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PHOTO: Bus knocks down 7 motorcyclists along AYE

Posted by temasektimes on August 30, 2012

A horrific accident happened yesterday morning along the Ayer-Rajah expressway when a bus knocked down 7 motorcyclists who were at the road shoulder changing into their rain coats:

[Source: Hardwarezone EDMW Forum]

According to one eye-witness:

“It happened yesterday morning where there is heavy downpour around singapore and bikers are at the road shoulder changing in to their rain coats; the bus came and smashed into them! 7 were knocked down by the bus when the incident happen.”


25 Responses to “PHOTO: Bus knocks down 7 motorcyclists along AYE”

  1. P Koh said

    I pray that no body got injured.

  2. Yharyah said

    where are the bodies…?

  3. Azzeidine said

    this is not AYE. you cant see the singapore flyer at any point in AYE. its probably ECP. how are you guys still even running when you cant get simple basic facts right.

  4. bodohsia said

    tis one conform china man..woodlands transport got a lot foreigner driver frm china..double confirm


    this is clearly ECP… singapore flyer is right ahead so how can this be AYE?!

  6. Esham said

    If only the gov make a rain shelter for bikes like us tis wont happen and the bus drive is so them stupid cant see all the bike is it tis drive conform cina man

    • Esham said

      Gov only know how to add ERP but dont know how to make rain shelter for bikes

    • lsvop said

      Go write to PM. If everytime an accident occur to a cyclist. motorcyclist, motorist or pedestrian and someone writes to PM, he will be a very busy man opening letters. Road shoulder also kena accident, what makes them think cycling lane is any safer?

  7. Ordinary Citizen said

    Amazing silence from ST and MSM

    • SgGuy said

      Something wrong went, they blame someone/something else but when things are right, they will sing praises about themselves….. PUI PUI!!

  8. Ken Lee said

    save some money for their salary.

  9. Rick said

    Should show love for the bikers
    No one deserve this.
    More proper area should be built for bikers below flyover,to shield away the storm….
    I hope lta or gov look into this.Biker dun have a pair of wiper like cars.
    Do anyone from ….. knows wat is like riding in the rain?
    I hope to see some action……
    Ride safe……………………Rick poh

  10. Ah Loot said

    The road shoulder is for emergency only. Stoppng to change to your raincoat is a breach of the Highway Traffic Act.. Sometimes m/cyclist have to think that these events are forseeable.

    • speechless said

      I bet you are not a cyclist… if you are, you wont say tat.

    • MinorDenT said

      I’m reminded about a rule in publishing: “Don’t ask me to think”.

      Guess that’s how it is with people these days. They don’t like others to ask them to think.

      “It’s my right to do whatever I like.”

      Orthopedic surgeons and mechanics, rejoice!

    • Mai Gong Jiao Way said

      Does it take a serious breakdown to make up an emergency? Do you know how far is the next flyover/viaduct for you to put on your raincoat? Do you know by travelling further in the rain will make u even more drench? Have you even rode a motorcycle before?

  11. Real life GTA. I played that game and in it, I mowed down a lot of people.

  12. True Blue Sinkie said

    Driver must be a PRC

  13. HondaX11 said

    As a rider myself, I’ve always make sure that there is a Pit lane under some flyovers to stop and put on my raincoat.
    I’ve noticed some riders don’t just stop and wear their raincoats. They end up taking more space needed to wear their raincoats.
    They light up a stick and end up socialising on the shoulder, moving about the shoulder as if it’s only right if cars look out for them as they slowly edge nearer to the vehicles in the moving traffic.

    As far as we know that non of us wish to get wet in the rain and we do have places to get to despite the rain.
    It is still raining regardless of whether we choose to put on our raincoats or not. Visibility is already bad enough for any vehicle.
    Why endanger your life and others by being so careless with your own safety?

    I would rather brave the rain and get wet than to put myself in the dangers of oncoming traffic whom are driving in the downpour with bad visibility.
    Road shoulders are also just next to the Heavy vehicle lanes. It’s an extremely dangerous place to drive on, let alone park our vehicle there.
    I’ve also noticed how some riders can ride along the shoulder weaving in and out as if it was a carpark instead of an expressway, choosing where to stop while the Heavy vehicles are moving dangerously near them. Even if the trucks are travelling at 50km/h, it’s not easy to perform an emergency brake when a rider suddenly choose to stop because he found a nice slot to stop.

    As riders, we also have the responsibility to watch out for our own safety.
    We of all road users should be very clear of that.

  14. OMG! Are they bikers okay? very concerned leh, they lead a very tough life already & the bad weather is already adding to their woes. What’s wrong with the bus driver- sleeping? Isn’t it an offer to drive on road shoulders?

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