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PM Lee to Singaporeans: Let’s work ‘together’ to make Singapore the best home for all

Posted by temasektimes on August 30, 2012

Following his inspiring National Day Rally speech last week, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong repeated his call again for Singaporeans to join him in a ‘national conversation’ to help write the next chapter of Singapore’s future together.

In his latest posting on Facebook, the affable and popular Prime Minister thank Singaporeans for their kind feedback and comments on his National Day Rally:

“I’m heartened that many of you liked my speech. I value your ideas on how to give our young hope of a brighter future, how we can be a gracious, big-hearted people, and how to make Singapore the best home for us all.”

PM Lee added that he would be holding more discussions with Singaporeans in the weeks ahead and he is looking forward to a constructive dialogue.

“This is a major effort. That is why we need to have a national conversation on Our Singapore, and to work together to realise our ambitions….Let us come together to create a Home with Hope and Heart in our future Singapore!” he quipped.

Meanwhile, there is nothing heard whatsoever from the elected ‘opposition’ Workers Party on the pressing issues facing Singapore and whose MPs remain nowhere to be heard, seen or found.


16 Responses to “PM Lee to Singaporeans: Let’s work ‘together’ to make Singapore the best home for all”

  1. Danny said

    Why work with failure and incompetence? The PAP led by LHL are both. Below is the proof.
    (1) low productivity of Singapore economy
    (2) low birth rate started by LKY’s “Stop at 2” policy
    (3) failing to plan to large number of foreigners brought in
    (4) exempting foreigners from CPF making them cheaper to hire
    (5) foreigners taking jobs away from Singaporeans
    (6) shortage of jobs for Singaporeans
    (7) shortage of MRT trains and public buses
    (8) shortage of places in local schools/varsities for Singaporeans
    (9) shortage of hospital beds, doctors and nursing homes
    (10) shortage of public housing
    (11) high inflation (Singapore now more expensive than Hong Kong)
    (12) high cost of education and health care
    (13) sharp rise in price public housing (price doubled in 5 years)
    (14) depressed local wages
    (15) overcrowded public transport due to large number of foreigners
    (16) depleted CPF accounts after paying for HDB flat
    (17) many CPF accounts below CPF Minimum Sum due
    (18) massive Government spending on foreigners using taxpayers’ money
    (19) billions of losses overseas by GIC and Temasek
    (20) frequent (50-year) “ponding”
    (21) poor air quality – below WHO Air Quality Guidelines
    (21) bailout of public transport operators (failed privatisation)
    (23) frequent breakdown of MRT trains (failed privatisation)
    (24) expensive electricity tariffs (failed privatisation)
    (25) failed to give Singaporeans the Swiss Standard of Living

    Want the best? Get a new team to lead Singapore by voting against the arrogant, autocratic, incompetent and pro-alien PAP in GE2016. While waiting for GE2016 convince your family and friends to do the same.

    Never pass up the opportunity to highlight the failures, blunders and anti-Singaporean policies of the PAP. The campaign against PAP for GE2016 starts now. Do your duty to Singapore and to fellow Singaporeans. Save Singapore for Singaporeans.

  2. mahbok tan said

    Aiyoh yoh yo yoh……What the phuck this LHL talking hah….!!!!????

    Wat national conversation are you talking about…???? Wat makes u say that many are with you….( denial mode I guess )…!!!

    OK lets talk about my CPF…can come out at the age of 55yrs old…???? No….!!! Some restriction here and there…!!! Wat …, did i ask for your pocket money or wat…??? did your family chip in for my CPF…???? Or your family need our money…???

    This is my national conversation with you….DO NOT STEAL YOUR CITIZEN MONEY…UNDERSTAND….????

    KNNBCCB…( mening Good Day to you LHL )

  3. icefire said

    let come together help singapore minister to earn and accumlate more wealth when they are resting in the big comfortable office and talking cock in front of the press …
    let give them more votes in GE so they have more power to abuse and more free sex when the try to close deal
    let disband the useless CIPB since they are not a independent dept so PAPpies can openly take the tax payer money
    let remove the GE as well so they no need to spend more every 6 yrs to buy votes … the cant juz bring in the relative n friend to be the next MP and PM
    let throw all singaporean into the sea so FT can have more ground to stand …
    let kill all the youth and elderly since they cant contribute to the sociality GDP our PAPpies is alway focus on …

  4. Sweet Talk said

    Frankly TT, you don’t appreciate good things in life…. you bitch around like you are on heat, and when you get stitched, you cow beh cow boo…..

    The fact is that many of us voters can think and definitely SDP CANNOT represent any single Singaporean because of CSJ image. He happily leads party into the pits. Look what has he done to Mr Chiam See Tong. Sad correct?

    It is even most sad that some of their firebrand candidates like Dr Vincent, John Tan, Ang Yong Guan, Tan JS, etc whom are strong, logical and vocal and not largely accepted by the public because of associating with SDP and CSJ. Please do not continue to destroy Singapore. Let’s love Singapore…… TT ….. Repent and Live…

  5. Sinkaypoh said

    ” the affable and popular Prime Minister ”
    Wah TT really knows how to carry balls…very soon you will all be joining Grace Fuuu as MP

    • noseyparker said

      I think TT admin are merely tickling PM Lee’s balls and ass with a feather duster.
      Could be one of the reasons why the PM walks with a gait.

  6. Victor said

    How to have a conversation when all your ministers had once again labell and comdemn Singaporeans as ‘xenophobic’. Can we have a proper conversation when you and your ministers have already concluded?

    One of your minister even mentioned that not all feedback will be considered. It just goes to show that you guys had already know what you want to do. This national dialog is a mere big scale wayang.

    Dont waste our time and resources. Just get the basic right and all things will fall in place. Start serving Singaporeans first and look into our housing, medical care, education and public transport.

  7. Paul said

    PAP come together to create Homeless who are Hopeless and PAP become Heartless. I only heard ministers echoing what PM say, as for the mod’s “favourite” ELECTED MP and ELECTED “vocal” backbenchers, they are too nowhere to be seen or to be neard. 81 PAP MP vs 6 WP MP, only a few ministers (out of the 81) making noises, how that fare?

    • hachoo said

      Yup. 81 MPs but only a handful keep echoing the more of the same. Are the rest of them on leash ??

      • George Arroyo said

        Yes, they all keep saying the same thing, over and over again.

        None of them seems to have a mind of his/her own.

        It is shameful when behave like puppets instead of representing the people who elected them.

  8. bodohsia.. said

    actually he want to say,
    PM Lee to Singaporeans: Let’s work ‘together’ to make Singapore the best home for all’foreigner

  9. tyu said

    work together for the benefits of PAP?
    Balls to U!

  10. Adrian said

    Make it the best home for Singaporeans first, only after that, Singaporeans can consider making best home for others. Same goes the notion, best pay for ministers first before best pay for others.

  11. Naivety said

    I smell a rat here & very doubtful about his sincerity with regards to the upcoming “national conversation” to discuss on pressing issues & hear views of its citizens…maybe just a wayang show or to cram down on detractors is his sole motive & objective!

  12. Exaggerated said

    Why promise the Swiss standard of living and now advocate on lowering the expectation and standard of living now? Seems like many policies along the years does not gel and flow in consistency. Why?

  13. ahboy said

    Mr Lee, u wan us come together to work as one, but ur father says the following

    it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants from China as they are ‘harder-driving’ and ‘harder-striving’ than Singaporeans

    Ur father see china as more hard driving and striving, why nv recruit them work tgt with your also..

    one talk this, the other talk that lei…

    dot dot dots…………………

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