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Singaporean to PAP leaders: Stop labeling us as ‘xenophobic’!

Posted by temasektimes on September 5, 2012

Can I beg the govt leaders stop using the following messages in future:

1. Singaporeans or netizens are xenophobic/anti-foreigners… we must make friends with our foreign colleagues/neighbours (Common Singaporeans have been doing this for donkey years)

2. Without foreign workers, who going to build our MRT, HDB flats… (Singaporeans did not meant we want to kick out all foreigners. We need foreign workers esp ‘blue-collar’/service jobs as we move up value chain into a developed country status. Whether the foreigners are general workers e.g construction or cleaners OR PMET, it should not at the expense of depriving Singaporeans a job or depressing wage.)

3. Stop mentioning that WE are also an immigrant society, our forefathers are also from so-so places. (must well say all human beings are descendents of ape originated from certain part of Africa, maybe we can invite the Zoo Ah-Meng to sit in Parliament next time ha ha).


*The above was first posted as a comment on Tan Chuan Jin’s Facebook.


41 Responses to “Singaporean to PAP leaders: Stop labeling us as ‘xenophobic’!”

  1. Henry said

    The Government leaders are using “big words” and “policies” to scaremonger … same old dog trick.

    • aloysius12 said

      I totally agree with the writer. We need these, who labour day and night to build our roads/mrt etc. and they are sheltered in their dorms. What the govt. is doing is shielding themselves from these “curses” using “big” and “scaremongering” words.
      We should change our mode of launching “attacks”. We must place these uncomfortable situations on these so-called champions of the the the unemployed.
      They opened the doors because their fathers championed the stop at two policy, withouting using their heads, and further aggravated the situation by inviting foreign investors(incresed GDP). Resulting consequesces – jobs taken away and Malaysians bosses replaced local bosses who would invarably promote the fellow citizens. Ever read “I am the only Singaporean in my department and when it “promotion” exercise, bypass by his fellow Malaysians”. Out of many available CEO(singaporeans) you have to offer the SMRT post to a Malaysian who also brought in fellows Malaysians.
      Now, you are calling us names when you should take remedial steps to reverse the situation.
      All the dialogue sessions end with the same “big words” and “scolding” us when you are the sole cause of our high unemployment.

  2. Sinkaypoh said

    Yes, animal farm lah, monkey probably perform better than Pinkey lor, at least we can pay peanuts & bananas, unlike Papayas who take millions & flush billions down the drain….

    Eh BTW u Tony Tan kaki ah? Oredi sitting as President liao?

  3. Duncan said

    That’s fantastic.

  4. Ro77 said

    Unfortunately, the bashing is on all foreigners.

  5. sgge2016 said

    the TRUTH hurts!

    stop complaining lah

    better yet shape up or ship out lol

  6. Adrian Pang said

    Spot on!

    The PAP is using the same tactic they’ve always been using to brainwash the weak-minded 60%. Their mantra is repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. They flood the MSM with the same nonsense messages, and before you know it, those 60% are repeating those same messages as if it was the holy truth.

  7. lyv2dy said

    Maybe real Singaporeans should start wearing T-Shirts embossed with the words ‘XENOPHOBIA IS COOL’. But my son of 27 says I am too old to be a ‘rebel’.

    • ken said

      we need a rebel army…a true revolution army to overthrow the useless PAP who uses petty childish tactics to spite the citizens with big scary words. PAP fails to face the reality and keep making mistakes to cover other mistakes. Its a vicious cycle unless the reverse some of their policies.

      • sgge2016 said

        dont u worry ISA is already tracking your IP address
        u already commited a capital offence under the Penal Code i.e. Waging or attempting to wage war or abetting the waging of war against the Gahmen.
        let us see how tough u are. just prepare urself and ur family for the arrest.
        remember, you can run but u cant hide.

      • bruce lee said

        ISA = Internet Security Agency ?
        is this an agency working for UN security council ?
        or is the ISA working for the CCP ?

    • nocando said

      if gov use NY oso a immigrant city, can some one tell me if New York has ISA too? is New York has only one state newspaper and one TV station?

  8. Iai said

    The context of our ancestors who came here was: Singapore had nothing and no natural resources. Our ancestors came with the noble motivation to strive for a new beginning and was looking for a homeland. The current contexts different: Singapore is now prosperous and we are now attracting immigrants of dubious motivation that is to leach our system and eventually make their money and go back to their country of origin or to another country making Singapore as their stop over or transit port. Are our leaders blind or chose to ignore the different motivations of the two context pointed out above? Is there a hidden agenda to open the flood gate to these largely leachers locusts immigrants?

    • Vic said

      When our forefathers came, Singapore was a British colony, free for immigrants to come and settle in. It was a uneveloped and marshy land then and it was our forefathers who built up its infrastructure and economy. Then,we gained our independence and became a sovereign state. We became a nation of our own. Like US, like Australia and others, we are a sovereign state; no longer free for all to come and settle in at will. The present day immigrants cannot come in here with a sense of entitlement to a stakes in our country.

      • Mel said

        Well said. Back then, our grandfathers came here with nothing and started out from sratch but the new citizens now come and take everything.

  9. spotlessleopard said

    Four legs good two legs bad, four legs good two legs bad, four legs good two legs bad,………Four legs good two legs BETTER…..(from Animal Farm)

  10. WanAhLun said

    Ah Meng died already I thought.

  11. Sinkaypoh said

    As suggested before, why not invite 100 banglas, pinoys & PRCs to live in Istana for a year? In fact not only will good example be shown, u can even make a reality TV program (I’m betting it’s a BIG HIT) showing their “integration” with our beloved supreme leader…

  12. Naivety said

    I am in IT sector. Singapore productivity is dropping due to huge influx of foreign professionals especially in IT sector which suffers the worst productivity (this data was released by Singapore government).

    By now we should know most of these foreign professionals come due to the FTA/ CECA. In fact, someone exposed on the Internet that CECA was signed between Singapore and India in 2005 and our PM just visited India few weeks ago to renew it. In the CECA, there is a clause which states that both countries are to allow free movement of professionals in IT, Healthcare, accountants, engineers, etc.

    According to an Indian website, India government pressurized Singapore to open more job sectors for the CECA renewal in 2010. The Singapore IT sector employs huge number from India, followed by Filipino professionals and I am not surprised that the IT sector has the worst productivity drop based on the work ethics I have observed. Sadly, some of these professionals get PRs and bring their family and parents over to Singapore.

    As DBS expands its business in India, Singapore will have to take in more Indian professionals.

    • Vic said

      So however Singaporeans protest is futile. The CECA must prevail come hell and high water,.

    • nocando said

      it was like our govt is being held hostage by India and China govt.

    • Marshal Chintulan said

      There was this local MNC that hired one of those Indian Ah Neh as their head of IT drawing some 12K salary per month practically doing nothing except that he is seen on the phone chatting away like nobody business…worst still within 6 months on the job, he started firing most of the local IT support executives and started replacing them with some Filipinos and more of his country men…this is the type of “snake” which we called foreign talents created by the wicked & evil regime to destroy its own citizens’ rice bowls…totally farked up government we have today!

  13. Aniko Klass said

    we are not xenophobic, we are just trying to survive in our country (or is it still our country??)

  14. P Koh said

    We are what we are…… Singaporeans. Xenophobic is what eh?? Let us not accept weird names that government officials label us but remain true blue Singaporeans …Period. Singaporeans are always Generous and Compassionate and can be seen with the millions that are donated each year to Charity and also helping out when our neigbhours are strickened by natural disasters like Tsunami etc.

  15. Zam said

    Well written.

  16. Pulstay said

    We are not xenophobic. We do not hate ALL foreigners, but just those the government are letting in indiscreetly to unfairly compete for jobs Singaporeans want. One good example will be the IT sector where it’s flooded with people from India, China and Philippines. And by Singaporeans, I do NOT mean new citizens from these same countries. Who cares if they have taken up citizenship? It remains a FACT that they are here to snatch up jobs, having a huge advantage over locally born and bred Singaporeans. They have a more than two-year head start as compared to Singaporean guys considering the fact that they do not need to enter national service, and also most having taken a shorter route to the same professional qualifications than the local education system. Not mentioning the artificially deflated salaries they request, since most of them have the mentality of saving up and returning to their place of birth where they do not require as much to survive. That is the reason we do not harbor the same sentiments for foreigners from other developed countries. They need as much, if not more, to survive back home. That makes the competition somewhat fairer, if we are willing to even turn a blind eye to the national service issue.

    Bottom line: WE ARE NOT XENOPHOBIC!!! We welcome foreign talents to come fill up the jobs locally born and bred Singaporeans do not want. In fact we NEED these people to help construct the flats we live in, to clean the streets we walk, and even to fill up positions we Singaporeans know we cannot fit into. That is reason why we gladly welcome the great pandas as we know we do not have the required talents locally. 😛

  17. sgstyle said

    You can’t blame us on being xenophobic. Everything happens for a everything. Anyway, it’s all accumulated right?? For years we have been tolerating and treating them as a part of us but see now… 40% of the people in Singapore is FOREIGNERS.

  18. Caring is two way communication said

    Caring is two way communication

    If government does not care about Singaporeans, then why should they want us to care about foreigners?

  19. nocando said

    if they keep saying this, i think we might as well act like it. this is only fair . how can we shoulder the smear which we did not commit ? if the entire govt already seen us as the nail in their eyes, how are they going to serve the ppl? obviously they are only after for money.

  20. nocando said

    if at first they didn’t scheming and shift all the ugly things on us i would not have been so tu lan. how could one be happy when all you get is only accusing and stupid excuses not even a three year old would believe? if we are xenophobic, there won’t be 40% FT roaming around.

  21. Julie Ong said

    We should be putting the PAP government under the ISA for treason and alleged
    wilful acts of disorderly conduct which has led to serious social discontent. Which government acts against the interest of it’s citizens? We are a charitable and magnanimous people. We accept people from everywhere. The situation we are in is very starkly different: we have a government that turns Against Us instead of To Us when faced with issues that affect our daily lives or well being.

    Ms Grace Fu, please get back with your colleagues and get back to the drawing board and come out with some plan/action that will alleviate the difficulties that the
    Citizens are facing now. If you do that and it works then at least the government is finally doing something!

    We await some good iniative/s from you then.

  22. William said

    YOU HAVE NOT prepare Singapore to accept so much foreigners YOURSELF. Just look at the houses and the crowded roads/places everywhere! I don’t mind more IF you have built and prepare enough for them.

    Please keep your house in proper order before accussing us of xenophobic.

    And you will pay a huge price next election if you continue to urge us to accept foreigners in BLIND ways!

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