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Former RP candidate Alex Tan Zhixiang under police investigation for intentional harassment of SBS Transit

Posted by temasektimes on August 30, 2012

Former Reform Party candidate Alex Tan Zhixiang has been called up by Tanglin Police Division for questioning after a Magistrate Complaint was lodged against him, for using multiple instances of F* word in an open complaint letter addressed to SBS Transit commenting on the overcrowding and infrequent bus services.

In an expletive-filled letter titled ‘Fxxk You SBS’, Alex Tan described his hallowing early morning experience on a SBS bus where he was deducted a full fare for alighting from the front door of an overcrowded bus.

The letter was addressed to the Transport Minister as well as other government agencies.

In an article posted on his blog, Alex Tan wrote he ‘appreciate’ the Singapore Police for referring the case to the Magistrate and  he believe the authorities will come to a ‘trusted decision’.

Two years ago, a PRC family of five ‘hijacked’ SBS Transit bus number 138 for FIVE hours after the bus captain refused to allow them to bring up a wheelchair.

Though the police was called, nobody was arrested and SBS Transit eventually paid for a maxi-cab to ferry the PRC family home. No subsequent police reports were lodged against them for ‘intentional harassment’.


9 Responses to “Former RP candidate Alex Tan Zhixiang under police investigation for intentional harassment of SBS Transit”

  1. Auntie said

    Watch it, boy. See what is happening to M. Ravi.

  2. Vic said

    Is this fellow out of his mind? There is just no sense for such behaviour as his. He is just degrading his public image.

  3. NaBey said

    LKY aldy said that PRC is cleverer and more hardworking than sporean! We are 3rd class citizen. So what treatment u expect?

  4. SBS transit can cause its passengers distress by providing extremely bad travel conditions and over deduction of fare, but cannot accept that the passenger can throw his frustration over the distress by spouting some expletives. Taxi drivers who provide poor service also received rude expletives from their customers too. SBS transit is not gracious to admit that it has fallen short of being a reliable service and still has the audacity to sue its customers, what a joke.

  5. oldguard said

    sorry bro, you are not PRC (Public Rowdy Type) police afraid of them.

  6. True Blue Sinkie said

    Alex complaint is justified. Not only I say fuck to SBS, Fuck to SMRT also for the crowded trains which I am not able to board even as early as 11pm at nite. Fuck the PAP for bringing in the 2.3 million foreigners, including their families and dependants. Fuck the PM and his policy and National Day speech on further need to bring in foreigners.

  7. Commentator said

    If this happened to any other Singaporean, opposition or not, I would have supported them.

    But having engaged Alex Tan Zhixiang before, I say good riddance to bad rubbish. This guy is a traitor who attempts to rally Singaporeans against each other, encouraging instability with his seditious comments.

    He frequently makes inflammatory comments like “the poor are being suppresed by the rich” and “the rich live off the poor”, which are crossing the sacrosanct line of politics.

    I don’t care if Alex Tan Zhixiang rallies against the PAP, but the moment he tries to turn Singaporeans among each other, that’s a matter for the ISD.

  8. Commentator said

    Besides, this article is about the conflict between Alex Tan Zhixiang and SBS Transit.

    Why is there the need to bring in foreigners from the past? Where is the relation between the PRCs and Alex Tan Zhixiang? Wasn’t the incident regarding the PRCs already well-reported and covered last time? Is it solely to stir up feelings of hate against foreigners among Singaporeans? So, where does feelings of hate get us to, does it help us kick foreigners out? No, it reciprocates more hate.

    The government can stop more foreigners from coming in, but it definitely will not kick them out if no laws are transgressed.

    Perhaps the PRCs were uneducated and uncultured, maybe that’s why there were so uncouth and unreasonable.

    But Alex Tan Zhixiang, being raised in Singapore, can’t give any of those excuses or reasons for his uncouth and unreasonable behaviour. How many other Singaporeans are similarly affected just as regularly, but express their disaffection in more civil means?

    I don’t know where Alex Tan Zhixiang and his predecessors have been for 250,000 years while the rest of the human race evolved. He just puts us Singaporeans all to shame by making us appear as cavemen to foreigners.

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