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DPM Tharman on selection criteria for PRs: We ‘can’ get more ‘transparent’

Posted by temasektimes on September 6, 2012

The lack of transparency in the selection of Singapore PRs and citizens has been a sore point of contention among both Singaporeans and foreigners alike.

While some seemingly qualified white-collared professionals had their PR application turned down several times, others such as bus captains, hawkers, nursery teachers were granted Singapore PR within a short period of time.

The question popped up again during a forum held at the Nanyang Technological University attended by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam during which a student asked if the government can be more transparent on policies such as the selection criteria of Permanent Residents.

As usual, the minister did not answer the question directly, but threw a smoke-screen to confuse the audience:

“We can get more transparent, but most important I think is not the criteria but the broader debate that we have to settle, which is how much an inflow of foreigners that we have. In other words, what levels and how fast we bring them in. And that’s a question that requires continuous review and frank and open debate.”

There was never any proper review or debate on Singapore’s immigration policies as the floodgates were swung open without proper planning to foreigners from all over the world from aroudn 2004 onward which led to sky-rocketing property prices, stagnant wages, rampant inflation and an obvious decline in the quality of life among native Singaporeans.

Fortunately, DPM Tharman did not ask the student ‘What do you think?’ and continued his double-speak:

“So I would say focus on the fundamentals, not so much the precision and the details, but focus on the fundamental principles, on who are the type of people whom we should let into our workforce to do different types of jobs, first. Secondly, the type of people who we want in our society, who stay here for longer period.”


16 Responses to “DPM Tharman on selection criteria for PRs: We ‘can’ get more ‘transparent’”

  1. Submitter69 said

    These PAP bumheads like to use the terms “long term” and “broader issue” to avoid answering tough questions. so much for transparency.

    • SgGuy said

      They do whatever they want, them come up with some stupid words n excuses to try explain. So whats the point for so-called review n open debate?!?!??!?! It’s just for show since THERE IS ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY N TRANSPARENCY in this system. The system needs a thorough overhaul!!

  2. Ashok Mahtani said

    ” As usual, the minister did not answer the question directly, but threw a smoke-screen to confuse the audience:”

    Of course they are not going to be transparent with us.

    The fact is, if you read the main stream media, they have inadvertently mentioned that cleaners, masseurs, bus drivers, construction workers and prostitutes have been given PRs.

    Let’s be honest here: Would intelligent professionals want to take up Singapore citizenship?

    Who in his right frame of mind would want to become a citizen of a totalitarian state where people have no rights except the burden to work and work until you kick the bucket.

  3. Ashok Mahtani said

    “People do want to know, there is curiosity, it is a matter of public interest. That is not sufficient reason to disclose information. It is not sufficient that there be curiosity and interest that you want to disclose information.”

    I doubt that he will be transparent with the people who elected him into parliament.

    Sad really.

  4. Babuseng said

    Well what Tharman said makes sense. We do NEED to have the broader debate about the immigration policy, and if they actually allow that debate, then it will be more impactful than transparency specifics. It remains to be seen if the government is sincere in listening to its disaffected citizens.

  5. Invictus said

    I agree with Tharman, firstly we need to sort out the bigger debate on the inflow of
    foreigners into Singapore.
    I disagree that the criteria can be more transparent… I think it MUST be transparent. The government has run this country for too long without any proper oversight.

  6. Naivety said

    I very much doubt so that this baldie would be sincere enough to open up the selection criteria for PRs and Citizens because for a start there was no effort by the government at all to control and manage the inflows of foreigners into Sinkapor!

    He is just putting up a wayang kulit show for the NTU students!

  7. Jenny said

    Idiots will always be idiots.

  8. fpc said

    without criteria that are listed explicitly, tharman’s questions are stupid. it is at best rhetorical. worse, proven to have failed based on past empirical experience.

  9. Singapore Cock said

    If sincere, pls state timeline!

  10. ganina utama said

    Long term issue is how to grow your hair longer. Broader issue is how to broder up your hair thickness. I suggest u go beijing 101.

  11. solaris8899 said

    what is your rational behind your comments? you invest more on external than internal people?

  12. GodBlessSG said

    Mai lah mai lah. We don’t need you to be more transparent. Just don’t import any more PR will do!

    We did okay, if not very well back in the 80s and 90s without them. Why can’t we now? Please don’t tell me this time is different. That’s what people always say when they trade stocks. No, it’s not.

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