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Chan Chun Sing: We cannot shield Singaporeans from global competition

Posted by temasektimes on September 8, 2012

‘Global competition’ is a useful excuse to be blamed for Singapore’s many woes including the influx of foreigners, rampant inflation and stagnant wages and there is nothing the government can do to protect Singaporeans, we are used to be told by PAP leaders, the latest exhortation coming from Acting Minister Chan Chun Sing.

Speaking at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s eighth anniversary public lecture on Friday, Mr Chan reminded Singaporeans yet again they are expected to compete with the world’s ‘talents’ on their own:

“While we cannot shield our people entirely from the intense global competition, we can and will certainly prepare them to stand up to it.”

He added that given the ‘finite’ resources available, Singapore must come to a consensus about who should receive help and there is a need to ‘manage’ expectations as well.

“We need to help them understand that there are others who need help more….Managing expectations is not an easy task, but we need to be frank with ourselves on the challenges, tradeoffs and choices that we must face,” Mr Chan added.

Though Singapore has the highest GDP per capita income in the world, it has no social safety net for its citizens who are expected to work for as long as they can till they drop dead and die.


43 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing: We cannot shield Singaporeans from global competition”

  1. P Koh said

    I prefer to see more concrete action than just talking…. “preparing them to stand up to the challenge” … Show us how the government is going to do this.!!!

  2. Damn It said

    There are too many puppets in a string!

  3. WTF said

    F off and keep your views to yourself..

  4. optiomist said

    Singapore is probably one,of the few ONLY countries that have minimum safety net for her people. The argument, we have no natural resources and our only asset is the people. However, companies keep coming to her shore, along with demand that they should have ease in relocating people from other countries without bureacracy. Singapore unfortunately or fortunately complies, at the expense of her people. Mr Chan surely displays himself as a rookie politician, to speak like that and put him in a bad light. What was he thinking? It sounds so familiar and one hears it alll the time in the private sector with a profit making mandate, NO ONE OWES YOU A LIVING. But he is a government politician.

  5. Lim said

    Inflation is govt-domestically produced where their monopolies just inflate bubbles in everything from health, transport, COEs, ERP, education to property and rents. Influx of foreigners hurting us can be controlled and not because of global competition but deliberate govt policy. Stagnant wages for low-end Sporeans except themselves is not due to global compeition but indiscriminate influx of cheap labour to kill of PMETs. If it were true global competition, people like Kee Chi or Grace Fu or PM Lee won’t be taking home multiples of what Obama or China president are being paid for countries thousand times our size – again it is deliberate policy to overmake and over-rate their talents. So don’t blame global competition Mr Chan.

  6. welovesingapore said

    So sad that the next generation leader talk like that. Already no fighting spirit, how expect soldier to fight war? In the first place when did anybody shield us from competition, they add more unfair competition in among us. They always talk about training our workforce to stay relevant, now they talk defeatist. Do not underestimate our own talent. The other side of the pasture is greener attitude will not bring us very far. Look at Korea, they have so much upheaval, yet their top company revenue can match our WHOLE GDP. Please remember how SIA was started to be top airline till 1980. The talent we have is our local people with a passion. What talent does he want?? By making people less creative and not managing high business cost would kill our investment climate and lose our FDI. Even you have talent, you would become like phinoy oversea working as work pass holder. Our professional costing has already gotten out of hand. Don’t give empty talk and start managing the high cost in singapore first starting with property. Turn the page today, so many agent are doing property and not industrial output and value added services you will see where our economy is heading to a self inflicted bubble downturn.

  7. Goondu said

    what a stupid f*** this guy is. No body is asking the Govt to shield Singaporean from globalisation we can compete. Were only asking the Govt. not to tilt the playing field against us.

  8. whatcanisay said

    just get more OF YR FT to singapore….
    this all you ppl want….n stop talking S H I T….here.

  9. ken said

    we cannot shield PAP from global competition, we want better,faster anf cheaper ministers. shall we employ the prime ministers and ministers from japan, usa , aust, south korea,…pap fark off

    • zhangk said

      PAP should never shield paper generals like Chan Chun Sing from competition by allowing him to hitch a ride into parliament on LKY’s coattail.

      Long overdue all PAP MPs compete one on one with the opposition. Otherwise STF!

    • Maximus said

      Yes, and those who are in government now with no merits to show (including this bunch of new mouthpieces) should be replaced immediately by the proven ministers from other more sophisticated and truly first world countries!

  10. i say what i think only said

    we don’t need u to shield us from global competition, at least don’t shield them from our competition. You gave them the unfair advantage and tried to hint we are scared of competition, hence the complaints of these foreigners. There is no fairness to start with, what shielding you saying we want?

    1. Difference in standards of living here and back home
    2. NS (2yrs headstart) and lots of ICT
    3. No quotas for E-Passes to work here. Biasness AGAINST hiring singaporeans. Who faces discrimination at home? If your very own government discriminates against u, what chance do u have to compete globally?
    4. 1 hand saying foreigners do jobs we don’t want, but when reducing foreigners numbers in singapore, u EXACTLY cut those foreigners who do jobs we REALLY don’t want (cleaners, construction workers, menial workers etc) while keeping the PMET positions widely available to foreigners
    5. Remember the cleaning company with projects at MBS with 20+ e-passes of cleaners, pay 2.8k each on paper. your MOM gave these people permits. Are they more skillful or what, 1 person clean 1 casino? You guys are blind enough to allow such e-passes

    The list goes on. See the unfair advantage they have over us? We do not need shielding, we just want things to be level, let us compete on skills but at least do not give the enemies tanks while we fight with parang. When we ask for SAR21, u talked about global competition. Do i need to talk in ARMY terms so u can understand?

    you are squeezing our balls big time and we seriously kanna sabo by u. u want us to be on the balls but u are our sabo king, making us bang balls all the time. u tekan us and welfare the white foreign horses. Yet everyday u advocate the last rule of SAF “Care for Soldiers”. Saying it repeatedly does not mean it is happening u know?

  11. Sinkaypoh said

    “Speaking at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s eighth anniversary public lecture”

    That says it all, it’s the LKY Ministry of Truth here, as mentioned in George Orwell’s “1984”

  12. Ah Gong said

    But Singapore can be shielded from toxic waste emanating from China

  13. Me said

    Global competition is also NOT an excuse for PAP govt to implement policies adversely affecting your citizens. Global competition is also NOT an excuse
    for the govt to say that there is nothing they can do … Surely a highly paid govt like yourself CANNOT name global competition as an excuse for your imcompetency !!!!!

  14. potgold said

    If Chan don’t want to help to shield Singaporean than, please get out of the way. There are many Singaporeans would be willingly take over his task for free of negative return.

  15. sadly said

    Don’t even talk about preparing or shielding Singaporeans from global competition, you gov peeps don even speak up for Singaporeans!

  16. Adolph said

    We cant shield singaporeans from competition, but we must pay ourselves high salaries and shield ourselves from political competition

  17. hachoo said

    Minister Chan, Globalisation affects every country and nationality not just Singaporean. Not every country resorts to open-door policy except USA (even USA is also trying to curb illegal immigrants especially from the South).

    While without any natural resources except Human Resouces, Singapore has a unique geographical location and the Government capitalised on it. Any Government should be able to capitalise on it regardless.

    Nobody is asking for handouts but just a fair shot at the opportunity to have a decent living. HOwever, the biased policy is working against the current local generations like never before, discarding the efforts brought upon by our forefathers. It is tilted towards the privilieged class and compounded by the elite mentality of “Winner takes All and you are on your own, you die your business”. Worst still the continued policies add on the layer of prejudice against the average citizens and suffocates the aspirations of the average locals. Therefore , the average locals are fighting back now or else they will have nothing to fight before it becomes too late. When that time comes, the unimagined situation would be uncontrollable.

    Today, everything is being organised to make Singapore looks good (on the outside) but not on the inside. You can continue to make selective comparison and what not but, the truth is things are rotting on the inside except for the privileged class. You are asking the Have-not to give more and the Have-all to give less, one example is the GST and another is the locking up of CPF by raising the minimum withdrawal age and the lowering of withdrawal amount.
    You are strangling the the very bedrock of this community from all sides, the unchecked immigration policy is one of them. You have chosen this path ( I think you are bent on this) but, there is a price to pay eventually.

    Newton’s law “every action will cause a reaction” and “every motion will not stop until there is an opposing action”

    Singapore is only 45+ KM long, slightly longer than the world’s longest bridge in Qingdao, China and only takes 40 minutes to drive through. Ultimately, it has to fall back to the local people to take charge and the fate of this country.
    I may not live long enough to see this but I hope my children will have the opportunity to do so. And I am concern that they may fall out along the way because they ( and the others) cannot have a fair chance to have a decent living with all this biased policy pressed against them.

    So you make your decision and the people will make theirs too and may the best (hearted) man wins.

  18. Wtf said

    For someone who did not dare go into election on his own ticket, u have no right to talk to us about “competition” . Considering you are a “general” , make it even a double mockery that u cant stand at yr own feet.

    • Wtf said

      Btw kee chiu, for your salary
      there are many many far better qualified people who can do yr job better. You are such a $j$j, you will be the first to be replaced.

  19. Government fail to prepare said

    Government fail to prepare

    The result had shown that Government failed to prepare Singaporeans for the competition, and just open the door for the competition to come in.

  20. You are "elected" not through competition said

    You are “elected” not through competition

    You are elected not through competition, but under the arm of “PAP”

  21. Stanley said

    It appears CCS cannot even tell the difference between “fair” and “unfair” competition in the job market in Singapore. Exempting foreigners from CPF made them at least 15% cheaper (a significant advantage) to hire than Singaporeans. This is unfair competition. CCS proves again that ex-SAF top brass are a bunch of morons. This also includes LHL, TCH, LTY.

  22. Confessor said

    Easy for these over-paid PAP ministers to say coz they are shielded from any real competition in parliament.

  23. hihihi said

    This is another super jlb.

  24. oute said

    What about them, why are they shielding themselves from globalisation…..

    What do you think he has that he belongs to them…

  25. Maximus said

    This government with its self-gratified elites will benefit themselves and the nation by listening seriously to President’s Obama latest speech at the Democrats Convention. Pay particular attention to how governments should treat “citizenship” – the way a Nation should love all its citizens, rich and poor, to embrace them, that no one gets left behind….

    One may simply dismiss it as just a political speech aimed at winning votes. But the picture presented is what reality should be.

    No governments should treat their citizens as just a bunch of tax-paying workers, and look to them to contribute to the GDP (and of course, to rely on them to sustain their expensive governments) , and not provide the care, the safety net, the inclusiveness regardless of race, religion, gender, age and, very importantly, political preference.

    If a government continues to act like an expensive landlord and treat its citizens as mere tenants, how do you expect them to have a sense of belonging and loyalty for the country?

    Take immediate step to reverse this deterioration before it is too late.

  26. Sashaqueenie said

    This is truly hilarious! Coming from someone who was shielded from any sort of competition during election day. He merely clinged onto the tail coats of more senior MPs and got himself elected. No way in HELL would he have been elected if the GRC was scrapped! Talk about a pampered spoiled brat!

  27. solaris8899 said

    show us what you can do for sg. set a good and leading example for us. not empty and sweet talk.

  28. spotlessleopard said

    i know tha i cannot be shielding our overpaid politicians in the GEof 2016…..i am certain many oftem like this guy will be voted out….

  29. nocando said

    why u can shield your party for 47 year a singapore one big party? why you can shield yr members’ ” inappropriate conducts” faint away from mainstream media?

  30. nocando said

    going by what he said, the gov also can’t shield itself from replaced by foreign leaders

  31. Helena said

    Dear Minister Kee Chiu,
    Never forget your roots, never forget your past, never forgot how your family lived in poverty and your poor mother had to slog.

  32. SMC said

    Do we have a say? No. What choice do we have right now? None.

    But we do have our ONE VOTE in next GE.

    Fellow-Singaporeans, when you next cast your ballot, be sure to remember all these sneaky, unfair, selfish, dirty, greedy tricks the PAP gahmen plays on us all the time.

  33. Yeah right! said

    Acting Minister… More like (trying) to act like a minister and not doing a very good job.

    What a lame duck!

  34. Lim said

    “Change the current 3-6 MP GRC to a 2-member GRC says Walid Jumblatt, who teaches at NUS political science department, According to Jumblatt, this would “mitigate” the problem of some Malays who question the legitimacy of some Malay political leaders”.
    I stoutly agree. We should not shield people who are less than talents from being ministers using this covert back door entry system. Don’t protect them from global competition – if ex-president of USA makes a better minister let him take over. Otherwise getting in on coat-tails will affect the moral legitimacy of the ministers in our eyes.

  35. Naivety said

    I thought these white monkeys are the ones who have brought in the global competition into tiny Sinkapor by purposely signing the CECA & FTA with many countries in particularly with India and especially in the IT Industry which had seen Sinkapor’s productivity fallen to such low level due to the huge influx of IT professionals & yet they put the blame onto local Sinkaporeans for the drop in productivity suffered as a result…what a travesty of justice!!!

  36. Geoffrey said

    Only ministers can be shielded from competition of all kinds.

  37. un fair competition from foreigners said

    We do not require your shielding,
    We want fair competition from foreigners, your policies are creating “unfair” competition, in fact, your policies make favour to foreigners to compete with us!

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