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PAP MP Sim Ann attacks netizens for making ‘hate speech’ against foreigners

Posted by temasektimes on September 9, 2012

When NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu scolds Singaporeans ‘dogs’ online, not a single minister or MP stepped forward to condemn him. Instead, Singaporeans were asked to ‘reflect’ on their own actions by PAP MP Baey Yam Keng.

However, when Singaporeans complain about foreigners online, they are labeled as being ‘xenophobic’ in a desperate attempt to deflect public attention and criticisms from the government’s failed immigration policies.

In a lengthy editorial published in a propaganda paper owned by the state, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Law Sim Ann lashed out at online comments that “spew hate and prejudice against individuals or groups,” describing them as ‘hate speech’

“All of us, politicians and netizens, must take a clear stand against hate speech. Abuse of foreigners, or any human being, is not acceptable, whether it is verbal or physical, online or offline,” she wrote.

She added that Singaporeans should choose to do right or refrain from doing wrong even when confronted by seductive voices suggesting wrong is right:

“I choose to say no to that. I say no because I believe we all have a choice in deciding how we behave. Hate speech online or in person is wrong, no matter who the target and whatever the alleged provocation. As moral beings, we can and should choose not to indulge in hate speech.”

Ms Sim should give clear examples of what constitute ‘hate speech’ instead of generalizing and lumping them together with legit criticisms of the government’s pro-foreigner immigration policies which have caused tremendous hardship and suffering to ordinary Singaporeans.


52 Responses to “PAP MP Sim Ann attacks netizens for making ‘hate speech’ against foreigners”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    In the next GE…I will vote against her or the GRC she stands in…… will vote against the PAP i am not against Foreigners per se..I am against the corrupt Agents who bring n Foreigners at HALF teir declared pay which literally ENSLAVE THEM and also cause UNEMPLOYMENT to Singaporeans….and I see her and theGovernment complicity in this matter…

    I am aganst PAP not Foreigners.

  2. U Thant Myint said

    Singaporeans are not xenophobic.

    They are unhappy and angry with the unrestricted and uncontrolled influx of foreigners into the country.

    With only an area of 700 sq km, Singapore’s population has reached almost 6 million people and still increasing rapidly.

    Singaporeans believe this is madness..

    And the fact is, many genuine foreign talents agree with assessment.

    Now, in a desperate attempt to silence critics of its failed policy, it is accusing ordinary Singaporeans of makin’g ‘hate specches’.

    Not surprisingly, this heavy-handed move to stop the people from voicing their concerns is causing great distress to foreign talents as well.

    Instead of lashing out at the people, these elites should come down from their ivory towers and observe closely what is happening on the ground.

    Exploitation of foreign workers by unethical and greedy employers is rampant.

    Many work permit holders in the construction and manufacturing sectors earn as little as $18 working up to 14 hours a day.

    Hundreds of foreign construction workers have died on our worksites and this doesn’t look like it is about to stop soon.

    Many foreign workers live in the most inhumane conditions that breeds diseases but nothing is done to improve their situation.

    Which is worse?

    Voicing concerns over the growing influx of foreigners or closing both eyes to the exploitation of migrant workers by cruel and immoral employers.

    • Merlion said

      Singapore is getting bad to worse!!! The government made the decision, but when that decision goes wrong, they will said we don’t understand, we are X……. Why don’t the PAP admit and make life better? PAP failed.

    • commando_pants said

      Hit the nail on the head, really well done with this statement.

    • ali said

      Then you better tell those bastards who were talking vulgarities off. Those morons spoil our cause. They throw shit and slanders. Those bastards must be stopped. ok ?

  3. Sim Ann, you dont know what is going in the the factories and offices and what these foreigners do to us Singaporeans. Walk into any factory or office and you find foreigners occupying our seats – myanmars, indians, filipinos. The only singaporeans you will see are the tea lady, cleaner, janitor. Our tea ladies have to serve beverage to these foreigners and also wash the mugs for them. I recently resigned from a job after 2 months in an oil and gas industry. I was paid $8K per month but was played out by a 30 year old HSE Manager who padded his resume and work experience in his cv. Such is the rampant practices by foreign workers that displaces Singaporeans from their jobs.If I had a choice to I will slit this bangala’s throat.

    • Merlion said

      Totally right True Blue, The PAP sit on top and not feeling the ground. We are suffering at ground level!!!

      • proalien said

        Work your way to the top, and do better. That’s the meritocratic way. Otherwise, blame your genetic heritage and those responsible for your existence.

  4. optiomist said

    Being professional and and righteous is “kao Shan”, you only do that when you are rich and have surplus every year. When you are ttrying to make ends meet, being “Kai Ming” is being practical. It mean eliminating competition and win.

  5. optiomist said

    I mean Kao Ming

  6. Lee said

    “Slit this bangala’s throat” … That is clearly a form of hate speech.
    Now hold your horses, the minister didn’t say everyone online engaged in hate speech. This is what I see she meant:

    In the Sun Xu scandal, some online netizens eventually turned to death threats to Sun Xu and calls for kicking out the entire PRC community. Most of us can admit that not all PRC people are bad and unpleasant people, right? Because we know at least one nice person from China. So when the PRC were condemned for Sun Xu’s misdemeanor, MP Baey called for Singaporeans especially those who made such hateful statements to reflect.

    The same goes for the ‘xenophobic statements’. On TR and other online forums, threads may start as mere complaints against foreigners or complaints against the government’s pro-foreigner policies but they end up as angry rage rants against entire communities of people.

    And TR, it’s not that difficult to see the difference between hate speech and ‘legit criticisms of the government’s pro-foreigner immigration policies’.

    • Ace said

      The solution is in PAP’s hand. All these things that you see are just the symptoms. You don’t like these symptoms?
      Just change the foreign immigration policy, and the symptoms will change.

  7. Kim said

    Sim Ann is one of those behind the scene that opens floodgate to foreigners. She is just as crook as Lee Kuan Yew and currently working to control online media.

  8. Bktan said

    Well I suppose this MP silently admitted wat sun xu say is correct tats y never attack him but blame natives instead! I will definitely vote this pappy out in GE2016!!!

    • proalien said

      You’ve got to be under her district first before you can execute your intent, moron.

      • Stupid bootlicker said

        Obviously, Bktan is living in her ward otherwise he/she wouldn’t be making that statment, you dumbass.

        Why don’t you go back to sucking your master’s p rick and kissing his butt.

      • ali said

        BKtan is son of the bitch, living in Bt Timah, a useless fellow.
        Send him back to China or malaysia where his ancestor comes from . Stupid fellos



    And OurSGConversation FB reposted it on their FB to support the – ‘SLAY THE COW PEHs COW BUs’ message.

  10. SLAY THE COW PEHs COW BUs said



    And OurSGConversation FB reposted it on their FB to support the – ‘SLAY THE COW PEHs COW BUs’ message.

  11. BK said

    Again they are taking the symptoms as the cause. They say wash your bloodied clothes. They say is ugly. But we are still bleeding from having cuts in our arteries. So first stitched our wounds, stop the bleeding. When the root cause is taken care of, naturally the symptoms will ameliorate

    They like talking over our heads. They like to preach and lecture. But first admit you are wrong. Wrong to have so many influx of immigrants without the proper social and physical infrastructure in place (Dr Tommy Koh). Wrong to use them for short term GDP growth but decimated our potential long term productivity. And mostly you are wrong to assert that Singaporeans are xenophobic,

    We did not forget we were immigrants, we did not forget that we are a global community, we did not forget that there is competition, but we especially remembered we are Singaporeans, that as a small community, our brotherhood more than most is fostered on a tight knitted sense of empathy for fellow Singaporeans. And we also do not forget bad politicians.

  12. proalien said

    I agree with her. This website forum is ridiculously slanted towards bashing foreigners. It’s pathetic how myopic the responses are, where literally everything is attributed to the government and foreigners. Let’s not forget that the biggest culprits are SINGAPOREANS themselves, and regardless of whether they support PAP.

    Trace who the employers of these fts are, and you find a stingy Singaporean employer; ask who sold the hdb flat in the latest resale transaction to foreigners, and you discover a greedy Singaporean; who’s to blame for the over crowding situation on our mrts and buses, but Singaporean CEOs and shareholders who care nothing about fleecing their own people.

    And before you start wagging your fingers at the 61% who voted in the PAP, we all know that the opposition has no control over market forces, determined not by PAP, but by greedy, whining Singaporeans, who strive their Best to protect their own turf at the expense if their own old folks, who put rubbish bins along the public walkway to selfishly block out their own people in enjoying amenities, who happily raise COVs even if it means locking out newly married young Singaporean couples waiting to replace the falling birth rate attrition; and who practice ageism by refusing to hire true blue Singaporeans, but who prefer to hire those born in a country different from theirs in the name of profit and productivity.

    The truth its out there; no matter which government takes over, Singaporeans will continue to choose that which benefits only themselves FIRST, before thinking of the greater society. Wait a minute; heck the greater society. The ruling party can take care of that. Singaporeans just need to continue to pay attention to their own individual welfare, sue their own siblings and children over money/estate matters, and continue to litter all over the place at the expense of being caught on cctv, knowing full well that they are paying fts to sweep up their filthy trash. Oh yes, and trust that this website will give them a field day to continue to rant like xenophobic imbeciles clamouring for the ruling party to be toppled, and yet choosing to gorge on every benefit dished out by them.

    • Stupid bootlicker said

      Stop displaying for stupidity and ignorance for us to see.

      Why are you putting ordinary Singaporeans together with unscrupulous employers who are usually cronies of the regime.

      Ordinary Singaporeans don’t condone the exploitation of cheap foreign workers.

      Making of us want a minimum wage law in Singapore to ensure that all workers can make a decent living.

      And the examples you gave about Singaporeans behaving badly are all classic systems of overcrowded living caused by the unrestricted influx of foreign workers.

      This is further evidence that we desperately need to reduce the number of foreigners on the island.

    • Henry said

      TT has taken her article out of context by lifting selective texts and conjoining a distorted message. Need to send the editorial team back to English lessons … They will fail PSLE English …

  13. Naivety said

    I am in IT sector. Singapore productivity is dropping due to huge influx of foreign professionals especially in IT sector which suffers the worst productivity (this data was released by Singapore government).

    By now we should know most of these foreign professionals come due to the FTA/ CECA. In fact, someone exposed on the Internet that CECA was signed between Singapore and India in 2005 and our PM just visited India few weeks ago to renew it. In the CECA, there is a clause which states that both countries are to allow free movement of professionals in IT, Healthcare, accountants, engineers, etc.

    According to an Indian website, India government pressurized Singapore to open more job sectors for the CECA renewal in 2010. The Singapore IT sector employs huge number from India, followed by Filipino professionals and I am not surprised that the IT sector has the worst productivity drop based on the work ethics I have observed. Sadly, some of these professionals get PRs and bring their family and parents over to Singapore.

    As DBS expands its business in India, Singapore will have to take in more Indian professionals.

  14. Francischuanghli said

    The situation was created by this group of National betrayer. How could they slap their own cheek?

  15. mahbok tan said

    KNNBCCB Sim Ann……( means good day to you ) ,

    Do not be a parrot in the ivory tower hor….!!!!
    Try coming down to pasar tekka or chinatown or geylang pasar hor and talk to people like me or george yeo or maidin pakir ( pakir means parked in indonesia ).
    Check our heartbeat or check our blood if u dare to see whether it is red or blue….???

    Talk is cheap and always free…..but human feelings hor once broken there will be no trust between those in Ivory tower and common man in the streets.

    Another greetings to you again KNNBCCB to you Sim Ann……( meaning fuck you OK )

    • ali said

      Mahbok Tan,
      pundek you, stupid moron. you bastard, son of the bitch

      • mahbok tan said

        its ok ali ….watever ur remarks in this forum is acceptable ….cos u are one of them from the U know who…go on being paid to troll….but hor do not use this nick la…..just to incite hatred among SGporeans… some u say go back china , to me you say pundek….what ur parents never teach you to say KNNBCCB(meaning Good morning is it….?)

        AGREE to DISAGREE….thats the keyword….!!!!
        U have ur piece of mind and I do have mine.

      • Bktan said

        This Ali damn no manners !!! The comments here even if u dun like it u dun get pple parents involved !!! I suppose u r a basterd dun have any parent tats y so ill manner!!! U should go join yr Ali baba gang dun made a fool of yearly here!!!

  16. care your own people first, and not vice versa said

    Why our Singapore MP did not care for Singaporeans, and go and care for foreigners?

    If MP did not care for his own citizens, how can citizens go and care about foreigners?

  17. Pete said

    The bloody government of Singapore is just puppets. When the Pinky Long say “Move to the left” all the MPs & Millions Dollars Ministers will encore and get all the citizens to move to the left… Useless bunch of millions dollars earners.

  18. Wolfglare said

    Our PAP government are traitor to their countrymen who sell out Singapore to foreigner….they should be hang for their crime

  19. logorth said

    Typical pappie response. When you cannot deal with the stark reality that your citizens have pointed out to you repeatedly, you accuse your citizens with all sorts of insinuations. Dear PAPPAY, YOU CAUSED THE MASSIVE FOREIGNER INFLUX PROBLEM which is now no longer reversible. So what are you gonna do about it. Stop the crap tai chi by throwing your citizens in a bad light. Most most powerful weapon against you is NOT TO VOTE FOR YOU. Thank goodness, that was what I did in the last GE. Proud to be part of the 40%.

  20. Tan Yan Ren said

    Sim Ann,
    why dont you dare declare i am zenophobic and you and i debate with the c …k su…ng press publishing every detail of our arguments before you open your mouth. You and the leaders HAVE the previlege to say anything and they will publish or blow it up but what the citizens have to say the press will not or even if they did, they are vetted and censored beyond recognition…worse still the vip will call itNOISE!!!!…they are a bunch of idiots!!!!with no guts to take on a legitimate challenge to a democratic debate…..cowards!!!!

  21. Goh Tong Seng said

    Didnt anybody realize that existing anti-immigrant sentiment may have caused Sun Xu to even make such a tirade in the first place?

  22. rongY said

    sim ann
    you sell out your own country of birth Malaysia, you are not a singapore born u will definitely feel the backlash from locals. u have been trying your luck in several countries and only PAP welcome u with open arms and open legs. SimAnn it is trash like u that Singapore dont need.

  23. ali said

    don’t be an idiot ! I employ maid to do work i dont want to do. You want gohmen to send her back to Indonesia ?
    You must be a skung. YOu go back to where your ancestors come from lah, whether china, india or indonesia, Stupid fool

  24. lima said

    I agree with and fully support PAP MP Sim Ann. In fact on this forum alone, there are a lot of “hate speech”, which I see no value to any Singaporeans.

  25. Henry said

    Let’s deal with the matters in perspective. As much as we respect free speech, we also should respect choice of engagement or not. let’s work on the outcome we wanna to see, and not the process of how it is to be done. I don’t believe in knee-jerk reactions. Leaders think before they speak, and if they speak they choose contents in moderation. Only barking dogs lash out at the slightest wave of the lalang leaf.

  26. Lee Sian Loong said

    All of u a going in ISA tommorrow.

  27. ek said

    Please mind your language, especially to the Chinese!

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