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Malaysian Albert Tye wants PM Lee to crack down on critics of ‘rational’ immigration policy

Posted by temasektimes on August 30, 2012

A Singapore PR from Malaysia Albert Tye has written to the Straits Times forum imploring Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to crack down on critics of the government’s ‘rational’ immigration policy.

Mr Tye began his letter by lashing out at netizens for attacking immigrants online:

“The behaviour of some netizens not only reflect poorly on Singaporeans, their postings are also extremely offensive. Netizens have been getting away – and going overboard – with their anti-new immigrant postings with impunity; particularly in attacks against mainland Chinese.”

He also insinuated that the authorities have been too ‘tolerant’ towards critics of the ‘rational’ immigration policy and suggest ‘reining in’ them.

“It appears that there exist some instigators whose sole intention is to agitate the young and discredit a rational immigration policy…..In fact, I wonder why the authorities are so tolerant especially in view of their immediate crackdown on scurrilous remarks that threaten social harmony.”

According to information posted on his Facebook, Mr Tye graduated from the University of Malaya. He counts a few WP MPs as his ‘friends’ among whom is NCMP Yee Jenn Jong who recently won plaudits from the state media for ‘endorsing’ Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally.

The Workers Party has maintained a DEAFENING SILENCE on the issue so far probably out of fear of offending the PAP.


41 Responses to “Malaysian Albert Tye wants PM Lee to crack down on critics of ‘rational’ immigration policy”

  1. denzuko1 said

    this Albert Thye should first go back to his own country and take a hard look at the immigration issue of his own country first before trying to comment on other country’s.

    Malaysia is also in a serious state of disarray partially because of the indiscriminate influx of foreigners. What used to be a tranquil sight of down town KL is now crowded with foreign workers, day in day out, crime rate is at exceptionally high as a result of such influx.

    • Chee Kok Wing said

      If people like Albert is in charge of the immigration department of his country then there is no need for Albert to come to little Singapore

  2. Free Trolley said

    crack down the netizens and charged them under what clause?
    what punishment should be meted to them? remove our scholarship and re-serve our land again?

  3. Free Trolley said
    flood his wall.

  4. lyv2dy said

    Shit Times publishing such a letter from a Malaysian passport holder tantamounts to encouraging foreigners to interfere with Singapore’s domestic affairs which was taboo to LKY. Foreigners’ letters supporting the pap are published while those which are critical faced law-suits. AWSJ was fined and its circular became restricted in Singapore. Another case of double standards and hypocrisy.

  5. BK said

    I would remind Alex that the PAP also has a record for reining foreigners who has no stake in the country, making comments that could be deemed as “interference” in domestic politics. If you care so much about Singapore perhaps you care to switch allegiance first. And you would not, because you have the benefits without the obligations.

    And of course foreigners would deem the immigration policies “rational”, it benefits them. But to be really rational, is to have an immigration policy that provides (1) a platform for the sons and daughters of Singapore to prosper, not disadvantaged them (2) public infrastructure that facilitates increase in immigration (3) that foreigners themselves, are not taken advantaged of as per Panasonic case – it goes against Singaporeans’ fair play.

    But mostly I would like to say that we are against the immigration policies not because we are xenophobic, but that this generation of Singaporeans want a different kind of society. Not a society just about GDP, but a socially dynamic one, whereby the poor amongst us are taken care of. It is to go against the conventional wisdom of hoarding and a more distributive one of sharing.

    The case of being against the immigration policies must be seen in this context. The aspiration of Singaporeans to redefine ourselves. Yes, perhaps things will be less prosperous. But when Singaporeans heart is in the right place, we will never falter. As LKY said, we sit on shooting sticks. Ouch!

  6. Paul said

    Did TT remain DEAFENING SILENCE on the clarification that
    NCMP Yee Jenn Jong wasn’t‘‘endorsing’ Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally”

    Should he be Against PAP acknolwedge ‘dangers of extreme meritocracy”, or against having “National Conservation”

    TT, your dearest TPL and DC got anything to say on NDR? Even if they say did, it will be “YES”, “I agree with PM”, isn’t that what some minsters are saying?

    Come on TT, you are simply another pro-establshment trying in vain to con the readers into believing you are not. You even go as far as trying to show you are “supporting” SDP but not all the readers are going to fall for it.

    But I guess that’s life, 60% are easily conned, maybe TT will achieve what it intend to do

    Mod’s note:

    You are allowed to rant against here, but please do not post links from the impostor site or lesser blogs here. Thank you.

  7. Justice Bao said

    Malaysian Chinese had always been a pain in our ass.They milk us dry with their sob stories of discrimination across the causeway but once in Singapore they spill their emobotional baggage of racism right into our soil.

    My first exposure came in SAFTI,during the formative years of SAF.I was in Charlie company..and our PTI was a Malaysian Chinese.When in those days there were more landscape than buildings,we could clearly see JB as we march or ran along our side.Without fail the PTI would point across to JB and remind us of our ‘enemy’ territory.

    The irony was they kept their Malaysian citizenship while our local Malays were not recruited into NS.

    Even today,there are manufacturing units entirely staffed by Malaysians…from MD right down to security guards.Over 3000 of them.
    Our judiciary is full of Malayians too.

    In the past all our local Eurasians were replaced by Malaysian Chinese.One of whom went across and initiated sea ports in Johor in direct competition with PSA.

    Yes,the bumiputra policy in Malaysia discriminates others.But no Singaporean ,whether Malay,Chinese or Indian would ever be allowed to tower over their own citizens.Unlike PAP ruled Singapore.

    • Steve Lee said

      Albert Tye is an idiot. Having said that however, I strongly believe that most Malaysians and Singaporeans share the same cultural and ethnic backgrounds and are like brothers and sisters under the skin. Many Malaysians and Singaporeans have family and close friends on both sides of the causeway. Most of us can walk down streets in either country without drawing a second glance from others.

  8. Justice bao said

    Pardon me.Malaysia has more than 2 millions of illegal workers who are foreigners of sorts but they are not in disarray because of it….the Authorities allow that deliberately.Since they form the cheapest of sweat labor.

    Same as the sweat shops in US,these illegal work their ass out and makes no noise or demands,let alone bad mout the host country.In fact,the Rohingya (Mynmmar)are very grateful to Malaysia for giving them refuge.It suits the local towkays and politicians quite well.

    In fact ,in Sabah and Sarawak,without these illegal Indonesian and Filipinos their Forest industries and agriculture sectors will come to a halt.Because no Kadazans or Ibans/Dayaks could ever replace them.

  9. mahbok tan said

    Ha ha ha this guy name is Albert sai is it….deh wake up man….you want to stay in Sgpore or Malaysia…or Indonesia or thailand….!!!

    Even in malaysia you have been discriminated thus you run down to Sgpore and cry mama cry papa to LHL and FamiLee…!!!
    Phuck you la … u have agenda with Sgporean or wat….!!!???

    KNNBCCB to you Albert sai…..( meaning good day to you )

  10. icefire said

    if commenting on FR should be punish then pls have a death sentence for this idiot to comment on local as he need recd double punish as a PR( half local half FT ) b@rt@rd

  11. hachoo said

    Well , first he should try and ask his own government to crack down their immigration policy that are causing havocs in their own country, especially the illegal ones. The high crime rate are mostly contributed by these immigrants.

  12. Victor said


  13. Jagish said

    I have always considered Malaysians as my brothers and have consistently supported them in their aspirations for a free and just society. I am thus shocked and disgusted that a Malaysian would come out and urge the authorities to enforce harsh and draconian actions against ordinary Singaporeans voicing up their concerns over the influx of foreigners and their hopes that their anxieties would be heard and answered by the government.

    Is this Malaysian writer a sadist who seeks pleasure in other people suffering?

    And the worse part is that he is not a citizen of this country, if this article is correct.

  14. Malaysiabolebelahhh... said

    Albert Tye,
    go back wher u come frm..look inside ur own country and get intergrated with them..Satu Malaysia??? inclusive of happily murder,gang robbery,pickpocket,hijack sg family..infrm ur Datok Najib and ask him ur question “It appears that there exist some instigators whose sole intention is to agitate the young and discredit a rational immigration policy…..In fact, I wonder why the authorities are so tolerant especially in view of their immediate crackdown on scurrilous remarks that threaten social harmony.”
    Ur country got social harmony meh..!!!..
    i tell u wat..whenever i Q for to pass thru ur Johor immigration..ur officer face look like shit even shit better than them.we the younger generation never forget our roots as u comment in ur facebook, but we just fed up wit so many foreigner like u snatch our rice bowl,and spoilt market.
    dun kaykiang here
    u better go back enjoy ur life bcos ur calendar days are on the way liaw…

  15. Helena said

    University of Malaya? No wonder this guy has no brains! I know many Malaysians here in HK who graduated from Malaysian universities. Nothing intelligent comes out if their mouths.
    Though UMalaya is the best university in Malaya, it’s unranked in Asia or internationally, so you can imagine the kind of graduates they churn out.

  16. pokemon said

    woodlands and tuas open 24hrs a day. not happy, please choose your mode of transportation only. i never involved in malaysians politics although i follow quite a bit here and there. i never make a comments on any issues and had respect for malaysians internal politics should be resolved by its own ppl. this bugger has no respect for singapore.

  17. lima said

    To the editor of TT:

    You edit and screen through every comment and only selectively post those that suit your needs, which I largely feel shameful for you.

    Regarding your attitude towards new immigrants or your hatred toward any single country in the world (ie, PRC), I suggest you to spend some time to educate yourself further:

    1) Rice’s speech about how America should welcome immigrants:

    2) Jon Huntsman’s article on WSJ

    Ironically Huntsman even quoted Singapore as an example of those countries who are serious in trying to attract talents.

    Now you might say, ok, foreign talents, go to America please. Well, we all know the quality of such attitudes, so I am not going to comment more.

  18. Yharyah said

    What the hell is this scum Malaysia PR Albert Tye working at?

    • compatriot said

      I think he is a pest and tired of living
      Malaysia a monarchial country of his birth presumably has declared him as “persona non grata” an unacceptable or unwelcome person,Singaporeans will be all too willing and ever ready with pleasure to provide him with assistance to end his demise.May I suggest he should go for the highest top building of HDB

  19. The Gardener said

    Albert, you are must welcomed to leave but I will still not love you if you choose to stay.
    Simple words, Ai lai mai zaw.
    Nabeh. KNN. Still want me to beg you to stay is it?

  20. Demnis said

    Hey Albert, when do u intend to take up our citizenship? Come on, be a man and take the challenge to be one of us, many of my Malaysian PR friends that I spoke to got no balls to convert their status!

  21. rongY said

    the reason why albert and so many other malaysians who do not want to take up SG citizenship despite living here for many years, (i personally know 3 who had live here for more than 30 years), is because they want the best of both world, HDB flat allow them to have a good income when they illegally rent them out and in malaysia they can own cheap properties

  22. This is proof that as long as anti-immigration sentiment exists, someone will be offended.

  23. True Blue Sinkie said

    Albert Tye, dont meddle in Singapore’s affairs. Look at your own country first since it is a complete mess. YOu earn singapore dollars here, convert to malaysian ringgit and buy houses and property in Malaysia. You SOB!!! You are here to earn money just the like FTs, so shut your big gap.

  24. DATUK BOLEH said

    albert tye’s facebook

  25. Naomi said

    haha another trouble maker…

  26. WtfisAlex said

    Whether we accept foreigners or not is our choice. Alex is merely a guest in SG and have no rights to suggest. He betrayed Malaysians running into Sg. By publishing his letter straits times have again openly supported foreign immigration policy. Another state own media trying to back PAP.

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