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Do you want to continue paying WP MPs for their track record of incompetence?

Posted by temasektimes on September 6, 2012

“If WP is aggressive like your favourite Chee Soon Juan, they will be out of government.”

The days of harassing opposition politicians who detract most greatly from the PAP are slowly but surely coming to an end, and the WP is FULLY cognisant of that fact. In the past, Chee Soon Juan, who was only doing things considered normal for the cowardly WP, was harassed and arrested even for selling his party’s newspaper or for distributing flyers, activities that other parties were allowed to carry on with.

Also, is that what you call agressive? If that’s agressiveness, then the WP is just as aggressive.

“Inaction is a strategy…”

If inaction is what you support, then you opposition fools also need to decide between “change” and “maintaining the status quo” as well.

Because I am pro-change of the status quo, I can now confidently say that I can vote for the PAP in any PAP-WP contest. (I spoilt my vote in GE2011 – the first time I could vote – in Moulmein-Kallang BECAUSE the WP’s track record of incompetence while in Parliament that was previously set by Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim.)

There is far more change that the PAP has now initiated, none of it to do with the WP. hat change is more closely along the lines of the SDP’s policy direction, which the people ousrelves are echoing.

If you like the fact that the WP MPs are being paid for incompetence, then drop your double standards and be equally satisfied for paying theose PAP MPs who are just as incompetent.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


59 Responses to “Do you want to continue paying WP MPs for their track record of incompetence?”

  1. Angry Citizen said

    Never give out, I am 48 now, i am still casting my vote for oppositions, changes will come, one day PAP will fall.

    Mod’s note:

    Please remember that WP does not belong to the opposition. It is together with the PAP – its ‘B’ team. You can vote in 40 WP clowns into parliament and nothing will ever change.

    • Ang Song Kang said

      I agree. Change will come. Support any opposition party that contest in your ward. We all want what is best for Singapore and Singaporeans……….except for the evil regime.

      Still I am saddened by the attemps of some idiots to sow disunity among the opposition and its supporters.

      • Robox said

        “…I am saddened by the attemps of some idiots to sow disunity among the opposition and its supporters.”

        Drop that Opposition Unity rhetoric because none exists. Just look back to the leadups to GE2011, PE2011 and finally the Hougang BE, in the last of which how WP Fanatics lambasted opposition figures like Tan Jee Say and the NSP for declaring that they hadn’t ruled out the possibility of contesting Hougang, and Goh Meng Seng because he thought that Nicole Seah would have been a good candidate to contest in Hougang.

        Even Nicole Seah was spared from the defamation activism of the WP Fanatics until she issued a statement that she had no intention of standing for election in Hougang.

        Haven’t you heard of the saying, “You reap what you sow”, or doesn’t that apply to WP Fanatics?

      • Goh Tong Seng said

        Nicole Seah is way too young for Hougang.
        One of many reasons why they chose Png Eng Huat over Desmond is because he is closer to their average age.

  2. skponggol said

    WP – the Vichy Opposition.

    “If the Vichy government is aggressive like your favourite French Resistance, they will be out of government by Hitler.”

    Mod’s note:

    That’s an apt analysis. The shameless ‘Wayang Party’ is nothing but a mole planted by the PAP in the opposition camp to prevent the growth of a genuine opposition to challenge its political hegmony, much like what the Kremlin in Russia is doing now by sponsoring a few ‘obedient’ opposition parties to marginalize the more vocal ones to ensure they do not challenge Putin’s United Russia Party. Even Communist China has eight approved ‘opposition’ parties which does nothing but ‘wayang’ in the National Peoples’ Congress. Don’t be deceived by the ‘Wayang Party’ – it is the PAP’s ‘B’ team whose sole purpose is to keep the PAP in power in the event of a freak election:

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power)’

    – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • Henry said

      Hold your tongue, TT … we are all concerned SIngaporeans wanting a better SIngapore. Sounds like you are trying to destroy the current opposition structure and return to the single-party rule like better … then stand up and speak up!

  3. Walls have ears said

    Respect your views
    Seems like you’ve been underwater for a long time

    Time to take a fresh breath son… !!

  4. Henry said

    Well if they behave like Chee, they will be ISA-ed up, then we have no opposition … it does not make sense …

    • Robox said

      “Well if they behave like Chee, they will be ISA-ed up, then we have no opposition…”

      Even if the law that provides for a minimum of 9 representatives from the losing parties at elections remains in the book?

      We will STILL have opposition members in Parliament if no WP candidates are among the minimum 9.

      But we will have better ones, and that’s the difference.

      • Henry said

        Let’s these “better ones” staand up and be put to the test … kindly name them. Note that some may be noisier but not necessarily better.

  5. Justice Bao said

    If PAP had made any change,it’s the outcome of SDP hard hitting but sensible scrutiny.In that respect SDP had outperformed WP even out of our parliament.

    What WP had done so far is to bootlick PAP and make whimsy noises in the parliament .If PAP says jump than WP asks ,’how high master ‘For that they are being paid 15k each.

    Can you imagine the utter rubbish of WP becoming a co-driver with PAP while sitting as an opposition?In any other parliamentary system such remarks would have been throughly thrashed by the free press.

    The role of an opposition is to ask hard hitting questions of the incumbent ruling party’s performance putting it under the scrutiny. For which opposition parties enjoy the protection of the parliament privilages from defamation suits.Questions that can never be asked outside is allowed to be asked.A role our late JBJ did remarkably well.

    Today,we have 6 WP MPs in our parliament who not only crawl and bootlick PAP but also makes silly stupid blunders.

    Do we really need these WP inbred incompetent idiots clowning around in our parliament?

    Mod’s note:

    SDP has definitely outperformed the useless ‘Wayang Party’ in many aspects. Unfortunately, the state media has been promoting the ‘Wayang Party’ because it serves a useful purpose to the PAP by helping it masquerade Singapore as a ‘democracy’ to the international community to deflect criticisms of its autocratic rule. An opposition party which does not oppose is the single biggest threat to democracy. The ‘Wayang Party’ must be destroyed and eliminated before real change can take place. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message to wake up more people from their deep slumber.

  6. Anon said

    Wow TT .. congractulations!! Every day, at least one article bashing WP!! Keep it up!!

    And also at least one article everyday bashing foreigners too!!

  7. lyv2dy said

    Pro-change is to vote pap ? What a pathetic pap troll amateurishly trying to play covert operations to undermine and divide alternative party supporters. Not even subtle or cunning….LOL. Badly programmed Robot of the pigs.

    • Robox said

      “Pro-change is to vote pap?”


      IF the PAP brings more change and the WP is not even remotely connected to it.

      What do you opposition fools really want? To re-create the relationship between the PAP and its own demands of blind and unquestioning support of a ruling party?

      • Henry said

        Well, agree that PAP has made many changes thus far :

        – creating a complex education system which has risked the future of our younger generation
        – giving out higher ministrial pay which makes no sense
        – selecting MPs are not election tested
        – having leaders who speak without checking with his team on HDB and healthcare matters
        – raising the costs of living in Singapore such that the locals cannot afford
        – bringing in foreign talents to replace local employment
        – and the list goes on …

        I am afraid such changes are not what Singaporeans want to see …

  8. Simply vote WP in united opp 2 the PAP. Don’t b splittist again, TT. Netizens can see ur true intentions to split the opp ppl, so don’t waste ur energy trying.
    WP is lying low 4 good reason, as next GE is still some years away. Stupid if they open all their cards only 2 get nowhere with PAP doing more wayang-kulit using their proposals 4 the ppl.. Just look at ministerial pay and Lee Hsien Tau’s ‘sob,sob’ – any real changes made? No!
    Unless WP wields power 4 the ppl and replaces PAP, things will not change and govt will stay elitist. We will be marginalised as the rest of the ppl versus the PAPies ruling clique and their cronies. TT wants this by splitting the opp.?

    • Crap... said

      Well said! I hope more people can see thru the real agenda behind this website..

    • Robox said

      “Simply vote WP in united opp 2 the PAP. Don’t b splittist again…”

      If you believe in opposition unity, shouldn’t you only support parties that support the same?

      Does the WP want that opposition unity?

      There is only ample evidence that they don’t!

  9. hihihi said

    All those incompetent should resign immediately.

  10. Submitter69 said

    The WP got no balls to ask the tough questions in parliament.Instead they harp on unimportant issues which S’poreans don’t give a damn to. disappointing bunch of morons.If i had known this,I would have given my vote to Chee Soon Juan instead.

    Mod’s note:

    It’s still not too late. Switch your support and donations to REAL opposition parties which can make a REAL difference and tell everybody you know to boycott the useless ‘Wayang Party’! What’s the point of having these clowns in parliament? You can replace them with 8 dummies and nobody will notice their absence. At least it will save us $90,000 of taxpayers’ monies monthly.

    • Nico said

      Hey, did you cast your vote to WP instead of CSJ? Cannot be, don’t bluff. SDP ha no direct competition with WP and CSJ was not even able to be nominated, an that has nothing to do with WP. It is his own doing.

      • Singaporeans united for a better future said

        Please be aware that this running dog of the dark side is trying to sow discord between the opposition parties.

        During the last GE in 2011, all the opposition parties were able to work together harmoniously to avoid 3 corner fights.

        It is obvious that this running dog is up to no good.

        Support whichever opposition party that contest in your area.

        We need change. Real change and not the tweaking and wayang that we are getting now.


        Mod’s note:

        You are deluded, there was never any opposition ‘unity’ to begin with. The useless ‘Wayang Party’ bullied other parties which end up NSP having to vacate Moulmein-Kallang and a three-corner fight in Sengkang West. Goh Meng Seng later lampooned the ‘Wayang Party’ for spoiling his party’s chances. The ‘Wayang Party’ is the PAP’s ‘B’ team, a mole planted in the opposition camp to scupper the chances of the REAL opposition. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please wake up!

    • lyv2dy said

      Submitter69, you dont even know how to LIE like Nico said, you pathetic shameless LIAR and agent provocateur of the devil wears white.

    • Henry said

      Mine, mine … fanning fire …

  11. alamak said

    so mr robot who is all 22 years old brand all WP cowardly. mebbe they dint teach him singapore history in his school. or jc or whereever, so he never known of the late JBJ. his one vote for whoever not likely to change the picture.

    • Robox said

      Low Thia Khiang’s WP is a completely different animal from JB Jeyaratnam’s.

      If you know so much about history, how come you are ignoring the most recent of JBJ’s history just before his daying days when he made a point of distancing himself from the WP and alligned himself to the SDP and Chee Soon Juan instead?

  12. Ashok Mahtani said

    This guy has no credibility whatsoever.

    I even doubt he supports any of the opposition parties.

    Seems more likely a foot soldier or lackey of the dark side.

    Seems out to sow discord among the opposition party supporters.

    But what this daft fool doesn’t seem to understand is that Singaporeans are not partial or loyal to any particular opposition party.

    We support any and all opposition parties equally.

    So it is an exercise in futility to try and divide supporters of the opposition.

    Better to spend their time kissing their master’s butt.

  13. Chen Fei said

    Robox is a known gay…SDP suits him because they support gays, lesbians and homosexuality. WP did not go so low unlike SDP to support such freaks!

    Constructive opposition is what we need, not those who are unscrupulous in just wanting support from questionable freaky individuals like Robox!

    • Robox said

      “Robox is a known gay…SDP suits him because they support gays, lesbians and homosexuality…”

      So, you are saying that gays have no other concerns other than gay rights?

      We don’t have concerns about employment or financial worries? We don’t care about the circumstances we live in?

      If that’s how small minded WP Fanatics are, I am very proud NOT to have any solidarity with you people.

      And yes, I am very proud to be gay and live the life of dignity that I do; I onlywish you were genuinely proud of yourself as well.

      • Chen Fei said

        And since when anyone is proud to have any solidarity with a freaky gay like you. The fact that you go round sowing discord and talking bad about WP when you are the very despicable scum yourself speaks a lot about your sexual deformities + your narrow and shallow minded pea-brain situated not up your head but down where you ass is! What dignity do you have when you can’t even think and act straight!!!

        I am very proud of myself, and I do have lots of sympathy for a highly deformed freaky creature like you!

      • Robox said

        Don’t worry about me or my mental or emotional health; worry about yours instead.

      • Denise said

        First we have the mentally-ill highly lunatic freaky gay lawyer, Ravi, stirring his stinky shit all over Singapore. Now we have another highly mentally-deformed gay here trying to sow discord amongst Singapore’s opposition parties. Gosh, these gays are so highly disgusting, despicable, shameless and irrational (but understand, they were never and will never and can never be straight). This is the same reasons that I (and many) will not even think of casting a protest vote for SDP, though we are desperate to see more oppositions in the parliament.

  14. Nico said

    The moderator is trying very hard, but to no avail. Since you say voting WP is as good as voting for PAP, why then should we vote PAP? Voting WP is no different according to you. Now, was there any fight between SDP and WP where people voted for WP instead of SDP? No! So why ask people to vote SDP instead? It is the SDP that is unable to win any vote off PAP, not WP. Don’t throw smoke. You are smoking nobody. There is truly a PAP B team, but that is not WP, it is TTT.

    • Robox said

      WP only ‘wins’ because it connives against other opposition parties so that it can contest ONLY in the wards where support for the is weakest. (They also ‘win’ because they ride on the strength of feeling on issues that was created by the SDP raising those issues in the first place, and the people supporting it.)

      Winning by cheating is not a victory I can respect, otherwise I will have only the highest of respect for the PAP, Putin’s party in Russia, and the communist Party of China.

      If the WP, and not the SDP, is the only party that can ‘win’, then why don’t they contest in the western part of Singapore which is the PAP’s stronghold.

      Incidentally, the SDP didn’t win because it was the only party that contested exclusively in the west, which the WP stays studiously away from, and doesn’t get into negotiatons with other opposition parties to avoid three-cornered contests.

      Mod’s note:

      Agree. The ‘Wayang Party’ is siphoning away votes from PAP voters who are disgruntled with the govt by pretending to be ‘moderate’. Opposition support is stronger in the eastern part of Singapore. If SDP had contested there, it would have won a few seats as well. Shame on the useless ‘Wayang Party’! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please spread the message around.

      • Henry said

        There is certain degree of articulated knowledge in your statements … Give yourself 4 more years, and Stand up for Singapore!

  15. aliba said

    gay gay article. you go eat papaya

  16. lyv2dy said

    I have come to the conclusion that it is a waste of time to bother with TT and will be UNSUBSCRIBING this absurd site. Denying you a platform for mischief and sabotage is a responsible act. Goodbye

    • Robox said

      I will still welcome you back when you change your mind. Controversy is good for ratings and you will be back.

      Watch this space.

  17. Naivety said

    “Nothing is permanent except change” and whatever it is I will vote for a change in government come GE2016!

    Mod’s note:

    It is impossible to change the govt so long the ‘Wayang Party’ is not eliminated:

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’

    – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

  18. To be fair said

    If we want better future life for local Singaporeans, continue to vote ANY opposition party as a strategy. Right now, the idea is to get as much opposition into parliament as possible. If elected opposition make a lot of noise like what CSJ did previously, they will also be prematurely “taken care of” and the day of having enough opposition in parliament will never come. Stop throwing bricks at WP before thinking. It is strategy they are applying. Just for your info, CSJ is also a good man for Singapore. Many of us are conned into having a negative image of him. This chap sacrificed a lot for us. How many of us would stick our neck out to be chopped. So, please, stop the in-fighting. Dilution of opposition votes is what the PAP wants to see.

    Mod’s note:

    WP does not belong to the opposition camp. It is on the SAME side as the PAP – its ‘B’ team and backup in the event of a freak election. Please wake up!

  19. Goh Tong Seng said

    For all those who think a vote for SDP will solve the immigration problem, they WILL be disappointed.
    SDP is all ’bout human rights, civil liberties, etc.

    • Singaporeans united for a better future said

      First we get rid of goliath. We vote out the pro-foreigner party. Once parliament is dominated by the few opposition parties we have, we ‘Davids’ will sort out our future together.


      • Lobang?? said

        How to you made sure in the few opposition parties don’t have a “super evil baby” in there? By the time the “super evil baby” has grown to an adult, so easy to get rid and sort out? Even if you can, take how long? 10 years? 20 years? or more? That’s almost a major part of the next generation life liao ….

        Hey, you vested interest isit? Siam Me lobang?

    • Robox said

      “SDP is all ’bout human rights, civil liberties, etc.”

      You are right: the SDP is ALL about human rights.

      Such as the human right to universal health care which is in their National Health Care Plan, and parts of which the PAP is now implementing. And such as the human right to employment and labour rights in its Alternative Economic Plan.

      If you don’t want those human rights, then “you die, your business”.

      Support only the parties like the PAP and the WP that believe in your’ideals’.

      • Goh Tong Seng said

        These are not my ideals. I was stating the facts.
        Human rights also include the right to move freely, anywhere in the world, without fear or persecution.
        Throughout human history, the have been forced human migration, assimilation and extermination.

      • Robox said

        “I was stating the facts….Human rights also include the right to move freely, anywhere in the world, without fear or persecution.”

        Oh, so now you are conveniently moving into the territory of “freedom of movement” and “freedom of speech”?

        Exactly what you disparaged the SDP for?

        What are you? A typical WP Hypocrite who says one thing to win approval – and votes, like the WP does at elections campaigns but never delivers – but will do the exact opposite?

        Especially when entrusted with the powers to do exactly what you promise?

        So, what was so wrong with the SDP’s struggle for the freedom of movement and the freedom of speech?

        It will spread political ideas that the PAP finds anathema to its own? Or the PAP-pleasing WP does?

      • Goh Tong Seng said

        I am not aligned to any party. Nor do I have any ideals. As a matter of fact, i did not even vote. I was merely stating the facts, the fact that those with anti-immigrant sentiments may not get what they want if they voted in SDP.
        There are also other parties to support, like NSP and Reform.

  20. fpc said

    non sense. Chee SJ has been yelling / going into jail in the name of helping Singaporeans but the number of ft etc has shot up during the same period. same with HDB prices, same with the social safety net.

    When WP won big in 2011, then PAP try to do things that make electorate happy and CSJ didn’t even contest in that GE.

    For everything that CSJ proclaimed, he cannot even get ANY of his people elected. Even Ang San Suki got all her people elected in Myanmar when the level of democracy is very low. Election process rigged there a lot easier.

    pls wake up. Singaporeans despite everything that is said are cowards. NOT WP.

    • Denise said

      Actually, I think Singaporeans are smart, as desperate as they are in wanting to have more oppositions in parliament, they have also maintained a rational and discerning outlook at what kind of oppositions we want. WP was voted into the parliament as they were constructive, as opposed to the destructive nature of CSJ and SDP (who always seeks pleasure and collude with overseas organizations to create damaging impressions of Singapore). I am quite sure even if CSJ did stand in the last elections, he will not win at all, as the silent majority had see through a highly despicable, unscrupulous, self-centered and irrational combatant nature in him that is more of a destructive force than a opposing force. Now that SDP openly declared their support for freaky gays, lesbians and homosexuality, the more they will be despise and forsaken. They can only blame their own highly unscrupulous opportunistic nature for being sidelined by the silent majority who makes the differences in which opposition party gets voted in.

  21. blame no other but the one who create the high pay system said

    Is PAP MP competent? so can you not paying them so high? who made the system? Do not blame other but blame the one who create the high pay system!

  22. Lorraine Sim said

    So, The Temasek Times is now officially proclaiming themselves as the official media for SDP, and their role is to go all out to attack WP to gain more supporter (and so they think…)?

    It is precisely such under hands so typical of SDP that we should not have such a unscrupulous opposition, especially if our aim is to replace PAPigs. No point getting rid of the authoritarian PAPigs only to bring in an unscrupulous and shameless party filled with deformed gays and petty-minded individuals out to glorify themselves through malicious bad-mouthing of other more worthy opposition parties.

    Mod’s note:

    Please don’t put words into our mouths. We have clarified several times that we are not linked to any parties. It is our duty to expose the fake opposition – the ‘Wayang Party’. Please wake up! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

    • Denise said

      I have the same opinion with Lorraine, TTT is now the official mouthpiece of SDP in propagating their distorted and highly divisive party manifesto. Singapore would not be better off with an opposition like SDP!

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