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Grace Fu urges Singaporeans to speak out against ‘anti-foreigner’ views

Posted by temasektimes on September 5, 2012

With social tension between native Singaporeans and foreigners reaching an all-time high, PAP leaders have been calling on Singaporeans to ‘bond’ with the newcomers and to reject ‘xenophobic’ views, the latest coming from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Grace Fu.

Speaking to queries from the state media, Ms Fu said she highlighted the ‘worrying trend’ of anti-foreigner sentiments, especially in cyberspace.

She claimed that ‘most’ Singaporeans ‘understand the need for immigration and are ‘comfortable’ with diversity, but there is still a ‘small’ group taking a ‘negative’ view and they are dominating public discourse without substantiating her statements.

“The majority of Singaporeans must speak out when they do not agree with such (xenophobic) comments….Treat others like how we would like to be treated. Although we may not agree with the number of foreigners in Singapore, we should still treat another human being like a human being,” she added.

Foreigners now make up 40 percent of Singapore’s population, up from 14 percent in 1990. Of the remaining 60 percent who are ‘Singaporeans’, an increasing number are born overseas.


177 Responses to “Grace Fu urges Singaporeans to speak out against ‘anti-foreigner’ views”

  1. A humble HK-er said

    I have quite a large number of Singaporean friends who would complain to me (a humble HK-er) face-to-face about “certain groups of” foreigners, even though they don’t complain in the cyberspace. In fact, my feeling (sorry, not backed by proper research, just my personal experience) is that the majority of my Singaporean friends are concerned about the current FT situation. Why is the government denying this?

    • JY said

      the only reason why they are denying this, is because they are out of touch with the people

      • Daft Peasant said

        who say they are out of touch??

        LHL got facebook leh…….miw claim that they are listening to us……. but listen only lah, never say they will do things…..

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Wa JY you sound like a Hall & Ostes fan. You know their song “Out of Touch” right?

      • A humble HK-er said

        And why would a government be so out of touch? when the country is so small? I am just very puzzled…. + this government is made up of very smart people… even more puzzling…

        Dr Ken Mansukhani, I have seen your views throughout, don’t really need further comments from you — because I hope to read sincere, sensible replies/comments only

      • Muthu_samy said

        Oh my goodness Dr Ken, you fart from your mouth, you are just so talented!! LOL

      • P Koh said

        @A Humble HK-Er
        I fully endorse your views and opinion and I am putting a total ‘Blackout’ on communication with Dr. Ken henceforth.
        To continue to communicate with him stains one’s sanity and intelligence. God Bless him.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        P Koh who or what you endorse is immaterial! Your endorsement rights yield zero dollars and cents! I get the feeling you are the greatest ball carrier of this decade! Let’s see if it gets to the greatest ball carrier of the century!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Dai Thamby Muthu Samy
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      • Sasikumar Vet said

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      • P Koh said

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    • Submitter69 said

      Simple.They are only concerned with increasing tax revenue to pay their inflated salaries even at the expense of Sporeans.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      A humble HK-er, let me say to you that sincere, sensible replies and comments, I reserve only for intelligent postings by above average people. Here at TT, there is a severe shortage of intelligent postings and many below below average people. Appears you too have joined hands with the plight of the below average category of people on this frequency. If you recall, I did not make any comments or attacked your posting in anyway. Have a good day!

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Stupid Submitter 69 when I say you got no increment I am not referring to your fucking salary you dog. It is a figure of speech to compare government increasing taxes and you not getting any share of it. Now I truly understand why such a big number of low grade idiots like you thrive on TT. Anyway not important to know the reason now you bunch of morons.

      • Sasikumar Vet said

        Dr Ken, you are like a crazy pig with a special talent in barkng around TT. You are just a hopeless and useless animal, someone whom like to act smart but in actual fact you are just plain stupid! You are not fit to remain in Singapore, fuck off from here…useless and stupid a*s hole. Even trash is worth more than you…worthless pig of the century!

  2. Pulstay said

    It’s easy for her to say since she need not compete with FT for her Minister position. These people lives in their ivory tower and do not know, or should I say refuses to acknowledge the situation we are facing each and every day. From what I see, 9 out of 10 people I know are unhappy about the FT situation. This is NOT “small” as they claim. They have clearly lost touch with reality.

    As per her urges, I’m now speaking out. And yes, “Treat others like how we would like to be treated”. I don’t like my rice bowl to be snatched by others, and so I don’t go to their country to do what they’re doing. In fact, I couldn’t do what they’re doing because their governments are protecting the interests of their people, and our government are doing the exact opposite.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      “……..and our government is doing the exact opposite”. NOT “our government are doing the exact opposite”. Please do some soul searching with the use of your English language. You suck!

      • Marshal Chintulan said

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        Please FO from our SinkieLand…KNNBCCB…u Indian Prick, Wakarimasu ka??

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Dont be racist Mr Tulan. You say I Indian, KNNBCCB, I say to you “Aan Chua, lu hey labu bo Chee Bai Mr Chintulan?

      • Pulstay said

        Yes, my bad. It’s a mistake on my part. However, that does not prove anything about my proficiency or otherwise with the English language whatsoever. Don’t tell me you are perfect and have never made such a mistake as a slip of the finger? More importantly, a mistake like this certainly does not warrant soul searching. If you practice what you preach, you would have done tons of soul searching by now, and would be too good to have posted such an offensive post. Well I guess, I can safely conclude that you are either a hypocrite, or you do not have a soul. Either case, like Marshal Chintulan put it, “FO” and don’t try to change the subject or blur the focus here.

      • f u Dr Ken said

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      • Hold my Cigar said

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      • P Koh said

        @F U Dr Ken
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      • Hold My Cigar Now said

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      • Sasikumar Vet said

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      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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      • Dr Assasin said

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  3. keksim a lang said

    Ah Fu,singaporean generally speaking were not anti-foreigner but anti pap flawed policy in regards to influx of foreigners! Please don’t avoid the main issue! Your flawed policy now make singaporean “xenophobic”? What load of rubbish are your talking about!

    • who bring in so many foreigners? said

      you got the point, who bring in so many foreigners?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        You Singaporeans are the cause for so many foreigners here today!!!!!

      • Hold My Cigar Now said

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      • P Koh said

        So Dr Ken are you now saying that you are not Singaporean which you have claimed to be one before.?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Of course I am Singaporean but not one who complaints and cries like you and so many other Singaporeans about foreigner influx to Singapore. Get it now?

      • Dr Kan yong mama said

        Ken Manshkhaninabu, are you sure of your citizenship? You seem like a trash pick up from my condo’s bin center, did someone discarded you at birth?

      • P Koh said

        @Dr. Ken
        Well done and you have now confirmed that you are a Singaporean so your statement “You Singaporeans are the cause for so many foreigners here today!!!!!” equally applies to you unless you claim that you are claiming to be a “different breed” of Singaporean. What a shitty person you are, filled with ego and narcissism. Please check all my postings and note that I have never had at any time stated that I deplore the influx of foreigners which is not the way I look at things. Since they are already here and unless they are deported for one reason or another, Singaporeans have little choice but to find the best solution to live harmoniously with them whether we like it or not. I am a peace loving person and do not like confrontation of any kind but yet I cannot stand the way you go around pushing your weight, chiding and criticizing others with false and self-glorified authority. Grow up please.

    • nocando said

      they are just acting blur. why keep stirring up disputes between new citizen and local? off-loading the blame on us to please their new voters so as to show how they in favor the new citizens ah?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Your written English is a load of crap!!!

      • A G Young said

        No one , not even a Professor of ENGLISH from ANY UNIVERSITY dares to claim his ENGLISH is Super and GOOD. If he does then he is SELF PRAISING!.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Il am self praising? Hell, I love self praising. So what is your point?

  4. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    I am shocked! Only 40% foreigners in Singapore’s population ratio composition? Personally, I will be delighted if this ratio could be increased to 60%. The dire need for major blood transfusion to replace old blood with new will be complete with a 60-40 ratio. Of course foreigners 60, Singaporeans 40.

    • Muthu the Dentist said

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      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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      • Muthsamy said

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      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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    • P Koh said

      Transfuse old blood with new blood. You looked down upon old Singaporeans. Shame on you. “Young man thinks old man fool, but old man knows young man fool” this was I learnt from an old man in my office when I was only 23 years old. When you reach old age, you will have a taste of your own medicine. You have no respect not only for the old but the
      unique Singapore culture.

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      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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      • P Koh said

        Dr. Ken If you are older than me then you have not mellowed with age and perhaps entering your second childhood. You are loud, abusive, aggresive and disrespectful to others young and old and a vexation to the spirit. You do not deserve the Singapore brand. Grow up old man.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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      • P Koh said

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    • Submitter69 said

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      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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      • Submitter69 said

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      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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      • Hold My Cigar Now said

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    • Marshal Chintulan said

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    • Hold my Cigar said

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  5. ff said

    The government is using the strategy of what LKY used to use. Keep saying the untruth and sooner or later, it will be taken as the truth.

    • Seb said

      Actually, disinformation was the tactic of the Nazi party where Gobbels once said that even a lie said often enough becomes the truth….LKY once said that graduate mums create smarter kids or was that Hitler…I forget.

    • nocando said

      and the whole lot would make believe they are truly doing a great service for singapore

    • Bapok Sissy AssLoong said

      It was possible in the past but not anymore in the age of the internet.

      The Old Fart was a hero to most Singaporeans in the past when the Shit Times was the only news source… but after all the revelations of his misdeeds and dirty tricks were exposed in cyberspace, Old Fart is now treated with disdain by most knowledgable Singaporeans.

      We used to pray for his longevity in the past, now we are asking when is Old Dracula going to kick the bucket.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      It’s “reasonable” people like you and many Singaporeans who will ultimately ruin Singapore. LKY was “unreasonable” in many ways, which is why you are here today with your dick intact and making so much noise in the luxury of your well furnished house. Get the drift kid?

  6. Merlion said

    The government need to know that we are not anti-foreigner, we are anti-PAP. PAP have screw up big time.

  7. tccs said

    Its very clear GDP numbers is failing so LHL has to resort to more FT import again to spur artificial housing growth. To do that, LHL cannot afford noises to the contrary. So he is drawing first blood by branding anyone who speak up as Xenophobic. Can Singaporeans suddenly become Xenophobic after more than 20 years of more than 2 million FTs coming in??? LHL is playing a dangerous game by stroking division within the population by branding those who don’t support his ill conceived immigration policies as Xenophobic!

    • nocando said

      if we are xenophobic, there would be no 40% (just trust the given number) foreigners on this island , it should be way less than that. and you won’t see so many retail shops and restaurants sprung up, still, they keep coming in to do business here. if we are xenophobic, we already create many uproars across the country. don’t know why the FTs bought into their lies. and don’t know why they keep playing this card.

    • Naivety said

      To divide & conquer was Hitler’s strategy then!

  8. Piratetoon said

    Clearly she had lost touch with the mass – she should take a walk around Chinatown even stall holders and shop owner are complaining – what made her think only in cyberspace .

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Nobody complaining in Serangoon Road?

      • Hold My Cigar Now said

        Hi ken ken, if you need me to recommend you a vet pls let me know………only the vet can cure your sickness, trust me brother.

      • Submitter69 said

        Of course nobody complain in Serangoon Rd! Anywhere is better than home for those south asian thrash,stupid dickhead !

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Submitter69, you 43 year old Chinese Singaporean dickhead, I am happy for foreigners to come here and screw the living daylights out of people like you. In any case, from the way you present yourself, it’s clear you are not doing that great in your personal life. I am so happy to realise that.

      • Sasikumar Vet said

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      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

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      • P Koh said

        Dr. Sasikumar, please take him on I implore you and many here will also thank you for this act of service…….and I doubt Dr. Ken has the gut to turn up at your clinic in Serangoon Road. Please please do us all a Big Favour.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Mr Koh appears your favourite vet does not have the balls to give me his address. So you see Sir, your mamak Vet is ballsless!!!!!!!!! Dr SasiKumar or Muthu are the same people Sir and they wash cars in Sembawang area. Have a good day P Koh. You will never match me in anything on any given day!!

  9. pay said

    some distancing from your policy mistake by harping on people being xeno. fact is you didnt sterilize and integrate when you jammed up accepting foreigners. what was the other motivation of rushing in new citizens, tilt the vote/buy votes?

  10. Adolph said

    Hitler said “if you repeat a lie often enough, people will accept it as the truth”

  11. buay tahan said

    In the 1960s, those who are ok with merger with Malaysia but disagreed with the terms of merger PAP gave in to Malaysia were branded communists. Today, those who are ok with manageable migrant number but disagree with the mass importing of questionable FTs like masseurs and waiters and speak their opinion out are immediately branded by the PAP as Xenophobic !

  12. dog of the dogs said

    Million-dollar TCSS.

  13. Survey of 100 PAP Grassroots members said

    How she come to the conclusion that MOST ,Singaporeans ‘understand the need for immigration and are ‘comfortable’ with diversity???? Based on what??? Survey of 100 PAP Grassroots leaders???

  14. Disgracefu said

    Disgracefu la, since when did the pap treat the Singaporean human being as a human being? You treat us as digits, not even close to a human being!

  15. Daniel said

    PAP has never wanted a higher local birthrate, what they wanted was for the “scholar” class to have more babies, for the average Singaporean to have zero babies.

    The PAP has always considered the average Singaporean, not bright enough, not hardworking enough. Now they are getting what they want. It is not that the PAP dont get it, it is we who dont get it.

    They are in the process of increasing Singapore’s economic potential by displacing locals. PAP has always been running a business more than a nation. Sometimes I think PAP actually stands for Profit Always Profit, everything they do has to have a profit motive.

    They are also surrounded by fawning and adoring bunch of yes people, which is why over the last 40 years, as far as they are concerned, PAP has NEVER made a single mistake. They dont change course, just minor tweaking, not because they are wrong, but to please “unreasonable” and “ungrateful” Singaporeans.

    There is a thru train of these “perfect” rulers, who spend their entire lives being worshipped, told how perfectly brilliant they are.

    Complaining wont work, it is like asking a T-Rex to eat fruits and vegetables, it is in their DNA, they can never change.

    Before they can change, they must first admit they have been wrong. Being wrong is not in their DNA.

  16. alamak said

    No need to read after A Humble HK-Er write about public feeling. I agree with Pulstay said “These people lives in their ivory tower and do not know, or should I say refuses to acknowledge the situation”

  17. Mark said

    What do you mean by ‘we may not agree with the number of foreigners in Singapore’? Who are you to speak on our behalf when you are given a promotion & pay rise while many PMETs (including me) are jobless now? Why blame us for being xenophobic without examining the root cause? Why the citizens of Singapore must be at fault and not the government? You mean our scholarship caliber ministers could not have made mistakes in policy planning & implementation? Who is the real one-eyed dragon now? Please treat Singaporeans with respect and stop fooling people. A true leader admit his/her mistake and learn from it.

  18. Sinkaypoh said

    Not xenophobic, just PAPayaphobic! We really really hate to see your ugly F-U moneyface, B***h !

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      And your face you think very handsome. High possibility you have fucked up face.

      • P Koh said

        @Dr Ken
        Your quality of the English language is now exposed.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        P Koh don’t even think about it! Don’t try me!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        P Koh it’s vital for someone who handles the English Language well to occasionally lower his standards in order to communicate with morons like you and many others here. Hell, I will put you to shame in this particular language area with both eyes closed. P Koh, you have a long way to go to even reach half my personal mile in proficiency of the English Language. So I say to you in Hokkien “Tan Ku”.

  19. singkey said

    compare with teo cb, whose is bigger?

  20. Gerry Goh said

    They are using the social virtue of accepting foreigners and neighbourliness to decrease wages and promote the interests of the elite/ the super rich. They do not tax the super elite/rich nor do they show any intention of reducing the defense costs in order to divert these savings to help the average Singaprean worker.

  21. Jack said

    Ms Fu, we are not against the FTs, we are against your policies, get it?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Against PAP policies? You have something better than PAP to suggest? Than spell it out! Otherwise, shut the hell up!

  22. fpc said

    This bitch didn’t say anything about hdb prices and mrt cock ups when she was in hdb but she wants FT to complain about Singaporeans about xenophobia when pap let in a million in the past 5 years.

    she works for FT or for singaporeans.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      She works for Singapore at large. That includes FTs. If you think she works solely for the FTs, I say it’s more worth it for the betterment of Singapore’s future. People like you are a liability to our future!

  23. Stop Barking said

    l urge Singaporean to speak up abt Anti-Singaporean Gahmen =\

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      And you will lead the way? As the saying goes:-
      “Lead, Follow, or get out of the Way”. Most likely, the last option of “get out of the way” will suit you fine.

  24. Helena said

    Grace Fu is so sexy looking. If I were a man, I would love to bed her.

    • Submitter69 said

      Sexy ? When was the last time you visited the optician ?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Maybe you are a man!!!!!!!

      • Hold My Cigar Now said

        Dearest doctor ken ken, you are definitely not a man…check you A&s for stain and sticky stuff.

      • Helena said

        I’m a woman, through and through. I’d love to reincarnate to be a man next if SEXY Grace were to reincarnate to be a woman. However, if my SEX GODDESS were to be a man, I’d be a woman. I’m happy as long as I’m of the opposite gender. I’d get her surely…

        I’ve never seen anyone more sexy than GRACIE!!!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Thanks for the clarificatiion Mam!

      • Helena said

        So I’m not the only one who finds Gracie hot and want to bed her. Dr. Ken, leave her alone. Sexie Pixie Gracie belongs to me!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        OK Helena I will not even think about Grace even by mistake. Officially she is all yours!!!!!

    • jamesfuuuuuu said

      sure or not ? my dog tried to mount the TV screen when it saw Grace appearing.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Somehow, I get the feeling you were the dog who tried mounting the TV screen when you saw Grace appearing.

      • Daft Peasant said

        ha ha ha ha ha……… Ah Dr Ken, you si beh funny leh……..also talking lan jiao way to make people angry…… ha ha ha ha…… buay tahan…… you local or not huh??

      • james fuuuuuu said

        @ Ken, 12.56pm
        you get the feeling because lord knows how many dogs have mounted you.
        by the way i am grace’s uncle, so i know better.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Daft Peasant
        Here a lot of LAN CHiau Lang. I also must be LAN CHiau Lang. Yes bro I am Singaporean.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        James Fuuuuu Grace’s uncle? Wa that’s shocking. Good to know u now respect Grace Fu and call her your own. Since you are her uncle, I will not not slam you with any rubbish. I am a gentleman lah you Chao Chee Bai!!!!!!!’

  25. ngpy said

    Grace Fu is maybe contradicting herselves, she say most Singapores understand the need for immigration and are comfortable with diversity, but there is still a small group taking a negative view and they are dominating public discourse, but without substantiating her statements. Since this is the cased why is she crying about. It seems that she knows and also she doesn’t know what she is talking about. “TREAT OTHERS LIKE HOW WE WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED. ALTHOUGH WE MAY NOT AGREE WITH THE NUMBER OF FORIEGNERS IN SINGAPORE, WE SHOULD STILL TREAT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING LIKE A HUMAN BEING” SHE SAID.
    She is trying to play the twist with words, lets make it very very clear, that her twisting may caused and sow disscord between locals and foreigners. Its the FLAWED systems that Singaporeans disagree with and its not, not agreeing with foriegners, please. Very clearly seen, they are so eager to let even CRIMMINALS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES TO BE CITIZENS WITHOUT PROPER CHECKS. Then who is not treating who as humans may we asked of her?

  26. fnu lnu said

    If S’pore own population are unable to sustain the minimum growth of the target 2.1, what do you expect who will fill up the vacancies when foreign investors open new business in town?
    Be realistic, this problem is not unique to here, go to places like UAE and Qatar etc, you will see only 1 out of 4 is local….
    People should come out with solutions and work towards implementing those workable ones, and stop just critisizing.
    For a start the gov need to form a working group consisting of different citizen profile and age group etc to brainstorm for ideas and set timeline after the report of their findings were shared….no need academia etc, common folks will do, but the chairperson need to be a good facilitator.

  27. Sashaqueenie said

    “Treat others like how we would like to be treated.”

    Hey Fu!
    What about the many foreigners who spewed garbage about Singaporeans? Sun Xu, pinoy ‘FT’ Robert Intrepido are just some of the examples. I can easily give ten more. Are you not going to condemn them, Fu?

  28. cc chia said

    Singaporeans elected these PAP govt ministers and civil servants and are paying for their salaries. How is it that these govt ministers seem to be more interested in the welfare of foreigners compared to locals?

    Where were Grace and the our many other very well paid elected officials and civil servants when the many ungrateful foreigners in our midst spoke out against Singaporeans, scolded us and called us dogs etc? Looks like once again, when we are in trouble or die, it is our problem, and jobs are meant for foreigners, while locals are only good for doing NS.

    Here’s a quote from Clint Eastwood, the next time we have problems or are not satisfied with our politicians.

    … ” You, me …. we own our country. Politicians (and civil servants) are employees of ours. And when somebody doesn’t do the job, we gotta let ’em go. “

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Your income tax contribution to IRAS coffers on a yearly basis amounts to Kachang Putih. You do however talk like you are contributing S$1 Billion a year to IRAS coffers.

      • lky said

        and u talk like a kachang puteh helper only.

      • Muthsamy said

        Hello Dr Ken, is it that your parents have fed you with sh*T since you were born? I am smelling shits all over your threads, My Goodness!!!!!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        MuthuSamy you mamak pundak need to do your full time job effectively. Your bicycle along with an empty pail was found abandoned at Geylang Lor 18 for the last 2 days. WTF you doing man? Collect our car wash charges at Sembawang and abandon your car wash duties is unfair. Anyway, see to it my tires are washed properly when you finish screwing ok? Don’t start on toddy after that pundak!

  29. animal farm said

    The real worrying trend is that the government have no solutions to the issues that have surfaced as a result of the policies they implemented but directing blame elsewhere. The requests for open consultation and debate of key issues have been ignored. The mrt continues to fail, the true state of our reserves is still unknown, the place continues to be overcrowded, inflation continues while pay stagnates, we are drifting away from the promised swiss standard of living … rather than spending time to manage the public opinion, they should do more and talk less.

    • Overseas Singaporean said

      It’s not that they can’t think of solutions. They CHOOSE not to think. These ministers are intelligent and shrewd to be in their positions and it’s foolish to think they’re dumber than an ape. Isn’t it suspicious that every PAP crony sings the same tune of integrating with the foreign trash, however ‘dumb’ they might be? It’s clear that they are not going to listen to us. So, I suggest all of us to reserve our energy instead of getting all fired up whenever a PAPaya makes a stupid comment. Use that energy, instead, to stand up for what we believe in, in our daily lives. Although I’m currently not in SG, if a foreign asshole such as Sun Xu pop up in cyberspace, I’ll flame and grill him to the death, and make his locust brothers think twice about coming to SG.

      • Daft Peasant said

        i wish the MIWs will continue to gong jiao way….. the foreigners will carry on with their fuck-dup comments about sinkies……then sinkies will continue to keep the flame burning till next GE……by then we can show the MIWs wat is ” The People’s Power ” !!!!

        don forget that sinkies are very ‘ forgetful ‘ and ‘ forgiving ‘……..if those idiots stop wat they are commenting now, by next GE, bo flame liao…..

  30. Lim said

    (1) “worrying trend’ of anti-foreigner sentiments, especially in cyberspace”’? – there is a widespread trend suppressed by self-censorship of mainstream media. That is the worrying part. Instead of tackling the bull by the horns and admitting responsibility Grace Fu is scolding the messenger who tells the truth.

    (2) “comfortable with diversity, but there is still a ‘small’ group taking a ‘negative’ view and they are dominating public discourse”
    One can only be comfortable with diversity if it is not a predatory locust swarm type of a threatening species which kill off indigenous species. How can you be comfortable when a foreign species devour you up amd make you extinct?
    Grace Fu is mistaken if she thinks it is only a `small’ group who feels this way and it is definitely not `negative’ but pure postitive instinctive reaction to grave threats to our survival through their inane policies.

  31. welovesingapore said

    Do you want 532K PR and 1.4m non resident to compet with your job application when you are at age 35-40 with a normal qualification. How about PMETs who has to content with a lower pay job offering when company can hire a younger PR/FT. US President Bill would tell you : “it is the job stupid” Why not put up a poll to ask how many resident workers here have been directly and indirectly affected by work prospect /environment when there are PR in their workplace. Have we citizen being treated humanely? If not for the recent changes to the P1 registration rule for citizen’s children, how would you think they would grumble and lament the sharing of privilege to already short in P1 slot in branded schools. Please listen to the people’s voice for inequalities and bullying of our own citizen by FT in our own country. If you see all these PR and non resident to be 100% angel. Then there should be no devil in citizen. But yet citizens are term openly as Xenophobic,less hardworking, less passionate and less of everything. Sadly we are not trusted in our own strength. We imported FT to keep our housing/transport expensive and crowded. Our children has no opportunity to be CEO of DBS, Starhub,SGX etc because all the scholarship holders in our country also do not have the experience to be CEO. Ask a younger taxi driver why he decided to drive a taxi when his FT supervisor can’t even speak proper English and passes him for any promotion. Hope the minister would do undercover boss to find out about these fact. Do not underestimate the citizen love for our country. Do your part to fight for citizen now as a office holder and stop the witch hunting

  32. Fu said

    When there is a action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. When there is a cause, there is an effect.

    Cause = gov opening FT flood gate
    Effect = anti-FT sentiments.

    Do you need a National Conversation to know this? Is PAP solving the root cause or pushing blame to the citizens? You decide from Grace Fool’s words.

  33. mahbok tan said

    These PAP minister arh are in DENIAL MODE always…..!!!!
    Problem created by U and then u blame it on SGporean ….wad da fug….!!!????!!!
    To Grace Fuck You…..are you daft…???
    Just because u are sitting in the ivory tower doesn’t mean that u are always right with your words or decision….!!!

    KNNBCCB…( means Good Day to you )

  34. i say what i think only said

    did she treat us like human beings? treat others how u want to be treated.

    u find others to replace us, we will find someone to replace u. fair hor?

  35. William said

    So they are their usual self. Build more roads, MRTs, houses, lower inflation and etc. before you dare to ask US to accomodate more foreigners. Is that too much to ask? Is PAP trying to hype up the “economy” by squeezing in foreign competition? Just look at our neighbor Malaysia. Their goverment protect their own people first!

  36. William said

    Oh yes! I am no fool if she thinks we are just a small lot of Singaporeans. See? How ignorant.

  37. matthew said

    just make sure that she loses in the next election and see if she can find a job that pays her so well now.

  38. Tan Feng Soon said

    “PAP leaders have been calling on Singaporeans to ‘bond’ with the newcomers and to reject ‘xenophobic’ views,” I believe those PAP leaders don’t have foreigners living beside them as neighbours. Allow me to walk you guys through on this one.

    Why must we bond with newcomers? I thought is the other way round. You don’t go around people’s house and want them to adapt to your personality, but to adapt to their house rules. The reason why we have xenophobic views is because, we have our own cultures, our way of living, these foreigners came over to Singapore for a better future, but at the same time, unwillingly to accept our cultures and our way of living. But of course not all foreigners are like that. My neighbour blend in to Singapore culture and they are a friendly bunch of people. Sometime even hold the lift for me when I am about to lock the front door of my house. I met a few people who are China during my NS days, and they got used to us mocking fun and settle down to Singaporean’s way of life, although I can see from their faces how much they hated us mocking fun of them.

    “The majority of Singaporeans must speak out when they do not agree with such (xenophobic) comments….Treat others like how we would like to be treated. Although we may not agree with the number of foreigners in Singapore, we should still treat another human being like a human being,”
    YES!! Treat others like how we would like to be treated. But the fact is we did treat other like how we wanted, but do we get what we should be treated initially? I was in the lift to my home the other day, and staying above me is a bunch of PRC, I waited and is the first one to enter the lift, then there’s this bunch of PRC about 10? Came into the lift and overload the lift (my estate lift can hold up to 10pax), so they ask me, ‘Eh? Can you wait for the next one?’ I didn’t budge. I waited for the lift, and for your group pleasure, I need to get out and wait for the next one? Just because I am alone? Maybe they asked me in a nicer tone, I would have budge, but their way of asking is as if I owe then a living.

    Is not we hate their presence, we just dislike how they don’t want to settle into our cultures and our way of life, and expecting us to follow their way of life. This is Singapore, this ain’t China.

    I believe general Singaporean have tolerated long enough. It begins with us tolerating and we kept stacking it up which eventually turned it into anger.

    Your sincerely,
    One of the few many Singaporean

    • senseless said

      You do not need to “bond” with foreigners, in fact, you can go out of your way to make life difficult for them by discriminating against them and call them ugly names online, in the work place and in public. Eventually, they will be forced to migrate again when they have had enough. That’s all.

      You are responsible for your own image and reputation.

  39. realty check said

    i suppose ms fu also wants to believe that it was a small, very vocal minority group of supporters that helped Worker’s Party win the Hougang Bye Election. YES? i think for every net savy citizen who disgrees with our govt’s immigration policy, there are many more such supporters who may not be net savy but equally disagree with our govt’ immigration policy. i speak from experience as this is the general feedback i get from the local passengers who take my taxi.

  40. Yharyah said

    HELLO>>> Foreigners now make up 40 percent of Singapore’s population!!!!!

    This is absolutely too much foreign trash in SG!

  41. Dick Quo said

    My stomach took a twist when I saw the news on Channel NewsAsia last night after stepping out of my shower.

    One of the few only female ministers Grace Fu who holds the one of the key roles in the Prime Minister’s Office was giving her thoughts on the influx of foreigners into the tiny island of Singapore.

    She recommended:

    “More information can be given on where Permanent Residents come from, or what kind of employment or income status they have.”

    Full information at :

    She is walking on thin line on this sensitive issue. How would you feel when you walk into a supermarket and the store owner sticks a bar-code/RFID tag on you for the reason of tracking what you have touch or see within the supermarket.

    Singapore cannot be anti foreigners; in fact, no countries should walk down that path. The rise of globalisation has play a part in bringing Singapore to a new height and foreigners/successful companies will not want to invest in Singapore if Grace Fu implements her RFID tag.

    I am actually surprised of her recommendation, considering that the Singapore’s Prime Minister Rally speech touch on this subject matter and ask/remind Singaporeans not to have a negative anti-sentiment feelings towards foreigners. I cannot think of a more critical time for this speech by the Prime Minister and I have good faith that his ministry will carry out his vision.

    However, Grace Fu’s comment flown in a totally opposite direction and shows a liking to stamp-brand every foreigners. I am a businessman and our business takes us throughout the whole world; including Singapore, where I have two start-up companies in it.

    I am in no doubt that investment would not be pouring into Singapore if she really got her way of prison branding every foreigner. Global companies would not allow such reckless behaviour to be implemented for their top guns and would rather race towards the upcoming of Malaysia or Hong Kong in order to expand into Asia.

    As an Australian, I am speaking from a business point of view. I do not live in Singapore long term but I do know of the certain detestation towards the foreigners.

    It would be better if she express her points further and make sure that she does not repeat such behaviour for the simple reason of respect towards all global citizens.

    • Indignant said

      We are not anti-foreigners but what labours laws do they have in place to protect the citizens with such high influx in such a short time. C’mon, life is not about making money but also about treating people humanely. This govt has none of that. Lack of EQ says it all for this present group of Dis Grace Fool elites.

  42. senseless said

    Grace Fu is already too late. The horses have left the barn a long time ago, and pooping in the swimming pool.

  43. Helena said

    Anything is possible on this tiny island. This is because the ministers can do miracles. Not surprising since they earn megabucks so their brains are so megacharged.

  44. Steve said

    Come on , I am not anti-foreigner as well as many Singaporean, we might only just Anti those Foreigner being coming in here to take up the Job that Singaporean can fill …. Ms Grace Fu, I have speaked up …We love Tourist and love those New Citizen and not those Foreigner take what their want here and then disappear for good, Yes, I agreed that their present in Singapore Job Market, no doubt assist to Boost Singapore Economy, but there should have better policy to help Singaporean to secure better employment and top managment employment. What do you think? We believe there are Singaporean whom also don’t mind to work in the low end job, but by taking up this Job, at least the wages is substainable for them to raise a family here, this is current serious national issue, hence the move to seek Singaporean to speak up is on the right path, but not on the issue of “Anti-Foreigner” but on the issue on how to secure the job that are taken by foreigner and give it back to Singaporean. I believe Singapore had to workforce but need the government intervention.

    • P Koh said

      Picking up from where you have left, I would like to mention that the present problems involving FTs over jobs, housing prices running out of control, transportation owes, education preferences against Singaporeans and social disharmony; can only be addressed with all parties (government & public) taking an active role to find the most appropriate solutions and not lumped together under the purview of Education Minister Mr. Heng Swee Keat to lead and to produce the white paper, This is a National issue and all the Ministers in charge of their various portfolios must come forward and secure the contributions of the populace to find the best solutions to:

      In the order of priority as I personal view them:

      1. Loss of jobs to FTs who are prepared to go for less. This happened in Hong Kong when the island-state was
      returned to China on lst July,1977 and the influx of mainland Chinese gobbling up every foreseeabe job they can lay
      hands on at much lower wages. I am sure our government can learn a thing or two from Hong Kong.
      2. Run away housing costs – this is the job for Minister Khaw Boon Wan and his team to rope in citizens and intellects to
      brainstorm the best way to ensure that those left behind (the poor) are not neglected without a roof over their heads;
      3. Higher Education opportunities for Singaporeans who qualify for University places but were left out because the
      present policy seems to favour foreigners. Also to stop importing students from abroad to be educated on government
      grants (scholarships). Have the government got the report card on how many of these young students have remained
      in Singapore after graduation or left for the greener pastures of USA, Europe or Australia to find work.
      4. The transportation problems due to the huge influx of new comers and imported labour requires a new yet pragmatic
      way to handle the crowding, has to be worked out, on an urgent basis.
      5. The integration of new citizens to assimilate into the Singaporean culture which cannot be done over-night but would
      take years of immersion and fellowship starting from their children in school. This social problem has to be massaged
      and new citizens educated to understand and appreciate that their culture are materially different from ours and they
      too need to play their part to make themselves welcome into our midst. This is a two-way affair.

      There is no such thing as problems that cannot be solved. It is a matter of getting the right approaches and formulae for implementation. Let us stop blickering and point fingers for what has been done cannot be undone but Focus must necessarily be not on the Problems but on the Solutions instead. Using UPS – Understand the Problem/Provide the Solutions, we can forge ahead.

      Good Luck Singapore. I will pray for a quick resolution that can make our lives not just comfotable but Happier too.

  45. CPTT said

    When someone is paid a million dollars salary and of course they will support their boss. Talking is cheap for these bastards.

  46. Mark said

    If I am benefitting from influx of foreigners, will I be so free to go to cyberspace to vent anti-foreigner views? Ah Fu, please speak out for us against those who blame us for being xenophobic. Thank you.

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