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Chan Chun Sing: Singaporeans must remember to give back to society

Posted by temasektimes on September 1, 2012

Paying it forward is one of the way of creating an ‘inclusive’ society for all Singaporeans, declared Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing.

Speaking at the Chinese Development Assistance Council’s annual Student Awards Presentation, Mr Chan reminded Singaporeans that they must remember to give back to society in their endeavor to do well in life.

Relating his own life story of receiving bursaries and scholarships from clan associations which enable him to pursue his studies during his younger days, Mr Chan said:

“As I stand here today, it’s also my duty to give back to society, as much as society has given to me, if not more. I hope that all of you who have benefited from the assistance of the society, from the love of your family and through your own hard work, that one day you too will stand forward and do something for society.”



35 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing: Singaporeans must remember to give back to society”

  1. NaBey said

    Hello sir, why don’t you give 90% of your salary to the old folks collecting cardboard? What kind of pay back did you pay? Don’t tokkok.

  2. Indignant said

    Society and taxpayers have given you scholars millions – please give them ALL back to society. Thank you for walking the talk.

  3. Helen said

    Singaporean need not give back to society. Why? Becasue the PAP has taken (scammed) almost everything they have. So it is the PAP who should giveback to society.

  4. sexyboy said

    Mr chan is right, singaporeans should learn to give back to society instead of just keep on taking from society, just like locusts

    • x said

      Throughout Chan Chun Sing’s entire fucking career, everything from his scholarship to study overseas to his million-dollar ministerial salary is paid for with tax payers’ money. Yes, he should give back to the society.

      But you don’t give back to society by taking a million-dollar salary from the society, you fucking hypocrite. If you want to give back to society, just donate your million-dollar salary to the poor and the destitute.

    • Naivety said

      Hey Sexyboy!

      Please FO from our tiny shore!

  5. Lim said

    Please have the conscience to give back at least 20% of your salary to the needy. Telling others to give is easy. I can also do it too.

    • True Blue Sinkie said

      LOL !!! You make day. I had been depressed for the past 2 days and you make me laugh for once. Thank you, thank you.

  6. dog of the dogs said

    So that can channel more to foreigners ?

  7. enough said

    if you practised what you preached

    you should return half the obscene salary to society and help the less priviliged like you

  8. enough said

    corrections on previous posting,
    it should be’help the less priviliged”

  9. Tan Yan Ren said

    Chan Chun Sing,
    Take the lead with your position as a leader in Singapore. GIVE BACK to SINGAPOREANS what is rightly theirs and deservingly and then we talk about the rest…leadership must set example eg ask ALL MInisters and PRESIDENTS including the expresident to start giving back to society and SHOW US the way…ask Nathan, Tony Tan , PM SM ., and excluding MM because he had giv3n us more than we asked for….to donate to charity in a substantial and meaningful way and drive us to tears FIRST>>>PLEASE!!!Do yopu dare take up that challenge ?…tell us/…………

  10. richard said

    World highest well paid minister should learn to give back to society instead they just know how to increase tax.

  11. Steve Lee said

    ALL Singaporeans, both high and low must give back to society in whatever way we can. Giving can be as simple as having a friendly chat, looking out for or lending a hand to our neighbours and those we come into contact with. In fact, the higher one’s position, the humbler one should be. We are all Singaporeans.

  12. P Koh said

    The government is taking more from and giving less to society. See what they are going to do to help the poor, the old, the sick and the underprevileged because it is no use talking without doing.

  13. Cozy said

    What’s the big fuss? He is right. Every decent human being should definitely strive to give back to society but within their means of course! Whether you feel PAP has robbed you of your supposed “riches” is irrelevant here.

  14. IronMan said

    And in what way has this idiot pay back to society? By being paid obscene salary? Obviously the society need to give u a huge mirror!

  15. Chip said

    Mr Chan…then why not you give away part of your million dollar salary package to charity? Especially since you took so many bursuries and scholarships, all the more you must give back. Talk is cheap. How about the government giving something back to society also?

  16. Beenthereseenit said

    The Ministers are giving back to Singapore alright, in exchange for millions.

  17. InGodWeTrust,AllOthersPayCash said

    Oil will dry up. Water is wet. This guy is making motherhood statements.

  18. Jackson Ng said

    Spread young talent among schools

    Concentrating the best students in top schools is not ideal, says Ngiam Tong Dow

    by Woo Sian Boon
    Aug 30, 2012

    During the dialogue, Mr Ngiam was also asked about his thoughts on a one-party system versus a multi-party system.

    In response, Mr Ngiam cited the ancient cities of Sparta and Athens. “Sparta was efficient and disciplined, but in the end, it failed, because such a state is very brutal, whereas Athens was very chaotic, argumentative, messy, but they survived,” he said.

  19. mahbok tan said

    Tell us how to give back to society…..volunteering….???
    How many hours per day….????
    With salary @below $2K ,who gonna serve my table at home…????

    This MIss-de-ster look smart…but tock kok onli like parrot…!!!

    KNNBCCB … you chan…..( meaning have a nice day to U )

    • Naivety said

      You can’t judge a book by its cover & appearance as he is more like an “empty vessel which makes the most sound” by TCSS once in a while & still get basic salary of at least $1.1 million dollars in a year (basic component only)!!!

  20. Paper General said

    Unless there is a change of gov. sg may not survive. History tells us abt Roman Empire, Great British Empire. Europe disintegrate -so sg ppl dun think is not vulnerable.

  21. If i get paid half a million$ per annum, i will surely pay back 60% to society.

    If i my annual salary is 2 million$, i will surely give back 70% of it back to society.

    If i determine my own salary of $3 million from taxpayers money, i will donate 80% to help the needies.

    and if i get paid $1.5 millions with state paid accomodation, i will surely return 90% back to society.

  22. Marshal Chintulan said

    Another Paper General talking cork & crap here!
    CCS, please walk the talk by donating your basic salary of $1.1 million per year to charity to help the poor, elderly, destitute will you?

  23. Marshal Chintulan said

    Wow, just talk cock & sing song here & there without substance once in a while can get basic salary of $1.1 Million dollars a year (basic component only) so good ka? I also want to be Acting Minister leh!!!

  24. Independent said

    Giving back to the society doesn’t really mean $$$ contribution. By working hard for the ppl is a way to contribute to the society. I’m no scholar but was once beneficiary of the edusave awards of $300 for gd improvement in studies. I get it almost every year and while its not a lot of $, it pays for my textbooks at least. Abt 10 years ago, My dad who was retrenched also benefited fr an ntuc retraining prog and received 1k monthly for three mths to learn basic IT skills while he looks for a job. We had $ for porridge at least then. We are this now at least employed and in a way contributing to the society and economy. We dun take the above for granted just bcos we pay taxes or what.

  25. True Blue Sinkie said

    Chan Chun Seng…your face look like a cock sucker

  26. Sick said

    I will give back to the society if govt gives me.

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