don’t expect the world to change for you, but you change for the world!!!!

    • Naivety said

      We complained because there is no level playing field in Sinkapore anymore between native Singaporeans & FTs as far as jobs are concerned & all the policies, rules & regulations inplace favour the FTs & foreigners more so than Singaporeans!

      With the tremendous, relentless & massive influx of more than 2.5 Millions of FTs/Foreigners todate to our tiny Sinkapor’s shore (since 2005) within a short timeframe of only 6 yrs to compete with native Singaporeans for jobs as a result getting natives displaced & thrown out of jobs not just blue collar but also white collar jobs (infact all job categories) making thousands of Singaporeans jobless & unemployed today!

      The main reason is because these so-called FTs do not mind being exploited by unscrupulous employers here & are willing to accept dirt cheap salaries thereby undercutting all Singaoreans making thousands of them jobless & unemployed as well as depriving all native Singaporeans from making a proper decent living!

      Now u tell me is this an equitable & level playing field that we’re having here & how freaking small is Sinkapor’s island of only 700sqm (area), can Sinkapor island accommodate a total population of more than 6 Millions people as well as create 6 Million jobs to keep everybody fully employed over here?

      Why there is a sudden mass influx of 2.5 Millions of foreigners within such a short time span of only 6 years without the accompanying buid up of infrastructure such as transport, housing, ample jobs, etc etc first?

      Given the current global financial crisis coupled with Euro Debt crisis as experienced by the whole world economy presently, can such a small Sinkapor’s island create so many jobs here to satisfy all the 2.5 Millions of FTs as well as its citizens here?

      Wtf do u know about Sinkapor’s situation now since you’ve have been living in overseas so many years & if you so smart why don’t u come back to Sinkapor now and see whether you yourself can get a job here in the midst of such intense & keen competition if not STFU!!!

  30. who you think you are? stupid general... go fight a war then come talk to us said

    who are you? i didn’t chose you… so, do you think you have any say?

  31. Babuseng said

    Yes these lan jiao ministers can talk cock while taking a million dollar salary. We all agree Singapore is a wonderful place to live if you are rich. The question is, why is the gahment undermining the middle class with the open-door immigration policy?

  32. dethrone tyranny said

    you don’t say, general tan? then i say if we are to shape singapore the way we see fit, the very first step is to fucking dethrone the PAP, reconcile their wealth and accounts, hold them accountable for what they have done and nationalize all their personal profits to actually help the poor and set up a welfare state first world contries are supposed to have. and then punish the PAP bastards for what they need to be punished for severely!

  33. LaoHan said

    These ex-saf people who knows nuts about civilian lives are not entitled to speak ….

  34. Paper General said

    All COS make sure in 2016 this paper general is out of job than he knows what is unemployment is about OR Else he never learns. Too bad he join pappy at the wrong time.

    He does not even know that he is not selected to give speech NDR(as the 3 other minsters are more humble) because of his poor PR. Ma be its performance review and he wallop sg ppl to impress the PM.

  35. nocando said

    one thing i know, we just can’t go back to be soooooooooo kind anymore. we are human being, not some high moral god. speaking about ugly behavior, you’d better not make me laugh. just look in the mirror.

  36. nocando said

    “It is about who we want to be. We are a kind, compassionate and generous people. Whatever the circumstance, we have our right as individuals to choose how we speak, how we act. How we live.”
    kind and compassionate:
    doing nothing or little for those who are in need, like family with sick children.
    giving free education and roughly $2500 living allowances per month for FT students, while qualified local students have to fend for themselves. create massive gov link’s job for FTs. millions bonus for already very super rich ministers. giving out tons of money rewarding FT athletes as sport are little related to our major concern. while in dire need families get little help
    make a mandatory for children to take care their aging parents. to say this is uphold filial piety, while we have a minister telling singaporean to send their sick parents to JB. isn’t it at odd ? or it is just a ruthless policy that this is your parents, it is your buiness, the coffer money only for ministers and pap? what kind of msg you guy sending to the ppl? being a minister, your words are heard by many, you had unwittingly displayed a ruthlessness as a human being. don’t blame ppl when they too display their ugly face.

  37. Hey soldier Tan, what the fcuk do you understand about our problems? You were hiding behind the barbed wired fences in the SAF camps for decades, so what do you know about what’s going on outside the fences? You talk rot and you still talk army language and don’t forget that you were parachuted into parliament. Get the hell out of my sight you shitty soldier! Get back into your uniforms and behind the barbed fences. Generals like yourself and many others talk alot. Talk is cheap in the SAF..

  38. You may be a high ranking General in the SAF, but try to get yourself a job in the private sector and you find yourself outnumbered by the foreigners who would accept a salary 1/1000 of yours. Shitty rotten soldiers like yourself should shut your mouth. With little or no commercial experience like yourself at the most I would pay you SGD 3,000.00 as chief security officer in my factory. Be thankful that I give you a job if you are lucky

  39. enough said

    kind , compassionate,

    are you joking

    you jailed chia thye poh for 32 years for no crimes he committed
    you jailed Lim hock siew for 19 year for no crimes he committed
    you jailed Said zahary for 15 years
    you banished tang liang hong
    you bankrupt chee soon Juan
    you bankrupt JBJ until he has no home to stay
    you introduced draconian laws prohibiting meeting of two or more persons without permit
    you jailed Lim chin siong for no crimes he committed
    you jailed Teo so Lung for helping the less preiviliged
    you exiled francis khoo that he cannot come home to his homeland
    you exiled francis seow the former attorney general
    you exiled devan nair that he had to live in Canada
    you exiled tan wah piow that he too could not come home

    there are many more sins which i could go on

    surely this is not a compassionate country you are barking about

    • compassionate to own people first said

      compassionate to own people first

      Government want Singaporeans to be compassionate to foreigners, then they should be compassionate to Singaporeans first.

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, Enough.

      Your list of persecuted persons under the PAP government during Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s time speaks for itself. It’s a real pity. The hapless opposition can be discredited, ridiculed and exposed quite easily but the Dear Leeder would rather clamp down on them and caused untold misery to them, their families, friends and loved ones. It was also reported that Mr Lee collaborated with the Japanese during the Japanese occupation. People, do you still believe that there is ‘greatness’ in the man? I beg to differ!

      One would have thought that politicians would have the necessary people skills when speaking or dealing with people. Arrogant and know all attitudes will not go on well with the citizens. Inspirational or nice speeches are great, but most importantly they must deliver and constantly seek ways to improve things to raise the standard of living of the people and for the country to forge ahead.

  40. Henry said

    Singaporeans must also choose now how to vote in GE2016 and also how to convince other Singaporeans to vote against the pro-alien PAP.

  41. Talk is cheap said

    That’s why I f**king hate NS. Not that I’m a pussy who can’t take the tough training, but because the people in charge are useless buffoons like this guy. In fact, I respect my pioneers, who fought alongside me, more than most of my so-called superiors who are NATO and claim full credit for their subordinates’ hard work. It’s not that they are that stupid to not see the problems. They have to sing the same tune as the PM if they want to hold onto their power and position. Cronies with no backbone are not qualified to be our leader.

  42. bodohsia.. said

    well done SIr keep up the good jobs…btw my son got the star sticker..u come la i paste for u …hw many star u want fully is 3 star but since ur words sooo nice,i give u 2 and half star ok…permission to carry on,SIr..!!!!

  43. With Poor Also Pay, so country is no 1 in the world said

    With Poor Also Pay(PAP), so Singapore is no 1 in the world

    Singapore government had created the problems, and now they want to blame Singaporeans? You had call Singaporean to stop give birth after two childs, encourage “elite” education system, impose GST asap to 7% during short period of time, increase standard of living like high housing, high car price etc.

    All in all, PAP want to solve things fast, and also earning good money fast. From Pay And Pay to now Poor Also Pay.

  44. Observer said

    I was at the forum and honestly his words were totally taken out of context! Cmon la Temasek Times, want to attack also do properly leh! Twisting words and omitting information is just plain dirty.

    • Naivety said

      Haha…sane sane & sama sama juga

      A pot calling the kettle black!

    • chern hong said

      Atleast you are the one other smart observer on this forum, compared to all these whiny ranters who keep complaining about everything PAP..
      Coming to think about it, is it really all ‘OUR’ jobs that these FT take away? How many of these “OUR” jobs are created by our fellow sinkies? What is the need for these FT MNC’s to come all the way to singapore to just employ us in the first place? for thought.

  45. sniper said

    I was instilled with hatred for 2 years during NS for anyting in uniform or associated with SAF or PAP. This is especially for the SAF scholars parasites.

    • apocalypse2016 said

      your skills as ex sniper will come in very handy one day, including those in other vocations that can change the course of history. Food for thought, especially if you agree that it is the enemy within that is causing much misery allround. cheers!

  46. Fantastic site. A lot of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you in your effort!

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