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Tan Chuan Jin to look into complaints by foreign students that they have difficulties finding jobs after graduation

Posted by temasektimes on August 30, 2012

While Singaporean graduates have to struggle to find jobs after graduation, foreign students studying in Singapore on scholarship appear to have an easier time as they need to serve a three year bond in Singapore, and yet they too are complaining about the tight labor market.

During a forum held at the Singapore Management University on Tuesday night, Acting Manpower Minister was peppered with complaints from foreign students about difficulties in finding jobs after graduation – they need to serve three-year bonds here and cannot work part-time, yet some companies are only hiring Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

In response, Mr Tan said he sympathized with the problems faced by foreign students and promised to look further into the matter.

However, when Singaporean students in the same forum brought up the issue of competition with foreigners, Mr Tan asked them to decide on the way they should behave towards foreigners:

“All of you here have choices to make. Do you want to be consumed by hate, anger, unhappiness? Or do you want to say, let’s do something positive,” he said.


43 Responses to “Tan Chuan Jin to look into complaints by foreign students that they have difficulties finding jobs after graduation”

  1. SgGuy said

    I’m not surprised if eventually he pays more attention helping the foreign students rather than helping the local students. After all, over the years our system have been very SPG-like. Serve everyone else but screw the locals. PUI!!

    • Jagish said

      There should be no surprises here. They have always put foreigners ahead of Singaporeans.

      As long as the 60% are fine and happy with this, nothing can be done to change things.

    • patriot said

      here is a moron who is in the army facing only singaporeans, and got very excited and sympathesizes foreigners thinking they are at a disadvantage. in times of peace , he would help foreigners live well. In times of war, he wont hesitate to point his rifle at singaporeans. his loyalty belongs to foreigners.

    • [P]ine[A]p[P]le said

      Why don’t ask the foreigners to serve NS too. At least they don’t need to worry bout food and lodging and most importantly get paid too. Tsk tsk

  2. NaBey said

    Go geylang, joo chiat, stand along roadside sure got job !!!

  3. Free Trolley said

    If the student had went for industrial work and performed up to the standard, the company would naturally hire them back.
    This is a matter of standards, not because companies need to hire Singaporeans/PR.

  4. The Gardener said

    Chuan Jin, thank you for the Soldiers you lead & so conveniently forget the unemployed Singsporeans. Use your cow sense.
    They need to burn someone for the altar & you are the sacrificial cow. Hahaahaaaaa. We don’t need to vote you already.

  5. i say what i think only said

    let’s do something positive (for the foreigners). Why don’t u start finding jobs for local graduates instead? just because there is too many of them unable to find job does not mean u should ignore problems of the majority and nope, increasing levy is not the way to go because u are restricting no. of construction worker and heavy labour jobs which i doubt u will allow your son to do (when he grad from local uni and should get a low menial pay) in future. They are still competing with E-Passes with lots of dubious degrees from philippines, china and india.

    remember the case of cleaning company for MBS that hire 30 E-Passes of cleaners from china? Is the whole MOM sleeping or plain dumb? Do u seriously think that is an isolated case? Where’s the quota for E-Pass? Many of these are graduates job which is in high demand locally but extremely low supply (interviewing locals is just an SOP to show no discrimination)

    • piss Sgprean said

      Bingo. right jack pot. now native born Singapore are minorities, FT are their main concern. We pay tax to them is to make sure they take care of FT and not singaporean.

  6. rongY said

    when singapore born singaporeans complaint, MOM just ignore them, when a foreign trash scholarship graduate complaint the acting minister sit up and promise to do something for them, this is the attitude of the PAP government pro foreigner policies and make SG into the current unhappy situation and resenment for her citizens. if these graduates are any good, they should have no problem getting a job ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD. iTS ABOUT TIME THE GOVERNMENT FACE REALITY THAT MOST OF THOSE FOREIGN TRASH AWARDED SCHOLARSHIPS ARE ACTUALLY 3RD OR 4TH GRADE STUDENTS, THE FIRST GRADES ARE ALL KEPT IN THEIR RESPECTIVE COUNTRY WELL LOOK AFTER BY THEIR COUNTRY. pap JUST FACE THE HARD TRUE.

    • piss Sgprean said

      Singapore don’t serve Singaporean. They are now serving Maid and FT and schoolars. Where are all singaporean? we need to fight our own rice bowl.

  7. Singapuraboi said

    This is ridiculous! There r local grads who can’t find work and they r stressing out about finding work for foreign students graduating from Singapore institutions?

  8. elizabeth said

    So the govt has to check it’s priorities…..your concern is for the foreign students???????It was fine when we recruited foreign labour but now they are taking up our jobs in all fields…Singaporeans are struggling to make a living…
    “.All of you here have choices to make. Do you want to be consumed by hate, anger, unhappiness? Or do you want to say, let’s do something positive,” he said.
    This means we should all say here take our jobs, take our space,take all you want cos we are positive ????? I wonder I really wonder where this is all leading to…

  9. seah said

    alamak we vote and pay you ,to take care of us sporean ,But what happen?you JAGA the foreigner baik baik

  10. Leecher said

    You can be rest assured that he will do his utmost to get them their jobs. Each job equals one vote for his beloved PAP. Even when SIngaporeans will lose out this paper general will fight the war against his country.

  11. loco momoko said

    This unfair for the locals that are struggling to find jobs also.Why can’t the ministers stand up and help us in the first priority basis.We are purely local citizens with Pink icth are struggling to find jobs after we graduate,buy a hdb flat tfhat is ridicoulously small,feed our children with our low paid income.,work two jobs just to survive and stay in Singapore.Dont they ever go throuh and. feel what we are going through.?Think before u say something dear minister.

    • piss Sgprean said

      Their positive attitude is towards schoolars fm oversea, scare they lost their next vote and not enough baby.

  12. Danny said

    Why should a Singapore Minister be helping foreigners find jobs? This is insanity. How about the many Singaporean graduates who are still unemployed due to PAP pro-alien policies. Singapore employers prefer to hire foreigners because they are cheaper due to CPF exemption and no disruption at work due to NS. The pro-alien PAP must be destroyed for betraying Singaporeans. Singapore is for Singaporeans.

    • welovesingapore said

      Think in another way. If the mom in charge say something unpleasant to FT request, what would happen to the open economy in SG. Funny is he is not sympathic to his voters graduate children’s plight??? Nobody in their right mind would do this unless they are confident that they will still be voted again. Young voters need to study and know their rights.

  13. babuseng said

    Chuan Jin, you like to label anyone who disagree with your government’s policy as being “consumed by hate and anger”? Look, it doesn’t take a genius to see the ruinous effects of a longstanding open door immigration policy. These waves of discontent are trying to tell you something – the question is are you listening?

    • KARMA said

      They never ask themselves why there are hatred and anger now, why we dont have that 10 years ago. What they can see is the results and ugly consequences of/but not their extreme policies.They are certainly myopicThey will reap what they sow. It is a question of when.

    • [P]ine[A]p[P]le said

      why u nv use ur BRAIN!!!

      Quoted by PCK

  14. Victor said

    Thank you Minister Tan Chuan Jin. You had made your stance over the past few days very clear. You are totally ‘pro-foreigners’. This helps a lot when it comes to voting time. We know we cant count on you to serve Singaporeans.

  15. Vic said

    They keep saying FTs are here to create jobs in our economy. So, now our minister has to find jobs for them?

    I am glad that “… .. some companies are only hiring Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.” that the way to go.

    Incidentally, I read elsewhere Obama is sets his policy that any immigrant to be admitted must must have the potential to create at least 10 jobs for US economy.

  16. solaris8899 said

    obviously is a double standards.

    • Vic said

      What angers me is no favouritism shown for our singaporean graduates.

      But, I glad to note “.. ..some companies are only hiring Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.” Could this be true.

  17. teo said

    It’s good not to employ them after graduation. Our local breed do not have enough to eat already. After their 3 years bond, released them back to their country to work and not to cone here and snatch our rice bowl

    Singapore is kind enough to let them study but not able to provide them long team career here. So they still complain what? Government should take care of local and first priority for local breed.

    • Vic said

      Stop that yearly 2,000 scholarship grants to foreign students. They are costing us taxpayers hundreds of million each year. Give these to our local students instead.

      • piss Sgprean said

        yes. why should Singapore use tax payerss money to pay for them. our own Singaporean kids are all suffereing not able to enter U, not able to find a job. you can’t even feed Singaporean, why should you go feed other ppl from other countries whom only commitment with you for only 3 years. they can even cut the bond and dissapear.

  18. Can you help Singaporeans first? said

    Can you help Singaporeans first?

    please look into old age Singaporeans that cannot get the jobs.

  19. Tsa74 said


    I cannot find job, you want to help foreign grads instead?

  20. gerry said

    i was at the forum and mr tan offered the same promise that he would look into the matter when a singaporean said that he knew of companies who were hiring only foreigners and could be discriminating against singaporeans. anyway, the three year bond doesnt mean that they automatically get a job. they still need to find a company willing to take them in the first place. get your facts right, TT.

    • Vic said

      Ya, ya.. I thought this fellow should have that little political sense not to show open discrimination against locals.

  21. Observer said

    Exactly Gerry. Twas there too and honestly his words were totally taken out of context! Cmon la TT want to attack also do properly leh! Twisting words and omitting information is just plain dirty.

  22. Shu Hui said

    My frd was at the dialogue too and she recalls that the foreign students had asked a question about some MOE bond with their scholarship. So TCJ say he wasn’t familiar with the conditions but he will check (I suppose that is his meaning of “looking further into the matter”). Anyway, isn’t it good news tat foreigners are finding it hard to find jobs here? Means the coys are finally waking up to the idea of hiring SINGAPOREANS FIRST!!

  23. Ray said

    I think the real issue here is what the hell is MOE doing offering grants to so many foreign students?! And bonded as well?! MOE obviously has some explaining to do. Go after Heng Swee Kiat, not TCJ la! Need to solve this problem at the root once and for all! And from what I heard, these foreign students will be forced to pay back the grant if they cannot find jobs 3 months after graduating. Come on la MOE, locals so hard to find jobs, why must force these foreigners to compete with us?!

  24. Frank Lin said

    I heard from a friend who was there (at this SMU thing) that Tan Chuan Jin said he would look into it. But his focus was still on S’poreans. I don’t think the govt would be willing to prioritise FTs over us at this stage (at least not for jobs). But there are also other issues here.

    Just to be clear, I’m a S’porean, got my degree at a “private school” part time and worked in both non-profit and not-so-profitable sectors. I’m easily replaceable. I compete with FT too. I would very much want S’pore citizens to come first.

    But from what I have read, there are two points that must be addressed.

    One point is this – there are unemployed S’poreans (maybe they can’t find a job, or maybe they’re “choosy”) and this group needs help. The govt should do more for them. That I’m sure, is something we can all agree on.

    But what bothers me – and this is my second point – is that we, as a country, have brought these students in. Whether it was the govt, or the PAP, or my grandfather who owns many roads, we as a country have brought them in. So should we not be gracious enough to help this batch of students fulfill the obligations we have placed on them? Granted, it may have been a mistake to let so many in at a time when what S’poreans wanted was a tighter immigration policy, but we still have an obligation now that we have let them in. I say we assist the current cohort of foreign students. Because they came here trusting us as a society to give them decent treatment as members of our workforce. Because we as a country have the decency to honour our promises. For future cohorts, if they choose to keep coming in such a climate, we can scale back the opportunities made available to them.

    It’s not that I’m an FT supporter, but as my father used to tell me, if you knock the girl up, u got to marry her. These foreign kids have been screwed by us. They dont find a job, they got to pay 60k to MOE. I say we do what is right for these kids. They didn’t sign up for these new restrictions.

    • Vic said

      Frank,don’t worry so much for the foreigners. I believe most of them came on MOE’s scholarship which not just paid for their tuition fee, but housed them and feed them for at least four years. Some even came at pre-tertiary stage. We don’t owe them
      obligation to find them jobs, after giving them free education. As for the bonds, Let’s cut loss. Release them from their bonds and let them go home.

      On the other hand, every country has the implicit obligation to protect our own citizens’ interests, living and way of life. After all, these young graduates served their country in national service and swore their loyalty to this country, to protect it with their lives., Their forefathers fought and built up this country. Their parents and sponsors paid taxes. Sometimes, we miss our common sense: Who do you want to help first or to eventually bequeath your home to, your children or your neighbours’ childrens?

  25. Instruction said

    Lots of foreign trash are working in the Public sector and banking sector.
    You want them replace. Make it fast.
    General, if we go2 war n you want us to listen to u. U better listen to us now, before we start shooting u b4 u give instruction.

  26. Charles Soon said

    What a strange world! Male Singaporeans have to serve mandatory military service which essentially means being held back 2 years. Then compete with all & sundry including foreigners for a place in one of the Singapore universities; then graduate & struggle to find jobs for themselves. Whilst foreigners got into universities through scholarships & bursaries (not open to citizens) & then now a Minister promises to get them jobs as well.

    Give me a foreign passport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Boo said

    JOBs for foreigners NS for Singaporeans

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