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PHOTO: Body found in Bedok Reservoir this morning

Posted by temasektimes on September 2, 2012

According to a tip-off we received from a resident living in Bedok Reservoir Road, another body was found in Bedok Reservoir, the ‘suicide hub’ of Singapore this morning:

Bedok Reservoir is under the charge of the Workers Party, whose MP has been ‘missing in action’ for the last few months:

‘I don’t even know who is my MP. Has never met him/her or the Workers Party people since last year GE,” he wrote.



42 Responses to “PHOTO: Body found in Bedok Reservoir this morning”

  1. hihihi said

    At least the puppies will keke act a bit, the wp simply mia themselves. Many dun even know they exist.

    Mod’s note:

    They have probably received clear instructions from the PAP HQ to ‘mia’ for this period of time so as not to steal the limelight from the ‘A’ team. What a bunch of wussies! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message!

  2. P Koh said

    This incident has unfortunately been taken to become a smear compaign against WP. What a shame!!! I hope this is not another case of citizens not being able to cope with the pressures of living in stressful Singapore.

  3. singaporean said

    Oh, one year and you complain? I haven’t seen my PAP MP for more than 20+ years. I can’t even remember his name or his face either.

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  5. NaBey said

    Come on lah …. because he didn’t have a chance to see WP MP and commit suicide?

  6. WP is our fren said

    I live in Aljunied GRC and I meet him every now and then.

  7. really.... said

    i live in a PAP area, i never met my MP, or i dunno who that is either.

    whose fault is it? according to TT, its WP’s fault.


    • Independent said

      I’ve met my pap mp at least four times at coffeeshop, in neighbourhood etc. she’s really very active in helping the citizens with living conditions etc.

    • Yes really! said

      I live in a PAP area as well, but voted for the opposition. Never seen the Mps arond, thought I understand they do show uyp whenever there is makan involed!

  8. Vote WP Out said

    After the 2011 GE, more and more people are found dead in Bedok Reservoir. I suspect the incompetence of the Workers’ Party to be behind the sudden increase of deaths in Bedok Reservoir. Aljunied residents should VOTE WP OUT in GE 2016 to stop more people from dying in Bedok Reservoir!!!

    • studentinsg said

      Why don’t you blame Vivian Balakrishnan instead? After he took over as Environment and Water Minister, people are diving in all reservoirs, canals and rivers in Singapore. Even a heavy rain managed to wash off some Indonesian tourists into the canal.

    • Kkl said

      Yes. Vote the WP out. I have being repenting since WP taken over Aljunied GRC

  9. Body identified as Lee Hsien Loong

  10. Ken Lee said

    hope WP will not increase the mrt fare bus fare tax gst!!!!!!

  11. Schizophrenic TT said

    I live in Bedok Reservoir and I see my MP regularly. Stop deleting my comment and posting things to defame the WP.

    • i say what i think only said

      people commit suicide at WP place to show their unhappiness towards WP meh? TT mai siao la… why never check why they commit suicide in the first place? lose too much in the well-loved casino built by PAP is it? Or pay GST till face green green that is implemented by PAP? worst still, displaced at work by FT that is brought in by PAP and unable to service the high HDB loan caused by PAP?

      I also feel WP can do much more than now but taking every single chance to bash them, childish le.

  12. fnu lnu said

    TT shld be renamed WP Trashing Blog; since all the problems can be blamed on WP, OMG! Next time influx of FT also become WP issue because of not making enough noise in Parliament……

  13. stevenadosan said

    Stop cirticizing WP!..We knows about WP more than you.Say so if you are member of RC,pap or ccc.WP made alot of effort to be elected into parliment.What make you think that we will believe in your stupid comments!Don’t you are aware that WP got a hard time running their constituencies with the goverments’ agencies not helping them either ways?

  14. EDMWer said

    TT is out to stir shit! please stop linking unrelated topics together! it shows how low TT editors’ IQ is!

  15. Htolas said

    You’re fast becoming Temashit Times

  16. constance said

    Wat’s gg on here? It is a suicide case. No any PAP MP or WP MP killed them. Stop being so politic. If one wans commit suicide at such lovely place, even PM Lee cannot stop. The place r widely open area. Although area is under WP but it is control n care by Government. So will our Government build up fences to prevent anyone jumping in there?

  17. Raymond said

    I stayed on the other side of Bedok Reservoir for more than 11 years and never even see my MP once (and people still dare to say WP MP missing in action!??!!) and sadly it does not falls under the WP even though the reservoir is directly infront of my estate. Have anyone checked where those suicidal cases stayed? They might have stayed in non-WP wards and they felt that if they are going to die, they prefer to die in opposition wards rather than in non-WP wards. Stop blaming the opposition wards for all death, what about those death that occurs in non-opposition wards? If you going to blame the opposition wards for all the death, then you have to blame the non-opposition ward for the deaths that occur within their wards too. Don’t tell me there is no cases!!! And why no one dares to question the root of the sucide cases? It could be anything from high cost of living to being replaced by FTs!!

    A death had occurs and shouldn’t our compassion kick in for the family of the deceased instead of using the death as a political means? Or have we all lost our sense of compassion as human years ago?

    • Naivety said

      Yep, fully agreed with you…Raymond

      Probably, their rice bowls have been taken away from them & got replaced & displaced by FTs…usually the major causal factor!

  18. A said

    Wait, so which party does TT exactly support?

  19. Tan Kow Ku said

    i also dont know ho is my PAP MP for the ladt 47 years.

  20. studentinsg said

    By the way, there are 2 deaths at bedok reservoir today. One was the reported suicide in the news but the 2nd one was an elderly male cyclist whom was suspected of having a heart failure while resting on the bench.

  21. richard said

    Why high cost of living and casino who resposible for this.

  22. Tool Man said

    What does the apparent suicide have to do with the MP? This write up is utter rubbish.

  23. Singapuraboi said

    Isn’t the reservoir iner PUB and NParks? Why push it to MPs? The writer is duh or what?! Besides even if it is under PAP jurisdiction, what can the PAP MP do? Fence up or board up the entire place so u can see but can’t enjoy. Hmmm, think they should do that. No one is responsible for another human being’ emotional state. If us want to blame, then blame our society and govt. anyone know why he killed himself? Was because he lost his job? In Singapore, most suicide cases are money related, and seldom due to affairs of the heart. If it is relationship related, it would always be a woman who kills herself and not a guy. Did he lose his job to an FT. If the govt wants the suicide rates to go down, they have to look into protecting the jobs of the locals.

  24. Victor said

    No wonder comments here are taken as noise by the relevant people and authorities. If TT wants to be taken seriously, they should moderate and only related comments should be published with the article.

  25. Mee said

    The police and army should be patrolling the area instead of the airport. What is the use of buying so expensive equipment if we cannot use that to find a body?

  26. True Singaporean said

    i seriously start to the that TT is a supporter of SDP! if you noticed that they praise SDP a lot and just to frame WP all the time and the PAP also. Wake up please! you think no one can noticed it is it? or you are just a fool that write articles without using brains??

  27. Kelvin Lawrence said

    Most of the suicide cases at Bedok Reservoir are gambling/casino related.

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