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PRC wife kills herself and Singaporean husband by burning charcoal in room

Posted by temasektimes on September 6, 2012

A jealous PRC wife killed her Singaporean husband and herself in their room by carbon monoxide poisoning by burning charcoal!

33 year old Zhang Xiao Hui discovered that her Singaporean husband Lin Jun Yang was a drug addict and was having an affair with another PRC woman.

Out of anger, she burn charcoal in the room while her husband was intoxicated with drugs, killing them both.





31 Responses to “PRC wife kills herself and Singaporean husband by burning charcoal in room”

  1. P Koh said

    What a way to end her life in Singapore. Must have thought that coming here and marrying a local is a new beginning and so sad to see that it did not work out as planned. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

  2. Daft Peasant said


  3. Sun Tzu said

    It is a very sad story. I do not think we have the right to comment on other peoples misfortune, foreigners or not. Let their respective families grieve in peace

  4. SgGuy said

    Interesting….. another fine example that importing FT does not helps increase birth rate or population numbers. And policy makers still think chinese there and chinese here are all the same! Pui!

  5. hihihi said

    The singkee hubby died not knowing what happened.

  6. bernard tan said

    he deserved it…. did not learn his lesson when he married the first china doll… still look for another one……

  7. Ah Gong said

    Good news is that 2 less PRC toxic waste from China. Its Happy Hours

  8. sexyboy said

    My heart goes to that prc woman, if she had known singaporean men are good for nothing, she would still be alive today

  9. ganina utama said

    Wah! Lucky didnt do it at bedok reservoir.

  10. Virgorian said

    Stop making fun of FT…

  11. kumantong said

    Double tragedy….Sad

  12. Hokkien Mee said

    SAD, look at them, ……..2 young lives add up also not even 100 and just ended tragically.
    There is a Chinese saying, the young leave early and the elders have to carry on.
    Let’s hope better times will be there for all who are in troubles, don’t give up, not with the present working and living conditions in Singapore anyway. Alive, we can breathe and think of alternatives, dead and we can do nothing to improve our lives.
    Its not about FTs or Singaporeans, its about people whose lives are caught in-between.

  13. Free Trolley said

    that guy looks refined

  14. Singaporean1 said

    Temasek times, its time to review your role. What is your objective in posting this tragic news. Please respect the dead regardless of their nationality.

  15. Wolfglare said

    Good one less PRC whore and one less drug addict in Singapore nothing to be sad about

  16. Striking Angel said

    As a Singaporean, I respect my fellow Singaporeans over here. When come to life and death, there is no distinguish of nationality, race nor religion. As decent human beings, we should send our deepest condolences to their family members. May their souls rest in peace.

    • wMulew said

      What makes U think the crowd in here is decent. Just look at all the obscene comments in any FT related thread.

      • Striking Angel said

        Don’t blame Singaporeans and FT. Blame our govt. for their stupid policies for these deep social divides!

  17. James Tan said

    How to kill with charcoal? 50% of countries in South East Asia still cooking with charcoal. How come they do not die? Sounds like accident to me

    • Independent said

      U must have failed science in school. Gdness.

    • edwin said

      James Tan, put portable bbq pit in your bedroom. close all the windows & doors. better still seal them with masking tape. then u burn the charcoal. even before the chicken wing is one quarter cook, something will happen to you. try lah.

  18. Helena said

    Tragedy. Can someone please tell these mail order brides that marrying foreigners does not guarantee a life of luxury?

    Maybe Grace Fu wants to give her two cents’ worth on this? We’re all ears.

  19. Sinkaypoh said

    As urged by one Minister after another, the hubby OVER-INTEGRATED with FTs… so sorry for the wifie

  20. Ren said

    Now we know how evil and ruthless prc women can be…Be forewarned…

    • Independent said

      Lol. And taking drugs and infidelity are not evil acts? Can u even read?

      • edwin said

        murder is more evil than taking drugs & infidelity. the prc woman murdered her husband. you like your spouse to charcoal you when you conked out asleep?

  21. A G Young said

    Don’t play, play with PRC women! How VICIOUS SHE WAS!!!

  22. Nonsense said

    the singapore husband doesnt have the look of a drug addict…very good example of “never judge a book from its cover”.

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