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Alex Tan apologizes to SBS Transit: “I deeply regret my actions…”

Posted by temasektimes on August 31, 2012

Former Reform Party candidate Alex Tan Zhixiang has backed down and apologized to SBS Transit for sending an email filled with expletives to its management two weeks ago.

In the letter titled ‘Fxxk You SBS’, Alex Tan described his hallowing early morning experience on a SBS bus where he was deducted a full fare for alighting from the front door of an overcrowded bus.

The letter was addressed to the Transport Minister as well as other government agencies.

Alex had earlier written on his blog that he ‘appreciate’ the Singapore Police for referring the case to the Magistrate and  he believe the authorities will come to a ‘trusted decision’.

The Magistrate has since instructed the police to look into the matter which prompted Alex to send to two emails to SBS Transit expressing ‘remorse’ for his earlier comments.

“I deeply regret my actions and will never write any article in the public domain through my website or any other sites,” he later wrote.

Speaking to queries from the media, SBS Transit spokesperson Tammy Tan said:

“We have since accepted Mr Tan’s apology and understand that he will be retracting his earlier comments. We will keep the Magistrate’s Court informed of this latest development. “



17 Responses to “Alex Tan apologizes to SBS Transit: “I deeply regret my actions…””

  1. Jack said

    Alex Tan is now with another political party, is this article intentionally targeting at Reform Party?

  2. The Gardener said

    Alex, PAP need you. You are most welcomed.

  3. Whilst netizens may go under cover using monickers or their actual names, it is essential that they shd b genuine and truthful in their posts. Casting aspersions recklessly without due consideration to the welfare or reputation of the offended party/parties is uncalled for, as is also obscene language though the latter is more acceptable considering today’s more open society.
    Hopefully, Alex Tan’s public apology wld set the stage for a more polite trend in social networking and discourse in cyberspace and, as an invaluable spinoff, for Gen-Y and future generations to be more civil to each other and to their elders in the home and workplace.

  4. Gina said

    He has very vulgar mouth. A person can raise a compliant effectively with ivil words. He as tarred the political party he is associated with

  5. he is going anonymous said

    who wants to bet alex is going anonymous?

  6. Vic said

    Apology does not save him. He has permanently damaged his own public image. Not only that, he has also raised warning to us voters to beware of characters among opposition politicians, whose background we are not familiar with. People could be so vulgar, so obnoxious you don’t want to take a second look at them.

  7. Q said

    By all means criticise but use vulgarities?! Wonders how successful he will be in migrating out of SG if folks in other countries read his blogs.

  8. Oute said

    Maybe he can asked for “political asylum.”. This will help him to leave sooner.

  9. Sweet Talk said

    Repent………. serve him right…………… Banish him to join the SDP…….. CSJ would love such people…………..

  10. Ron said

    What is the issue? Was it the use of an expletive? And is that considered an offence? Fuck is now in the Oxford Dictionary. It may be crude or vulgar and I hope any laywer in this forum can give some clarifications.

    We are now in the social media age. If someone says Fuck You… can he be reported to the Police? We will then have thousands of reports flooding in. However, if the rest of Alex Tan’s diatribe was full of irresponsible statements calculated to insult or harm the receiving party, then maybe he has committed some offences.

  11. NaBey said

    Fuck is kan in hokkien. My friend and i always kan lai kan kee. We kan lin lau bu, kan lin nabey ji by, holang kan. So what? Must my friend apologise to me? Can i sue my friend?
    Kan SBS. Come sue me lah! My friend name Sim Boon Singh, SBS can or not? I kan my friend got salah meh? CiaoJiBy

  12. Steve Lee said

    Alex Tan has unfortunately damaged his reputation by his ill considered behaviour. Swearing and cursing is never the best course of action in any circumstance.

  13. jack said

    ALex Tan is clearly a coward

  14. He is and we are all part of the 99% else you wouldn’t be reading or writing something here!

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