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PHOTOS: Pinay maids making out with Bangladeshi workers at Bishan Park

Posted by temasektimes on September 9, 2012

A resident was shocked to see pinay maids having a ‘good time’ with their Bangladeshi boyfriends at Bishan Park:

“This was taken on a Sunday in bishan park. Pinay maids lying to their employers that they are going for an outing but instead are frolicking with bangla when there are so many kids around they are misbehaving by making out, drinking and smoking.”




72 Responses to “PHOTOS: Pinay maids making out with Bangladeshi workers at Bishan Park”

  1. ganina utama said

    Hey nair, so fat u oso want?

    • Eddie Manzano said

      I find it totally abhorent that these Pinays and Banglas are frolicking around and making babies while both of them are probably married back home.

      Worse, when the Pinay gets pregnant, they abort the baby.

      So that is adultery and abortion.

    • P Koh said

      Wah Lau! Singaporean’s favourite past-time. Story weaving – from a simple outing of two persons, it has now evolved into making babies, sex, adultery, abortion and nationality the ‘child’ is going to become and even what breed?

  2. ganina utama said

    Wait! Making out what? Smoking what? And drinking what? Pls be specific.

  3. Nothing new… they are playing pussy.

  4. Gong Gong Piak! said

    So? Big deal?! How about our own bitches fucking around with the Ang Mohs? Double-standard or what? You not happy just fuck-off! Who are you to even comment! You are standing on a higher moral ground? This is a free world…remember?!

    • commando_pants said

      This is funny ..”…our own bitches…” 😉

    • SINKIE said

      Ang moh tua kee mah.

      Looking how many Singaporean Chinese(especially the women) are trying to lick white balls and kiss white buttocks in the workplace and in romance.

      And I’m saying this as a Singaporean Chinese.

    • Don’t show your inferiority complex at not being able to compete with ang mos lah. Make yourself more attractive and u can have women of any nationality.

      Before u bash me, i feel no attraction towards ang mos at all. Asian men are hot, way hotter than most ang mos. Too bad some nasty and self-hating ones give them all a bad name.

      • SINKIE said

        @Geri : It’s not inferiority complex but I’m just reporting the situation on the ground whether people like to hear it or not.

      • Francischuanghli said

        True lo, we Asian work on hard & never stop. That is what Singapore attracting so much FOREGNERS like to come here. They like our “HOT” either chilli padi or the hot sun. They also enjoy we work on hard and never stop working . Erh !

    • xyreen said

      Your write Mr. Singaporean….I strongly agreed on you.

    • Zam said

      Well said mate 🙂

    • Piss said

      hey! asshole, if u r not sinaporean, pls f.. off. this is meant for singaporean. u don’t like to read this, go f… those hole or dick that u just mention.beast.

  5. P Koh said

    They are all humans and regardless of race, colour, religion or occupation they can fall in love especially when two lonely people from countries miles apart in an garden city island which provides a nice and beautiful setting where they can let their feelings grow and glow, so what is the problem.?

  6. WTF said

    What’s your fucking problem?

    • Francischuanghli said

      Go work it hard while U R still hot. Chilli Padi or not doen’t matter. I M sure OLDMAN’s will like it becoz he is complaining U young R not working hard enough. LOL

  7. Francischuanghli said

    This are all grown up kid and should own up responsibility for whatever consequences. Who are we to comments & intruding into others privately . Bestow respect if U expect respect.
    This is axactly why Foreigners form their opinion on our immaturity.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Francischuangli.

      I like your comment. This couple are probably foreigners and as such far away from their known and comfortable or at least ‘used to it’ home or environment. We are human. As such I would be understanding of them that they seek solace, comfort and emotional security in each other. Only sticking point for me is that they should rubber up (use condom) if ‘tak boleh tahan’. The reasons are obvious. Other than that it really is none of my business!

      • Piss said

        u r right human! not animal. anything u wanna do, don’t expose to our kids and our place. do it in hotel or their home. sily

      • Francischuanghli said

        Even if they forget to wear raincoat and get wet over, it is their own problem when the catch cold or flu. None our problem mah! Right? M/s J. Ong. I, OLDMAN can appreciate their emotional needs, why our modern
        Y-generation cannot see a little more open !

  8. teo cheap buy said


  9. spotlessleopard said

    They are humans…..give them a break.

  10. pay said

    wats up with the petty article, they are the still human beings. TT pls open your eyes abit wider, dont go full retard.

  11. richard said

    We cannot zip them,this is thier desire.But play safe do not expose to young children.
    The day I saw some at the HDB stair they are making love so funny after sweeping the floor they enjoy fun.Why maid pregnant without going out.It easy to pregnant 5 to 10 minute job.

  12. Alex Tong said

    Get off your effing high horse. You wouldn’t be this “incensed” if it were two chinese, Singaporean 20-something year olds doing so. At least they’re doing it in the public park and not in the effing bedroom of your house.

  13. Peepin Toms …. I pity you people… your a disgrace….

  14. Yeah right! said

    Seriously guys stop posting rubbish like this. It only discredits your blog. Focus on the issues that matter.

  15. kokchee said

    THis is obviously so racist. Why are you not happy when foreigners make out, but you close one eye when locals do the same? How do you know they are lying to their employers?

  16. singkey said

    so at the end got fugging good or not?

  17. Anonymous said

    think this a very biased article. unless your focus is on the lying to the employees. but PDA is definitely not encouraged. as long as they do their job well its fine. although its damnnn annoying

  18. Cozy said


  19. Ah K said

    Another article that is trying very hard to degrade the govt. u not jus make yourself look like a fool, it also shows how stupid u can be. can i just check if your parent or your grandparent are pure Singapore? i bet they are foreign talent of that time too. and i would like to ask… if govt did not bring in this foreigners to increase the birth rate, are u going to contribute more to the birthrate? or worse… the increase of taxes in order to cover the cost of the elderly and so on… are u going to contribute or just hide behind the computer and complain non stop?? be the change u want to see instead of complain and make urself look like a fool.

  20. See-Beh-Song said

    Free country what friend. It’s their day off, they can do whatever they wan lor, as long as its not illegal. Don be so prudish & talk kok man!

  21. Goh Tong Seng said

    It is human nature to have sex.

  22. Sinkaypoh said

    They are obeying orders from our Supreme Leader to “integrate” & to “procreate” 🙂
    If u wanna “integrate” with ur maid in the privacy of ur million dollar HDB after seeing this, I guess Big Brother won’t object, haha

  23. Robin Hood said

    Let’s hear what the MOM has to say.

  24. Singaporean said

    Every weekend we can see at least hundreds of pinoy and bangladeshi at Chinese Garden MRT/Jurong Lake.
    Check out yourselve and you will be surprise what all the couples are pinoy and bangladeshi!

  25. EDMWer said

    moi piak piak moi neighbour’s maid too

  26. Missy nana said

    Get a rm!!!

  27. Ren said

    Very soon Singapore daytime will be shorter…

  28. Iceman said


  29. InGodWeTrust,AllOthersPayCash said

    From the pic, the couple did nothing wrong. Nothing obscene and completely acceptable in a park environment. Take your kids to the library or the temple if you can’t accept it.

  30. CWS said

    That particular female minister supports these acts, these are woman’s rights… Maids needs these actions at least once a week…..

  31. mel chin said

    ya lor, what’s your problem?

  32. ali said

    This is free entertainment (RA 21 or higher). So we welcome it. So dont be stupid to criticise. Good work TTT, Give us more. thanks

  33. leyla said

    Haha new low for Singaporeans.

  34. jf said

    Allahmak! Mother of God! Thank you for showing us how to make babies. This is the way to make babies right?
    Who says FTs no good.

  35. Dr.Arsch said

    Okay everyone hold up. I’m not sure of what the MOM regulations are, but if the Bangla does misfire and the maid gets pregnant, doesn’t it become the employer’s responsibility? Can someone advise on it?

  36. Penn said

    kissing in public = making out?

    i thk moderator or contributor to this site is becoming more like Stomp.

  37. P Koh said

    I forgot to enquire how the writer knows that the man is a Bangla and the lady, a Pinay maid. Did he go up to them to ask or was it just his personal assumption. Anyway, is he a Kaypoh and invaded another person’s privacy by taking photographs or is he a “peeping tom” and followed them around just to capture some juicy photos.?

  38. Sinkaypoh said

    1 word : SAVE $$$ !
    Hire underage pros = $600
    Hotel 81 = $60?
    Watch RA movie = $6?
    Everybody wins, actors & watchers !
    (Cheaper than going Zoo watch $$8.6 mil pandas making out) 🙂

  39. bad pinoy maid said

    My bad experience with an ex-pinoy maid – give her sundays off, she goes hotel with bangla, spend all day f**king till she’s tired. Come home late, smelt of liquor and cigarettes and body odour of man’s on her own body. Night time sleep like a dead log (remember she wore out all her energy f****** around the whole day) and did not wake up to attend to my grandmother, who ended up falling and fractured her hip.

    It’s the greatest regret I had for not sending her home when I suspected her for such activities.

    After she was shipped back, many bangla started calling on her mobile phone…some as far off coming from KL !! guess one bangla pass her phone number from one person to another…..part-time prostituting, got pleasure and still got money…..why not?

    And she has TWO boyfriends back home in philippines, toying with their feelings. Which one of them would ever come to know she has F****ED by bangla already. Her name is Michelle La******

  40. Ex maid employer said

    They are at the prime of their lives , lonely and need sex.
    whats wrong?
    Having sex or having boyfren is not illegal according to MOM rules but getting pregnant is.
    If my maid is like that i seriously cant be bothered so long she dont get regnant or get into trouble.

    MO should consider some kind of orientation program to let them be aware of men or other undesirable consequences resulting from engaging in such activities.

  41. bad pinoy maid said

    when one ended up with maids like that it’s very stressful for employers. To discipline them we are treating them like one of our delinquent teenagers. Not to do anything, they get themselves pregnant (or worst, HIV AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases and bringing it to to our home), employers still kena FINE! Send them back, employers still bear the airticket cost!

    See la….everything EMPLOYERS PAY AND PAY. Dont know why cant the govt use the maid’s levy collected from employers to HELP victimised employers in such a scenario….

  42. MeSayWhyNot said

    They are only human!

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