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17 year old boy arrested for spate of molests in Bedok Reservoir

Posted by temasektimes on September 8, 2012

After gaining infamy as the ‘suicide hub’ of Singapore, Bedok Reservoir is now gaining notoriety as the island’s ‘pervert hub’ with a spate of sexual harassment and molest cases.

Less than a few days after the state media reported on a pervert depositing his semen on the shoes of ladies in the HDB flats in the vicinity, a 17 year old boy was arrested by the police for a spate of molests reported in the area.

He was believed to be responsible for several cases of outrage of modesty reported in Jalan Damai, Jalan Tenaga and Bedok Reservoir Road.

Police said the suspect would enter the lift at the ground floor and molest his victims as they were exiting the lift.

Residents staying there have claimed that security in their estate has visibly deteriorated since the Workers’ Party took over last year.

One angry resident staying in Blk 141 wrote to us:

“I have lived here for over ten years and never encountered such problems before. There appears to be more strangers loitering at the void deck.”

As usual, there is nothing heard from the WP MP in charge of the area (whoever it is) who is nowhere to be seen, heard or found.


29 Responses to “17 year old boy arrested for spate of molests in Bedok Reservoir”

  1. DumbArticlesHere said

    Easily explained – the strangers are the FTs the pro alien party brought in… Really one of the dumbest articles I have seen trying to again downplay the WP

  2. irmancino said

    U blame the WP instead of the Police for the molest cases?

  3. Worker's Party is not God said

    It is the police’s job lar, not WP’s job to catch molesters. My dog die this morning, I can also blame TT for it.

  4. James said

    Last comment funny, will police forward all arrest to mp incharge?

  5. Piratetoon said

    Should ask the minister of home affairs how come like this

  6. edwin said

    how come i never see articles in TT where got crime in teck ghee TT blame lhl or got crime in marine parade TT blame goh chok tong or crime in tanjong pagar & TT blame lky? please lah, TT, don’t make yourself look so obviously bloody silly with your prejudice against WP. can be subtler a bit, can or not?

  7. Ah Huey said

    Blame the police not WP. Last month murder happened in Tanjong Pagar GRC, why not blame Lee Kuan Yew

  8. Temasek Times Is A Joke said

    Lol … Are WP MPs full-time security guards in all corners of their wards at all time?

  9. Exaggerated said

    Well, looks like the Minister of Home Affairs have some serious explaining to do. One problem after another. So much for productivity. Not only the Minister of Transport is sleeping on the job, with more things surfacing, people can realise many million dollar paid people are sleeping on their jobs. Woes to the citizens.

  10. Maximus said

    You only provide a “Like this” for us to click. To be balance – you must also provide a “Dislike this”. Then we can praise or critique your reporting/writing as the case deems fit.

    Don’t practise selective hearing like some people we know. You will not improve.

  11. Free Trolley said

    WP is worker’s Party, not security party.

    • worker said

      It is a Wayang Party ! Of course the WP has responsibilities over the security of the constituency and it’s constituents. Was the WP coordinating with the police with regards to security of it’s constituency and it’ s people ,when the molest took place.

      Mod’s note:

      The ‘Wayang Party’ has been missing in action for a long time – nowhere to be heard, seen or found.

  12. Who Am I said

    “One angry resident staying in Blk 141 wrote to us:

    “I have lived here for over ten years and never encountered such problems before. There appears to be more strangers loitering at the void deck.”

    As usual, there is nothing heard from the WP MP in charge of the area (whoever it is) who is nowhere to be seen, heard or found.”

    All posts are strictly edited by our mod to blame the WPs as much as possible.

  13. Poon said

    Gosh…TTT, can’t believe you have stood so low to even blame the MP for such an incident. Unbelievably ridiculous! But then what do you care, after all, making such irresponsible statements and stirring shit to support the freaky SDP is what the business of TTT is all about!!!

    Mod’s note:

    Nobody is blaming WP. Just pointing out that the incident occurred in Bedok Reserovir and the MP for the area has ‘MIAed’.

  14. Goh Tong Seng said

    Wonder if he fondled the dead bodies at the reservoir.

  15. fpc said

    what has it got to do with low tk?

  16. Cindy said

    S’pore is getting too damn dangerous nowadays due to overcrowding, molest, rape or even murder can happen I urge all singaporeans to be alert when in public as things like that can happen anytime. Once a PRC followed me right to my block luckily I rushed into the lift when it was about to close & managed to shake him off, if I was unlucky a worst fate could have happened.

  17. numero said

    Had my hopes up a few months ago about alternative news with this place, unfortunately this website is fast degrading into the old Temasek review. Or time to register a new domain name? anti-workersparty wordpress anyone?

  18. puzzle said

    Is the guy Singapore police chief?

  19. Helena said

    Does anyone still remember Adrian Lim, that serial child rapist, molester, blood drinker, murderer, pervert, pedophile? His crimes took place in his Toa Payoh flat. So should PAP be held responsible since it’s their area?

  20. pay said

    I dont see how this has to do with wp. Looks like tr went full retard.

  21. ahli said

    TT is ;plain stupid, it is someone agent

  22. keksim a lang said

    TT, please be informed that we have been watching your comments in regards to WP.Are you sour because PAP lost to WP in Aljunied GRC? Or are you just another pap’s running dogs?Crime happpened all over singapore. why attack WP just because it happend in Aljunied GRC or Hougang.Whatever your intentions is,please take note that “KARMA’ will fall unto you.Dead body found in watertank at Woodland.Why are you not scolding PAP for not locking the entrance?Increased in Town-councils fee,why so quiet?Trying to stir something?Are you from WP? Anyway, YOU will sreap what YOU sow! Mark my words!

  23. Aaron said

    temasek times, your published articles are mostly either deceiving, misleading or bias. But this is not surprising, since you guys are just after the high readership. Temasek times is funded and run independently by a group of freelance blogger so guys do not take them seriously. They are just your usual irresponsible writers.

  24. Dennis Boh said

    This article had certainly created a rouse and annoyed many “educated and well informed” readers. Whenever a view is presented with political, religious or gender flavour it will ignite and incite the hate response. The writer of the article should have suggested practical solutions to the existing crime problems in the HDB premise. TT must not publish articles with embedded sensitive elements. Otherwise it will lost its credibility as an unbiased medium.

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