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Dr Chee Soon Juan: PM Lee just doesn’t get it

Posted by temasektimes on August 30, 2012

Singapore’s opposition leader and Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party Dr Chee Soon Chuan has criticized Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech, describing it as ‘rich in style, but offers little in substance.’

Dr Chee said PM Lee fails to address in a meaningful way, Singaporeans’ concerns about the country’s immigration policies.

“The Prime Minister just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get it that the influx of foreign workers has caused our wages to fall…..he doesn’t get it that foreigners are competing with our children for places in schools…he doesn’t get it, that foreigners are driving HDB prices to an insane level…he doesn’t get it, that the government’s abject mismanagement of the immigration policy that has produced an opposite and equal reaction from Singaporeans.”

PM Lee had earlier castigated Singaporeans for posting ‘nasty’ comments about foreigners online and urged them to be generous to them. However, Dr Chee felt the Prime Minister has missed the point completely:

“Singaporeans are tolerant people. We has always been that way…..We welcome and accept foreign people living amongst us and working in our country, but no people in this world would accept a government which imports foreigners with the view of replacing locals and making them a minority in their own country.”

While Dr Chee has stoutly defended and spoken up for Singaporeans, the ‘elected’ opposition in parliament has remained SILENT on PM Lee’s National Day Rally so far, other than a ringing public ‘endorsement’ of it by one of its NCMP.

An opposition which does not oppose is better off dead for it only serves to lend a veneer of legitimacy and respectability to an otherwise autocratic regime and to enable it to masquerade Singapore as a ‘democracy’ to the international community.

Singaporeans must decide if they want a real opposition which can speak up for them fearlessly in parliament or one which does nothing but plagiarize the work of anonymous netizens to ‘wayang’ in parliament so that they can collect their fat MP allowance monthly from the government.

Listen to Dr Chee’s speech below:


54 Responses to “Dr Chee Soon Juan: PM Lee just doesn’t get it”

  1. P Koh said

    All parties must work together to get out of the “unhappiness” that many policies adopted by the government have created in the past few years. It would be good to see the ‘White Paper’ before the end of the year to understand what formulae the government is dishing out which can unravel the present situation before we could comment intelligently on this matter.

    • KC said

      Having the same experiecne as the ministerial pay review, I think it will be another whitewash…maybe that is why they call it the white paper.

    • Robox said

      Why say that here? Why tell the WP, the party that turns its nose up at the other opposition parties, especially the SDP?

  2. NaBey said

    Dr chee, bravo! I bought few of ur books, given some to my relatives. Hope they will be enlightened! All the best! U have 100% of my vote!

  3. sifoni said

    he got the message, YOU DID NOT! whatever you are saying mean little or nothing to this red dot island! so, eat your heart out and since you SINGAPOREANS are going to be replace, why not start doing so good finding another home to stay out of here since YOU ARE ALL ALWAYS COMPLAINING and couldn’t get on with Life, YOU ARE ALL JUST BORN LOSERS!

    • Martin Xavier said

      Sifoni…U DIDN’T GET IT TOO! Pappies ball-lickers buzz off pleeeeeeeeeease!

    • edwin said

      where u from SIFONI

      • eddie kw said

        he is too embarassed to tell you Edwin ?
        but let me guess, he spends most of his time with his face buried inside LHL’s pants. Front or back , you have to confirm with Sifoni.

      • True Blue Sinkie said

        Sifoni is a PAP spy and detractor. Must be one of those civil servants or staff from SPH writing under a disguise.

    • DanDevil said

      It’s our country we choose to leave or stay.
      U can get out all u want! I bet u r a Pinoy trash!

      • My Grandfather / Father planted trees for SIngaporean and not FOR FT... said

        well say….Sifoni RIC please go hid urself and be a “ah gua”… i agree with Dr Chee Comments and highlight. if u (SIFONI) are a Singaporean,,we welcome u for comment..if u are a “AH GUA” FT ..please knn cb here(dun understand check with ur friends) …

    • Helena said

      If you do not belong to a place, it is courtesy to keep comments to yourself. It’s basic courtesy. Hasn’t your mother taught you this? Or are you motherless? Never had a mother to teach you manners since she had and has to forsake the entire family to work overseas? I bet the children from the household/s she has served have better manners than you.

    • Hold my Cigar said

      Sifoni, pls hold my cigar, if you like it then put it in your mouth!

    • P Koh said

      Sifoni, I think you could not see that Singaporeans are being marginalized and that the Singapore culture will soon be lost if the population is being pushed to 6 million without first resolving the jobs, housing, transportation and education problems which are so glaringly apparent. Talking about procreation in National Conversation is a joke when influx of FTs is conducted recklessly. God Bless Singaporeans for soon there shall not be enough of us to voice any opinion whatsoever. New citizens have started to belittle us as useless and non productive and yet they seem to have the support of our very own government. What a shame that you tow their line too. Wake you before you are ditched into the slumps.

  4. Jason said

    you are simply trying to gain political support but still no subtainable facts. Can you really do a better job apart from just talking?

    • Merlion said

      Jason, Dr Chee has the courage to talk and has been doing so for many years. PAP has whacked him from all direction but he has mot given up!! Not many people has the persistent, belief and courage as him.

      You asked, “can he do a better job apart from just talking?”. Problem in Singapore is, can opposition do anything when PAP is in total control? Aljunied want upgrade but PAP said “if you guys don’t vote for PAP, no upgrade”.

      If without Opposition interference, the ministers salary will not be cut but will remain the same or even increase now. Without the Opposition as our voice, PM Lee will not apologise in the last election. Surely, Opposition is gaining ground with the support of Singaporeans (not all Singaporeans but it will increase on a daily basis- GE 2016).

    • Brainwashed said

      Go read his books, if you dun want to buy, you can always borrow.

    • Invictus said

      You mean better than WP who hardly say anything at all ? WP can’t be the Opposition because they hardly oppose anything the PAP says or do.

      Mod’s note:

      That’s why they are known as the PAP’s ‘B’ team, aka the ‘Wayang Party’ whose sole purpose is to keep the PAP in power:

      ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.” – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • Robox said

      “Can you really do a better job apart from just talking?”

      Can you?

    • ManOfSteal said

      I am sure anyone can do a better job without having a fat paycheck of what our cabinet ministers are holding… what do you think, Jason?

    • Indignant said

      What about u Jason ? What have you done for Singapore?

    • Hopeful said

      @Jason, so what if he’s trying to gain political support? The incumbent is doing this all the time. Politic wise, no one can predict – can you? How can a man get to work when the authorities go all out to silence him? If you ask me, SDP is PAP’s only nightmare because they are capable people who can really hit the right spots; just have to ‘free’ them to witness their true potential.

      • Lucinda said

        Ya, agree that SDP really has capable people whom the regime is fearful of. One of them is Dr. Chee hmself, a fearless fighter. Good candidate as an opposition. I would definitely vote for SDP if they are contesting in my ward.

    • P Koh said

      Jason, have you got the opportunity of listening to the court case where he challanged the suit filed by our great leader LKY and you will be surprised what Dr. CSJ is capable of, even in the face of adversary.? I was indeed impressed.

  5. compatriot said

    The PAP a political entity,as the ruling government of the day with the tenure of five years is undoubtedly opinionated,oppressive and suppressive these practises is ghastly intolerable has which gone unchecked far too long and irksome

    Today apparently,there is a rift of a phycological warfare between the government and its netizens of the PAP mistakes and practices of bad policies decisions.Netizens remain to be concern citizens

    The elected opposition WP that were sent by netizens to parliament as representatives of their voice to seek and auger alternatives and redress the orchestrated misgivings and wrong doings of the PAP government is absolutely invisible or more perhaps hiding away from its obligations (to save their face value) to oppose the wrong doings of the government

    Its far due time the WP must wake up from its slumberous activity and press on with its moral obligations as an opposition in and out of Parliament

  6. Tan Yan Ren said

    The Workers Party ,is not UTTERING A WORD!!!!!!Lets make sure they are also screwed at the next election…Lets watch and separate the MEN from the BOYS…..those who speak up their minds EITHER WAY TRUTHFULLY without prejudices and hiding their identity are MEN and those otherwise,you decide!!!!!!!! Stand up Singaporeans and speak up or ROT to DEATH!!!!!

    Mod’s note:

    A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message. Don’t be deceived by the ‘Wayang Party’ anymore! Enough is enough! Its MPs are only making use of public dissatisfaction with the PAP to ‘wayang’ without holding the PAP accountable.

  7. Naivety said

    Dr Chee Soon Juan should stand for PM election to be an elected Prime Minister of Singapore just like EP, i will definitely cast my vote for him!

  8. Realist said

    While PM Lee doesn’t get it, Dr Chee doesn’t get the fee reduction for his defamation suit.
    Therefore both don’t get it.
    Get it ?

    • ramona said

      if PM Lee has any substance, he should have initiated an open debate with Dr Chee a long time back instead of hiding behind his old man.

      • Naivety said

        Maybe Pinky LHL is afraid & terrified of Dr CSJ in some ways therefore, dare not face him face to face to debate?!

      • IronMan said

        Just like in GE2011, CSJ request for an open debate for all the head of each political parties to attend. LHL did not turn up. Instead, Michael Palmer took his place and just play dumb during the open talk.

    • compatriot said

      realist my foot,u r just another negative minded person for the incinerator

  9. True Blue Sinkie said

    “The Prime Minister just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get it that the influx of foreign workers has caused our wages to fall…..he doesn’t get it that foreigners are competing with our children for places in schools…he doesn’t get it, that foreigners are driving HDB prices to an insane level…he doesn’t get it, that the government’s abject mismanagement of the immigration policy that has produced an opposite and equal reaction from Singaporeans.”

    Unquote: Dr. Chee, you said everything on behalf of Singaporeans in the short paragraph above.

  10. Danial said

    So true…We Singaporeans just like a step children’s in our own land…
    Disappointed with government..

  11. lyv2dy said

    I am very happy the pap is steadfastly adhering to their principle of never admitting they can be wrong. By doing so, they are digging their own grave faster and faster and hammering more nails into their own coffin. The day of salvation is not too far away……..and I thank God I will be alive to witness that day.

    A Participant in the SAF Contingent – 1968 Rain -Soaked NDP

  12. don’t use your campaign here… why always blame FT for everything w/o PM Lee’s do you think SG will be on its where it stands today?

  13. i say what i think only said

    people do buy his book. $30 means little to u, cannot even get u a decent meal at those eateries, can get u 2-3 meals at food court for 2 px but it goes a long way to get him out of bankruptcy and run for elections.

    It is not a trash book, it says many that awes u. I am still in midst of it and really thought intriguing. Get a preview, flip a few pages at kinokuniya and see what u are missing out.

    PS: I am not from SDP. I just love my country too much to see it rot further

  14. Rubbish Chee said

    Dr Chee is always full of nonsense. It’s easy to pick on words, but his action from the beginning spell nothing but rubbish

    • compatriot said

      Hey there wish you to know that Singaporeans alike all thinks positively these days and with positivism that makes changes for things to get moving but you seem to be a negative minded person that has not only retard and vilify your true person (or if you have) but with your upbringing and bring-up family as well what a sheer pity

      I wonder if you have the balls to come out personally and openly chided the PAP government and denounced their wrong doings.

    • Rubbish you said

      At least he dare to speak up, what about you?

      • Lucinda said

        I think quite a few of us must have remembered how Dr. Chee behaved in the early days towards Woody Goh. I agreed that as a young man then, he was a bit too rash and the media really took advantage of that scene to portray a bad picture of him. U know they (media) is really good at using ugly photos or scenes of oppositions to create bad impressions. So, for some of those who had poor impression of Dr. Chee, probably still do so. But I can say that he is a very different person now, more careful n tactful in his speech and behavior. Give this guy with a courageous heart a chance!

  15. MinorDenT said

    Time to have a closing down party. Or as our Father, God of No Mercy has said, “fold up party”.

  16. Dr Chee will only confuse the ppl to split a United Opp Front. This clearly is TT’s prime motive. Period.

  17. Realist said

    Make Dr Chee as DPM and you have a real-life Punch and Judy show.

    • realsic deduction said

      your mother must be “Judy” and your father “punch”.
      it was a joke of your parents that you were borned ?

  18. Yharyah said

    Dr Chee is 100% right.

    PAP are importing so many foreign trash that the local citizens becomes the minority,
    this is absolute ridiculous.

  19. Babuseng said

    CSJ is actually a very well spoken man. I saw a long interview he did with CNN many years ago about the political landscape in Singapore, and I was surprised how eloquent he was, and he made some good points. That might be why PAP is scared of him and needed to use the courts to bar him from politics. He has his flaws but he is certainly not a dumb/crazy/fringe etc person that PAP is trying to portray him as. If only we had him as an MP, where I am sure he will not shy away from speaking up, it’s good to have as a check and balance against the rampaging PAP and the silent WP.

  20. Sgpatriotmissle said

    Hi dr chee, can u try to get elected sometime soon? What u say makes sense, but it’s meaningless if you don’t have enough votes to get elected. Spend more time build up a credible force get elected in 2016, and when you’re there please voice up more for the man on the street.

    • A G Young said

      You are correct! No use of talking but NO ACTIONS!!

      • P Koh said

        Disagree.!! He has been adocating change for a better Singapore and like a lion which has lost its teeth due to the suits for bankruptcy, the bite is not effective. Yes, indeed he has taken ACTION in the form of a Book which is now being sold.

    • DIY said

      I was wondering if you could write good English and publish a book; then automatically mean you are a good leader. Dr CSJ book “Democratically Speaking” has many contradictions. He can only remember half of what he had said earlier. I suggest that he write on the forthcoming book “The Art of Contradiction by Whatever Means”. That will be better.

      It is all about ego status. I remember attending a course on “Confrontational Analysis”. Human beings evolved with ego status. The phrase goes this way “There’s a child in you”.

      For a start, our ego status begins as a Child; move on to Adult and finally stabilized into a Parent ego status. This constitutes a drama triangle revolving around Child-Adult-Parent emotional conflicts.

      As a Child, the ego is either in Rebellious or Compliant status. The tactic an innocent child behaves as being rebellious is to go into a tantrum; until the wants is satisfied.

      At a Compliant status the child will pose a submissive outlook. Sulking; crying and pleading to gain attention. When consultation and bargaining is achieved then the wants is satisfied.

      Thus at Adult stage the ego status plays a motivational encouragement to placate the outcome.

      The difficult part to predict is at the Parent stage. Psychologically if the innocent child had grown up with a ‘child in him’ then the ego status is embedded during the early development.

      For Dr CSJ disciplined in neuropsychology is an added advantage to portray his role in this drama triangle.

      The current book is written as a rebellious child in tantrum. It is blaming the system for his misdeeds while doing his doctorate at NUS. The wants was achieved personally by other means.

      As a compliant child he is utilizing ‘democracy’ and pleading the Singaporeans to gain attention. His wants can only be satisfied if Singaporeans elected SDP into parliament.

      What Dr CSJ has not shown is if SDP have formed a government, how the party can motivate and achieved the standard that the needs of Singaporean is being formulated.

      This is what transpired by Sgpatriotmissle in his posting “….and when you’re there please voice up more for the man on the street.” This is the needs part which Dr CSJ has to elaborate. For the good governance of Singapore the economic cycle of Wants and Needs must be compromise.

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