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Singapore women: Local men are childish, dependent and lack ambition

Posted by temasektimes on September 9, 2012

Why do more and more Singaporean women choosing Caucasian men as their partners instead of locals?

According to a report by an English tabloids, they find Singaporean men too childish, dependent and lack ambition. In contrast, Caucasians are more mature, independent and are driven by goals.

Speaking to queries from the media, one 21 year old Singapore girl Miss Ang said she broke up with her ex-Singaporean boyfriend because he was only earning a monthly salary of $3,000.

She is now dating a 25 year old German man and she claimed this has changed her for the better.

Other Singaporean women the reporters interviewed at pubs in Clarke Quay also said they prefer Caucasians.

The common perception among Singaporean women is that Singapore men are too ‘molly-coddled’ and do not know how to take care of girls.

The number of Singaporean women marrying foreigners has increased over the years. At the same time, the number of Singapore men marrying ready-made brides from China and Vietnam has increased as well.

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86 Responses to “Singapore women: Local men are childish, dependent and lack ambition”

  1. Free Trolley said

    $3000 is not enough to make a girl happy and yet many employers complain how expensive local graduates are.

  2. Gong! said

    Well…these bitches can only speak for themselves! Is it right for me to say all Singaporean women are materialistic and shallow bimbos? Obviously not!

    • Ah Boy said

      Totally agree man. The problem is in this girl who developed a mindset which she is unable to accept a local (or asian) man.
      And if statistics are proves, then I would say this is just the opinion of one sample out of the entire country and that do not constitute as a solid evidence or conclusion.
      Needless to say, this groundless accusation is just her personal opinion and not enough to over-generalize the entire male or female population in Singapore.

  3. sexyboy said

    Singaporean women have tastes, its bad luck and a curse to marry singaporean men, they dun even know to take care of themselves even though they serve 2yrs in the army, they only know how to boast about serving NS, but they still look like sissies lol

    • Independent said

      Lol. Its either they boast abt NS or complain abt NS, both of which make them appear weak.

    • Lucianoli said

      Sexyboy: Fuck you! You are a girl dependant on man for a living! Bimbo! You will die if you serve NS!

      • Virgorian said

        Sexy boy, he will screw n screw by those different Ang mo again n again until she get a fgckkng low class Ang mo or black nigger which will only use her do call high class money, we shall see

      • sexyboy said

        Lol better den singaporean’ mama boys who are still pulling their mummy skirts asking for pocket money even though they are aredy in their 20s, prostitutes have more dignity den singaporean guys, at least they earn their own money, i respect them more lol

      • nb la said

        ah gua no need serve ns mah…

      • Goh Tong Seng said

        Any able-bodied, straight citizen that is physically and biologically a male have to serve.

      • Zam said

        Sexy Boy is a Filipino Guy

  4. Wally West said

    Singapore women are too non-feminine (Walk like a duck, laugh like a hyena, behave like tom boys), materialistic, lack a sens of humour ( therefore requiring the male to be perpetually humorous), Loud, hygienically challenged (Burp dig their nose in public), domestically useless( dont clean dont cook dont take care of home), sexually incompetent, lack of ambition (sole ambition in life is to find a husband to leach off of), fashion-less, calculative, lack moral standards (singaporean women tops the charts in cheating their husbands), near meaningless salaries…and are simply the scum of the womenhood round the world….Im a Caucasian and this is what I think about Singaporean Women.

    • joeichen said

      lol i feel sorry for your parents.

    • jf said

      Right. Basically the Caucasian men have better income. and they are not a product of our “mugging” education. Some Caucasian choose ‘Singapore’ women because these women appear to be very dependent on the C men. Unlike C women who are more independent, assertive. I know 1 C man, who consider C women ‘cows’ because of their size and huge mammary glands.
      In general I think inter-marriages is good for humanity. Unfortunately it is more difficult to have inter-religious marriages.

      As for Wally, you probably wallowed in the wrong places in Singapore. The great Singapore women don’t need Caucasian men. But if they do marry them it will be on equal terms at least. But one good woman is enough, right, Wally?

    • Sinkaypoh said

      Huhuhu…. hear hear, Sporean women! 🙂

    • Theminoritydude said


    • Confessor said

      So you are the same dickhead who made similar comments on Asiaone a few years ago ? What’s he matter,local girls ignore or dumped you ?

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      And that’s why many Singaporean men married mainlanders… they can cook and provide pleasure.

  5. dog of the dogs said

    One of my friend’s son just graduated with a Machanical enginering degree from NTU and will start work next month with LTA . He told me his son starting pay is more than 3 K, is it true ?

    • jy said

      True or not true also not impt….wat can 3k do nowsaday?the most till he is 50 will be drawing only 8k….by then chicken rice 10 dollars a plate. That inflation

  6. Steven Lim a.k.a handsome hunk said

    What to do? We are raised with family comfort, that’s why we have sissy men and pampared SG ladies. No surprise at all!

  7. Singapore Cock said

    After fucked by 1 ang moh…loose liao… of course have to find another ang moh la

  8. Sinkaypoh said

    Not to mention, “ang moh tua kee” ???
    “Other Singaporean women the reporters interviewed at pubs in Clarke Quay also said they prefer Caucasians.”
    Wow! Excellent research methodology! I’m sure the results will be similar at Boat Quay…
    Perhaps we can do part 2 : interviewing men around Orchard Towers & Geylang regarding their tastes in women?

  9. Confessor said

    How many local women actually go to pubs ? Those who do more likely the SPG types ! Rubbish article.

  10. B Chan said

    sarong party girl

  11. Darren said

    From the way I see it, this article most probably was interviewed based in only one- two pubs where it so happens that the women who frequent there are the ones Caucasians-hunting. If the women there are saying that Singapore men are not ambitious enough, well I would say not only the guys and the ladies too are like that, talk about ambition and I will show u 8 out of 10 ambition’s is to find a good job and work their ass for the rest of their life, even if you are earning 8-15k a month I would call that ambitious. The women who said these aren’t too ambitious at all too unless you are telling me their ambitious is to find a Caucasian who earns 30k or more monthly and they will just suck to live their lives Yes that’s ambitious. Maybe?

  12. andrew myers said

    Most s,pore women are not condident about their features and breasts when they date a s,pore man ,but when they date a caucasian man they want to wear that extra large cup just to make the foreign man excited abt her features.s,pore women have small breasts and are not gd with s,pore men on bed,statistics show they perform better with a foreigner on bed.

  13. andrew myers said

    Its not really true that, the number of Singapore men marrying ready-made brides from China and Vietnam has increased as well.but Filipino women are also popular among s,pore men .But statistic shows most s,,pore men have no choice but to remain single.

  14. PORNO said

    them tits…

  15. Poor sgrean said

    $3000 also not enuff! Fr a 21 yes old! How much she wan? $30k? No wonder local guy all going to find prc, Vietnam gal le! Pity my country ppl.

  16. SoFDMC said

    Now we have another reason to tell the boss why they should give us a raise, because otherwise cannot get Singaporean girl.

    Jokes aside the source of this information is suspect. After all its one girl actually saying her reason in the article, shallow as it is.

    Maybe people being mollycoddled has something to do with it but the modern lifestyle is also to do with it. There is evidence out there that all those soda cans and preservatives dumb you down and reduce the drive. Men’s sperm counts in 20 year olds today is lower than that of 80 year old men from decades back.

    The average singapore workplace is a place of death, sucking your soul and spirit. It is designed to break you. It is designed to remind you everyday that you are scum, you are bad, you are dumb animals, and you are morons. You know its happening because everyday you go back feeling miserable and too spent to do anything else. The caucasian guy she’s going out with who is a foreign talent and is probably earning a good amount at his age didn’t have to go through National Service, and return every year for reservist every two weeks.

    Beware companies who claim that they are giving you a 13 month bonus. The 13th month comes from the fact the accounts list 1 month = 4 weeks, and therefore 52 work weeks/4 = 13 months. Do the math. In that respect there was no ‘bonus’ month to begin with. That is the kind of things these shabby people, the middle managers and those who run these firms operate and pull on us. But we can overcome that by choosing not to be chumps and morons and by being informed.

  17. Respect our sg men and women said

    Such articles should not be treated as report but an insult to us, men or women in sg. Not all sg women will hang out at places like clark quay trying to hook up angmohs, only minority.

    I don’t prefer angmohs but that don’t mean I will act like a loser towards them (like what loser Wally) generalizing all sg women in that manner.

    Treat others the way you want others to treat you. Obviously an angmoh like loser Wally, who don’t know how to respect women, will definately be forever alone. 除非他是瞎猫碰上死老鼠.

  18. Ckoh23 said

    That’s why some men are misogynist.

  19. gutter journalism said

    gotta love sweeping statements. yup, because if one guy turns out to be trash, why not paint the rest of the male population with the same brush. coz it’s so much more convenient to do so.

    likewise, if a caucasian (in her case, a German) treats her like the princess she thinks she is, every caucasian male is painted with the same paint brush.

    last I checked, “molly-coddled” men exist in every culture. heck, using the same rhetoric, I think a lot of men can say the same for Singaporean women.

  20. ganina utama said

    I agree! Thats why i decided to leave spore, change my ntionality to german, dye and style my hair like simpson, enlarge my penis like german sausage, make 10k per month and come back to work in spore. But now, i find the local girl lobang too tight for me.

  21. Adolph said

    The truth is these ang mohs are the only way these spgs can move ahead in their loser lives

  22. joe said

    Another topic to discuss in the National Conversation with the Government

  23. commando_pants said

    The front page of the ‘The New Paper’is leading on this story as well. With all due respect Singapore has some VERY pretty ladies shall we say, but I rarely see pretty Chinese girls. Singtel Pit Girls the winner (I voted her also) Ashvin Sandhu is not Chinese….. sorry..

  24. ed said

    typical SPG girl.

  25. Jeremy said

    And you got your interviews at pubs…..typical…

  26. TimW said

    Fake article designed to stir shit boys. Don’t waste your time with articles like this. Be critical thinkers and readers 🙂

  27. Billy Bomber said

    You wanna choose Causcasian men, go ahead, no one is stopping u.. but u dont have a right to have a say on us, local Sporean men. Just remember your dad is a local Singaporean men too.

  28. richard said

    I know the answer money + big big gun.So singaporean male need to find foreign wife.If all singaporean female like her like ang moh,then asia male must knock against the wall.Money is important for her dun talk so much.Your great grand parent from no where or prefect mix.In future singapore were not had pure chinese,malay,indian.

  29. Singapuraboi said

    Sorry I lived in the US and have dated Ang mo women and even local girls. I prefer Ang moh women cos our girls want me to buy them hello kitties, teddy bears and cutesy stuff. They also like to do baby talk like call me silly pet names like, “choo choo baby” and make gurgling baby noises and like to manja with u. Ang mo women r sexy and they do it with a more mature style. At most they’d call u honey or love and is not embarrassing when u r out with them. Our girls will call u by ur pet names out loud in the public. What I can’t stand is they like to make u carry their handbags and they hang embarrassing dingle dangles on the bags and even hand phones r not spared. Ang moh women are self maintaining and proud that they can take care of themselves while our women want to be pampered and many prefer guys to take care of them. So they look for older Ang moh with money so no need to work.any Ang moh women would be horrified at such an attitude and behaviour. Look at Michelle Obama who is a trained lawyer. She is playing a supportive role just like Hilary Clinton when her hubby was president and look at her now. Angmoh women understand what self worth while our girls r happy to have borrowed worth and identity. Angmoh women even when married want to keep their surname and identity or at most have double barrelled surname.

  30. averagejoe said

    look fellow singaporean men! aside from protecting our families back at home, this is what we get for serving NS…sometimes i wonder is it worth it to defend a country where local bitches think of us that way…And to miss ang…aint the fact that ur bf is working in sg tell u that he has a goal? or else he wouldnt even be here?

  31. cc chia said

    The reporter probably interviewed a SPG in the pub who is only interested in angmohs anyway, and she obviously suffers from a Pinkerton syndrome, The response from this Singapore “lady” is to be expected.

    The SPG will eventually realise, after being screwed by the angmohs and banglahs whom she loves so much, that she will discarded by the wayside. This scenario has been played out since time in memoriam as portrayed by Madame Butterfly in Puccini’s famous opera.

  32. Adolph said

    I know many SPGs – one of them was married to. Singaporean man and she decided to go fuck her ang moh boss so that she can getbgood bonus and promotions. When the ang moh’s wife found out she went to thenoffice to look formthe spg, who was fired. Another SPG was married to singaporean guy and they had a son. Spg then went to fuck some fat french 50 year old dude amd divorced the husband, and the husband ended up taking care of the son. Wife just posts facebook photos ofnher holidays abroad with assortment of old western guy, and gets passes around from one to another.

  33. Virgorian said

    Ang mo earn more ?!fuck!i can tell u I earn more then a lot of Ang mo in this region those stupid local sg girl choose Ang mo because thier pussy is real loose. N they think Ang mo is big?!its not ok!its just to prove those local r dirt cheap to choose Ang mo man cos of this and that !i pray hope those loose local pussycwill get aids n get cheat by those Ang mo which I will have the Nast laugh !

  34. Mark said

    well she got her 5C ..

  35. Goh Tong Seng said

    1. Why is this here?
    2. Doesn’t anybody realize that ambition is dangerous?

  36. singaporean said

    From the report :

    Ms Ang said that being with her Caucasian boyfriend had changed her for the better….e.g. learn to dress up more for events and had more chance to travel…..

    Hmm….How does that make her a better person?

  37. ANG MORE & WANTS MORE said

    For those of you Singaporean men who are laughing at this article and think your pretty asian girlfriend is safe for your own keeps, think again…… if she’s pretty to your eyes, its pretty to the ang moh men who throng the clubs on friday nights and weekends to catch that asian trophy girl.. Who’s laughing now?

  38. Al Sing said

    TR where did you really get the source of this article from? “Sources from the media”… which media? TR self made media? TR had nothing better to report, so come up with stories to stir ill-feelings amongst Singaporeans & the Expats? Nothing more constructive news to report. You should change your name to TR Gossips.

  39. jy said

    Not only local girls get ang moh….foreign maids does the same…

  40. Kelvin Lawrence said

    Caucasians often view local girls as worthless and not value for money. In most cases they want to just exploit them for their own pleasure and then dump them. Our girls are not street smart and often fool by their cultural superiority which is very deceitful. The truth will be reveal sooner or later in life and the girls will have to bear the consequences on their own!

  41. Ren said

    ‘The number of Singaporean women marrying foreigners has increased over the years. At the same time, the number of Singapore men marrying ready-made brides from China and Vietnam has increased as well.’

    Lets do a survey after say 5 years from each side. We will then know the truth…
    I suspect the women married with angmohs no need 5 years, less than that, we already hear divorces, abused wives, angmohs disappeared when girlfriends revealed they are pregnant,etc…

  42. Realist said

    We need to create more good-looking Sporeans.
    This can be done by inter-racial marriage.
    Chinese with Indians, with Caucasians, with Malays, with Japanese, with Vietnamese, with Thai, with Negroes, etc……

  43. singaporean deserved said

    there is always some ‘loose’ cannon in every race,good or bad! just treat someone that u wanna be treated,respect,etc! money,status,etc r NOT everything,Self-Pride,Dignity ARE! thats the advise for u Ms Ang!

  44. SPG are bimbos said

    Singaporean womens are ugly, bimbos and materialistics.

  45. Penn said

    good luck to her. 5years down the road if she kena abuse, she will come back crying.

  46. MT said

    Why is TT wasting precious spaces on such trivial unproductive reports? It’s a free world…everybody make choices. Don’t judge people. For those who go for Ang Moh because of $$, we call them SPG (Sarong Party Girls). And mind you, they are not unique to Singapore. You find SPG in all parts of Asia…Chinese girls in Shanghai, Thai girls, Vietnamese girls, Fillipino girls. The list goes on and on.
    Aung San of Myanmar happen to be married to a British Ang Moh. Does that made her an SPG? I don’t think so!!! TT please don’t waste editorial space on SPG!!! You could do better than this.

  47. nb la said

    well, u go interview women at geylang, i think they feel singapore men are generous, gentle on bed, polite blah blah blah.

    if u do not believe geylang women point of view, what makes the view of clarke quay women sustainable and believable?

    discrimination ah? to me no diff le. at least geylang ones got a price tag. clarke quay ones is bottomless pit, suck till u dry.

    the one who complain about bf 3k salary only, did u squeeze any LV outta him till dried up? Did u make him take overdraft or max out credit card then breakup? Did u lie on bed flat while whatsapping your ang moh new catch while your 3k bf is screwing u?


  48. fjhcxfgxxchjk said

    The common perception among Singaporean women is that Singapore men are too ‘molly-coddled’ and do not know how to take care of girls.

    WHO molly coddled the men? Their mothers the Singaporean women?

  49. LCI said

    I think it’s a case of ang mo tua ki.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hi, LCI.

      Most Singaporean women are not that shallow and superficial. If we had wanted a big one we would look at it through a magnifying glass. It would then be really huge! Good communication, caring and sharing – these are far more important than just the physical. Yes, money is important. But money will never be enough so you’ll have to decide on the quantum that you consider adequate.

      Choosing a partner is really an individual’s decision. I’d rather steer clear of it save saying that you should choose carefully and wisely. You will be the lifelong mate of the person of your choice after all.

      • sexyboy said

        Well said, its the quality not the quantity, its the skill and quality and looks that singaporean guys are lacking, if u look closely at them, u can see the similarity between them and chipanzees

      • sexyboy said

        And not to mention their size is the same as chipanzee, many of my sgearn female frens told me lol

  50. Mikey said

    Preese la..

    White cock nicer to suck la..

  51. Harry Lee said

    Singapore women are the UGLIEST female in the world.. the ang mohs are doing us a favor..

  52. Virgorian said

    Sexy boy,I m do sorry that your dad is a taxi driver ..oops ..I should say ur step father is a taxi driver …u know why..cos I m your real father father n I m not s taxi driver …u go ask ur dirt cheap mother that I slept with her 20 years ago n score her 7 times!!n now she give birth to a gay slut like u now!i m so sorryv!!shoukd have donate my fucking sperm !

  53. evilnike said

    Its okay. There are girls who know how to cook, think with their brains, decent, more hardworking, and clearer skin in countries that do not have Kim-Kardashian-wannabes. To the people who chose Clarke Quay to carry out this research – “finding a neutral ground for Q&A is one of the most important rule in research, you don’t know that?”. To some of the SIngapore girls who want to be a Kardashian – “you girls obviously haven’t been around enough to meet poor or useless Caucasians.”

  54. Cheong said

    PAP set up our salary scales what to do? We lost our country our lifestyle our HDB and now we lost our women !

  55. Ckoh23 said

    Because of such comments, i think being a misogynist is the only option left.

  56. jaybee12 said

    I have met and know several young girls from Singapore and have also visited there are read up on the culture and history. There is no doubt that women there as a rule are extremely materialistic and driven to excel also. Anything that fulfills this goal is fair game. Marriages are often tied to this much more than anything else. The Govt. contributes to this by giving presference and subsidies to young couples with regard to housing for example. Because life in Singapore is so regimented and contolled ….even the media is designed to brainwash citizens to work and live for the good of the Nation…and the living standard is relatively high ….very high in comparison to the rest of Asia.. young women there are always comparing themselves to others in their quest for materialistic success and happiness. By comparison women in the rest of Asia are less immature. …not their fault…..for various reasons. If you meet young girls from Singapore in comparison to girls from say Korea it is like the difference between a child and an adult. Of course these comments are relevant to ethnic Chinese girls from Singapore. I have met one girl who is ethnically Malaysian and another who emigrated from Indonesia and the level of maturity is very noticable in comparison to the local home grown Chinese girls. Yes they are pretty, but materialistic, selfish, and shallow …..not all, but a significant percentage are. I dont know why Sinaporean men worry about girls marrying foreigners really. It is a blessing in disguise and they would be much happier marrying girls from other parts of Asia.

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