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PA integration council proposes ‘buddy system’ for native Singaporeans and new immigrants

Posted by temasektimes on September 2, 2012

With social tension fast rising between native Singaporeans and immigrants, the People’s Association (PA) Integration Council held its first work-plan session yesterday to brain-storm plans to ‘integrate’ the two disparate groups together by hook or by crook.

Due to the government’s ultra-liberal immigration policies, too many immigrants were accepted into Singapore within too short a period of time, making it almost impossible to assimilate them into society.

As there are now a sizable number of them in Singapore, they tend to stick to their own cliques instead of mingling around with Singaporeans.

Some of the suggestions raised at the meeting includes having a “buddy system” for neighbours comprising new immigrants and local Singaporeans like in the SAF.

“Humans, by nature, actually want to clique together according to their similarities. So you’ll find sometimes the Chinese may clique together, the Indians may clique together because it gives them comfort and security. To break that clique, you have to make them comfortable.”said Associate Professor Fatimah Lateef, advisor, People’s Association Integration Council.

Other ideas include highlighting good examples of new immigrants and locals in the media, recruiting new citizens as volunteers, and having heritage activities.

Foreigners now make up 40 percent of Singapore’s population. Of the remaining 60 percent which are ‘citizens’, an increasing number are born overseas.

Official statistics have conveniently omitted the percentage of local-born Singaporeans while lumping Singaporeans and PRs together into the same category of ‘residents’.


23 Responses to “PA integration council proposes ‘buddy system’ for native Singaporeans and new immigrants”

  1. Singapuraboi said

    Can I roll my eyeballs?!

    • Sinkaypoh said

      I suggest they lead by example – invite 1000 banglas & pinoys & PRCs to live in at the Istana for a whole year… I’m SURE they will benefit from “buddying” our supreme leader 🙂

      As for me, I’ll do my part by integrating with that unidentified underaged pros (now of age) if the govt will foot her $600 bill, thank you!

      • SgGuy said

        N.I.C.E idea! 🙂

      • I like your style, same here!
        If i get paid 50% of the leaders’ salary, i will surely embrace them with open arms.

        What about those who has lost their jobs to the newcomers?
        What about those who has lost their peace like the one with stinko new neighbour?

        They will definitely resent them, it is only natural or human reaction.

        So how?

        Any solution?

        Plenty, just listen to the people and fix the dam problem.

  2. Jack said

    Where is the budget for this effort coming out from? Our PAP government and PM Lee already said that they need to raise tax for social spending, these effort to integrate migrants would surely increase of country expenses and eventually have to come from Singaporeans pockets.

    our government is creating making issues that eventually have to be paid by the country.

  3. Ben said

    “Buddy system” is sheer stupidity by PA. (to be expected because it is controlled by incompetent and pro-alien PAP) Why should a Singaporean be a “buddy” (a foreigner)” to someone who will likely take his/her job away (being exempted from CPF cheaper to hire) and, in addition, make cost of living, public housing, education and healthcare more expensive for locals.

    • Edison Wong said

      They are totally clueless. They seem to be coming up with more and more stupid solutions to the problems they have created.

      It is scary to see the foreign enclaves sprouting up all over Singapore and which are probably controlled by the ‘mafia’ from the respective countries.

  4. Lim said

    I suggest a buddy system of one MP to 10 social welfare families & one minister to 30 needy Singaporeans – it makes more sense to help one’s own financially poor people than to integrate with foreigners who thumb their noses down at us and refuse to integrate. Imagine integrating with my PR China KTV singer!

  5. P Koh said

    It looks like the government is finally taking the right step forward. My suggestion is to organise as much social activities for integration as possible and rope in the new citizens to share and understand theirs and our different cultures. One of the best medium for integration is to get the children of new citizens involved which will indirectly draw in their parents many of whom would in normal circumstances be too busy trying to earn a living to have second thoughts towards the heitage activities.

  6. jo lee said

    integrate? Never work here or anywhere else on earth. in the US, migrants have to integrate into the larger US community. No choice. foreign content here is too large and when local and foreign mix, local content gets diluted. GET IT. simple chemistry

    When we say the pledge, we say “we the citizens of Chinapore, oops maybe Indiapore, pledge ourselves as one united integrated people, regardless of nationality, or from where you came from, to build a democratic society based on money or inequality, so as to achieve happiness and prosperity to all our new friends and progress for our new integrated nation”

    Is that what S. Rajaratnam intended? I don’t think so!

  7. The Gardener said

    Hahahaaaa. Lolz

  8. dog of the dogs said

    Would you invite rapists, thieves , or potential criminers to your home ? Our leaders should do it first to set the trend.

  9. Ivy said

    Only in Uniquely Singapore, are locals reminded to “integrate” with foreigners. Singaporeans should say enough is enough and vote this Pro Alien Party out in 2016!!!

    • EDWIN said


  10. Lucinda Goh said

    It is only natural for us to find it difficult to accept them. Any human being would feel that way too. Even in America, supposedly the most cosmopolitan and open society on earth, people there keep their berth from foreigners too. The American Chinese there are even more anti Chinese. They are rather unfriendly, thinking that we could consider staying on and compete with them. Luckily, we were only there for a visit as tourists. So, what I am trying to say is, xenophobia in us is only natural especially when too many immigrants are let in too liberally and relentlessly into our already congested little space. It is only natural that we dislike this and feels threatened. The more the regime tries to mitigate and calls for integration, the more people will disgust and not cooperate until they slow down the inflow drastically or be more stringent with their choice of immigrants. We don’t need butchers, prostitutes, study ma mas, salesgirls, cashiers etc.

  11. Mikey said


    I can help them integrate with my fist.. of fury!!

    Fuck off la!

  12. Independent said

    Buddy system? C’mon we are not in sch queuing up for food in the canteen. Any other more high-level proposals on integration pls?

  13. Fox said

    Yup, we need a buddy who calls us dogs. Everheard of Dog is man’s best friend?

    Damm the irony eh? It makes creating sarcastic remarks a walk in the park.

  14. GD said

    Interesting concept ….. Perhaps PAP should also adopt buddy system with WP or any Oppostion party member to form the cabinet since some of the current ministers are having great difficulties to resolve some of the fundamental issues in SGP?

  15. dan coh said

    Teach them how about the kiasu system and tell them that they are a hatred icon. Tell them the whole truth about abt this ctry works. I am sure most will rush home asap.

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