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Pritam Singh admits WP is ‘timid’: I have seen what the PAP can do to those who adopt an ‘aggressive’ stance

Posted by temasektimes on September 4, 2012

He might appear to be very brave, vocal and loud during the recent Hougang by-election rallies which earn him labels such as the ‘attack dog’ and ‘loudspeaker MP’ of the elected ‘opposition’ Workers Party, but Pritam Singh is actually living in fear of offending the ruling party, as he revealed unwittingly on his Facebook.

The Workers Party’s pathetic performance in parliament so far has sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans, including Jack Lam who lampooned Pritam Singh on his Facebook:

“I am disappointed with WP MP’s performance in the parliament as well as online engagement. WP is too timid.”

In a Freudian slip, Pritam Singh revealed unwittingly that he concurred that WP is timid:

“Don’t mistake timidity for inaction. With more experience, we hope to get better. That may not be enough for you, but I have seen how the government has dealt with those who choose a more aggressive path.”

[Source: Pritam Singh’s Facebook]

Instead of focusing on important issues close to the hearts of Singaporeans such as the rising cost of living, influx of foreigners and sky-rocketing property prices, WP MPs had been wasting precious time in parliament on frivolous matters like PSLE textbooks and overseas voting which few people are bothered about.

The cowardice displayed by WP MPs not only peeved off many opposition supporters, but also led some to believe that they are the PAP’s ‘B’ team to help it preserve its power in the event of a freak election as revealed by Pritam Singh right after the General Election last year at a NUS forum during which he broached the idea of WP forming a coalition government with the PAP:

“If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition government with it (to keep it in power)”

Despite the furore it triggered, WP Chief Low Thia Kiang refused to refute or clarify the statement made by Pritam Singh leading some to suspect if he is really fighting for the opposition cause.


48 Responses to “Pritam Singh admits WP is ‘timid’: I have seen what the PAP can do to those who adopt an ‘aggressive’ stance”

  1. Jack said

    quoted out of context, that is not the way to generate news and traffic to Temasek Times.

    • Andrew Keegan said

      I will vote for any alternative party, so long as they don’t wear white.

      This is the way the majority of those who support the alternative parties feel.

      We want change and any change will be an improvement for us because right now we are in the pits.

      Mod’s note:

      Don’t be deceived by the color of the uniform. The ‘Wayang Party’ is the PAP’s ‘B’ team – the only difference lies in their colors, that’s all. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

      • Christopher said

        It would do good if the so-called Mods do not criticise or show preference for any parties in posts and comments.

      • SUPREME LEEDER said

        WP is wayang or PAP’s ‘B’ team. Chee Soon Juan is too emotional. Then Mod n TTR, why don’t you stand at the next election and show us how it should be done?!

  2. SG0988 said

    Such a disingenuous strategy for ST and TT to take, stirring a minor disagreement of views on FB into something that is bigger than it is. Just right after touting and framing that PM has had a successful “National Conversion” with ALL the bloggers?!!

    Nice try. I won’t fall for it.

    • BryanT said

      Was it simply a minor online disagreement?

      I see it more as hypocrisy and jealousy on WP, or at least on PS’s part, that since WP does not have much of an online presence, whether due to its own timidity, inaction, or reluctance, to cause an uproar when the ruling party attempts to engage netizens online. Since WP has not been doing it, PS is envious that PAP has decided to do so.

      That was why PS asked: “Should we let them?”

      Also, it is very unbecoming of an MP to behaviour in such a pubescent and rancorous manner, whether off- or online.

      One of the reasons for WP members’ non-presence on the internet is because of WP’s self-imposed control over what its members say online. Its over-caution and ‘timidity’ is the cause of WP’s lack of online engagement.

      It’s time that LTK gives PS as good whack too, as he did to Goh Meng Seng and Chia Ti Lik.

  3. fpc said

    This is lame. He is stating the self evident truth. You don’t see nsp doing that as well.

    democracy doesn’t mean having 2 choices – pap or sdp. grow up pls.

  4. hihihi said

    I really regret voting them in…

    Mod’s note:

    It’s not too late yet. Spread the message to your friends to BOYCOTT the ‘Wayang Party’ by switching your support to REAL opposition parties which can make a REAL difference. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

  5. Jaded said

    dun be dumb TT. Trying to stir up shit from nothing again? You people are a disgrace to Singaporeans!!

    • Babuseng said

      While I agree TT likes to stir up shit from nothing, I got to give them props for not censoring any comments, even those critical of them. It’s hard enough to voice an opinion in Singapore, with the ST online censorship, need for speaker’s place permit etc, it’s good to have an alternate platform.

  6. TMP said

    WP needs only to do 1 thing, win elections and parliament. be agressive and dun win pointless. be not agressive and win, well sticks and stones… LTK needs to sort his man out on where the priorities lie. why are there so many idiots who like drama that does not accomplish anything. WP should certainly not do things like stop HC from losing more money or slow down influx of FT, this is helping them. They only need to state their opposition to it for the record and not belabour the point. Imagine if the PAP listens and reverses direction, how will LTK be Prime Minister. Only control of parliament matters.

    • DIY said

      Have you notice that whenever there is Parliament Sitting, the issues are undertaken by the MPs from the ruling party. The 82 MPs will seat in various parliamentary committees and sub-committees and handled the issues relentlessly.

      If they can resolve the issues and produce a solution then it can become better policy. You can view the Votes and Proceedings of parliament Bills at this website:

      Parliamentary task becomes a ‘works of art’ produced by the MPs and subsequently create a Strong Democracy. Thus, the action men from PAP materialize into ‘Parliamentary Action Party’.

      WP can only listen and behave timidly.

    • ha.ha.. teo pian liao...... said

      think this is exactly what they do since 2000, but is it for the best interest of the citizens? gaining their power at citizen’s expense? but supporters still “gong gong” leh…

      No wonder they did nothing during 2001 t0 2010, and let the situation became so bad in 2011, at who’s expense? Just to gain more seats? And you guys believe the co-drivers idea? first world parliament? ha.ha……

      Mod’s note:

      The ‘Wayang Party’ monkeys only talk big during the GE after which they will go to their usual hibernation mode. Where is the ‘co-driver’? Still sleeping lah…

  7. 40% said

    If not WP then who? SDP? NSP? SPP? SDA? RP? Enter parliament first then we can see and judge. Or do you want a 100% PAP parliament?

    Mod’s note:

    It’s already a 100% PAP parliament as WP is the PAP’s ‘B’ team. Even the NMPs and PAP backbenchers are more critical and vocal than their clowns. Yawn….

    • Robox said

      “If not WP then who? SDP? NSP? SPP? SDA? RP? Enter parliament first then we can see and judge.”


      So why did the fools who elected Yaw Shin Leong and then Png Eng Huat, Pritam Singh, Chen Show Mao, and that Malay guy with a very forgettable name vote for them when they HAD NOT YET entered Parliament?

      Are we not supposed to vote based on what we think the candiadtes can offer should they get elected.

      You are putting the cart before the horse!

      “Or do you want a 100% PAP parliament?”

      That’s not possible when the law ALREADY provides for a guaranteed minimum of 9 non-PAP Mps if the PAP wins the elections.

      In all, like Pritam Singh himself, you are making shabby excuses for the WP’s non-delivery of promises made at elections, as well as non-performance in Parliament.

      Try harder next time.

      Mod’s note:

      It’s already a 100% PAP parliament as we have 8 MPs from the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party.’ What’s the difference between the PAP and WP?

    • Another joke from the 'Mod' said

      Hey Mod, why didn’t you reply to 40%’s question: SDP? SPP? SDA? RP? Or should it be MOD? Or TT?
      Being timid huh?

  8. Aljunied resident said

    Andrew Loh is right. WP can and should do more.

    I am definitely “repenting” for voting for them in the last election.

  9. WP is our fren said

    Dont be idiotic lar, TT. If WP is aggressive like your favourite Chee Soon Juan, they will be out of government. Inaction is a strategy, something morons like you wont appreciate

    • Andrew Keegan said

      Singaporeans are fully aware of the treacherous conditions we face.

      That is why we believe that slow and steady is the best course to take when it comes to politics here.

      Mod’s note:

      Are you and your children willing to wait for another 100 years?

      • SUPREME LEEDER said

        @Mod, perhaps you should stand at the next election and show us how to shorten the wait? I’m willing to risk any opposition as there aren’t many, PAP were once oppo and inexperienced too.

    • Robox said

      “If WP is aggressive like your favourite Chee Soon Juan, they will be out of government.”

      The days of harassing opposition politicians who detract most greatly from the PAP are slowly but surely coming to an end, and the WP is FULLY cognisant of that fact. In the past, Chee Soon Juan, who was only doing things considered normal for the cowardly WP, was harassed and arrested even for selling his party’s newspaper or for distributing flyers, activities that other parties were allowed to carry on with.

      Also, is that what you call agressive? If that’s agressiveness, then the WP is just as aggressive.

      “Inaction is a strategy…”

      If inaction is what you support, then you opposition fools also need to decide between “change” and “maintaining the status quo” as well.

      Because I am pro-change of the status quo, I can now confidently say that I can vote for the PAP in any PAP-WP contest. (I spoilt my vote in GE2011 – the first time I could vote – in Moulmein-Kallang BECAUSE the WP’s track record of incompetence while in Parliament that was previously set by Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim.)

      There is far more change that the PAP has now initiated, none of it to do with the WP. hat change is more closely along the lines of the SDP’s policy direction, which the people ousrelves are echoing.

      If you like the fact that the WP MPs are being paid for incompetence, then drop your double standards and be equally satisfied for paying theose PAP MPs who are just as incompetent.

    • singkey said

      ofcos not crazy to that extent. but pls do something, dun disappoint us

  10. Ah Hui said

    The ISD is behind everything – to undermine the opposition. Remember Willy’s check for $400 given to WP – the downfall of JBJ thru our court proceedings and subsequent unseating of JBJ by government’s judicial hatchetman (In)Justice Lai Kew Chai.

  11. joe said

    switching off TT from today onwards. TT is the real TIMID

  12. singaporean said

    ” Pritam Singh admits WP is ‘timid’ ”
    “Don’t mistake timidity for inaction. With more experience, we hope to get better. That may not be enough for you, but I have seen how the government has dealt with those who choose a more aggressive path.”

    tell me how alike these two sentences are again?

    • Lucinda Goh said

      It is right to be conscientious. Do you want them to blab without substance and get sued? That would set back all the hard work put in over the years and dashed our hopes for a saviour from the present regime.

  13. CheckIP said

    haha… am i in the wrong place ? thought last GE u can only vote PAP or opposition…you dun have much of a choice..except for the 3 cornered fight.
    still looking forward to the day when ppl expose the temasak times admin 😛

  14. See-Buay-Song said

    You can see his point.ook at what the PAP did to our real opposition hero – Jeyaratnam. They sued the crap out of him!!

  15. I myself said

    Don’t know why Temasek Times is against WP.

    Have you not seen the video when LTK was alone in parliament to question the million $$$$$ salary and was thrashed by LKY & Loong? This takes lots of guts.

    The WP MPs need to be very tactful when questioning the PAP. Or else there’ll be no opposition left. And that’s really the end of Singapore.

    • Walan.... mata wear short time gathermother story also bring out... bankrupt of ideas liao... said

      please lah….. ”mata” wear short time stuff, still bring out and say…… if like then, then you say the time when singapore kena ”force” out to find ”a way out\” and earn your living…. who have more guts?

      Anyway, that\’s history and for that he is paid already. Don’’t tell grandmother story lah.

      now maybe scare until easily intimidated leh, who knows?

      Oh by the way, the recent latest ministerial salary debate “kana boh” sound and “boh yang” hoh….. let me recall….. did then support it????

      Please lah no party is so great at in without them it will be end of Singapore… this opposition cannot perform, out you go, will have another come out lah… don’t be so arrogant as in without this opposition the earth stop to spin leh… life goes on…

  16. lyv2dy said

    This is not the time or space to stir-up disunity among alternative parties, unless you TT is really an agent provocateur of the pigs or a hidden surreptitious platform of the pigs to sow discord by divide and conquer strategy.

    • Robox said

      “This is not the time or space to stir-up disunity among alternative parties…”

      So when is the right time. When WP Fanatics don’t want a three way contest in a by-election, and defame personalities like Tan Jee Say and stir hatred towards him, so that any resulting unpopularity for Tan Jee Say will ensure his non-election at all future elections?

      What I am hearing here?

      Opposition Unity but only so long as it is to advance the WP’s elections ambitions?

      Mod’s note:

      The ‘Wayang Party’ doesn’t believe in opposition unity. In fact, it is the single biggest threat to democracy in Singapore. Until the PAP’s ‘B’ team is completely eliminated, we will forever be stuck with the status quo. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Time to wake up and see the truth now

      • lyv2dy said

        The immediate and realistic priority and goal at the very least is to deny the pigs their more than two-third’s majority in parliament so that they cannot change the Constitution as they like for own self-preservation purposes, for example the change from single constituency to GRCs, and denied citizens their rights which were supposed to be safe-guarded by the very same Constitution. Without the two-thirds majority, they will need to hold a national referendum to approve any changes, hence the power can rightfully reverts to the people. Hence, any non-pigs winning a seat is a development in the right direction irregardless of party affiliation or an independent candidate. Ideally of course the ultimate goal will be to topple the pigs from having a majority at all. It is better to be hard headed and continue to see progress for alternative voices and not be all emotional idealism and achieve nothing at all. While I admire SDP, I also appreciate very much the hope and glimmer of light the WP gave to down-trodden Singaporeans by breaching the supposedly impregnable GRC fortress of the pigs and raising our morale and fighting spirit immeasurably. Surely this is undeniably positive for all supporters of alternative voice collectively.

        Mod’s note:

        You don’t seem to realize that the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ has been voting together with the PAP on major issues all along. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please wake up!

  17. Me said

    where got coward… The purpose to get into parliment is for the betterment of the country… if u guys are expecting a revolution then perhaps ur in the wrong country..i will continue to support opposition and hopefully more get into the government… Sdp need to get in …dun fight for GRC.. they got good ppl there… fight one on one in single seat wards..

  18. Kaffein said

    Give him a break! Election rallies are very different from the actual parliament seating. Don’t bark up the wrong tree.

    $0.02 worth.

    (SDP and WP supporter)

  19. dumbo said

    the last time SDP was in parliament.. the end results wasn’t too pretty wasn’t it?

  20. reservist_cpl said

    It should be obvious that the agenda is not decided by Pritam Singh alone. What he can ask questions about at any particular time is not quite up to him.

    When there is an immigration bill being debated, that is the time to talk about immigration. When there is a housing bill being debated, that is the time to talk about housing. Or would you rather all of the opposition get turned out of parliament en masse by the Speaker?

  21. Aljunied GRC Resident and Proud WP Supporter said

    How long did JBJ , Dr Chee, Ling How Doong etc lasted ? Any change ? Any impact ? Did PAP change under JBJ, Dr Chee, Ling How Doong etc ?
    What did SDP under Dr Chee give Singaporeans ? Any choice, any democracy, any Opposition seats ??

    All SDP gave to Singaporeans was Walkovers, zero democracy and increased fear as Singaporeans watch JBJ, Dr Chee, SDP etc kept exposing themselves to lawsuits, arrests , bankruptcy etc. What good does it do to Opposition Cause and replacing PAP ??

    Low Thia Khiang’s single candlelight at Hougang for 20 years allow Singaporeans to know what Opposition looks like and what an Opposition MP looks like.

    WP break GRC barrier after 23 years. Future looks bright for Opposition Cause and replacing PAP provided WP is allowed to grow. Today’s WP achievement did not come easy, hope Singaporeans cherish it.

    If talk about atrocities, PAP did plentyof atrocities for 47 years to Opposition areas, Opposition Singaporeans, anybody else who disagrees with PAP, NTUC, GLCs, PA Grassroots, Civil Service etc.
    If take out PAP atrocities one by one and count and discuss and compare to mis-steps from WP, it is clear how much damage PAP did to Singaporeans lives.

    TTR is a PAP supporter with dangerous hidden agenda.

  22. Amanda Hug said

    Dear TT and Puppet master CSJ (or is it TJS?)

    It’s not the opposition cause. It’s the Singapore cause. And the WP is doing right by Singapore. Little wonder that neither of you are in parliament!

    Mod’s note:

    This site has nothing to do with SDP or any other parties.

  23. ngpy said

    Poor excuse there are numerous issues the oppositions ought to have brought them up in Parliament, but they prefered not to raise anyone of them. just carry on and keep quiet and they will miss the boat next election, GUANTEED.

    Mod’s note:

    The ‘Wayang Party’ clowns have been raising frivolous stuff like PSLE textbooks and overseas voting to hoodwink Singaporeans into thinking they are ‘saying’ something when they are not. Do we need such useless opposition in parliament? Even the PAP backbenchers and NMPs raised more pertinent questions than time. It is time to show our unhappiness with the ‘Wayang Party’ by boycotting it completely to starve it of much needed resources. Volunteer and donate to real opposition parties right now to make a real difference in 2016.

  24. nocando said

    get aggressive then, like the FT here. the white is even scarier to us.

  25. skponggol said

    Vichy Opposition….

    “Don’t mistake timidity for inaction. With more experience, we hope to get better. That may not be enough for you, but I have seen how Hitler has dealt with those Resistance who choose a more aggressive path,” – the puppet Vichy French government.

  26. Uniquely Singapore said

    You know, why did i bother voting for these clowns in ’06? If it’s PAP vs WP in my ward I’ll probably vote for Hello Kitty. The pussy with no mouth will in all likelihood say more than these pussies wearing blue.

    Mod’s note:

    You can show your displeasure to the ‘Wayang Party’ by switching your support to other real opposition parties instead to starve them of the necessary resources to grow. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please spread the message of truth to everybody you know. Do not be deceived by the ‘Wayang Party’ anymore!

  27. parks&rec said

    WP’s first responsibility is towards their GRC. Once they have taken care of their own ‘hood’, then they can tackle issues of national agenda. Parties like SDP have too time on their hands, hence they can write books and come out with (half-ass) proposals that doesn’t solve any problems.

    High influx of foreigners is a big problem but how do we sort out the lemons from the rest? Sure, we can increase the immigration bar but is the rest of Singapore prepared to pay more to support local workers? I am but I’m not sure about others. Many are already complaining about rising prices so I’m not sure if there’s a win-win solution here.

    Housing inflation is also a big problem for young couples and for those looking to ‘upgrade’. But existing home-owners are also benefiting from this bubble. If we were to burst it now without regards for the consequences, we will only be satisfying one segment of the country that is particularly vocal.

    Our public transport also needs improving. But given that SMRT and SBS are set up as private enterprise, it is actually difficult to force any policies down their throat.

    Obviously many of these problems were created by PAP’s bad policies and management from years ago. Where were the rest of Singapore when these policies were debated and enacted? To some extent, the entire country needs to take part of the blame for voting PAP in for so long.

    Now, to ask WP to correct the problems created from decades of poor policies after just one year in Parliament is unrealistic and unfair to them.

    Temasek Times obviously have their agenda against WP, this has been brought up many times….

    Mod’s note:

    Nobody is asking WP to solve any problem. All they need to do is to start behaving like an opposition and not wussies. When is the last time you heard a word from Chen Show Mao? Is he even in Singapore?

  28. happy said

    Mr Singh

    if you are not prepared to die for this nation, then dont stay in politics

    Going to jail is part and parcel of a politician

    but Pap today is not pap twenty years ago

    today pap is a bunch of Ali baba, who can only bully the weak

    dont tell me you are a coward, please dont bring shame to your community for your sikh community are a bunch

    of brave people who dare to stand up and be counted

    just looked at Karpal Singh across the model, you would bring shame to him if you are not prepared to stand up

    Mod’s note:

    Please don’t compare the clown to the Lion of Jelutong Karpal Singh who was detained twice under the ISA. The present ‘Wayang Party’ clowns only know how to ‘wayang’ in parliament and collect their fat $15,000 monthly MP allowance.

    • Jack said

      To Mod: At least these guys put up a fight in the Parliament, always better than those who rather go against their will in the parliament and obey their supreme master.

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