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17 year old polytechnic student pleads guilty to having sex with minor and uploading video of them having oral sex

Posted by temasektimes on August 30, 2012

A 17 year old student from a local polytechnic pleaded guilty this Thursday to having sex with a minor.

The court learnt that the girl was only 13 years old when the student first had sex with her.

He made her perform oral sex on him and filmed her doing so without her permission after which he uploaded the video on a US-based pornographic website.

The video was circulated on other pornographic websites, and the girl began receiving phone calls and text messages from strangers who harassed her about the video.

In mitigation, the student’s lawyer Mr Tan Beng Swee said he was ‘deeply remorseful’ for his actions, adding that he was not ‘hardcore’ enough for reformative training and argued for probation instead because he was active in school and obtained good grades.

*Illustrated pic



10 Responses to “17 year old polytechnic student pleads guilty to having sex with minor and uploading video of them having oral sex”

  1. P Koh said

    So young and already sick in the head. When he grows older, I cannot imagine what he would do?

  2. ocean said

    you have a typo error there dude

  3. Kaninabey said

    Hi LHL, I think u should recruit this guy into ur party. Give him 10 PRC women a day, impregant them, then 1 year u will have 3650 babies! Then you should setup a ministry of sex, get 20 of these guys and solve all ur problem of ageing population liao !!!

  4. Naivety said

    Nice illustration picture!

  5. Disappointed said

    Moral decay in our society. One has to ask, WTF are parents doing these days.

  6. Steve Lee said

    What a disgusting person!!!

  7. Bernard Deng said

    What a poor and “lip-service” mitigation by his defence counsel. Utterly insincere.

  8. Kevin said

    He should be punished so that he learns to be responsible n be kind ! So what if his grades are good ! character is more important !

  9. soboro said

    Confirm very tight!

  10. MinorDenT said

    The lawyer said that his client was not hardcore. I think the lawyer must be more hardcore than that. Got money still violate underage girls.

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