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PRC netizens curse and swear at PM Lee over his impending state visit to China

Posted by temasektimes on August 30, 2012

Despite Singapore’s pro-China immigration policies and the desperate attempts of the government to establishment good ties with China, the mainland Chinese does not appear to have a favorable impression of the island state.

PM Lee’s impending state visit to China from 2 to 7 September this year was greeted with derision and ridicule by netizens, judging from the vitriol poured forth on, a popular PRC forum:

PM Lee has earlier called on Singaporeans to refrain from posting ‘nasty’ things about foreigners online during his National Day Rally speech last week:

“There will be social frictions from time to time. We should deal with these incidents maturely. It’s alright to express disapproval of what happened, it’s necessary even. It’s not alright to be a one-eyed dragon, or to condemn all non-Singaporeans or Singaporeans based on the actions of a few bad apples. Also it’s wrong to slam the shortcomings of others, but ignore our own transgressions,” he said.

The number of mainland Chinese flocking to Singapore to study, work and live at the invitation of the Singapore government has increased over the years, prompting some to give Singapore a derogatory label of “坡县” or Singapore county.

In an infamous interview with National Geographic magazine, PM Lee’s father, the omnipresent Supreme Leader of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew said it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants from China as they are ‘harder-driving’ and ‘harder-striving’ than Singaporeans.

Read all the comments here.


54 Responses to “PRC netizens curse and swear at PM Lee over his impending state visit to China”

  1. bodohsia.. said

    its like when u spit now u have to lick it back..u got to like it before we kick it…

    • welovesingapore said

      So ungraceful for a country to have 5000 years of history to be one eye dragon to a small red dot with 47 years of nation building. Ever wonder why the china posting for a foreign dignitary was not even moderated, censored and blocked by their restrictive media. This only shows that their top government did not appreciate the past friendship established by Mr L. There would be some truth that their own gov believe because unnecessary open comment to welcome US presence here would have irritated them. Their gov may have keep quiet earlier because they know how to keep their mouth tight unlike our red dot who would talk openly without considering offending other nation even. Now they are using SG to their best advantage. We are the real disadvantage nation here with a lousy ungraceful neighbour who only want to use us.

  2. Sinkaypoh said

    Yes, bring more Ma Chis here, to boost our status of “richest country”
    Import more TT players for next Olympics
    Carry more Chinese balls
    Maybe China will invite our “affable & popular leader” to take over Bo Xilai’s job? 😉

  3. hihihi said

    look at the 3rd and 4th posts. are they serious?

  4. WayangPAPWP said

    There’ll be more to come. Sit back, relax and watch the show. Someone get me some popcorn?

  5. Poon said

    Interesting…perhaps, PM Lee can go over there to make the same speech about the minority of those who made nasty comments about foreigners!

  6. Posh said

    What he meant was slaves from china to spend money here to boost gdp and fill the treasury to enrich the lee dynasty.

  7. Alamak said

    Wow..they really LOVE PM Lee a lot and call him all sorts of names…中国人民对他无好感…见风使舵的家伙,顶个华人脸又来套近乎..他还真是把自己当回事..这个货来干嘛?滚犊子!

    And asking us not to slam them…looks like the table has turned. We the citizens will not slam them…let them call him anything they want, as instructed by our Mr Shan

    Our Leeders will welcome them by the boatloads, treating them as one of us just because of same skin color.

    Let’s see he welcome more of them so they can shit on your grandfather’s orchard road, like they recently did in Causeway Bay HK.

  8. Singapuraboi said

    Ha ha still want to talk about integration? It is obvious from the post they think Singapore is a vassal state of china or a Chinese outpost like Nepal and we have to be anti Americans like them. No matter what PAP did for them they 不当我们是一会事. PAP just give it up. U want us to integrate them and they treat us so derogatorily. Even if we don’t like their people and country, we have not bad mouthed their leaders. Here, their arrogance is obvious.

  9. mahbok tan said

    Bullshit la lkyew…..whats ur hidden agenda….????

    killing all the birds with 1 stone is it…????

    So bring in PRC to SG to : * suppress our wages , * threaten SGporean to have more babies , * to ensure more chinese in SGpore thus eliminating minorities , * supplying PRC with Pink IC as they can move to Western country easily….!!!

    So lkYew and famiLee are working hand in glove with China la….lei….dah….KNNBCCB to you LKY….!!!! ( meaning good riddens to u )

  10. notAproudSingaporean said

    Wake up old man! Or don’t wake up at all

  11. Chee Kok Wing said

    Every year the government of Singapore reminded the citizens to be fruitful and replenish Singapore with 60,000 babies and every year the government only harvested 30,000 dumb kids. So what action do you think the government should take? Sit back and watch Singapore decay? You complain when immigrants from China are brought in. If the government imports people from Bangla you complain the air in Singapore is getting more smelly by the day. If another group from the same area is imported you complain the sky in Singapore is getting darker by the day. If more uneducated people were brought in from other parts of South East Asia you look down on them. If people from the Middle East and Afghanistan were brought in you worry about more bombs going off.


    • joe said

      Fu la. R u a father yet? Have u ever change diapers or r u still wearing pampers?

    • R. said

      Kan titu la you.

    • edwin said

      you just talking cok….do u have sister i want to married her

    • The active working population now are those supposedly in their twenties, thirties and early forties of age, meaning those borned in 1970s, 1980s. (This is the age group with lots of foreigners and PRs) The lack of number of singaporeans in the workforce now is due to the stop-at-two policy. Granted, the government has now rescinded on its policy and has started to encourage more procreation since the last decade. However, the government must truly help to finance the family. For example, each parent CPF will get a 5% top up in their ordinary account each month for a decade for every child born. This CPF money will then help to buy a bigger flat so that only perhaps one parent needs to work. The burden of financing the mortgage is a real dis-incentive to have more than one ‘super’ kid.
      @Chee Kok Wing – you’re terribly xenophobic on singaporeans, calling our children 30,000 dumb kids borned each year.

    • Singapuraboi said

      Lets get to the root of the problem here. It is about VOTES! I tell u even if the locals become more productive the immigration policy would not change, in fact it might panic the govt more as there would be more anti PAP constituents. The influx of grateful foreigners would increase just to even out the negative votes. U duh or what?!

    • Jack Meoff said

      Chee Kok Wing, the importation of foreigners to top up the population is not the solution to our current low fertility rate issue, in fact it is aggravating the problem. its all a vicious cycle. the more they import, the more prices of flats and living will go up and unemployment rate will also increase. and the locals will find it even harder to have babies. it is only a short term (less than 10yrs) solution, 5 yrs down the road, the birth rate might even drop to below 1.

      if you ask me what is the solution, i do have some suggestions which i believe many people has been suggesting.
      1- free medical for children up to primary 6
      2- abolish the domestic worker’s levy
      3- free pre school education and childcare

      if you ask me where all these money will be coming from, i’ll ask you where has all the money collected from taxes and levies gone to? we have just about zero social welfare in Singapore, but the taxes, levies and monies collected are sky high. eg. ERP (nobody has ever question how much is collected each day, i would think its in the millions), COE ( millions every month too), income taxes, and the biggest money churning GST.

      from my rough estimate, we are looking at multi billions collected every year. can’t we spare some for the future of our country? i doubt the amount would even hit 1b.

      none of us know the actual amount unless the govt. is willing to open up and be transparent. its a huge can of worms i would say.

  12. Yharyah said

    See lar.. u deserve it!

  13. Singapore Cock said

    I have 1 one eye dragon and I am using it to keep the PRC gals happy every nite!

  14. limchinsiong said

    Can someone who is fluent in mandarin do a favour for the 40% sporeans and post in all major PRC websites, urging the PRCs to question LHL during his state visit, what he thinks of his father serving the enemy when Singapore was invaded and occupied by the Japs. Also kindly advise the PRCs that ex President Nathan also served the Japs. Singapore is probably the only country on the planet with a ex PM and ex President who have a track record of serving the enemy.

  15. NaBey said

    Well done PRC! The more u swear at these f***ker, the more i like u!

  16. RC said

    These prc dogs and pigs will probably be the same sonofapig who comes to Singapore to study and enjoy their lives here. I’m waiting for such dogs and pigs who becomes Singaporeans and played a big part in PAP’s downfall.

  17. edwin said

    these PRC..NOT STUPID…they jolly well know what n why pap want them here…but once they PRC got have what they wanted they will leave this land for sure….

    • what to do.. said

      they will leave this land for sure after they have taken all the fat meat here and we true singaporean will be left here to clean up the shit they left behind.

  18. enough said

    he is despised everywhere

  19. Samuel Lee said

    Translation to the best of my ability (Literally what it means)

    1: Singapore eats China boot licks US / suppress China is something disgusting
    Explanation: Apparently the Chinese thinks that Singapore “eats” (taking advantage of) their sports player and yet boot licks to USA (Singapore IS an ally of USA but not China) and hence linking the alliance between US and Singapore as Singapore supports US’s anti China / Chinese policy which is something they felt disgusted. (Why the f*** the Chinese don’t say they “eat” Singapore’s jobs, scholarship & school placing, housing etc.?)

    2: A country that is only as big as a bird (A small country only – Chey!)

    3: Behind the back always carries US’s shadow – aka US’ puppet only.

    4: Go and die (Asking other countries’s PM to go and die!!!!!!????)

    5: Whack him to his death! (Kill him!!!!)

    6: What for he come here (China) for what? He really see himself up there is it (He think he big-shot si bo?)

  20. HowManyFlagsAreFlying said

    Dr. Arsch, 2nd post: Chinaman slang (transliterated as – bird, big, one, country) meaning a frigging small country.

  21. Naivety said

    Hope those PRC FTs that the Pro-Alien Party had brought in by the container loads will vote against the PAP come GE2016…hahaha!

  22. Many of the mainlanders are nationalists. Of course they will take offense to anyone who trades with the US.

  23. True Blue Sinkie said

    The senior Lee, PM Lee and his entire generations are cursed.

  24. 陳一峯 said

    well, they are one of the biggest creditors for american debt. now, who is the american puppets.

  25. ahboy said

    Supreme Leader of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew said it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants from China as they are ‘harder-driving’ and ‘harder-striving’ than Singaporeans

    Then Why police catch the person who hang china flag in singapore sometime ago?
    Since they hard driving and striving, give them hang ma… Stupid

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