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Chinese pandas move into S$8.6 million dollars home in Singapore zoo

Posted by temasektimes on September 7, 2012

Singapore welcomes a pair of giant pandas loaned by China for 10 years to their new home in the Singapore Zoological Gardens which cost an astonishing S$8.6 million dollars to build.

The bears — five-year-old male Kai Kai (“victorious”) and four-year-old Jia Jia (“beauty”)  will be housed in a custom-built 1,500 square metre (16,145 square foot) enclosure within the zoo’s new attraction called the River Safari.

The pandas were delivered in a chartered Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 cargo jet that stopped at an exclusive terminal normally reserved for foreign dignitaries, celebrities and wealthy flyers.

Speaking to queries from the media, Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck said:

“It is indeed our privilege to be entrusted with two of China’s national treasures.”

Singapore is the ninth country to receive the bears from China since the loan scheme began in 1994, and the fourth Asia-Pacific nation to be given the honour after Thailand, Japan and Australia.


109 Responses to “Chinese pandas move into S$8.6 million dollars home in Singapore zoo”

  1. Lawrence Lim said

    Is Singapore too humid and hot for them ?

  2. Kokky said

    $8.6 million?? Seriously? That is a lot of money to do a lot of beneficial things for the poor Singaporeans…

    • SgGuy said

      This is just one of many examples of the country using money in the wrong areas for wrong purpose.
      Now the pandas can sit high up there with our MPs n Mr KFC in using state money n “jiat liao bee”

      could the money be put to better use? but who’s asking n keeping the gov accountable?? who?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Poor Singaporeans of course you included right?

      • Sasikumar Vet said

        WTF are you doing here Mansukhani ma!!! Go sell your kachang putir and stop farting around TT, you smell bad my goodness!!! Useless trash……

  3. Zoologist said

    8.6 mil came from Wildlife Reserves Singapore and not public coffers. The project is only partially diplomatic – the rest commercial. Pls dispense with the knee-jerk comments of “oh, the 8.6 mil could have been better used to do what and what….”

    • navin said

      with so much wildlife reserve, why not share some of the wildlife reserve with the national reserve and fund the poor in singapore? have u seen some of the conditions the poor are living in? fuck u zoologist

      • Zoologist said

        Sounds like a kid or a druggie who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
        “Wildlife Reserves Singapore” is a company.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Fucking Navin u fucker are a disgrace to this nation.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Blady Druggie Navin!

      • Naivety said

        What is the difference & isn’t the Wildlife Reserve Singapore a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings (maybe Zoologist isn’t aware of this fact)???

        And from where do you think Temasek Holdings obtain its sources of funds from for its reckless investment strategy?

        From both National Reserve & CPF Monies Fund…this is no brainer, right Zoologist (maybe u’re not privy to this information)??

      • Dr Assasin said

        WTF are you doing here Dr Ken, take a day off and visit a vet to treat your shitty mouth! You are only talented in farting from your mouth…my Goodnesd Ken!!

      • Dr Assasin said

        WTF are you doing here Dr Ken, take a day off and visit a vet to treat your shitty mouth! You are only talented in farting from your mouth…my Goodness Ken!!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        And you idiotic Dr Assasin are only famous for repeating yourself one too many times. Go fuck a spider!!!!

      • Sasikumar Vet said

        Mansukhani CB, this is getting more interesting, YOU are farting thru your nose lately!!!! You are destined to be a trash, FUCK off from this island!!!

    • torpedo said

      Don’t talk rubbish. What diff does it make who funds it. Is’nt S$8.6 m better spent on more worthy causes. Is not it better for elected politicians spending time with their constituents instead of going to the airport to welcome 2 bears?? When our NS man died in Brunei how many politicians went to his funeral? Lets get our priorities right put things in perspective my friend the PAP have lost the plot long time ago and they will pay for it in 2016. . If u want to see Pandas, psle buy a ticket and go to China. Sped the 8.6m om local Singaporeans .

      • Julie Ong said

        Thanks, Torpedo.

        I wish I can borrow your namesake (but a real, powerful one), and really torpedoed these charlatans (politicians) fussing over the Chinese giant pandas. Indeed this government panders to the rich and privileged and pay scant regard for the needy citizens. A truly first world country will look after the less fortunate, weak or sick amongst them. It is costly……but that’s what it takes ……. Humanity, Caring and Sharing ……. for the benefit of it’s citizenry. Simultaneously, we also can innovate, research and learn from all over the world how we can do things ….. always ……a little better ….. and
        stay one step ahead of our competitors! But would this never-in-touch government? They have the infamy of paying themselves top money without the commensurate performance expected of them.

        Don’t cry for me, Singapore! Cry aloud at our damn politicians and their nonsensical policies and gimmicks. Unless we stand up to them and demand our rights we are heading for gloomy days ahead.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Alternatively, with a sum of 8.6 million the government can easily buy a torpedo or two and shuff it up where the sun dont shine (specifically that body part which is yours) and blast you to Timbaktu. How about that?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Of course along with Julie Ong!!!!

      • Sasikumar Vet said

        Dog Ken, you must be urinating shit lately…my goodness! Your day is near to be choked by SHITS..take care!!! Hopeless and useless man on earth…go hide in my condo’s sewerage pipe.

    • Naivety said

      Wtf…want to con peasants like us also don’t know how to con properly!

      Isn’t Wildlife Reserves Singapore also under the umbrella of Temasek Holdings (I know many people are unaware of this fact…need me to provide the ACRA Rept to prove this)??

      And where does Temasek Holdings obtained their investment funds from??
      This is no brainer…from our accumulated Reserves & CPF Monies Fund!!!
      And you think I am not privy to these information ka??

      • Sinkaypoh said

        Most beautifully put Naivety!

        Pinky & Chinky now on shopping spree in China mah!
        CPF = Crossover Panda Fund

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Well said zoologist.!!!!

      • Sasikumar Vet said

        Ken, you are the most disgraceful man in Singapore!!! Shits are getting more costly due to your heavy consumption!!! LOL

  4. Being only the 9th country to b privileged 2 house the pandas, this is a great honour 4 S’pore. The $8.6m spent is in order being less than $1m a yr 2 house 2 very rare and priceless pandas whose loan wld be the envy and pride of every nation. $1m a yr 2 house them is also money our govt can well afford, all things considered.
    Kudos 2 our govt 4 achieving this loan that can only show our close rapport with an emerging superpower (many wld simply say superpower’) whose influence globally and in our part of the world in particular wld b felt more keenly in the years ahead.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Finally someone admits the government is doing something right. So happy to hear that. Cheers!

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Hey Mamak Pundak SasiKumar you did an excellent job of washing my car at Sembawang last evening. I know your dad told me your love for animals and deep desires of wanting to be a vet. I guess you need to work harder son and wash more cars first. That way maybe you can save enough first to realise your dream of becoming a vet. Tell you what, I will increase your monthly car wash fee from $50 to $100 if you meet me at the carpark tonight and give my lethal weapon a good cold blowjob. Let me know how. Ok?

  5. Steve said

    I agreed this is the money worth Spending, and I feel proud that our Zoo have a pair of Panda.

  6. wMulew said

    These 2 are money spinning treasure. Whatever money goes into them is probably going to double within 10 years

    • Zhang Bo said

      There is no way they can recoup the money unless they increase the entrance fee by 100%.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Yes it’s high time they increase the entrance fee. Sorry, but 100% is too small a sum increase. It should be a 150% increase!

      • Sasikumar Vet said

        Ken, dont forget to include shits for your daily meals! Useless and hopeless man…… goodness! Full of nonsense in your thread..fuck off to hell!

    • Daft Peasant said

      money-spinning treasure??

      Other than money coming from entrance tickets, i don see how money will double up……

      Ah……don tell me they eat bamboo shoots and shit gold??

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Only when you go to the Zoo to visit these Pandas will you see them shitting gold. So what you waiting for?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      True Mulew!

  7. Daft Peasant said

    ha ha ha ha ha…….i told my friend, after the 10 years lease, the famiLee can live there…….don waste the $8.6 million mah……lui leh…..

    By the way, if the two bears died in sin due to psi level bad……singapore got to compensate china’s lost?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Daft, never predict life so liberally. For all you know, you could be the one dying first before these nice pandas!!!!!

  8. Sinkaypoh said

    Can they play table tennis?
    Maybe next month we can borrow Bo Xilai for 10 years to run our country?

  9. fpc said

    the banner was a joke

    • Zhang Bo said

      Maybe they really thought those pandas could read English?

      But I admit, they really looked like fools.

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Of course compared to the pandas there is no fight. You definitely are a better English reader, writer and speaker. Point to remember and never forget Zhang Bo ONLY COMPARED TO PANDAS.

  10. A G Young said

    Is it worth SPENT? No comment!!

    • Daft Peasant said

      ha ha ha ha……

      to the MIWs, its is money WORTH and WELL SPENT!!!!!

      to daft peasant like us, the black & white bears are not EVEN WORTH A DOLLAR……

      Why must use other’s 国宝 to become ours??

      We singapore also got 国宝 mah……the Lee’s……

  11. Pandarian said

    Wow, the government doesn’t bat an eyelid to spend millions on ANIMALS (PRC, no less) when that amount money can actually help out CITIZENS who are struggling with financial issues due to unemployment, illnesses, old age etc. We have been taught that the reason Singapore became so successful in a short span of time is because the Singapore government is pragmatic i.e. being practical and adapting to changes. I think I finally know the meaning of ‘pragmatism’. It means boot licking and ass kissing (even if it means a fat and furry panda ass in order to please our great father in China). When America was the strongest world power back then, we had “Speak Good English” campaigns, and now it’s “讲华语” and prioritize mere animals over citizens whom they should be serving. Make up your damn mind!

    • Great observation.

    • Kuomintang said

      Hello……… Speak Mandarin Campaign has a much longer history than Speak Good English Campaign.

      • Sinkaypoh said

        Aiyah.. both wrong lah! The only campaign has been “”Kong Chua Jee” ($$$ talks)

      • Julie Ong said

        Hi, Kuomintang.

        I remember the ‘chiang hua yee’ (speak Mandarin) campaign. We were badly duped! Some sceptical Singaporeans have labelled it ‘chiang chua jee’ (talk money) campaign. Isn’t it true that this is the real motive now?
        I’m saying this partly in jest, but you get the point? Money, it seems takes primacy above everything else this government does. Never mind the people. We can get more FTs! The great hypocrisy is that they want more children and at the same breath make it nigh impossible what with huge costs associated with child rearing and the poor work/life balance that is the norm here. You want more children. You will get them. But the conditions must be conducive or right!

        In the days ahead, hopefully, we can see a panda cub. Oh, then there will be Pandemonium! But seriously, why don’t we have children or lion cubs?
        If the government is sincere about people having more children then they must act in tangible ways by investing substantial amounts of money to induce the citizens to do so. But …. don’t hold your breath …. they can always import people and do it ‘el cheapo’. So again they are spewing crap!

      • Sinkaypoh said

        Julie, well said !
        (although, technically, the pandas are below the age of consent, but since they are already in a golden cage, I don’t see them doing any worse!)

  12. To be fair said

    In Singapore, Chinese pandas live in $8.6m home, in par with that of the ministers, while Singaporeans are advised to “live within their means”, probably ending up with 3 room flats.

  13. Free Trolley said

    S$8.6 million dollars in exchange for S$8.6 billion dollars of trade. Good Job PAP.

    • Naivety said

      How do you manage to arrive at the 8.6 billion dollars of trade amount, you mean both GIC & Temasek Holdings have to invest at least 8.6 billion dollars in Chengdu, China ka in exchange for the loan of the 2 China’s Pandas?

  14. richard wong said

    I only live in a $300,000 HDB flat yet the pandas lived in a $8.6 million cage !!!

    • Independent said

      Well, u can stay in that cage instead and eat bamboos for all ur life. Be careful of what u say. Pandas are endangered animals. U? Ur life is worthless the moment u make such comments and comparisons urself.

    • Sinkaypoh said

      Pandas are scarce! Singaporeans are plenty, therefore the MIW in their Omniscient wisdom decree that u only deserve to live in tiny expensive HDBs & travel to work in jam-packed MRTs with FTs.

      By the time Sinkies starve to death or become quitters, and only 1% are left, maybe the will also house u in luxury accomodations, like the FamiLee…

  15. Playfair said

    Well dont grumble 60.1% voted for the PAP. All the rubbish that they are currently doing we deserve it.
    Come 2016 make sure you dont vote for them even if they come out with goodies.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Well when they come out with “goodies” like new FTs and foreigners in general to replace you, a PAP win of 88% is very much in the tubes for the 2016 GE. As for you my poor friend, they will not be wasting time enticing you with your kind of “goodies”. All the way PAP, Majullah Singapura!!!!!!

  16. Naivety said

    The Pro-Alien Party values China’s Pandas more than its citizens!

    I very much doubt so that they could even recoup & recover the more than 10 million dollars spent inclusive of chartered airfreight & accommodation within a 10 year period.

  17. Anonymouse said

    $8.6 million … Now the architect can stay in Sentosa Cove …

  18. ganina utama said

    Money spent to let the panda make love and produce babies, 10 years later they all go back china!
    Damn fark govt. Spent money bring PRC here and panda here! They fark around and after that go back CB china! KNLBCCB!

  19. divideandconquer said

    I will let Mr Jefferies speak for me.

  20. I would say that Singapore was kind of kena stuffed with 2 very expensive animals by the the world super powerhouse.

    Just throw 2 rare, wild animals to stuff other countries, who would not dare to turn down the offer, in the name of diplomacy. And got to put up a wayang to welcome the 国宝 to show the super powerhouse that how honour we are ….

    Get free 10 years maintanence by fellow ‘privilege countries’ and, on top of that, can still collect loan charges from those stuffed countries. There is only 1 clear winner in this kind of so called “privilege and honour to house their ‘国宝’.

    Good strategy 🙂

  21. kk said

    Speechless…. no energy to comment on our govt anymore..

  22. Expensive diplomacy ..... said

    QUOTE :

    Speaking to queries from the media, Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck said:

    “It is indeed our privilege to be entrusted with two of China’s national treasures.”

    Yeah sure, what else can Singapore say 😦

    I wonder how much is the rental that we have to pay China, besides providing
    10 years of free and expensive maintanence to their so called, national treasures.

    How is being stuffed down the throat feeling like ??

  23. Only 1 winner in the National Treasures !!! said

    吃窮動物園 大陸旅美貓熊恐被遣返
    ETtoday – 2012年7月13日 上午10:08

    US has to pay annual rental of US1 million per panda, and for every baby panda, they need to pay China rental of US600,000..

    The zoo is on the brink of bankruptcy because of the 2 pandas and their 3 cubs !!!

    What a stupid agreement…China should the one paying the foster countries instead !!!

  24. happy said

    Please boycott any visit to the panda here
    make them loose a hefty sum of money
    and make them realise how stupid they are

    you could see panda any where in the world

    from tokyo to california

    • Independent said

      Pea brain u have. Make them lose $ and u will soon pay higher taxes. We should improve tourism and hope zoo’s revenue will be boosted for sg economy!

    • Passer-by said

      Not exactly every part in the world you know. Those who studied endangered animals can tell you that panda are one of the endangered animals in the world. That is why China is controlling the number of panda being issued to the countries and which countries they can loan it to. Do you even know that less than 30 pandas are situated outside of China? How can 30 pandas be in any where around the world? The best place to even get to see all these pandas are in China.

      At SG govt point of view, with controlled number of panda around the world, more tourists will come to SG to see what pandas really look like. Plainly said, the government is trying to get more attractions just so that more tourists will come to SG and spend more here, even at the expense of loaning animals from other countries. Why do you think they spend so much on all tourist attractions?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Oh don’t speak too fast Happy. Our foreigners here will flock to the zoo to see our panda friends. Of course the authorities will not loose like you say.

  25. Dreamer said

    End of the day, the $$ still comes from us. That’s explain why we are being exploit and do not get GST package like last time!

    • Independent said

      U seriously think the gst package is a lot of $? Not buying big items will help u save more lah. No $ still want to buy expensive things to improve ur life and hanker for gst package?

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Maybe next year I request one of our Cabinet Ministers to visit you in person to give you a $10k cash Ang Pow. Kindly leave your contact number behind. Don’t forget OK Dreamer!

  26. CPTT said

    PAP treats animals better than their own people. This is another silly PAP.

    • Seraphim said

      I actually pity the pandas… They got taken from their habitat and placed in cages in Singapore, where the weather is not to their liking (unless the zoo decides to build a room that suits them, but it will cost poor sgreans money indirectly again) and for people to see and take photos.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Why you comparing yourself to an animal? If you make comparisons like that then you are better off as an animal.

  27. CPTT said

    What can a Panda to hold singaporean’s heart. PAP is really CARRY the China BALL and yet allow US to station war-ship to counteracts China growth.
    This is the true of running dog of the familees.

  28. Iceman said

    haiya, 8.6mil is peanuts only to them lah … big brother lend must take good care leh

  29. Sinkaypoh said

    Now, if Kai Kai collects 10% tithe from every visitor, very soon he can fund Jia Jia’s Hollywood music career….

  30. Sinkaypoh said

    We should also be generous & loan our national treasures Pinky & Chingky to China for an equivalent sum, plus their million dollar salaries. Only in this way will true international integration be effected… Majulah Pappypura!

  31. Sinkaypoh said

    Tomorrow I am gonna change my name in IC to Panda….

  32. i say what i think only said

    spend sos much at suzhou industrial park and all we got back is 2 pandas (after so long). pretty good business le for china. TSL say boost tourism, when then can recoup back? feed them viagra so they screw everyday, offspring is default singapore citizen right? then maybe the S-Pass panda can auto opt for citizenship (u think they want?)

  33. Ah Gong said

    Jia Jia & Kai Kai to be granted Singapore Citizenship and their CPF accounts to be topped up with Singaporeans CPF handouts

  34. Moon said

    Don’t worry, our beloved Mr KFC will contribute a portion to this, using his EZ-link card.

  35. oute said

    If you want to meet ex-President or MOS, then dress up like a Panda and they would meet you..

    • Illy said

      8.6m for these pandas and they are trying to tell us that we should be honoured having these pandas in Singapore. Hello, we Singaporeans have to pay to go to the zoo and see the pandas when obviously we have already paid 8.6m using OUR MONEY(under temasek holdings).
      Can anyone remember how much Singapore govt gave the NSF that died in Brunei??

      Can the govt do something that is right?

      We will just continue to see what happens in 2016

  36. Jack Sparrow said

    waste of money. better to give $100 each to 860,000 needy people.

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