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Pritam Singh dropped as Vice-Chair of WP media team

Posted by temasektimes on September 6, 2012

Controversial Workers Party MP Pritam Singh was dropped as the Vice-Chair of the WP media team as part of its CEC ‘reshuffle’ after the recent ‘election.’

However, he remains as a Council member of the CEC.

The change came in aftermath of recent boo-boos made by Mr Singh, including his much publicized online spat with former WP Youth leader Andrew Loh Hong Puey.

Mr Singh had embarrassed the party when he was exposed in parliament by DPM Teo Chee Hean for outright plagiarizing the work of others in his parliamentary speech earlier this year.

He also courted controversy last year by declaring that the Workers Party will form a coalition government with the ruling party should it fail to win a majority in the next election.

There are no major changes in the leadership line-up with Low Thia Kiang remaining as the party Secretary-General and Sylvia Lim the Chairman.

Low has been the Secretary-General of WP since 2001 after he ‘ousted’ his mentor Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam which led to a bitter split within the party.


21 Responses to “Pritam Singh dropped as Vice-Chair of WP media team”

  1. Henry said

    Huh? There’s not what was reported … Your writing is cookoo …???

  2. wMulew said

    LTK was JBJ’s protege, NOT the other way round. Low ousted his mentor. You might want to do some proof reading before posting

  3. Sat Pal said

    One Sikh,Dr Manmohan Singh down as the most useless PM of India.Just look at Time and NYT latest publication.

    Now,another Sikh following the foot steps.Pritam should not be a PAP proxy if he has any honor left.

  4. lyv2dy said

    What boring reporting by TT. No substance.

  5. skponggol said

    Another one of Low Thia Khiang’s so-called ‘right-hand man’ being shown thru the revolving door….

    In Low Thia Khiang’s short stint of 10 years as WP boss, he has anointed many successors who turned out as dude…Yesterday rising stars like Poh Lee Guan (who was at one time Low’s closest comrade until their fall-out in 2006) , Goh Meng Seng, James Gomez, Tan Wui-Hua, Chia Ti Lik, Perry Tong, Eric Tan, Yaw Shin Leong and……… now soon to be Pritam Singh.

    Either Low Thia Khiang has a very lousy judgment of character or he is simply intolerant of other talents.

    Btw, why is Chen Show Mao, with his stellar qualifications and breathtaking achievement, continues to be a calefare in the Party. Is he less qualified and capable than bootlickers like Gerald Giam and Sylvia Lim?

    • No comment

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      And unfortunately for the 39.9%, the ruling party’s selection process is second to none.

    • Robox said

      “…why is Chen Show Mao, with his stellar qualifications and breathtaking achievement, continues to be a calefare in the Party.”

      Chen Show Mao is just grossly OVERHYPED nonsense. I knew that even while the overhyping was taking place just before the GE, only because I already know how easily fooled Singaporeans – including opposition supporters – can be by mere credentials.

  6. Smith said

    I think TT is just jest that Pritam actually reads TT and left even a message on TT’s Facebook.

  7. Submitter69 said

    WP is right to drop him. This bum lacks diplomacy and humility.He thinks he’s bigger than the party.

    • Robox said

      Actually, Pritam Singh IS bigger than his party – if you followed his writings in TOC previously – just like James Gomez before him.

      The only problem is that Low Thia Khiang is a very, very small and timid person and gets everyone who joins his party to toe the line in accordance with his despicable personal characteristics. That’s why you hear Pritam Singh spout that same stupidity, but only after he is elected. (And I thought, we elect politicians to DO something, and not shy away into the shadows!)

      If there is one that is attributable to Pritam Singh’s personal stupidity independant of his paty chief’s, it is for joining the wrong party.

  8. James Tan said

    Yes, talking rubbish again.

  9. You are more toxic against the Worker’s Party than the Straits Times is!!! LOL.

    • Robox said

      If you want only good news and not the unvarnished truths about the WP, stick to reading the Straits Times. Don’t come here trying to remake the opposition in the image of the PAP-PAP supporters’ dysfunctional relationship.

      The true opposition in Singapore should be about the Truth and the Truth only, even if that means exposing the ugly truths within the hich the WP is not anyway.

  10. waswer said

    maybe this guy is undercover…

  11. you get what you give said

    Aiyo, TT hates scroobal yet acts worse than this mysterious subversive. Why keep picking on Pritam Singh? You have an axe to grind with WP more than you genuinely support SDP. For every 10 skewed articles on WP, there is only one showcasing SDP. Stick to breaking new scandals lah.

  12. fpc said

    ttr criticised pap led media like sph for being opaque but ttr deleted my comment here. putting ttr as replacement of sph won’t change the obaqueness of reporting in singapore.

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