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DPM Teo urges Singaporeans to develop ‘generous spirit’

Posted by temasektimes on September 3, 2012

Following the message of ‘hope’ proclaimed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his National Day Rally speech, PAP leaders have been imploring Singaporeans one after another to to cultivate a ‘generous spirit’ as well, the latest coming from Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of Singapore G1, DPM Teo said:

“Generosity of spirit and openness in Singapore is something which has been part of Singapore for many generations…..”

DPM Teo also urges Singaporeans to be generous to foreigners as well as the gulf between the two groups continue to grow:

“…if you look around you, all our families, we have always been generous to others, contributing to charity, open to foreigners as well.”

The event has been branded Singapore’s “largest environmentally-sustainable lifestyle event” and is organised by the Singapore Environment Council.


17 Responses to “DPM Teo urges Singaporeans to develop ‘generous spirit’”

  1. P Koh said

    Yes be GENEROUS and above all Ministers must also have COMPASSION. Do not sue opposition politicians until they become bankrupt and do not throw political opponents into jail using ISA and ruin their lives and those of their families. Forgiveness is the greatest gift that politicians must have because during campaigning things are said at that moment to capture votes and after the elections, they are usually forgotten by and large. The populace is not stupid and could decide for themselves what all politicians say during the rallies and will vote for those whom they deem are fit to govern the country.

    • Uncalled statement said

      Well said!! Respect must be earned. We see nothing PAP did to earn it. They would only know how to preach. Show us that you are one to your worthy opponent, WP before your fellow colleagues write such press statements. This is another poor exhibtion of a generous spirit. Sad!!!

  2. spotlessleopard said

    How can be be generous when the Govt. is so mean to its own people….especially towards the Old and Poor…..The PAP govt. should immediately change and be generous to our POOR and the AGED….

  3. Helen said

    Teo “Cheat” Hean is a moron. Singaporeans cannot afford to be generous since the PAP has scammed them of their savings by selling them over-priced, “subsidised”, “affordable” and “shrinking” HDB flats depleting their CPF accounts. PAP office holders are all millionaires. They are the ones that should be generous.

    Under PAP life for Singaporeans has become a daily struggle. Regime change is the only way out. Vote against PAP in GE2016. Tell your family and friends to do the same. The campaign against the arrogant, autocratic, incompetent and pro-alien PAP starts now. Save Singapore for Singaporeans.

    Ball is on your court.

  4. Invictus said

    Perhaps the PAP wants to start this generous spirit themselves. The PAP has done many good things but generosity is need one of their strong suits.

  5. hihihi said

    Can Mr Big Nose show us how to be generous?

  6. Angry Bird said

    What rubbish are you uttering DPM Teo? How could you talk about generosity when the country governed by your ruling party is Stingy and self serving!!! Hypocrite!

  7. i say what i think only said

    when u got 1m, it is easy to be charitable. donating 10k 50k, well within your means. however, when 95 charities storm your house, demanding 10k each, can u still be as charitable as u hope to be?

    when u got the resources and managable, what is stopping us to be generous and open-hearted to foreigners? when they are raiding your home, leaving u with minimal resources, u still expect us to remain generous. can we be generous and instead be stingy to family and fellow countryman? basic economics, scarcity of resources, we cannot be infinitely generous, just like we cannot be infinitely patient with the crap u are causing.

  8. Victor said

    ROFL …. DPM Teo. What a joke. Now you mentioned that we have always been generous, however, you and your colleagues had been labelling us xenophobic at the same time. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, MR. DPM…

  9. Generous to own citizens first said

    Generous to own citizens first

    Hope government will generous to own citizens, by not putting “high housing cost”
    , high cost of living, high fine of going to bus lane of $100 fine, high punishment of canning for not so serious offences, etc…

    • P Koh said

      Just heard a conversation between two men during a bus ride this morning.. “The cost of a three room HDB in Toa Payoh was only S$7,900 in 1980 and now they are asking for S$400,000.! How to buy?”

  10. oldguard said

    Spot on, we have been generous, the gahmen is even more generous, giving citizenship to F trash to take over our position.
    I really don’t understand why we are raising money to support 7000 needy families in the walk for rice in South East district.
    Can you imagine if every district have same amount of needy families, how come we are first world. Everytime I watch the media, it ia always raising fund for the needy families every year. Generous my foot F face Teo.

  11. Singapuraboi said

    Oh yes, I have hope alright!
    1) I hope th FTs would go home or away
    2) I hope more opposition will get into parliament next election
    3) I hope for a new ruling party or at least a coalition govt
    4) I hope prices of housing will go down
    5) I hope salaries would increase
    6) I hope population would return to our real optimum of 2.3 mil.
    7) I hope we can keep to a strict 8-hour work day

    There u go. Not too long a list, right?

  12. Naivety said

    Hey Big Nose Teo,
    Give me 50% of your salary every month & I will be generous especially to you!

  13. Virgorian said

    I love chIna!!

  14. happy said

    i dont know whether to cry or to laugh when these pigs calling us to be generous

    they dont even want to pay for the dying

    and the sick

    they rather lose the rather in American subprime lending, and the stupid purchase of american and british banks

    are these pigs taking us a fools

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