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PAP MP Seah Kian Peng urges Singaporeans to participate in ‘National Conversation’

Posted by temasektimes on September 7, 2012

Since Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launched a ‘National Conversation’ for Singaporeans during his National Day Rally, the state media has gone on a propaganda overdrive to promote yet another PR ‘gimmick’ from the ruling party.

PAP ministers and MPs have been imploring Singaporeans to join in the ‘conversation’ with the latest coming from Marine parade MP Seah Kian Peng who said the National Conversation would be ‘all-encompassing’.

“We have to give it a go, and I also ask people to give it a go. It cannot do us any harm, it can only do us good. All those sitting on the sidelines and not taking part, they are missing and opportunity where all of us want to shape the kind of Singapore we want,” Mr Seah said.

He encouraged Singaporeans to share the kind of Singapore they want:

“Everyone out there has a vision of the kind of Singapore we want, be part of this, come join us, come create the Singapore we want for all of us and our children.”

Despite the media hype over it, REACH Chairwoman Dr Amy Khor warned that while the government will ‘listen’ to the views offered by Singaporeans, not all of them will be looked into and accepted.


10 Responses to “PAP MP Seah Kian Peng urges Singaporeans to participate in ‘National Conversation’”

  1. rongY said

    amy khor already openly reflects the attitude of the PAP government, u can say anything. they will sidesweep the real feedback and adopt the feedback they want to hear from their own PAP running dog’s. this is exactly the f..up attitude that snowball the Singapore problems “immigration, ageing, health, housing, birth, living cost” which they cannot solve. PAP can answer this question- are we better off 10 years ago then now. 20 years ago we look forward to achieving the 3C’s, we where promised the swiss standard of living, now we are totally f…ck

  2. alamak said

    The REACH Chariwoman awreddy warn that government will ‘listen’ but not all will be looked into and accepted.
    So quite clear, just shut up your big mouth if not agree with gahmen policies. Now PAP MP Seah Kian Peng urge Singaporeans ‘come join us and give it a go ‘.mebbe mean ‘come and go’ ha ha ha. Same message different words

  3. P Koh said

    Nothing new, nothing offered, and nothing will come out from all the calls for contribution by citizens if they hear but will not listen and then act high-handedly as in the past.

  4. aiuhdiu said

    very often PAP woman MP will annoyed the people ,this are the reason ,i hope she keep speaking more and in 2016 or even earlier her words killed her, good luck to her .

  5. compatriot said

    Here’s another one of these orders takers who cannot think and make decisions of his own since he was elected as a parliamentarian representative to share his views the kind of Singapore that he think would fits best for Singaporeans then for netizens to reciprocate instead begun to being myopic and take the role as another boring order taker playing off key tunes which Singaporeans dont dance

    As expected there will be more of these orders takers coming out to dance and yelp

    The PAP government remained being obstinated to admit and testify of their wrong doings with their policy makings that had grieviously affected the livelihood of Singaporeans and their immediate families

  6. ahboy said

    In singapore the cost of living is so high, by the time you make ends meet
    the goverment moves the ends further

    So wats the use for the speakers corner etc, here talk behind catch, no wonder chinatown the speakers corner are empty now

  7. fpc said

    I have been telling pap their problems that are causing problems for us. over the past 5 years . never seen them doing anything

  8. ganina utama said

    Dont waste time! If pap listen to u, means u are smarter than them! Then how they justify their salary? They want to make us look stupid by answering our questions with more questions! I can guarantee all problems will stay! Only some crazy fellow start military coup then it will change!

  9. keksim a lang said

    People will wasting time! Show your sincerity by inviting all opposition parties! Putting up a wayang kulit is an old trick but not necessary will work!

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