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Lawrence Wong implores Singaporeans: Treat one another with ‘dignity and respect’

Posted by temasektimes on September 3, 2012

In the aftermath of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s inspiring National Day Rally, PAP leaders have come out one after another exhorting Singaporeans to heed his call to treat one another with dignity and respect.

In a Facebook post last night Senior Minister of State for Education and Information, Communications and the Arts, Lawrence Wong said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s comments at the National Day Rally about being big-hearted Singaporeans struck a chord with many.

Using the example of Singaporeans complaining about their neighbors throwing rubbish or cigarette ash from their balcony windows, Mr Wong said:

“Since then, there has been a lot of focus on our attitudes towards non-Singaporeans. But the way we behave towards our neighbours is also an important aspect of having a big heart.” 

He added that ultimately, it is up to Singaporeans themselves to decide how they want to behave and what kind of people they want to be.

“At its core, it is about how we can show empathy and kindness to others; how we can treat each other with dignity and respect. We may be a small island, but let us demonstrate with our actions that we can be a people and a nation with a big heart!” urged Mr Wong, who is also part of the committee tasked with steering the national conversation on Singapore’s future.


19 Responses to “Lawrence Wong implores Singaporeans: Treat one another with ‘dignity and respect’”

  1. Jaded said

    yes, a small island but i cannot understand why the papies still can do such a bad job of running it!

  2. Singapuraboi said

    Yeah, right! Where is ur big heart for Singaporeans? Where do we figure in the scheme of things? We take care of the foreigners and who takes care of us?! Certainly not u cos u r busy studying ur balance sheet.

    • Jaded said

      or CPF statement… when they look at it, they must feel so rich!

    • compatriot said

      Lawerence Wong you can give all your sweeping political speeches if you like because whenever state parliamentarians ministers has an event thats where fools fall in

      You and your huns (deserved) imported these had become to be very unwelcoming FT into our Singapore soil and thereby ruin our livelihood.Steals our jobs.Whereon treacherous employers gainfully exploits and manipulates and caused Social Injustices just to highlight a few,which your elected government dont give a damn to correct this anomaly

      I have a question for you here,You have all the opportunities to have that big heart to rectify the mistakes and wrong doings what the PAP government has done and to restore the rights and respects of dignity and integrity of netizens thereon to forge,muster, reintegrate and live as a nation of Singaporeans

  3. richard said

    Why this happen in 2012.If somebody slap and kick you where you say thank you pls answer me this simple question.A good and lovely city before and nobody slap and kick you.Why now we got this problem.Too many fish in one small fish tank this is the answer.

  4. hihihi said

    Disnee will take care of meeky mouse lah.

  5. Victor said

    If the Government can set the example by treating our very own Singaporeans, espcially our eldery, poor and destitude better, I am sure there there wont be any issues with foreigners. HOW CAN WE EMBRACE AND HUG ALIENS WHO COME TO OUR SHORE TO ROB US OF OUR LIVELIHOOD?

    The worst part is that these people come here with dubious work experience and qualifications and yet, the current Government’s policy gives them an edge over the locals.

  6. Walter Wong said

    Yes, I will embrace the new citizens and tell them to vote for change in GE2016.

    All Singaporeans should encourage the new citizen friends to vote for change.

    Mod’s note:

    Change is impossible so long the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ is not eliminated first.

  7. Submitter69 said

    Bloody hypocrites ! In the first place,has the PAP treated Singies with “dignity and respect ” ?

  8. NaBey said

    NaBey !!! U go tell your carpark attendance to have big heart lah! 5 min never put coupon oso kena summon!

  9. P Koh said

    Well said Minister Wong but the acts of kindness, treating fellow political opponents with respect and dignity must first come from the government. This has been the crux of much unhappiness when “instilling fear” was the rule of the day when the PAP
    first got into power. I do believe that there is now a change for a more open and participative society which will not permit this high-handed rule to happen again. The younger generation is now more advanced in thinking and they cannot accept nor will be easily cohered into submission as in the past. They will be our future generation that will rule Singapore and if their values in human kindness, and treating others with respect and dignity is inculcated now, our country will continue to thrive and attract more investors and better quality new citizens in the years to come.

    • Uncalled statement said

      I agree. This is what we call ‘the pot is calling the kettle black’. If you want Singaporeans to treat FT with dignity n respect, then tell your fellow parliamentarians to respect your worthy opponent, WP. PAPes are not exhibiting good examples n you expect Singaporeans to listen to your ‘gospel’ truth. Singaporeans are very educated for this generation. Please remember.

  10. Seah Lim said

    no lah, the issue is not kindness or courtesy but issues which dont benefit the common worker – Replace 2 year NS and annual ICT with a system which allows time for young men to spend more time on their carreers and family, start a universal health care system for the aged and the terminally sick, Increase taxes on the super rich and transnational corporations. Once these and other worker friendly policies are put in place – then we can supplement these policies with being kind to others.

  11. Uncalled statement said

    Mr Wong, please present to us with statistics that Singaporeans are not treating FT in dignity. I find your press statement is uncalled for and you are playing into the emotions of Singaporeans generally. Its already bad now and you are adding salt to the wound. Sad n disappointing to read your press statement. I would like to end off with ‘put yourself living off taking buses n mrt n staying in HDB flats where you have every opportunity to meet FTs, then you start to empathise with Singaporeans’.

  12. Sashaqueenie said

    Dignity and respect must be earned. Those who disrespect you or take away your dignity must be taught otherwise. No one can walk all over you without your permission. Stand up for yourself. Do not be bullied in your own country.

  13. Yharyah said

    NO dignity and respect to the Pinoy Ass. Holes!

  14. happy said

    show us that you pigs respect singaporean before we can respect you

    show us that you respect singaporean of diifferent political persuasion before you can legitimately call us to respect fts

    talk is cheap

    the papigs treat singaporean like an animals with remarks like a kick in the hide

    shame on you pigs

  15. Noob said

    eh… my pay not high enough ….. not expecting any one in Sink Land to treat me not like dirt ….

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