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Ng Eng Hen: Taxes will be raised to fund increased social spending

Posted by temasektimes on August 31, 2012

Taxes must be raised eventually to fund increased social spending, declared Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen at a forum held on Thursday evening to discuss Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech.

“Our society is ageing, we will have more aged people, and we want to take better care of the disadvantaged and disabled. Just by numbers alone, even if you spend the same amount, social spending has to increase,” Dr Ng said.

When asked by a forum participant about the possibility of using budget surpluses to fund the nation’s increments in social spending, Dr Ng said the government does not have surpluses, noting that PM Lee had even mentioned in his rally that it took out S$8 billion from Singapore’s reserves in the last financial year.

“If our economy grows, if the size of the economy grows and revenues come in, then perhaps we don’t. But as you know, we have some limits of growth in terms of labour and our land, so our economy is projected to grow one to three per cent,” Ng added.

Unlike other First World countries, Singapore does not have a comprehensive social safety net for its citizens who are expected to work for as long as possible till they drop dead and die.


29 Responses to “Ng Eng Hen: Taxes will be raised to fund increased social spending”

  1. Lim said

    I think there’s a lot of room to cut spending like no need luxury designer chairs or $2k+ bicycles and less on defence by more efficiency. TOP heavy increases expenditure.

    • Vic said

      Like the $8.60 million enclosure for the pandas, like the $1.0 billion for the Garden in the bay, like the 2000 scholarships given out every year to foreign students (each costing over $100K for tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses)

    • Mel said

      Good comment.

  2. P Koh said

    Bring back all the lost money from poor investments by GIC and Temasek and manage the salaries of Ministers properly and there should not be any need to raise taxes which will frighten off investors and driving more Singaporeans to look for other
    countries to migrate. What happened to the huge reserves which I hope is still there and the Minimum sum in CPF retained by the CPF Board to dish out bit by bit to faithful citizens??

  3. Sweet Talk said

    I am not a rich man but I support this great idea from the government. Does the SDP support it? Of course they will choose to throw stones at this idea….. Would the SDP “perceived leader” CSJ sells his books and donate part of his proceeds to this cause? They can only spout nonsense with his party mouth piece Temasek Trash (TT). Hey Dumbos…… Look at yourselves before you ever point a finger at others who are doing a good job. From what I know, SDP would not be able to do anything closer to what is existing in Singapore….. be it with PAP or WP……..

    • Jack said

      I don’ think the issue is the support to help the ageing society, it is why the resources must be from the raising the tax? what happen to all the GST surplus, absorbitant COE, duties of cigarettes and liqour revenue?

      • Naivety said

        I understand that just through ERP gantries & charges, LTA is collecting more than S$10 Millions daily!

      • IronMan said

        The sales of BTO flats, compare the building cost to the selling price. How much is the profit? Where does it goes to?

    • joespice said

      Hey look we have a volunteer Sweet Talk who is fine w donating HIS salaries to this cause. A round of applause pls

    • said

      Hey sweet talk, do you have a brain? let me guess, you’re probably a civil servant who is grateful to our govt for your 5 room HDB flat. Wake up and smell the shit man! question yourself on where the hell is the money from the casinos and ERP going to?? who is will suffer for the tax increase?? THE POOR!! So what the hell is the point of increasing taxes to HELP the poor for?? Cant you see the contradiction?? The reason why our country is in this shit is due to blind fools like you.

      • Independent said

        The poor refers to the unemployed I believe. If one is unemployed, the only taxes he pays is gst etc not income tax. So when those employed have to pay taxes, the more u earn, the higher taxes u pay. If u think carefully, it’s also not fair esp if those poor ppl deserve to be poor. Hope we are just helping the poor who really are unfortunate and deserving of help. I pay at least 3k of income tax yearly. While I can get by, I also dun want my $ contributions to be misused by the govt or to help the wrong ppl.

  4. compatriot said

    Singaporeans have hired the PAP as the government of the day,the government with its common senses have to be seen to practisel fair play and do justice well to the people whom has given them their faith and trust

    When the state needs to raise funds to increased social spending the peoples will respond to that need when good examples and goodwill are met and set upon

    The contributions must first comes from the cabinet ministers and all parliamentarians including the president to trim their bloated salaries and offer them to begin as a start

    Then I dare say graciousness is extended and shown

  5. oute said

    What about the defence budget. do we need so many aircrafts, submarine and bases in america, France and australia etc.

  6. Seah Lim said

    No need to tax the working class or the middle class.

    Tax the super rich and those who came running here looking for a tax shelter e.g Jet Li. Then start taxing all those big corporations and then go after all those transactions in offshore banking.

  7. First, reinstate estate duty. Zillions hv bn robbed from the rest of us with the famiLEES and their cronies paying zero sum in estate duties following the decease of their loved ones when the State shd hv bn very much enriched from estate duties on the deceased’s estate. This is daylight robbery, 2 say the least!
    Second, if taxes r 2 go up, tax the rich on a graduated scale, and not the lower-middle, the middle and the lower classes being the rest of us. As Prof Lim CY wisely suggested govt shd raise salaries of the rest of us and freeze the wages of those earning 15k and abv, so govt shd likewise tax the rich much more and leave untouched the rest of us 2 b able 2 ride the tiger of hardship breathing close by in our daily living.
    Third, revise downwards ministerial pay and pay of head honchos in our PLCs. Act real, not wayang-kulit at ppl’s expense. Enough is enough!

  8. The Gardener said

    Nabeh. KNN. After spending all the money to line their pockets now they wanna increase the tax. CCB.

  9. Sooner said

    They are creating more job opportunities…
    – No. of babies born 30 yrs ago about the same as now. But no. of schools increased (pri esp). So they can have more principals and vice principals. (now they even have a 2nd VPs, Admin Officer, Operations Officer). The construction, maintenance everything, all related to JOB.
    – the new ministry created. New office, maybe new building soon. Renovation, jobs ..etc.. and of coz more salary to pay. $$ coming from.. everybody
    – COI SMRT – $10 Million.. Minister Salary Review – $1 Million.

  10. fpc said

    do you see 8 billion spent on you?

  11. Naivety said

    GIC can anyhow squandered US$60 billions of our reserves through reckless investments during Dr. TT reign but no money to increase social spending to help the poor & elderly?? Tell it to the marines then!!!

  12. True Singaporean said

    here we go again, talking about minister salary… look if you can take up such a high position like the PAP i am sure all other singaporeans will not mind paying multi million salary. do you know what do they face in that position, they are not only working for themselves.. but for the whole of singapore! the other thing is raise taxes to help the poor, do you know how many poor citizen out there? do your calculation, if everyone were to help unlimited, then i would say singapore will be bankrupt! we are having a 5 million population and just everyone gives $100, we are looking at a total of 500,000,000!!! if every month we need to fork out the money then may i ask where does singapore government finds money???? pray to god?

    elderly people when they grow older they need see doctors more often than the younger ones. when the old singapore is still growing, where did your parents find money to feed you? they work hard and save the money. today generation, when comes to taking care of their parents they find it troublesome… so stop blaming the government on this and that! look at yourself first!

    • Independent said

      Have u compared their salaries with ministers overseas? Other countries have a greater population. Can I then say that their ministers work for more ppl and thus shld be paid more? Further, we should take other factors such as the wealth distribution and quality of work into consideration. Ur views are very narrow.

      • Mel said

        I would expect these highly paid individuals to perform better than to come up with a solution like this.

  13. True Blue Sinkie said

    Cut defence spending, buy less aircraft, tanks, missiles, guns, bombs, etc. Stop sending the Airforce personnel for permanent overseas detafchment in US, Australia, and other countries. How much is each serviceman/servicewoman paid per day in allowances, and what is the annual cost of each overseas detachment.

  14. Wong said

    I thought media report that Singapore is the riches country in the world ? Something very fishy , PAP will never stop sucking from us until we drop dead , be it rich or poor , they will think of ways and means , this will never end !

  15. drumdem said

    why don’t the ministers reduce their high paying salary to raise the money..

  16. NaBey said

    Fuck! The rich no need pay estate duty, no capital gain tax! And yet CB govt increase our tax! Kan titoo!
    Note: CB means central bureau not cheebye!

  17. Jo said

    And so they found a reason to increase in taxes but they forget one thing the salary of a Singaporean did not increase so we be earning lesser and lesser after paying this tax and that higher cos of living dun think the service provider will remain the same when they also have excuse to increase from the govt so in the end it the salary will remain the same but we be paying more for things and services

  18. Liwejie said

    Let us review the expenditure of all ministries and statutory boards. Explain how the money is spend. In the youth Olympics , over spending by $300 m. Also the luxurious items in the ministries . If we review carefully and be transparent to the public, we will advise where we can get the money than increasing taxes. In a private companies if the economy is not doing well I.e the revenue either dip or constant the only ways is to cut unnecessary spenings. Even top management travel economy class. In this case the revenue is our taxes and cost is our public expenditure. We need to review all spendings. Can Dr Ng explain and be transparent on all items in the public spending inclusive travelling?

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