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Australian shocked at comments made by Minister Grace Fu

Posted by temasektimes on September 8, 2012

My stomach took a twist when I saw the news on Channel NewsAsia last night after stepping out of my shower.

One of the few only female ministers Grace Fu who holds the one of the key roles in the Prime Minister’s Office was giving her thoughts on the influx of foreigners into the tiny island of Singapore.

She recommended:

“More information can be given on where Permanent Residents come from, or what kind of employment or income status they have.”

Full information at :

She is walking on thin line on this sensitive issue. How would you feel when you walk into a supermarket and the store owner sticks a bar-code/RFID tag on you for the reason of tracking what you have touch or see within the supermarket.

Singapore cannot be anti foreigners; in fact, no countries should walk down that path. The rise of globalisation has play a part in bringing Singapore to a new height and foreigners/successful companies will not want to invest in Singapore if Grace Fu implements her RFID tag.

I am actually surprised of her recommendation, considering that the Singapore’s Prime Minister Rally speech touch on this subject matter and ask/remind Singaporeans not to have a negative anti-sentiment feelings towards foreigners. I cannot think of a more critical time for this speech by the Prime Minister and I have good faith that his ministry will carry out his vision.

However, Grace Fu’s comment flown in a totally opposite direction and shows a liking to stamp-brand every foreigners. I am a businessman and our business takes us throughout the whole world; including Singapore, where I have two start-up companies in it.

I am in no doubt that investment would not be pouring into Singapore if she really got her way of prison branding every foreigner. Global companies would not allow such reckless behaviour to be implemented for their top guns and would rather race towards the upcoming of Malaysia or Hong Kong in order to expand into Asia.

As an Australian, I am speaking from a business point of view. I do not live in Singapore long term but I do know of the certain detestation towards the foreigners.

It would be better if she express her points further and make sure that she does not repeat such behaviour for the simple reason of respect towards all global citizens.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


42 Responses to “Australian shocked at comments made by Minister Grace Fu”

  1. CWS said

    Grace welcomes Dick to Singapore

  2. Independent said

    Australian Caucasian or Chinese? U’ve made many grammatical errors that typical Singaporeans make such as wrong participles and subject-verb disagreements.

  3. aster said

    I dont this is written by an australian..
    “the’ve touch or see within the supermarket.”has play a part in bringing”…unbelievable grammar…anyway,,,she made some good points..

  4. Adolph said

    Australia’s pretty anti foreigner the lasttime i checked

  5. Three Blind Mice said

    Welcome to Singapore. Stay long enough and you should be used to the drivel dispensed by this country’s politicians.

  6. nb la said

    aborogines la. u think all ang moh 15inch in aussie meh

  7. Shocked said

    This dick have no head or tail (pun intended) of what is a Permanent Resident (PR). In his analogy of a supermarket, the customer is akin to a tourist to Singapore, not a PR. I am shocked that he started up two companies here without knowing the difference.

  8. Khali said

    “More information can be given on where Permanent Residents come from, or what kind of employment or income status they have.”

    They already have the info…. she is only suggesting that the gov shld release more details about the information they have on the public domain. If anyone has an issue with that, then they shld complain abt our NRIC number in the first place. From birth we are already branded with a number that can be traced & tracked, from lucky draw coupons to buying your house.

    Whether the author is indeed Australian doesn’t really matter coz anyway many in the western thinking world believes the IDing of an individual with a number is fundamentally wrong. Look at the debate in UK when their gov tries to implement a similar NRIC system.

  9. Who Am I said

    Alot of TT posts have been edited to make it look wonderful.

  10. Mark said

    This is the reason why our govt has long refused to provide detailed info of our locals vs PRs vs foreigners stuff. One good example is they have always group PRs into locals whenever they gave out statistics.

  11. 陳一峯 said

    australia announce their immigration policies on new immigration no long ago too.

  12. Lee said

    Grace Fu didn’t say anything about ‘tagging’ foreigners. Your jump in logic is a little excessive.

  13. Anti-foreigners is common in the world said

    Anti-foreigners is common in the world

    USA had anti-foreigners issue as well, anti-foreigners is common.
    The reason of anti-froigners is because of the bad governing policies, bad managing policies, bad leading policies, etc…..

    Foreigners should not comment on our Singapore internal issue.
    If you want to comment, then become Singaporean, there is always conflicts of interest between different identity.

  14. If you want to comment, then become Singaporeans said

    If you want to comment, then become Singaporeans. There is always conflict of interest between locals and foreigners. Locals look for more long term solution and foreigners look for more short term solution.

  15. Honest Hones said

    Rememebr Pauline Henson and her One Nation party. It was not too long ago.

    “Immigration and multiculturalism are issues that this government is trying to address, but for far too long ordinary Australians have been kept out of any debate by the major parties. I and most Australians want our immigration policy radically reviewed and that of multiculturalism abolished. I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. Between 1984 and 1995, 40% of all migrants coming into this country were of Asian origin. They have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate. Of course, I will be called racist but, if I can invite whom I want into my home, then I should have the right to have a say in who comes into my country. A truly multicultural country can never be strong or united. The world is full of failed and tragic examples, ranging from Ireland to Bosnia to Africa and, closer to home, Papua New Guinea. America and Great Britain are currently paying the price. Arthur Calwell was a great Australian and Labor leader, and it is a pity that there are not men of his stature sitting on the opposition benches today. Arthur Calwell said: Japan, India, Burma, Ceylon and every new African nation are fiercely anti-white and anti one another. Do we want or need any of these people here? I am one red-blooded Australian who says no and who speaks for 90% of Australians. I have no hesitation in echoing the words of Arthur Calwell.” – Pauline Henson

  16. cup of tea said

    typical singaporean response. if you can’t debate the points, nitpick on the grammer or the race/nationality of the writer. well done.

  17. oute said

    Aiyoh, return Australia to the original people lah,

  18. Sashaqueenie said

    What exactly is “Dick Quo” so afraid of? If he is truly a legitimate businessman as he claimed he is, this recommendation for full transparency should be welcomed! In fact, it is exactly because of a clear lack of accountability that has caused Singapore Govt to be accused of dubious dealings with the under world. And the fact remains: Our resources are limited. Not every one who wants to come here CAN! No, we just do nit have the capabilities. So stop whining, DICK and get with the program.

  19. Wolfglare said

    These foreigner or new citizen should be branded on their forehead with the word trash… there are not welcome here

  20. SlamMyHead said

    why not? its like the US custom, where u like anot. u are being physically touch everywhere if needed.

  21. Babuseng said

    Dick Quo thinks that coming into Singapore is like going to a supermarket. Of course the government needs to impose properly quality control on the type of work visas it issues and the type of people it will accept as PRs and future citizens. What do you think Singapore is, a pasar malam?

  22. Goh Tong Seng said

    What does anyone expect? Many Australians were offended by Pauline Hanson’s anti-immigrant sentiment not long ago.

  23. InGodWeTrust,AllOthersPayCash said

    The fuul doesn’t know what she is talking about. No substance. Cookie cutter as they all are. SIngaporeans today are much better informed and smarter than before, and the same old tactics used by the gahmen don’t work anymore.

  24. Dr.Arsch said

    Dick, stop being a dick. We all know how much Aussies love foreigners in their country. So don’t come to your betters and start preaching to us.

    You might wanna look for the guy in the video below and preach to him instead.

    The irony of it all when we have to start learning about tolerance from a bunch of retarded, racist, xenophobic convicts from an underpopulated dusty island.

  25. ali said

    australians are racists. dont be a fool to believe them, you idiots

  26. Yharyah said

    You stupid DICK.. get out of Singapore and never come back here for whatever business.

  27. Jack Sparrow said

    heloo foreign talent, not happy go back home la. stupid

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