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VIDEO: Reckless driving by taxi

Posted by temasektimes on September 9, 2012

One driver was upset at the reckless driving of a taxi SHC6309K :

“Location at Yishun Road, in front of khatib MRT station.Cut out from taxi stand and cut across 3 lanes at sudden,
causing all traffics to jam brakes on a wet day, nearly causing traffic accident! Tried to horn him to warm him not to stop in the middle of the road but he ignored all drivers and continued to stop in the middle of the road.”

Watch the shocking video below:


56 Responses to “VIDEO: Reckless driving by taxi”

  1. Virgorian said

    90%of taxi drivers r real fucking looser!they r either out of job, begin retrench or either gangster background !i pray they all. Go to hell n due on their taxi!i have so many problem with them on the road which alot nearly cost fat accident !!if one of your father is the Taxi driver , then bettter pray for his fuckng funeral !

    • Hang Tuah said

      I totally agreed with Virgorian. I also a road user. Almost like everyday I encounter bad experiences with taxi drivers plying our roads. They are selfish, stupid and arrogant. To me ALL taxi drivers in Singapore are PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE!!!

    • WynSon said

      May you get retrench and forced to drive a cab, and prepare your own funeral then!!!! Asshole!!!

      • Virgorian said

        Hey wynson, is ur father the taxi driver or your father is one of the 90% fuck type n ruthless taxi driver ?!so they make u the ruthless taxi Drivers son?!evil make evil u loser !

    • Observer said

      My dad is a taxi driver. But he is the 10% who drives too carefully, sometimes customers want him cut 3 lanes or make abrapt turn, he bo chap then kena complain.Sometimes customers say he drive too slow, want him speed, he also bo chap then kena complain again.Taxi company say customer complain again take back his taxi, he tell taxi company go to hell, better than endanger his life and others life. Of course, some taxi driver drive like formulae 1 but such taxi driver stupid, because they die their family eat shit.

      • Bai Hu said

        Hi Observer. Agree with u. Not all taxi drivers are bad cos i seen some good ones. But i also agree with Virgorian that MOST taxi drivers are full of shit. I ever encounter one that speed like F1 driver & nearly got into an accident, & another one taking me for a ride thro Orchard road when i wanna travel from Bishan to Clementi.

      • P Koh said

        Hi friends. Listen to this. I was in Bangkok about three weeks ago and boarded a taxi hailed by the Shopping Complex’s security guard. I knew where I was going and it wasn’t very far. The taxi driver was on the right track when he suddenly wanted to make an illegal U-turn to go in the opposite direction. I prevented him and he said that the road in front was
        heavily jammed which was abundantly not true. Instead the direction he wanted to take was almost at a stand-still and he said that it is better to go the opposite direction. I insisted and was told to get off his taxi. Wow! I ended walking back to the hotel about one mile away.

    • WynSon said

      May u get retrenched in work, forced to be taxi driver and being labelled as gangster by other assholes like you. Then u can start preparing for u own funeral!!!

    • WynSon said

      Btw, looking at the way the write, u dun sounds like a local. Must be from some alien land, so no chance for u to be a taxi driver even u are out of job!!! Damn Asshole

    • nb la said

      well, he is driving a passenger so could be some cb passengers who anyhow say “oei turn right here la!” without giving signals earlier. sometimes these taxi drivers really bobian but there are sufficient trash cab drivers on the road to make it a dangerous place, as though they own the farking road.

      i will not 1 bamboo whack all taxi drivers or all passengers as screw up but there are plentiful in each camp. nonetheless, this cab driver got sufficient space to get into the filter lane at the start. maybe not whole car inside but as much as possible. he also kum lan 1 big car stuck outside.

      PS: any drivers who is seeing this. if u are going into filter lane, farking get your whole car inside. alot of cars need to siam your ass behind when u got half the car outside. u not driving container truck ok? met countless ones. the bigger the car, the stupider the driver, the higher chance they do not signal. can buy big car but get rebate when remove signal lights is it? especially those aunties who can drive big cars but do not have the licence to go with it.

  2. P Koh said

    Being a public transport this is very serious as he is also endangering the lives of those inside the vehicle who are paying him for a service to deliver them safely to the required destination. However having seen the video it was not as bad as it was painted to be and the driver did give signal to go right as he obviously wanted to keep to the extreme right to either make a right or U-turn. He was prevented to go to the extreme right because it was not possible to do so as the vehicle in front was already caught up in a jam. “Patience” is the word of the day.

  3. Macmac said

    Nothing wrong.he did signal early.

    • Marcus said

      i agree with nothing wrong. slow down and stop if necessary. that’s what the driving centres all teach.
      i think the “videoman” is just buay song, and want to make a big fuss out of it.
      and it doesn’t look like your brakes/all traffic brakes are “jammed”???
      you know it’s a rainy day ah? den u drive so fast for fduck? don’t be a cockster can?

    • AO said

      I agree. Nothing’s wrong, the signal light’s on. It is not easy to earn a living in congested (human and traffic) Singapore. There is no need to be vindictive to post this video and state the license plate. If your purpose is to cause this taxi driver to get some disciplinary actions from his company, which might eventually cause him his job, you should retract your actions. Be graceful, taxi driver did nothing wrong, he signaled, moved his car. Unfortunately, he moved it infront of you and slowed your journey down. That’s all he did, he slowed you down for couple of seconds, you got mad at him and decided to post this post and asked for justice. I might get a lot of disagreement-posts as I stood up for this taxi driver. However, think, be fair and reasonable, it is easy to stereotype. Bottomline is, THIS taxi driver did nothing wrong.

      • Hang Tuah said

        To me ALL taxi drivers are pain in the ass…They dont deserve my sympathy at all if either they involves in accident or kena whacked by passenger or kena rob…!!!! They are nuisance on the road..They treat the road belongs to their GRANDFATHERS…!!!!

      • KP said

        Hey don’t the driver send us your plate and we access your drivings skills.

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      Even though he signalled early, he should only change one lane at a time.

    • Dean said

      I would say the taxi driver is 50% wrong. Yes, he did signal early but he switch two consecutive lanes in less than 10 meters. the taxi should have switch lane early.

      • joe said

        LTA should know that there is a taxi stand there and that the traffic is usually heavy. What the relevant authority should do is to draw a DOUBLE WHITE LINE to forbid any car from crossing out so abruptly within a short distance. LTA to take the blame in this instance.

    • Ah Pui said

      no big deal lah.. this is so common on the road..

    • another driver said

      Nothing wrong? Bloody taxi driver blocked all the traffic behind him while waiting for the gap to open up for him to edge into the taxi lane. So what if he signalled early or otherwise. Fact is, he is in a straight thru lane and not supposed to stop. If the traffic police were on the ball they would have fined him on the spot, and if they are doing their job then this fellow will be expecting a fine in the mail any day now. Causing a nuisance at the very least and in worst case a real danger as the rightful drivers behind him may attempt to filter into left lane and potentially cause an acciden with oncoming traffic on leftmost lane. Period.

  4. Mike Zeng said

    Vg evidence to transmit to the Traffic Police. As good as a report lodged!
    But author must be prepared to stick on up to court if the culprit claims trial.
    Dontblet this dangerous taxi-driver get away with it. If de did, he may kill someone bybhis dangerous driving some day!


    Both are at wrong. The reason why there isn’t any audio is because it’s been removed. The driver of this taxi honked, in that it provoked the taxi in front to slow down to a standstill. The taxi in front could have very easily tucked behind the lorry on the right-most lane as there was so much space more to go. Singaporeans should learn to use the honk more sparingly. Try driving in any other country, you’ll experience worse road ethics and recklessness.

  6. phoenix said

    nothing wrong. i think you are too noob

  7. Gina said

    Am forwarding this to SMRT for their info. The person who posted this should also contact SMRT to lodge a complaint. This can be done by just speaking to the officer who answers the help line.

  8. ma5k3r said

    nothing wrong there..maybe u tulan having to wait on that lane….give n take la…at least he signals..u want to see hw drivers in dubai
    switch lanes..

  9. pT said

    He did nothing wrong.By the way,Virgorian, may you become a taxi driver one day.

  10. Deloren said

    geez that wasn’t reckless driving, its just inconsiderate . The driver just making a big fuss out of nothing cos he was obstructed by the cabby.

  11. Andrew said

    You guys have nothing better to do … There’s more to life than taking videos of taxis switching lanes.

  12. seah said

    they dont care as the vehicle dont belong to them,Worst driver on the road,Do whatever their like most of them speeding as what they said time is money ,safety never mind,must be daring,other will give way to them,seem to be King off he road

  13. Kelvin said

    This taxi is not a SMRT Taxi. It is from Premier Taxis Silvercab

  14. Daniel said

    why so angry… that is why they can only be taxi driver and at best block your right of way…… they cannot do bigger thing than this one la…… take it easy ok…..

  15. Djkhemical said

    Was it so hard to give way?? Maybe drivers like you should take the train.
    I know how taxi drivers drive, they can be morons…. but this time I guess it was the driver behind not wanting to give way.
    TP also won`t do anything.

  16. dumbo said

    and TT is not blaming WP for this? lol….

  17. Lee said

    You in a hurry? Cannot wait even a minute.
    If you are the passenger of that Taxi. You willing to pay extra taxi fare for that detour? Or again, you launch a complain for that detour
    No matter in which way YOU WIN!!!

  18. Road User said

    I believe the owner of this video clip is a new driver? Such scenarios happen everyday leh.. I’m sure the taxi uncle felt bad to obstruct e traffic too but nothing much he could do. Go straight n U-turn at another junction n he will kena complain by e passenger.. Life is already tough for taxi-drivers. Let’s b more gracious..

  19. Yhuang said

    I agree the taxi’s not wrong. The driver that posted this video was driving very fast.

  20. Alex Tong said

    Dear Sir,

    You took the time to upload this video on youtube, express all your vitriol online and claim that the uncle’s driving was “shocking”… do you want prize?

  21. Commando Pants said

    I think a clear point to be made here is 99% of the drivers here drive like n00bs with fingers on the horn ready, apart from the 1% who try hard (including the taxi driver I got the other night, awsome driver and Singaporean)… again like I said previously the Police need to Police…. useless currently and thats why people know they can drive like tossers..

  22. low kok joo said

    I agree, nothing wrong here. I’ve seen worst.

  23. fnu lnu said

    Be a gracious driver on the road lah….uncle taxi got signal early to filter, just unlucky got lorry in front, if not wont be blocking patch.
    Came across much much worst driving attitude, and not just restricted to cabbies….

  24. leyla said

    Lame post. Are we scraping the bottom for dirt?

  25. denzuko1 said

    There is nothing wrong with this taxi driver’s driving, he signaled his intention of changing lanes to start with. Further more from the video, there was enough distance between the taxi and the author’s car when he switched lanes, and if not for the jamming up of the right most lane, he won’t have stuck in the middle lane.

    The auther as I see it is very inconsiderate, I bet that he speed up after seeing the taxi trying to switch lane. This would explain the reason why there was a huge gap between his and the car in front. He failed to block the taxi and trying to create trouble else where ( for instance, publishing this article and trying to flame the taxi driver).

    Seems more to me that most of the netizens here have wisdom not to fall into the trap.

    • vv said

      Sorry I dont buy your argument. You can’t just stop in the middle of the road in a straight non turning lane, whatever your beef is. Its downright dangerous for all other road users. The fact is there is enough space to get behind the lorry in the right turning lane compounds the wrong I am seeing. And I am 100% sure the traffic cops will agree with me if they see this video provided they get off their ass and do their job.

  26. jf said

    Hey TTR. I like this post and the comments. You do have many reasonable readers like me. The taxi driver needed to change lane, he saw that he could cross a few lanes at once because of the passenger’s need maybe. I guess this driver reacted and jammed the brakes but he and others also did well not to cause an accident. 6309 -10 big this wednesday.

  27. Cute said

    Nothing wrong. Are you a new driver?

  28. Independent said

    Are you a gu niang driver? C’mon. There’s nothing ‘shocking’ here! He’s not changing lanes at lightning speed…at most hogging up your lane. Just because you are gu niang in changing lanes doesn’t mean the taxi driver has driven ‘shockingly’. Your post is ridiculous. Safety has not been compromised here. Stop whining over trivial matters on the road.

  29. Patience is a virtue! said

    come on lah. if only people have more patience unlike you, such nonsensical videos would not even be posted!

  30. SJOSEPH said

    I dont see anything wrong with that. The taxi signalled accordingly, he could not move anymore forward because of stalled traffic ahead.

    The person complaining should learn some social manners and patient, instead of acting like a rascal.

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