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Disappointed with WP for not defending Singaporeans against attacks by PAP

Posted by temasektimes on September 1, 2012

Very disappointed that not even one WP elected MP has not come forward and opposed his views and defend singaporeans. Taking an interest in Singaporeans interest does not equate to xenophobia.

Being against the idea of an open immigration policy which easily allows employment passes, dependent passes , student passes , PR’s and eventually citizenships does not equate to xenophobia.

I expect the WP MP’s who are the only alternative voices in parliament to speak up for Singaporeans against all these xenophobia labels being levelled.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook.


30 Responses to “Disappointed with WP for not defending Singaporeans against attacks by PAP”

  1. I have read alot of opposition news and happenings… I have strong suspicions that some PAP supporters may be spreading bad vibes against WP simply because WP are the only ones voted in parliament and they have influence over decisions and policies.

    • compatriot said

      True indeed the PAP wont go down without fighting
      Unquestionably so will the Opposition

      It seems the WP can be seen to be elusive to all intents and purposes when netizens are fighting to raised their voices of dispraises about policies of wrong doings practised and passed down to Singaporeans by wicked senior cabinet ministers cabinet ministers and their parliamentary executives which inevitably has led to conditioned Singaporeans to bear with untenable livelihood

      Netizens are fighting the depravity of the PAP government about their hard to managed daily lives with their battle cry without any support from any elected parliamentarians

      The Battle of Waterloo is at hand and is coming very near

      Mod’s note:

      What battle are you talking about when the mole is not eradicated yet? The ‘Wayang Party’ is the single biggest threat to democracy in Singapore. It must be eliminated before the real opposition can emerge to fight for us. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please spread the message around.

  2. Query said

    @Samster, maybe u help WP to rephrase ur help into a Question they can ask in parliament ?

    • EDWIN said

      @ SAMSTER….you are disappointed with WP….??
      …………………HEY Samster you go n tell your party most singaporeans are VERY DISAPPOINTED with THEM..

  3. WP FTW !!!! said

    No this petty crap from TTR again.

    The manifesto for the General Election 2011 was entitled ‘Towards a First World Parliament’. This was also used as a slogan during campaigning. One key proposal was for more affordable public housing such that
    Housing Development Board (HDB) lessees should be able to pay off their mortgage loans within 20 years rather than 30 years. On April 27, 2011, Low announced his candidacy for the Aljunied Group Representation Constituency along with Lim and three other “A-list” candidates.

    WP and SDP never cross each other paths in any elections before so both are not in each other’s way so why the need to eliminate WP first ??

    Even with WP around, SDP can still win seats on its own from PAP at Sembawang, Holland-Bukit Timah and Yuhua. If SDP truly is good for Singaporeans, Singaporeans will still vote SDP into Parliament even with WP around.

    Besides, even if TTR brings down WP, it does not mean SDP will instantly win elections because WP and SDP are mutually exclusive.

    In fact, if WP loses Hougang and Aljunied GRC, Opposition movement will die a natural death for next 15 years or so. PAP will say ALL Opposition cannot manage SMC and GRC so why vote Opposition. It is similiar to when SDP lost 3 seats at GE1997 and for next 15 years, ALL Opposition was affected because PAP say Opposition cannot manage a SMC, let alone a GRC.

    Dr Chee never provided any democracy to Singaporeans because he always expose his rear to PAP to give him lawsuits and thus always absent himself from elections until so many walkovers all the time. It was very bad for democracy and very bad for Opposition movement because Singaporeans had no choice to exercise at walkovers.

    What is TTR really afraid of ?? WP becomes big enough take over Government from PAP or SDP can actually win elections ??

    All your Anti-WP quotes are proven false already. Even my SDP friends said they do not know about TTR and wants nothing to do with TTR.

    SDP friends told me CSJ will be most happy man in Singapore if WP can really replace PAP as government so that SDP can finally fight PAP on equal terms.

    TTR’s tactics so far only invite hatred for SDP instead and seems to be really helping PAP more. PAP supporters pretending to be Opposition supporters to sow discord among Opposition is PAP’s old trick.

    TTR should just stick to tabloid news. I suspect The Temasek Review are run by reporters from Wanbao, New Paper, InSing, STOMP and Shin Min etc because TTR is like them, full of false smearing news and tabloid news.

    • Naivety said

      Good analysis & well said…WP FTW
      Well, anything is possible in the game of politics!

    • Tan Kow Ku said

      ha. quite true. their reporting style just like 八卦報紙

    • Paul said

      Temasek Times are run by PAP youth member

    • A G Young said

      Patience! Time will tell!

    • Me said

      With so few against a gang, i believe the wp is wise to maintain a steady voice. It will be politicl suicide to bark too much, as the pap is waiting for any opportunity to wipe them out. We need their voice in parliament, at the same time, we have to believe them that they are there for us … I am sure ALL of us know that wp is surelt NOT having an easy task, knowing the nature of pap! Keep going, wp! WE BELIEVE!

      Mod’s note:

      A LAME excuse for not saying or doing anything, might as well replace them with dummies. LOL.

  4. WP FTW !!!! said

    Let us just focus on supporting WP and grow WP be next government or else it is just Opposition parties playing musical chairs again.

    One government-sized party like PAP and many small parties is the main reason nothing ever changes in Singapore for 47 years. We had musical chairs experience for 20 years with SDP winning 3 seats at GE1991 and losing all 3 seats at GE1997 before WP regain voter confidence at GE2011 by winning 6 seats but 15 years lost.

    Original idea of democracy is to change governments peacefully and is not about changing Opposition parties and sticking with PAP.
    The other alternatives will be an obstacle to WP’s plan to grow to become government.

    If NSP,SDP,SDA, RP,SPP etc was in WP’s shoes today, I would still say the same thing and urge Singaporeans to grow NSP,SDP,SDA, RP,SPP etc base on their winning GRCs/SMCs platforms so that the faster Singaporeans have another alternative government-sized party to vote for government. But the fact is NSP,SDP,SDA, RP,SPP etc has no platforms now and WP is the one with platforms.

    Singaporeans dont have a choice but vote PAP as government is because end of day, Singapore still needs a government to run the country and there are no other alternative party strong and big enough to mount election challenges at government level.

    How many 5 years do you have ? The fact is your foreign immigrants issue remain for 20 long years is because no alternative party is strong and big enough to replace PAP as government, grab power, review policies and change policies. It is all about having power to change things. Not even WP have that now.

    After 20 years of immigration, Singaporeans already have about 1 million New Citizen voters. If the alternative parties do not wake up to merge with WP, accept WP’s well-deserved leadership and continue their own selfish agendas to play musical chairs and merry-go-round, nothing will ever change in Singapore.

    Ultimately, all political parties are the same as party policies, party manifestoes, party creed, party culture etc changes with situations and changes with time so why can’t people just merge with WP and help WP grow the already available platforms ? Nothing is ever fixed anyway.

    Even if NSP,SDP,SDA, RP,SPP etc strike out by itself, it might take 10-15 years to achieve 1-2 GRCs but like WP, that will be the maximum and nothing happens. Singaporeans are trained by PAP for 47 years to accept government stability so coalition government is hard idea to sell. Singaporeans want a new government but prefer a new single alternative party government. How many 47 years do you have ??

    • DIY said

      What’s so difficult to be an effective opposition party. First you must know the art of belabouring the government. Second do research works to back up your debates. I provide WP FTW with some hints which I posted on 17 July 2012 titled ‘Quiet’ WP is just PAP in blue shirts. To make easy reading I suggest at TT’s website at top right corner; type ‘church mouse’ on search engine.

      One posting from Jack have even forwarded that he had :-
      “checked the full parliament report for 12th Parliament (Parliament for 2011 – 2016) in Singapore Parliament Report which I encourage
      everyone to look at.
      Just select “Advanced Search”.
      Select Date Range: “Within Last Year”
      Use “By MP”
      Select any MP you like.
      For example I select “Chen Show Mao”
      For current Parliament, I counted WP’s 8MPs asked 700+ questions since the 12th Parliament sitting.
      That’s more than 500+ questions our 82 PAP MPs had asked.”

      Jack really admired the statistics for 8 MPs asking 700+ against 82 MPs with 500+ questions. What he did not realize how the ‘Action Party’ are performing. Every available 82 MPs will be assigned a task at the various parliamentary committees and sub-committees.

      Now scroll down to my DIY opinion and you can evaluate what the MPs from the ruling party aimed at producing decision making policies. This is how you earn your $16k allowance. Its money worth spending.

      Will be hearing from you on September 2012 Parliament Sitting.

  5. WP FTW !!!! said

    TTR is trying to ruin Alternatives Cause by nitpicking everything and treat it as WP is the Government of Singapore with unlimited powers to achieve miracles.

    Mod’s note:

    Nobody expects WP to achieve ‘miracles’. It is only expected to perform its most BASIC duty as an opposition party like the DAP in Malaysia, DPP in Taiwan and Labor in UK. What has the ‘Wayang Party’ monkeys done or said so far to indicate that they are the opposition? They are simply sleeping on their job! Shame on these useless clowns who proclaim they will be the co-driver to keep the driver awake last year, but end up sleeping themselves!

    • Kuomintang said

      DPP in Taiwan is not exactly an opposition party that is worth emulating. Also, opposition parties should not oppose everything just for the sake of opposing. PAP has been taking a populist swing so far after the election, and is in fact over-doing it.

    • Playfair said

      Hi Mod, PAP is afraid of them. So this site is a PAP site.

  6. singkey said

    wakey wakey, honey long over liao.

  7. ngpy said

    Its the same as your home Television Sets which is out of order, no sound and no picture. But very funny thing happen is that not one set, but all the sets are out of order.

  8. oute said

    Wonder whether WP’s MP read the news or listen to the news, or are they in Singapore.

    Mod’s note:

    They are all ‘missing in action’! Only make a grand ‘wayang’ appearance once every five years. Not bad for a part-time job which pays $15,000 monthly.

    • Playfair said

      They are smart. Look at the SDP open their mouth cannot get votes.
      WP smart play the cool game will take another 2 GRC’S in 2016.

      • DIY said

        Are you so sure? In a democracy it is elected by the people and replace by the people. What happen if Aljunied GRC replace the WP.

  9. dumbo said

    samster. if WP did say something, where would you be getting your news? do you only read TT and ST?

    no wonder…

    • Me said

      In this country political culture, NO ONE will glorify or acknowledge the effort of the opposition. It is up to us citizens to recognise the opposition in our private capacity. It is really up to us to encourage them to make changes.

  10. jf said

    TTR, this cannot, that cannot. This wrong, that wrong. Better drink a bottle of maotai, squeeze your bells and hope for a quick death.

  11. richard said

    Can WP had the right to open up thier issue where they papies had a listening ear or were they approve singaporean idea? The big NO from the papies.They were not except anybody idea.

  12. skponggol said

    Unlike other true Opposition parties, WP aka Vichy Opposition has yet to issue any public statement on PM NDP Rally Speech.

    In other First World Democracies, for example USA, the true Opposition Leaders would have issued their rebuttal President’s State of Union Address.

    Yet, Low Thia Khiang demands to be treated as an Official “Opposition Leader” when he always behaves like an Unofficial PAP Backbencher..

    Mod’s note:

    What do you expect from the PAP’s ‘B’ team? They need to obtain official permission from the PAP HQ in Bedok first before they can open their platinum mouths or pussies. An opposition which does not oppose is better off dead. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please switch your support to REAL opposition parties which can make a REAL difference and not a ‘flower vase’.

  13. We trust WP said

    WP had brought up issues about employees and workers every year but every year PAP gives same answer with PAP statistics and the cycle repeats.
    Did not PAP rebuff idea of Minimum Wage every year when WP brought it up ?
    WP did br
    ing up issues about workers but Media never broadcast it. Go WP FB and WP website to read up. If you never read, how you know WP never bring up?
    Besides PAP already arrange an official government channel to bring up workers issues which NTUC. If Unionists like Ong Ke Yung, Desmond Choo, Lim Swee Say, Halimah Yaacob cannot be bothered even though they got power to change things, how can WP with no power intervene ??
    Speaking up is one thing, having power to change things is a different issue. Vote in more WP MPs or make WP government then you will see real change instead of just asking questions.

    Mod’s note:

    It’s not the quantity but the quality of opposition MPs which matter. When WP has only one MP in the past, its apologists said they can’t do anything. Now with 8 MPs in parliament, have they been speaking up more? Still as timid and quiet like a church mouse, so what makes you think having another 10 or 20 more WP MPs will make a difference? The ‘wayang’ will continue as usual. WP is the PAP’s last line of defence in the event of a freak election. That’s why the ‘Wayang Party’ has been keeping quiet to avoid antagonizing its political masters.

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power).”

    – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

  14. Nico said

    No la. WP is not the real PAP B team. The moderator of temasek times is the real PAP B team. The reason SDP can’t get into parliament has nothing to do with WP in the parliament.

  15. Invictus said

    One word to describe WP – UNIMPRESSIVE.
    They talk about a First World Parkiment with an vocal Opposition to provide an alternative voice .. But so far, I only hear a wall of silence. You can’t oppose nothing when you hardly say. Word.

    Mod’s note:

    According to WP’s warped understanding, a credible opposition is judged by how SILENT it is! You can replace the eight WP clowns in parliament with dummies and they will not be missed! Maybe they have received clear instructions from the PAP HQ to keep their mouth shut for this period of time? LOL.

  16. nocando said

    who or which party put up this post is in anyone guessing

  17. Bai Hu said

    Perhaps WP has spoken up. But due to our MSM heavy censorship, u will only ‘hear only the good stuff’ – what the PAP government wants the masses to hear.

    Mod’s note:

    Go and check out their Facebooks and those of their MPs – nothing heard from them for a very long time. Are they even in Singapore? Not bad for a part-time job which pays $15,000 monthly! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please spread the message around.

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