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Heng Swee Keat urges Singaporeans to share and listen with “open minds & hearts”

Posted by temasektimes on September 4, 2012

With public dissatisfaction with the ruling party at an all-time high, its propaganda machinery has rolled out PR gimmicks one after another to win the hearts of Singaporeans.

In a posting on a government-run Facebook page last night, Education Minister Heng Swee Keat called on Singaporeans to share and listen to one another’s dreams and aspirations with ‘open minds and hearts’.

Mr Heng has been ordered by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to lead a team of younger ministers to ‘engage’ Singaporeans in a ‘national conversation’ about Singapore’s future direction, which has been dismissed by some as another ‘wayang kulit’.

Despite the skepticism, Mr Heng said he is ‘heartened’ by the many conversations that are going on about the national conversation and follows them with great interest.

“Singapore has the means to shape and create our future. And the national conversation is the first step. This is a valuable opportunity for Singaporeans to come together and ask what matters most, where we want to go as a country, as a people, and how we can do this together,” he said.

Mr Heng added that the national conversation will be as ‘inclusive’ as possible and Singaporeans from all walks of life will be ‘engaged’ through multiple channels including dialogue sessions and social media.


12 Responses to “Heng Swee Keat urges Singaporeans to share and listen with “open minds & hearts””

  1. NaBey said

    Go f spider! Listen to one another dream? U mean i listen to others dream and they listen to mine? U want us to simply talk cock to each other with open heart and mind and then govt just sit there do nothing? U know what u talking? U better be monkey god and can go f spider spirit!

  2. fpc said

    how come the ministers don’t lead by example and listen…

    • compatriot said

      He has a ‘still water runs deep,face profile which reads that this person cannot be trusted who by all means would exploits and manipulates to all its intents and purposes to fit his agenda and pleased his master

      Citizens of Singapore is undeniably and virtually the main resources of Singapore

      As our Malay brethen would say.”Jangan Sangka Ayer Tenang Tiada Buaya”
      Orang macham ini ayer mukah nya bilang tak boleh di perchaya

  3. P Koh said

    There must at least be some assurance that if feedbacks through dialogues with citizens are given, they will be evaluated and when deemed useful, will be implemented – walk the talk not just talk the walk.

  4. nocando said

    i’ll not fall for that

  5. richard said

    They themself must listen and put more listening ears and do not do thing immediately without public approval at thier own good.Pls hear from the public first.If you like singaporean to listen and share pls commit yourself first listen to singaporean.Minister should open up more ears now public are crying and cost of living so high like HDB,CARs,etc…………………………

  6. The other Hard Truths said

    The Rich have dreams, but it is the Poor that make those dreams come alive

  7. Talk a lot, do nothing = f@ck u!
    Do a lot, no talk = luv u, my ppl!
    So we know where this min Heng stands with the rest of us. F@ck u back!!

  8. Lim said

    HDB flats – Khaw does not act to bring bubble flat prices down but shoebox apartments so fast to curb them. Why? Because shoebox condo apartments compete in same price range (500k-1million) as HDB flats and no nonsensical restrictive rules – anything that threatens their profitability and monopoly quick to act. Reason about shoebox units not pro-family and not healthy is pure fable.

  9. Mike Tan said

    Mr Heng,
    You head the MOE right. May I know if you have any certificate relating to education ? Childhood education or higher doesn’t matter. If you dun I really don’t see how you can reform singapore’s education system. I acknowledge that Singapore official education certificate receive high recognition world wide. Why is it so? Is it because we are excellent educator or just simply we present ourselve to be clean n justify

  10. Yharyah said

    ” Singapore has the means to shape and create our future ”

    Yes.. and it is without the PAP and foreign trash!

  11. Ah Hui said

    Open hearts and mind – yes Heng Swee Kiat. You need open heart surgery and your cerebellum and cerebrum needs to be examined

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