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President Tony Tan: I had ‘served’ Singaporeans with ‘all my heart’

Posted by temasektimes on September 1, 2012

Singapore President Tony Tan is enjoying the ‘golden period’ of his life in the past one year ‘serving’ Singaporeans, it seems, judging from a posting on his Facebook this morning.

The well-loved people’s President is marking his one-year anniversary in office by launching the President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive and joining the Lions Befrienders to visit vulnerable seniors living in Bendemeer.

In the Facebook posting, Dr Tan said a year ago, he had pledged to serve Singaporeans with all his ability, energy, and heart:

“A year ago, I pledged to serve all Singaporeans with all my ability, with all my energy, and with all my heart. The past twelve months have been the most fulfilling and inspiring of my professional life.”

Dr Tan also added he is honored to meet many Singaporeans from all walks of life and urge them to make a difference to the community:

“Through the Istana Open Houses, award ceremonies, charity fundraisers, community events and on Facebook, Mary and I have met Singaporeans from all walks of life. We have learned much about your worries, hopes and aspirations….You can make a difference in our community by contributing your time, energy and skills. I look forward to hearing from you about your volunteering experience and how it has enhanced your life.”

Dr Tan is Singapore’s third elected President, having won last year’s Presidential Election by a overwhelming mandate over his three other rivals.


23 Responses to “President Tony Tan: I had ‘served’ Singaporeans with ‘all my heart’”

  1. i say what i think only said

    thank u sir, can let me know when is your commencement date as the EP? i am still waiting to see u in action on what u are doing for us.

    oh wait, 1 year liao ah… paiseh ah never notice what u did. nonetheless, must be good job done la, according to straits times which cannot be wrong

  2. corruptpapies said

    Ha Ha Ha, despite with strong support from the papies just only corner 35% of the voters you called overwhelming mandate. You made my toes laugh.

    • x said

      “President Tony Tan: I had served Singaporeans with all my heart”

      That’s right. Just like his son Patrick Tan, the chao keng deserter who served Singaporeans from his air-con office in DMRI while everyone else have to cheong suah for two years.

  3. rongY said

    just talking cock, million bucks salary for attending functions

  4. hihihi said

    Where is the dark cloud mentioned last yr?

  5. Ron said

    I pray for good health and God’s blessings on Pres. Tony Tan and his wife. I had watched him make a short speech in front of the Buddha in the Buddhist Lodge during the PE election and I am glad he is now the President.

    Some the decisions he has to make will be heavy and serious. He will need guidance from above. For example the young Malaysian who is appealing for clemency on his drug conviction, is a heavy decision even though he may have to act on the advice of the Cabinet.

    • What are you thinking? There is no ’above’.

    • GongJiaoWei said

      Ya. He make a lot of devision. Esp on what lobster to eat, what clothes to wear, how to coverup and don’t let sporean know how much is our reserve?

    • CruEL said

      Ron, he doesn’t make that decison. He MUST accept the advice given to him by the cabinet. You should really read more.

    • Asia Cannot Beat Curruption said

      Hey Ron
      I hope you will not forget to pray for Tony Tan to remember to restore the taxpayers monies that he gambled and lost of around 59 billion Singapore dollars (US$41.6 billion) in January 2008

      He has been dishonest and to all intent and purposes failed to inform Singaporean taxpayers that he has lost their monies when he was Deputy Chairman,GIC and also one of their fund manager before he is elected as Singapore’s president

      This news article was reported by the Wall Street Journal and the insidious PAP government censored this news for total blackout with trickery and betrayal of trust

      Do you think he could be elected as Singpore’s president
      Dont forget to pray for Tony Tan’s sins and also the sins of the PAP government

      Dont Trust Words
      Trust Actions

  6. Helen said

    The only way Tony Tan can serve Singaporeans is to resign. About 2 out of 3 Singaporeans do not want him to be President. He only got 35% of the votes. During the campagim for EP it was also disclosed that his son Patrick got special treament (12 year deferment) from MINDEF while Tony Tan was Defense Minister. Tony Tan is a PAP stooge.

    • TT is a PAP stooge? said

      it seems that TT is also a PAP stooge – “overwhelming mandate” (ha ha ha)

    • Cronies united said

      Ah, relatives, however remotely related, have their own benefits. Have you not known they are one big happy family???

      • Marshal Chintulan said

        Don’t you know that Tony Tan is Lee Kuan Yew’s brother in-law as they are related through marriage?

    • enough said

      fully agree,

      If he is a man of his word, he should resign or forsake his entire salary to the poor and tell singaporeans that although

      they did not vote fo him he is still willing to serve the nation without pay

  7. sad state said

    With all your big heart, you cannot make one dollar appear in my wallet.. Please show Singaporeans the money!!! What a sad group of fuckers.

  8. GodBlessSG said

    I will believe you are serving with all your heart ONLY IF YOU CUT YOUR PAY BY 90%!!!

  9. CSI said

    OMG – what did he do so far?

  10. divideandconquer said


  11. Naivety said

    I did not even vote for him as he was not even my 3rd choice out of the 4 candidates being lined-up!

  12. Majulah Singapura said

    Wow, just coming out to wave hands to the audience during NDP can get him a million dollar salary. I would gladly take his job for 10% of that salary. 🙂

  13. singaporean said

    Get your bloody facts right lah… “overwhelming”… what a joker this editor has became

  14. fep said

    Watching Olympic in London is his best achievement so far. My neighbour Ah Pek also can do that. shameless……

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